Helping the Next Door Neighbor

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I am a senior in my mid-sixties and am retired. I am in fairly good shape and have a seven-inch cut cock and a big set of hanging balls. I am married and have a very good relationship with my wife but our sex life is nonexistent. She decided several years ago that she had no urge for sex and assumed that I had none either. I told her that wasn’t the case but she had made up her mind that she wasn’t going to have any sex. After her revelation I decided that I would have to look elsewhere and after a couple of months of no sex at home I began to look for outside relationships.

My wife was out and I was at home watching TV when I got a phone call from my next-door neighbor. She said she had an emergency and her husband was on the golf course. I told her I would try to help and headed over to her house. Frank and I had played golf several times and he always complained about Cindy not putting out. He said he was beginning to think she was a lesbian because she always had women over and claimed they were playing cards. It was not unusual to see friends’ cars parked in front of their house and today was no different. Cindy answered the doorbell and, in a panic, told me she couldn’t stop the water at the kitchen faucet and thought I could help. She was wearing shorts and a pullover shirt and as usual she wasn’t wearing a bra and I enjoyed the view. I had been a guest at their house a few times and knew the layout so I headed for the kitchen.

It was obvious the faucet was broken and I told her I couldn’t fix it but would turn the water off and she should call a plumber. After I got things under control Cindy asked if I would like a beer and rarely turning down a beer offer told her it sounded like a great idea. With beer in hand Cindy told me she was having some women over for cards and wanted to introduce me. We walked into the den and I saw that there was only one woman at the table. Cindy introduced her as Maggie. She and Cindy were almost opposites except that they were both in their fifties. Cindy had short blond hair, was about five-five, a little dumpy but had a nice set of tits, round ass and shapely legs. Maggie didn’t get up but I could see that she was slim and had big tits. I began to think this was a bra free zone since it was obvious that Maggie wasn’t wearing a bra either.

I didn’t understand why there were three cars outside and only one woman, but when the two braless women entered the den, it made sense. Cindy introduced the two women as Glenda and Mary and told them I was John. Glenda was about five-four, was a little overweight, had nice tits and her ass and legs were nice too. Mary was a little taller and slimmer. She had smaller tits and I could see her hard nipples through her sundress. It didn’t look like she had anything on under the short dress, but she had really nice legs. I wasn’t sure that Cindy and her friends were lesbians, but they seemed very chummy when they sat down at the card table. I grabbed a chair and pulled it up next to the table and we chatted while Glenda dealt the cards. When she got to me, she asked if I was playing and I told her I didn’t want to interrupt their game. She said it was no interruption and included me in the deal.

I didn’t know what game they were playing and asked. Cindy said it was strip poker with a twist. She really blew my mind and it took me a minute to close my mouth after my gasp. I could tell that none of these women were wearing much so it was going to be a short game. I hesitated but finally asked what the twist was. Cindy smiled and said that the loser had to do whatever the player to their left decided on. Since I had more clothes on than anyone else, I figured I would probably be the winner but was looking forward to seeing these women naked. I was in the clouds and couldn’t believe my luck as we started playing.

After the first round of five card draw, we all put our cards on the table and saw that I lost. I kicked off my sandals and Glenda delt another round. In the next round Mary lost. She stood up and pulled her sundress over her head and stood in front of us naked. Her dark brown nipples were hard and I saw that her pussy was nicely trimmed but not shaved. She looked over at Cindy and asked what the twist was going to be. Cindy smiled and said she wanted to eat her pussy and have everyone else watch. My cock was already hard as we got up and followed Mary and Cindy to the bedroom. I realized that Glenda and Mary were probably finishing up a twist when I met them. I didn’t know if they were lesbians but really enjoyed watching Balgat Escort girl on girl action.

Mary laid on the bed with her knees up and spread as Cindy began to lick her inner thighs, her pussy lips and finally her pussy. Cindy apparently found Mary’s clit because she was pushing her hips up and telling Cindy to make her cum. Cindy didn’t let up and soon Mary was moaning loudly as she began to climax. Cindy was obviously enjoying the taste of Mary’s pussy because she didn’t want to stop eating. Mary finally told Cindy to stop and both women got up and we headed back to the card table. On the way back I asked Maggie if they were just into women and she said they were for the most part, but weren’t opposed to men.

Back at the table Mary slipped on her dress and we played another round. Cindy lost and pulled her top over her head to reveal her bare breasts to all the players. I had seen her several times before with clothes on and always braless, but seeing her light brown nipples for the first time was a real turn on for me. I really wanted to run my tongue all around her breasts and suck the nipples, but would have to settle for just looking. On the next round Cindy lost again. As she was taking her shorts off, I saw that she wasn’t wearing panties and had a nicely shaved pussy.

They all looked at me and asked what I wanted as a twist. Without even hesitating I told them I wanted them to watch while Cindy gave me a blowjob and I ate her pussy until we both climaxed. I had wondered what Cindy would be like in bed and this was going to be a great start. In the bedroom I took off my shorts, shirt and boxer shorts and laid down on my back on the bed. She laid down next to me and started to stroke my hard cock. I moved my head over to her pussy and started licking and sucking her inner thighs as I worked my way to her pussy.

The girls were noisily encouraging us get on with the twist. I was enjoying the smell of her pussy when I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth before I ran my tongue into her very wet and sweet pussy. I had buried my nose and mouth into her pussy when I felt her lips on my cock. She was licking my cock head and began to push her mouth down on my shaft. I found her bulging clit and started sucking on it while she started to pump my cock in and out of her mouth. We weren’t trying to race to a climax but we were both doing our best to make our twist partner climax.

As Cindy convulsed with her climax, she just held my cock in her mouth and enjoyed the moment. I was enjoying her pussy juice all over my face when she started sliding my cock in and out of her mouth. She had picked up the pace and the girls were encouraging her to make me cum. It didn’t take long for me to start to cum and I was surprised when she swallowed every drop. The girls applauded while Cindy and I recovered. We finally got off the bed and put our clothes on. Maggie smiled with a big grin and told me to forget the boxers because no one else had any underwear on. I was pretty spent as we went back to the card table and hoped that I could have a little rest before I had to perform again.

When we got back to the table, I could feel Cindy’s juices drying on my face, but no one seemed to care. Glenda dealt another round and Maggie lost. I was already recovering and really wanted to see her remove her top. She surprised everyone when she removed her shorts and flashed her shaved pussy to the group. All of us were enjoying the show and she winked at everyone as she sat down. Glend dealt another round and this time she lost. She got up and removed her shirt to reveal her nice plump tits with big hard nipples. I enjoyed the view as she dealt another round.

These were really quick rounds and the next looser was Maggie. This time I knew she didn’t have anything on except for her top. She stood up and slowly turned around showing her bare pussy to all of us while she removed her top. Her tits were the biggest of any of the girls and her light pink nipples really stood out. Mary was in charge of the twist this time and she told Maggie she wanted to lay on her back in the bed and have Maggie straddle her face and rub her pussy on her tongue and mouth until she had a big climax. We all went to the bedroom to watch the show. There wasn’t much foreplay but when Mary laid down, she pulled her sundress up to her waist and spread her legs so we could all see her pink wet pussy.

Maggie straddled Mary’s head and pushed her pussy into her wide-open mouth and tongue. Maggie started playing with her Balgat Escort Bayan big nipples while she rocked her pussy back and forth on Mary’s now wet mouth. Mary was gasping for breath as Maggie moved her pussy back and forth. Maggie stopped moving for a couple of seconds and I could tell from her moaning that Mary was sucking on her clit. It seemed like just a couple of strokes before Maggie erupted with an earthshaking moan letting everyone know that she had reached a full-fledged climax. Maggie got off Mary’s face and leaned over to give her a big French kiss.

The other girls were very quiet after Maggie and Mary were kissing and all of us returned to the card table. Cindy announced that since it was getting late she wanted to finish the game and that the next hand would decide the final twist of the day. It was Glenda’s turn to lose which meant that Maggie would control the twist. As we watched Glenda remove her top Maggie told us she was in the mood for a big mind-blowing fuck. She told us that she wanted me to lick my way up her body until I buried my cock into her wet pussy and made her climax.

It was a very pleasant surprise for me and when I stood up it was obvious that I was ready. We all went into the bedroom and everyone got undressed. Maggie laid on her back and I began to lick my way up her inner thighs until I got to her pussy lips. The aroma was fantastic as I buried my tongue in her sloppy wet pussy. She told me to lick her tits and as I raised to my knees and she spread her legs even more, I felt a hand on my cock. I was on cloud nine licking her hard nipples and feeling the hand on my cock guiding it to Maggie’s pussy.

I had no trouble burying my cock all the way in before I started to pump. Maggie and I were deep French kissing and enjoying our fuck session. As we broke our kiss she told me to roll over on my back because she wanted to be on top. We didn’t miss a beat as she started moving her hips and grinding her pussy into my cock. I was rolling her nipples between my fingers when she lowered herself and gave me another kiss. After enjoying the kiss she sat up and started rocking her hips even faster. I don’t know which of us climaxed first, but we really did have a mind-blowing fuck.

As Maggie rolled off, I looked around the room and saw that all of the women were having fun seeing the show. Cindy and Mary were eating each other’s pussies and Glenda had found a big rubber cock and was pounding it into her pussy. After a few minutes of resting, I saw that all three of the women had enjoyed their sessions. Cindy was the first to get up and announced that we needed to get dressed and leave before Frank walked in the door. We all agreed that we would have another dynamite game the following week. About half an hour after I returned home, I saw Frank pull into his driveway.

A few days later Frank and I were in the yard chatting when he asked me if I could help him with his computer. I was happy to help but was a little afraid that he had somehow found out that a few days back I fucked his wife, the supposed lesbian. When we entered his office, he said his screen was frozen and he turned on the monitor to show me. On the screen there was a picture of a guy dropping a load of cum in a woman’s mouth. I was shocked to see the picture and while recovering my senses kiddingly told him the cum probably gummed up the works. When I sat down, I saw that his mouse was not working and asked if he had replaced the batteries. Of course, he said no so I told him that once we got the mouse working, we would probably solve his problem. After I replaced the batteries, everything seemed to be working fine and I asked if he had any more porn shots.

He leaned over and clicked on a folder with lots of pictures and then clicked on one he said was his favorite. It was a picture of a big cock shooting cum into a guy’s mouth. Frank and I had chatted about sex when we played golf together but I didn’t know any more than what he had said about suspecting his wife of becoming a lesbian. He and I had talked about getting laid and both had agreed that neither of got enough. I told him I would like to scan through the rest of the pictures and began to click on each one. He was standing behind me as I was enjoying scanning the pictures, and asked if I would like him to massage my shoulders. Before I could answer he started to give me a really nice neck rub. My cock was already beginning to get hard from looking at the pictures and his hands were really starting to relax my neck Escort Balgat muscles.

I noticed the pictures had a theme of hard cocks dropping their load of cum into male and female mouths. Frank was really getting in to massaging my neck and moved down to my shoulders. He told me to open a different picture folder and take a look at those. The first one I clicked on was a picture of Frank sucking a guy’s cock. I looked back at Frank and saw that he was looking at the picture and had a big smile on his face. I kept on opening pictures and saw they were all of Frank either sucking a cock, eating a pussy, being sucked off, being ass fucked or fucking a male or female ass. He was shaved and had a nice seven-inch cut cock that looked great. All I could say was “wow”. Frank laughed and said he really enjoyed sex and the pictures reminded him of some great sex.

His hands began to rub my arms and then my chest. He began to play with my nipples and my cock jumped to full attention. Frank saw that I enjoyed having him play with my nipples because his eyes were fixed on my cock bulge. He reached down and pulled my tee shirt over my head and started rubbing my bare nipples. I just laid back and enjoyed the attention. My cock was really feeling cramped so I started rubbing it through my shorts to get a little relief. Frank saw what I was doing with my hand and told me it was time to move to a more comfortable spot. His bedroom was a familiar spot after my afternoon with the strip poker women. I had no idea how this was going to go, but I was ready for anything.

Without wasting any time Frank told me to take off my shorts because he was going to suck my cock. I got naked and laid on my back with my head raised on a couple of pillows, raised my knees and gave him a wide shot at my hard cock. He was like a hungry animal and began by licking his way down the bottom of my cock before he licked and sucked my balls while he began to stroke my cock. As he stroked and sucked, I could feel my precum run down my cock. He really wanted to taste my cum and quickly licked his way back to the head and licked and sucked the precum before he sucked my shaft into his mouth. Frank was really good at sucking cock and was sucking the entire length as he began to pump his mouth up and down. In no time I began to cum and squirted several loads into his mouth. As I got soft he pulled my cock out of his mouth and showed me it was full of my cum and swallowed every drop.

I told him to get naked and fuck my face. His boxer shorts were wet with precum and when he took them off, I got my first look at his hard cock. It looked just like the picture, but this time I would be on the receiving end. He got on the bed and straddled my head with his legs. He pushed his shaved balls on to my lips and I licked off the precum that had dripped down put lots of saliva on them before I sucked them both into my mouth. The taste of his precum was really nice but it was short lived when he pulled them out of my mouth and slid down slowly so I could lick his cock before I got to the head. He raised up a little to get a better angle and pushed his head and shaft in as I sucked and licked. He was moaning and grunting as he began to pound his cock into my mouth. From what I had seen in his pictures I knew that he was going to give me a huge load of cum.

Frank was in no hurry to end the face fucking and began pumping with nice long and slow strokes. On the up stroke he let me suck just the head and then he pushed his shaft in until my nose was buried in his pubes. As he got closer and closer, he got louder and louder. He picked up the pace and let out a yell as he began to cum. I was surprised at how thick his cum was and how good it tasted. He shot one load after another and when he was finished, he laid on my face until he got soft. When he got up, I opened my mouth to show him all his cum before I swallowed it. As we got dressed, we chatted about our mutual satisfaction and both agreed to have another session soon. He said he could invite some of the people I saw in his pictures and I told him I would love to have any combination he wanted. I told him he could even invite Cindy if wanted to. He told me Cindy was into her lesbian thing and didn’t know anything about his exploits. I could only smile because I knew that Cindy would probably love it. At the door I grabbed his cock and told him how much I enjoyed sucking it and looked forward to the next time.

I wasn’t sure how long I could keep the secret about the card game and Frank sucking and being sucked by me but if word got out it wouldn’t be from me. We kept the secret for many months and had lots of card game sessions and one on ones with Frank, but the secret eventually got out. Fortunately for me even that opened new adventures with the women and Frank.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32