Henry and Elena: Fitting Room

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The aroma of fresh brewed coffee hit Henry as he walked into the kitchen carrying his empty cup. Elena was standing in front of the coffee machine, watching him shuffle to the sink in his pajama pants. She gave him a smile when he looked up at her. The clink of the mug against the sink made his heart beat faster. He hoped she didn’t notice as he wrapped his arms around her. Her short robe parted slightly, exposing the tops of her breast as he began to kiss her neck.

“I need to get some new pants,” he informed her between kisses.

“You know you can’t be trusted in a store alone,” she replied, closing her eyes.

“I know, I was wondering if you wanted to offer your fashion services so I don’t embarrass myself. Besides, I don’t want to be stuck making returns if you don’t like what I get.” Henry tried to keep his affect calm, not wanting to alert Elena of his ulterior motive. His mind was spinning as his plan fell into place and he knew she could feel his dick hardening against her.

“That’s fine, I didn’t have anything to do today other than to be lazy.”

“Mmm,” he moaned, kissing her. “I was planning on leaving in an hour.”

“OK, I’m gonna grab a cup and take a shower.” She broke their embrace, turning around to fill her mug.

“Sounds like a plan.” Henry watched Elena’s ass sway as she left the kitchen with her coffee. He smiled, feeling like a boy keeping a naughty secret.


“Elena, come take Erzincan Escort a look at these,” Henry called from the fitting room.

Elena walked quickly towards the sound of his voice. When she approached, he grabbed her arm, pulling her into the stall with him, swiftly shutting the door behind her. He kissed her, his hands furiously undoing the pants he’d just tried on.

The fitting room felt less private than the bathroom at the coffee shop. The sound of zippers and rustling fabric echoed in the stalls. Henry could hear voices asking for opinions and different sizes. The noises increased his anxiety, making him feel rushed. The fear of getting caught mounted upon him, but the thrill of Elena’s hand grabbing his dick outweighed it.

Elena was wearing a short royal blue dress that set off her latin looks. He loved the way it hung on her curves. His hands pushed the material up as he grabbed her ass, squeezing the lace encased cheeks and pulling them towards him.

He positioned her in front of the mirror. Elena watched as he lifted the dress over her head. The fluorescent lights bounced off every contour of her body. She stood in her black bra and panties as Henry kissed her neck, trying to imagine how he viewed her. He unhooked her bra and she let it fall to the ground. His hand ran over her panties, feeling her wetness through them. Elena pushed her hips back, grinding her ass against his erection. Knowing Erzurum Escort the effect she had on him made her want to please him more. She placed her hands on either side of the mirror and looked back at him, smiling.

Henry pushed her panties down and slipped into her. He did his best to ignore the other people he heard, focusing his attention on Elena in the mirror. The mirror was a retreat, a movie allowing himself to picture their encounter without the buzz of the other shoppers. He watched her breasts bounce as he thrust into her, urging him to touch her. His hands reached beneath her, one teasing a nipple, the other on her clit.

Elena bit her lip, trying to stay quiet as Henry rubbed her clit. Her pleasure mounted- he knew her so well, which way to touch her, how quickly, and when. It felt so good to have someone know her desires and be willing to try new things with her. Henry continued watching her in the mirror: she’d closed her eyes, willing her own silence.

He bent over her body, biting her neck. Her eyes shot open in surprise, but she maintained her silence. If he wanted to break it, he would have to try harder. The sounds of his fellow shoppers disappeared, the pop music blasting through the store melted away, as he focused on making Elena moan just once.

Henry placed his hands on her hips and stepped back, still thrusting into her but forcing her to drop her arms from the wall. He Eskişehir Escort grabbed her arms, pulling them behind her. Elena’s back arched, her face registered surprised, but somehow she continued to be silent as she bit her lip harder. He badly needed to hear her, some recognition. He thrust into her deeply as he considered his next move.

Henry pulled out of her, almost getting an auditory reaction, then spun her around to face him. Kissing her, he stepped towards the mirror until her back was pushed against the cold metal. He hoisted her body up, impaling Elena on his cock, trapping her against the mirror and his body.

His hips ground into her as her arms wrapped around his neck, her legs around his waist. She continued biting her lip but her muffled whimpers rang in his ears. The sound set forth a tidal wave inside of him, ushering his release. Henry continued gyrating his hips against Elena as he came, hoping the friction would allow her to finish.

His legs felt weaker and he set Elena down. His fingers replaced his cock, pumping into her pussy as his thumb teased her clit. With his other hand, he pulled Elena in for a deep kiss, running his tongue along the confines of her mouth.

He was rewarded with another moan as her body spasmed against the mirror. Her breath caught in her throat and she pulled her head back from him, leaning against the mirror, eyes closed. Elena’s sigh echoed in the small fitting room and her body relaxed. She opened her eyes, feeling like she’d woken from a relaxing sleep. Smiling, she began looking for her clothes.

“I like those pants. They look good on you.” She teased, as she slipped her dress back on. “Did you want me to see if they have a different color?”

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