Her 21st Birthday Ch. 3

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Before this chapter starts, let me refresh your memory on our three stars. It is Melanie’s birthday, and her 2 friends Rachael and Lisa have brought her out for a night to remember. Melanie, has black hair, is 5′ 6″ tall and measures out at 36D-22-32. Rachael is a natural red head, 5’8″ tall and is 40DD-24-36. Then Lisa is blonde, 6′ tall and very slim and measures up at 34B-20-28.

As the three women enter the new club, most eyes turn their way, men and women alike. The three very attractive women are being a little loud with their conversation about Rachael fucking the cabby. And they are walking in each others arms hanging on one another as much for support because of their intoxication as anything else. They walk across the room, and find themselves an empty booth. They sit down, and talk while they wait for someone to take their drink order. Soon, the waitress arrives to take their order, then turns to leave, Rachael compliments her on how fine her ass looks as the waitress is walking away. When the waitress returns with the drinks, she asks Rachael if she meant what she said. Rachael tells her that she certainly did, and would love to lick it for her, and asks what time she went on break. The waitress tells her in 30 minutes, then leaves the table.

Lisa looks at Melanie and says… “Why don’t you get a tattoo?” Melanie does not like the idea, and trys to excuse her way out of it, but Rachael started in with Lisa, and the 2 girls convinced Melanie that she should at least go look at the tattoos. So the girls got up and took their drinks with them toward the back of the bar. On the way, Rachael seen her waitress, and told her that when she goes on break to come and find her in the tattoo parlor. The waitress agreed.

As Rachael caught up to Lisa and Melanie, she seen that her two friends were talking to the two tattoo artists that work there, and walked over to them. Melanie was asking about how much it hurt, and where it would hurt the least and if they had any suggestions on what she should get. After some small talk, and the exchange of their names, the girls asked Mac and Rob if they could have some time to view the book with tattoos in it alone. The two men said sure, and left the girls to look. The three girls were looking through the book for a while, and talking about where Melanie should get her tattoo. Then Melanie blurts out “I want it on my ass. ” Rob and Mac looked over at Melanie and smiled. Lisa said quietly, I’m not going to get a tattoo, but I want to get Mac all over my ass. The Bycasino three girls girls laughed. Soon, Melanie decided that she would get a tigress tattoo, and it was definitely going on her ass.

Melanie called Rob and Mac over to them, and told them of her choice, then added that she wanted Rob to do the work. Lisa put her arm around Mac, and said “I want you to work on me, and I’m not talking a tattoo. ” Macs eyes lit up, he put his arm around her shoulder, and walked her to the side. Rob asked Melanie what she wanted and where he should put it, and Melanie told him. Rob told Melanie that she was going to have to go into the bathroom and change into a robe, so it would be easier for him to work. Melanie grabbed the robe, and went to change. Mean while, Lisa had made her move on Mac, and had started kissing him deeply, and sticking her tongue in his mouth. Mac didn’t seem to mind, and started kissing her back.

Melanie returned from changing, and Rob told her to get up on the table with her butt up. So she did as instructed, but whispered I like being told what to do. Rob pulled up Melanie’s robe, and paused to view her ass. Rachael asked Melanie if she minded that she watched, and Melanie replied no, it would make her feel more comfortable. So Rob started cleaning Melanie’s ass cheek, and noticed that Melanie was sighing. Rachael had positioned herself so she could look at Melanie’s pussy while Rob worked, and was getting very horny watching Rob clean Melanie’s ass off. Rachael could not help but notice Lisa and Mac either. They were over at the desk, and Mac was sitting on top of it, with his pants pulled down, and Lisa was sucking his cock. The more that Rob rubbed on Melanie’s ass, the louder Melanie’s sighs got. Rob noticing this, started rubbing lower and lower towards Melanie’s pussy. Rachael was enjoying this, and moved closer to watch Rob work. Rachael put her hand on Melanie’s ass to, and started slowly rubbing her way down to Melanie’s pussy, then told Rob that he should go in front of Melanie and stick his cock into her mouth. Melanie could tell that these weren’t Robs fingers anymore, and started panting slightly. It was exciting her to know that it was Rachael who was now fingering her pussy.

Rob walked in front of Melanie, and pulled out his cock. It was a good 9″. Melanie looked at it, then told him to fuck her mouth with it. Rachael now had 3 fingers inside of Melanie’s pussy, and was fucking her slow and easy. Rob was getting his cock sucked, and loved it. And Bycasino giriş Lisa and Rob had switched positions, and were naked now, with Mac Fucking Lisa’s pussy from behind while she was bent over the desk.

Just then, the waitress walked in, and looked at was happening, and dropped her purse to the floor. She could hardly speak except to say… “Oh my god. ” Rachael looked at her and said “Come on over baby, the party is just starting. ” The waitress picked up her purse, and walked over to Rachael. She kissed Rachael on the mouth. Rachael Kissed her back, but never stopped fingering Melanie’s pussy. The waitress put her purse on the table, and grabbed a 5″ vibrator from it. She then turned it on, and told Rachael to use this instead. Rachael grabbed the vibrator, and inserted it into Melanie’s pussy. Rob was liking this a whole bunch, and grabbed Melanie’s hair roughly. He started fucking her mouth harder and deeper. He kept telling her how well she sucked cock, and how good it was, and that he was going to cum in her mouth right… NOW… He started to cum, and Melanie ate it up. Melanie sucked for all she was worth, and sucked his cock clean, without spilling a drop. Then she started to cum. I’m going to cum she said… I’m cumming… oh my god fuck… fuck… oh yeah fuck me with that… and she laid there on the table face down, and tried to catch her breath.

Lisa turned to Mac and told him that she wanted it in her ass, right now but wanted him to lubricate her. So Mac looked around the room, until he found a tube of ky that they kept around for just such emergencies. Mac returned with the ky, and squirted some on her ass. The waitress walked over and told him that she would take care of loosening her up for him, and he should just watch for a minute. Rachael walked over with the vibrator, and handed it to the waitress. The waitress, put some of the ky on her finger, and lubricated the vibrator a little more with it. Then spread the ky that was on Lisa’s ass with her finger, and slipped a finger inside of Lisa’s ass. She fucked Lisa slowly with her finger, and they all listened to her moan. The waitress then took her finger out, and slid the vibrator in its place. Slowly inserting it, and taking it out. Lisa started to fuck the vibrator back, lifting her hips up against the waitress’ fingers as she worked the vibrator in and out.

Lisa turned and told Mac, that she was ready for his cock. So Mac took his place behind her, and put the tip of his cock right at the entrance Bycasino güncel giriş to her ass. He grabbed her hips, and put just the tip of his cock in. The waitress quickly undressed, and jumped up on the table in front of Lisa. She scooted in until Lisa’s mouth was right in front of her pussy. Mac lunged his cock into Lisa. Wham his balls slapped against her pussy. Lisa buried her face in the pussy in front of her, and liked it. She started grunting and groaning with a mouth full of pussy. The waitress threw her head back and yelled loudly “That’s it eat my pussy. ” Some of the patrons in the bar, heard the shout and came back to investigate the noise. As they entered the room, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Melanie looked at them and told them they could stay if they just wanted to watch, but otherwise they would have to leave, and all 6 of the people stayed for the show.

Lisa managed to get her hand under her body and started fingering her clit while she was eating pussy and getting fucked hard in the ass. Mac was intent on trying to fuck her so hard that she passed out, and the waitress was enjoying getting her pussy ate. She also started fingering her clit while Lisa ate her. Lisa was fucking the waitress’ pussy with her tongue and biting at her pussy lips. And licking the pussy as hard as she could manage. Rachael walked over to the waitress and kissed her deeply. Lisa started bucking wildly and everybody knew she was going to cum. This got everyone turned on.

Mac started thrusting his cock into her ass faster and harder, as his balls tightened up, and the waitress fingered her pussy more vigorously. By now Lisa was just gasping into the waitress’ pussy. ohhhhh ohhhh Uhhh… uhhh. ugghhh… ugghhh… I’m gonna… I’m gonna… Mac says “I’m cumming NOW… Lisa chimes in “Me to me to. ” and the waitress grabs Lisa’s hair with her free hand and tells her to finish eating her pussy. Mac finishes cumming in Lisa’s ass, and backs away. Melanie walks up, and pulls Lisa’s ass cheeks open and bury’s her face in her ass. She starts sucking all of the cum from her ass. Lisa is loving it. She eats the waitress’ pussy harder and deeper. The waitress fucks Lisa’s face with her pussy. She starts to buck in Lisa’s face. I’m cumming… I’m cumming… as she comes in waves all over Lisa’s face. The spectators clap their approval.

Melanie looks around the room, at all of the people and says shows over, you can go back to what you were doing. So the spectators leave the room. Melanie says after they leave, “The show is over for them, but has just started for the 6 of us, why don’t we go back to my place and finish what we started. So everyone gets dressed, and agrees to meet at her house in an hour. Melanie, Lisa and Rachael leave the bar and hail a cab for home.

End of Ch 3

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