Hephaestus’s Revenge

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He stood on high, on top of mighty Olympus, staring through the portal at the mortal world below. The ache in his legs the constant reminder of how never to stand between two fighting gods. The passion they evoked with a single argument, his father flinging him to where he landed, broken and bleeding, and a throw from Olympus to Antarctica a true testament to how highly fueled his father’s passion flared, was a constant reminder that his own wife felt nothing for him. Curling his fist in disgust, squeezing pebbles into diamonds with his fury, he felt contempt for the goddess his parents mated him to.

She was below, in the mortal world, cavorting with the peons of earth. Her moans and calls of passion carried in the wind, to fill his ears. His mind hated her with every ounce of his being. But his heart, his heart betrayed him, reduced him to a begging, pathetic mass, who had to pay for her every attention. With jewels and precious metals, he paid for her favor, every second of his passion spent with her, paid for with the fruit of his labors. He probably shouldn’t have cared, but the disgust in her eyes as he entered her nearly chilled his passion.

For thousands of years, the play had gone on, until now. Her latest lover a mere man, of no great power, no great strength of character, as common as a human could be. But she underestimated him. It had taken time, but he had found his revenge. Turning from the portal, Hephaestus hobbled to his shop, helped by his faithful golems. Picking up the pile of gold and precious stones he’d fashioned at his wife’s request, he willed himself below, to the shores of an island in the Pacific. Using his powers, he covered his deformity and appeared in the surf.

Rising from the water, Hephaestus strode from the waves. The tight, emerald green trunks molded to his body, cupping his sex. Overly full from centuries of pent-up lust, he made a noticeable and striking figure crossing the surf onto the sand. Broad-chested, muscular and hulking, he drew the eyes of all those sunning themselves. But he had eyes only for one, the one he’d searched for.

Eric sat on the beach; his toes warmed in the hot sand and lost himself in the sight of the hulking man striding towards him. This god, this divine specimen of manhood actually smiled as he reached him. Eric grew breathless as he knelt by his side, this beautiful man. Almost unbelievably muscular, the man’s shoulders broader than he’d ever seen. The deep valleys of sinew on his chest, darkly forested in crinkly black hair drew Eric’s eyes, causing him to swallow, nearly more audibly than the pounding surf.

The god lowered on his haunches, the sun kissing his skin. He shut his eyes and dark, long lashes fanned across Escort Bayan Gaziantep his cheeks. When he opened his eyes, the smile ratcheted up, causing dimples to appear in his darkly tanned cheeks. “Who are you?”

The voice was deep, resonant, and nearly booming. Eric swallowed back his lust and stammered his reply. “E… Eric.”

The god chuckled and stuck out his hand. “Pleased to meet you Eric. I’m Hephaestus.”

Eric took his hand, expecting a shake, but instead, Hephaestus didn’t let go. He stood and Eric had no choice but to follow. “Hephaestus? Is that Greek?”

Hephaestus laughed, low and long. “Very ancient Greek in fact.”

Eric didn’t even try to loosen Hephaestus’s hand. He merely asked, “Where are you taking me?”

Hephaestus continued to lead him along the beach, between a couple of palms. He turned and brushed aside some foliage, revealing a cabin with open floor to ceiling windows, gauzy curtains fluttered in the breeze. “To paradise, Eric. I’m going to take us both to paradise.”

Eric swallowed and mutely followed as Hephaestus led him inside the cabin. The room, starkly white, sported a very large bed, covered in soft looking linens. Hephaestus turned and brushed a hand along Eric’s cheek. Eric looked away, a slight blush darkening his cheeks. As Hephaestus took the hem of Eric’s shirt in his hand, Eric placed his hands on Hephaestus’s wrists, dismayed at how his fingers couldn’t surround half of them. “Why stop me, Eric?”

“I don’t know you.”

Hephaestus chuckled, low and long, brushing a hand through Eric’s golden hair. So like his wife, so beautiful. The old pain nearly surfaced before Hephaestus was able to tamp it away. “You don’t need to know me. I want to give you pleasure.”

As Hephaestus lowered to his lips, Eric let out the nervous breath he was holding. Their lips met, gently, brushing back and forth. The nerves in Eric’s stomach were instantly replaced with anticipation, with need. His shirt quickly landed on the floor, as did his shorts. Eric felt small and insignificant in front of Hephaestus’s strength, power, and manly ruggedness.

Hephaestus lowered to nibble at Eric’s neck, inhaling a familiar scent, one he’d savored for hundreds of thousands of years. He felt Eric’s hands on the waistband of his trunks, pulling and tugging. Hephaestus chuckled as the boy pulled the trunks away, to pool at his ankles. The erection he’d had for at least three centuries stood tall and proud, brushing Eric’s belly. He felt Eric gasp as Hephaestus involuntarily pushed his hips closer, dragging the wet tip of his cock along the flat planes of Eric’s belly.

Taking Eric by the shoulders, Hephaestus easily picked him up, turning towards the bed, dropping his whole weight against the young man. Eric let out a whoosh of air then moaned as he drew air into his lungs. “You’re so beautiful, Hephaestus. So warm. So everything.”

Hephaestus shut his eyes. If only she said any of these things, just once. Taking his lips, Hephaestus shut Eric’s words as he continued his seduction. Kissing along the boy’s chest, his neck, his belly, he thrilled at the chills he raised on Eric’s flesh. So responsive, so sensual, Eric’s body writhed underneath his hands. But then again, his body would, considering his ancestry. Shutting the thought from his mind, Hephaestus continued to taste, to explore, and to open the boy beneath him. “You taste like sin, Eric. You drive me mad. I must have you.”

Eric could merely pant as he looked at Hephaestus with lust filled, crystal blue eyes. He merely nodded as Hephaestus took the boys rigid cock between his lips, tasting of his essence, of his sexual nature. Flicking his tongue against the warm flesh, he let the boy’s essence, the rich nectar of Eric’s lust coat his tongue. Wringing crying, nearly sobbing moans from Eric, Hephaestus quickly brought him to the brink, the boy’s fists clutching Hephaestus’s hair in nearly painful handfuls. Hephaestus pulled away at the last moment, keeping Eric on edge. Staring down along the length of the golden skin, the light dusting of pure golden body hair, the eyes, so like…

Shutting away the thoughts, Hephaestus raised Eric’s hips in his huge hands, lowering his face to sniff deeply of Eric’s sweaty musk, and felt his cock grow harder, dripping with desire. A quick swipe of his tongue had Eric writhe out of his grasp to roll onto his belly. Hephaestus obliged Eric’s need and pressed against Eric, letting his weight along the length of his back, pressing his rock hard passion against Eric’s body, pushing, pleading, breaching. Sinking deep into the volcanic heat of a lustful body, Hephaestus shuddered as his body reached the hilt.

Eric shuddered as Hephaestus groaned. Their bodies strained, demanding motion, surcease. Denying animalistic instincts, Hephaestus stayed his body, feeling Eric quiver around his proud, aching flesh. The tiny flutters of Eric’s channel wrung another groan from deep down inside, drawing pain and regret out, bubbling them away, burning off anger and despair. When the cleansing became outweighed by need, Hephaestus pulled his hips back, and pressed forward, causing Eric to cry out. Over and over he thrust, driving them both higher, pushing them towards a culmination, a salvation.

God powers fueled him, giving him stamina and staying power. Using his lust, his demand for revenge, Hephaestus slowed time, calmed the winds, and took Eric to the brink, over and over, until with regretful pity, Hephaestus drove Eric to a quaking, mind-shattering orgasm. His cries so loud, so draining, Hephaestus followed, blasting his anger, his hurt, his fury into Eric’s body.

Collapsing in relief, in satiation, Hephaestus remained buried deeply inside Eric’s body, until Eric fell asleep. Disengaging his body from Eric’s, Hephaestus willed his clothing back on his frame. Lowering to press a kiss to Eric’s sweaty, sleepy brow, Hephaestus shut his eyes, and dropped the bag of jewelry and gems on the bed by Eric’s side then wished himself home.

From the portal on Olympus, Hephaestus watched Eric waken, look around, call out his name. With a soft smile, Hephaestus watched as Eric dressed then fingered the gems on the bed. Looking around, Eric pocketed them all and quickly left. Turning from the portal, Hephaestus turned to his workshop and smiled. His body sated, his fury slightly chilled, he began to chuckle. His wife, Aphrodite, would be furious.

Within a few hours, she returned from her latest tryst, seeking her husband’s riches. Daintily making her way across the sooty workshop, Hephaestus was sitting in his chair. She gave a haughty look around then raised an eyebrow. “Well?”

“Yes, my dear?”

She rolled her eyes and looked around Hephaestus’s workbench. “The jewels?”

“Ah. Those.” Hephaestus stood and with his golem’s help, stepped closer to his wife. So lovely, her golden hair and crystal blue eyes, such a close match to Eric’s. Time and constant human diluting left Eric only with the eyes, skin, and hair of his ever so great grandmother. Eric saw him as a man. Aphrodite never could. With a sigh, Hephaestus pointed to the one clear spot on the workbench. “They were there, all ready for you. But I gave them away.”

A shriek pierced the serenity of Olympus, carried throughout the mighty halls. “You what?”

“Do not worry, my dear. They stayed within the family.” Placing his hands on either side of her face, Hephaestus lowered to her lips and pressed the gentlest kiss to her lips. Opening his mind, he let her see all that had happened that day. As the memories of Eric faded, Aphrodite pulled away.

Curling her lip, she slapped his face. “You disgust me.”

Shaking his head sadly, Hephaestus looked at his wife, his love not diluted. “For being the goddess of love, you don’t have the faintest clue what it really is.”

“And you do? I’m the goddess of love. Everyone loves by my whim alone.”

“Then why do I love you so much?”

She paused and turned away. “I’m sure Eric loves you more. Perhaps you should spend your love on him.”

With a fond smile, Hephaestus sat back in his chair. “Perhaps I will.” With sweet remembrances of someone who saw him as a man, Hephaestus chuckled. “Perhaps I will indeed.”

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