Her Awakening

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You pull in to the parking garage in the middle of the city. The ambient heat settling in through your car’s window is stifling almost suffocating. Your nerves are the only thing making you shiver through your chilled skin almost as if your heart was pumping ice water through your veins. You check the mirror one last time making sure your black eye liner and soft maroon lipstick and the long black hair are settled in to perfect place. You can still hear his voice booming in your ear. His confidence dripping from the demand he gave you. Commanding that you come over to his place that evening. Telling you to wear your tight, curve-hugging dress, the one he picked out and gave you the day before.

You saw yourself in the mirror before you left for his loft, you were almost ashamed, almost. The hem coming three and a half to four inches above your knees and the top exposing your deep cleavage and bust. You thought the thin silk might have been too small for your broad hips and large chest. Allowing your self-consciousness to seep in you wanted to strip out of it. You needed to wear something a proper woman would. You thought of his deep steel blue eyes that hint of danger and potency in them.

“You’d hate to disappoint him. He did buy it after all. God he is sexy.” Your thoughts echo in your head.

You look again in the mirror and feel like such a slut. You feel exposed and vulnerable. It’s how he wants you.

You open the door and begin the walk to the elevator. Every step causes a breeze to gently waft over your uncovered sex. Your bare nipples recieve jolts of electricity pushing against the silky fabric of your dress. Finally reaching the elevator you feel the heat stifling once more. You try to regain composure, deep breaths in, slow exhales out. Finally the elevator bell dings and lights up the floor as the doors slide open, you step out,

You find yourself with butterflies in your stomach and your head swirling. Walking down the cramped corridor to his front door and knock. The lock slides open and you see his eyes and a big smile on his face.

“Oh good, you’re here, you look even better then I imagined in that dress. Come on in and have a seat. Can I get you something to drink?”

He leads you to a couch in the living room, the air conditioned room feels worlds better then the heat outside but makes it harder to steady your nerves. The large flat screen mounted to the wall above a steel and glass case displaying the home theater set up. A picture hangs on the wall, myriad of colors in concentric shapes almost dizzying.

He reaches out to you a glass of white wine. You take a sip and curl your hand around at the wrist holding it close. You jerk and stiffen as you accidentally touch the chilled stem against your nipple.

You look over and see him smiling, his white T-shirt pulled to his body revealing the swells and bulges of muscles on muscles. The black jeans loose around the hips to his bare feet.

“I’m glad you wore my dress. It makes you look like a woman is supposed to look.” That smile is on his face again the one that hides the mischief behind a thin veil. “And how is that?” You smile back, waiting for the answer to make you swoon. “It makes you look like a naughty little slut who needs to be taken and fucked.” His smile and eyes turning from mischief to malice.

Dumbfounded, you want to slap him. You want to throw the drink in his face and storm out of there. But the word “slut” makes your loins ache, it makes you want to hear it again from him. “Yes, I suppose it does, what about it?” you gaziantep escortları test him. Trying to ignore the tingling in your pussy.

In a flash his hand snakes out and grabs the back of your hair tight, yanking your head back. “It makes me want to treat you like a slut, make you beg me to call you a cock sucking whore.”

You freeze, every muscle in your body tense, this powerful man is going to take you. Nothing you can do could possibly stop him.

He relaxes his grip and lets go of your hair. He rises and stands in front of you.

“Or you could use the door and never see me again.” He starts to walk away and sits in his arm chair in front of the 22nd floor window. He turns on the light and picks up a magazine. Ignoring you.

Your anger flashes, you want to slap him, kick him, beat him. You make way for the door, determined to show him the kind of woman you are. You place your hand on the knob and look back. He takes another sip of wine ignoring you. Despite your pride, despite your prim and propper upbringing, in this dress you are a slut. You are, as he put it, a cock sucking whore. You are raging with anger and pride, but you want nothing more then to kneel before him and suck his cock dry. Needing to feel how big and hard it is against your cheeks and lips. How hot he feels in the palm of your hand. Nothing more then to feel his cock erupt in to the back of your throat and drink every last salty-sweet drop.

“I see you haven’t left yet, going or staying?” He talks over his shoulder, his back to you.

“I’m staying.” You admit more to yourself then to him. “Get on your hands and knees and crawl to me. Prove your worth as a slut and show me how bad you need me.” his voice commanding and forceful. Like a strong breeze pushing against your body.

You drop to one knee, then the other. Finally her hands rest flat on the deep carpet. Slowly crawling, first one hand then another knee, crawling across the loft until you’re kneeling next to him. A single tear streaks your cheek with your hands resting on the arm rest of his chair looking expectantly for any sign of approval. He looks over and gives one of his disarming smiles before reaching and touching your tear, letting it dangle off of the tip before falling to the floor.

“You’ve taken the first step towards happinness, slut.”

A great shot of warmth erupts from your belly and spreads through out your body. A soft smile begins to curl at the corners of your mouth.

“Kneel in front of me, now.” His voice soft and inviting, leaving you nothing but the ability to comply.

“Put your hands on the tops of my thighs.” You do so, if only to find a way to make him happy again.

Your body tingling from pins and needles of energy and sexual tension. He reached for the clasp on his jeans, and slowly slides the zipper down one set of teeth at a time. You start squirming, rocking your hips from side to side. Like a puppy getting a new toy wags it’s tail. Each tooth released revealing more and more of his pubis. The dark whisps of neatly trimmed hair forming in to view.

You lick your lips, staring with hungry devouring eyes. You see the base of his cock now. Thick and round and perfectly smooth. Large veins forming at the base and your pussy clenches at the hope of feeling them throb inside you.

A few more teeth, and more of his shaft comes in to view. You can see a dark circle forming at his thigh from the pre-cum oozing from the tip.

“Pull it out for me.” He urges you on as you reach in slowly with shaking hands. He let’s out a soft gasp when your cool fingers touch his sensitive flesh.

You purr in your throat when you see it lieing soft across the palm of your hands. Soft skin wrinkles hint at it’s size. Your breathing coming in short quick heaves. Your tits rising and falling with each breath. Transfixed on the cock it slowly gets harder and harder pointing straight at your mauve colored lips. A large drop of pre-cum flowing at the tip begins to trickle down over the head and down the base.

“Do you want it?” His voice a whisper, as if his full volume would break the charm.

You can just nod your head and lick your lips. “Tell me what you are.” his voice louder this time as if to pierce the fog of your lust filled mind.

“I…I’m…a horny little slut!” you finally shout it as if you broke down a wall. “What else?” “Oh god… I’m a cock sucking whore!” you shout it with conviction. “Good girl.” you smile bright at his approving words.” Now I want you to suck it. Suck my cock like the dirty little slut you are.”

Before he had finished the words you swallowed him whole. Taking him in to the back of your throat. Sucking hard with your hands on his thighs. His mouth a stream of obscenities as you devour him sucking hard and bobbing your head up and down his lap. Your lips stretched wide around him feeling every thick vein throb and his cock jerking in your hungry mouth. You can feel your pussy slick, dripping down your thighs. Your hard little clit throbbing to the rhythm of your heart. You slide a finger down between your thighs and feel your lips drenched in your own juices. Finally reaching to touch your hyper-sensitive clit you begin moaning louder sending vibrations through his cock.

“Oh fuck!” he screams out. “I’m going to cum, cover your tits in my seed let me see how much you love my thick cum on your hot fuckable body!”

You keep jerking his cock fast and hard while frigging your clit. His hips spasm beneath you, as the first volley explodes up to your neck and chin, you feel how hot it is. His screams and orgasm send you off on your own climax grunting and moaning as his cock keeps erupting. Your chest covered in thick strands of his cum smeared across the front of your chest and in between your clevage.

Both of you huffing and puffing for several minutes before any of you move.. He pulls you on top of him, your semen coated tits pressed to him, he kisses you long slow and deep. He drags his tongue over your chest through his semen, scooping as much as he can before feeding it to you in a kiss. Swirling his tongue in your mouth.

“Stand up!” his orders coming more abrupt. Taking no quarter in his expectations of you. “You did phenominal, slut.” again his praise fills you with pride.

He stands up from his chair, standing before you. His six foot plus frame towering over you In your heels.

He kisses you again, softer this time. It melts you and your knees go weak. Before you fall his hands grasp your wrists tight, making you wince when he spins you around, your back to him.

You see your reflection in the window. Make up smeared, and hair dishevelled. His cum stains on your dress and drying on your skin. His deep voice rumbling “Tell me what you are.” “I’m a slut.” you reply softly and sweetly. Knowing it to be true. You’re his little cock sucking slut. It strangely fills you with a sense of pride and satisfaction.

With out warning he grabs your dress and rips it open. Turning your slut costume in to little more the rags. Your tits spring free encrusted with drying semen on the spots you didn’t rub in completely. Your nipples on edge, rock hard like little pencil erasers waiting to be sucked on.

You feel his hands roaming your body, large and powerful. Sliding from your hips up to your tits. His palms encase you, and your nipples press in to the intense heat. You whimper softly when he nips your neck and rakes his teeth down your shoulder that sends chills through you. Your head feels dizzy standing next to the window being so high up.

He grabs your hair with out warning and pushes you against the cold glass. Your breasts mashed firmly with your nipples digging in to the glass.

“Did you think I was done with you slut?!” his hand holding you again keeping you in place. He slaps her ass hard to make her yelp in pain as a handprint forms on your pale round cheek. “Spread’em slut!” you do. Vulnerable and exposed to the world around you. “Beg me for my cock, slut. Beg to be taken and used like a fucktoy.” Your body off balance you do as commanded. “Jesus I need your cock in me! Make it hurt when you ram it deep inside my needy little cunt!”

He pushes you against the glass harder, for the first time you can see across to the other building, the little cars and cabs milling about hundreds of feet below you. The chill of the glass making you shiver despite the heat of your bodies pressed together. You shut your eyes trying to ease yourself down from the high. You feel his cock gently push against your lips and clit. You gasp and push back against him thrusting your hips and grinding in to his thick cock.

“Your pussy is so wet for me, do you want it deep inside you, slut?” The last word makes your clit jump. “Oh please, I need it. Make me a slut, I need it!” your voice borderline desperate.

He pushes his head between your lips. The width steals your breath. His cock starts to push in deeper and deeper. His cock starts twitching inside you. His thick veins begin pulsing against your tightly stretched walls. The thickness of his cock has your walls and lips split wide. Each inch pushed in agonizingly slower and slower, you start panting like a bitch in heat. He bottoms out inside you and holds himself deep inside your hot little snatch. Your walls twitching around him. Feeling his head grazing against your cervix with a gentle tickle.

He let’s out a savage growl and rips his cock out and begins to slam in to you hard. Your entire body being rocked so hard it almost hurts. His body slamming in to you again and again. You can just hold on. His hands gripping tight on your tits, pulling you back harder and harder. Your body spasms as he makes you cum on his cock, his assault relentless and pounding, your clit dragging along his shaft sending spasms through your body.

Your body growing weak as your own orgasm builds again. You hope some one is watching how much of a slut you are. Hoping they’re touching themselves watching you get fucked by this beast of a man. Your pussy quivering with every eight inch deep thrust touching parts of your pussy that haven’t been touched in years.

He screams and begins pumping a torrent of cum deep inside you. You feel his cock exploding deep inside you as it swells and throbs. He falls back on to his chair. Your body goes limp and you fall on top of him.

You start to touch your raw lips and clit. Feeling the tingling and burning but it still feels good to the touch. Dipping a finger in to your well fucked pussy you feel how much cum he filled you with, and start rubbing your clit with a finger. Little orgasmic shockwaves course through you.

“I am such a nasty little slut!” you think to yourself and you just giggle, loving how much of a slut you now are.

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