Helping Cindy Ch. 02

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I next saw Cindy about three days later at the gym. I was very, very nervous leading up to my workout session with her, having no idea how she might have processed what had happened.

It had been a highly charged three days in our little house. Tim and I seemed to have sex almost continuously. When we couldn’t actually fuck or suck, we’d fill the time just talking about her. Kids in bed, we put up photos of Cindy on our TV in the bedroom while we took turns – me sucking his dick while Tim drooled over her amazing zero-body-fat body, telling me how good it felt to have his cock in her mouth. Tim eating me out while I told him how badly I wanted to taste her again.

It was all-Cindy, all the time, for three days straight.

Walking into the gym, I saw her before she saw me. Oh my God, here we go! She was stunning in her tight, pretty workout gear. My pussy was just drenched in anticipation as I walked toward her, my heart beating so hard, fearing that she’d be “off” somehow. Embarrassed? Withdrawn? Maybe things would be painfully awkward, our relationship irreparably damaged.

How would she react? I’d know in the next few seconds and it was killing me.

She looked my way. We made eye contact.

The look in her eyes was warm, maybe a little embarrassed? She smiled and I just melted inside, melting with relief.

We briefly hugged, a simple greeting between two friends if viewed by anyone in the gym. But it was electric for me, once again experiencing physical contact with this fitness goddess. My nipples tingled a little as they brushed briefly against her. It was delicious – that little hug.

“You doing ok?” I asked.

“Yeah, really good. How about you?”

My voice a little lowered, “Well, to be honest, I was worried about you, ya know?”

“Don’t. Don’t worry. I’m good. I loved it. No regrets.” She smiled. “Did the pictures turn out ok?”

“Cindy, you have no idea. You said you wanted to see them…”

“Um, well, I’ve been thinking about that…Let’s get your workout done, huh?”

I wondered what that meant as she began giving me exercises to do. Throughout the entire session I was distracted by the ambiguity inherent in her statement. So…what…? She had ‘no regrets’ but wasn’t going to repeat our encounter?

That would be beyond disappointing, but I’d understand. It was a miracle it had happened at all.

At one point, she had me positioned on the floor, on my back, doing leg lifts or something. To correct my form, she stood over me, directly above my face as she held and moved my feet. I wasn’t getting it right. It was hard to do anything correctly during this workout…

Looking up, I saw the fabric of her yoga pants covering her pussy directly above me and it was dark. Like super wet. The tiny area of fabric was shiny!

I swooned, chills coursing through me. I wanted to sit up and suck the juice right out of that fabric – right in public.

As if in reaction, just at that very moment, she said something like, “Looks like somebody’s having a good workout,” her eyes focused on my crotch. I didn’t even have to look down at myself. I knew.

“Oh man,” I said, looking around to see if anyone was close enough to hear us…Nobody was.

She sat down on the mat next to me. I was still on my back.

I leaned a bit toward her. In a low voice, “Cindy, all I think about is eating you…”

“Victoria, hon…same. Nobody has ever done that so good for me. Really. Like, ever.”

I blushed and felt a thrilling wave of…what? Happiness? Pride? So I was good at it? Nice!!!

I got up. I needed to ‘walk it off’ or I was gonna explode with conflicting but powerful emotions and energy. I did some stretches in a lame attempt to appear normal. “Normal” as opposed to some lesbian slut in heat, dying to devour her personal trainer in public. Yeah, I chuckled inwardly, as opposed to that. She is soooo in my head!

After the workout ended, Cindy said, “Look, you’re all I’ve been thinking about. I want to do it again – and I probably will – but give me some time.”

“Gotcha. I understand.” Then, “So we’re on for next Monday right?” Next workout…

“Yup, see you then.” she said.

Out in my car, I slipped my hand into my spandex and fingered myself to an explosive, shuddering climax in less than thirty seconds. I remember thinking, well that was quick, record-setting lol.

An older lady a few parking spots over was looking in my direction when I opened my eyes. Obviously I’d been a bit too loud as I got myself off. But fuck, I’d had the damn windows rolled up! Nosy ol’ bitch lol!

Of course, I couldn’t have cared less. I has so relieved, so happy, so excited.

I drove left-handed as I pulled away from the gym parking lot, sucking the fingers of my right hand as I left, wishing I was tasting Cindy…


When I got home, Tim was there, ‘having a late lunch.’ His timing was transparent but understandable – he was dying to know how things had gone at the gym.

I related what happened, on my knees, sucking cock almanbahis – turned on, as usual, with dick in my mouth and turned on by what I had to tell him…

“She’s good. She doesn’t regret it! It’ll probably happen again.”

[Swirling my tongue over his mushroomy dickhead.]

“Honey, she was standing over me at one point and her pussy juice had drenched her spandex.”

[Sucking a ball into my mouth, rolling it around, as he tapped his prick on my forehead.]

“She’s so hot babe. Do you want to fuck her?”

[Taking his shaft so deep, in and out.]

“I can’t wait to eat her out again.”

[The tip of my tongue focusing on his prick.]

He blew up in my mouth – his knees went weak.

Another Cindy-related feeding.

So nice.

I just love cum. I may have mentioned that…


Next Monday…finally!

I wore my sexiest workout outfit to the gym. Usually I wear a loose tee-shirt over my jog bra but not this time. I don’t care who sees me – I want to impress Cindy as much as I possibly can. I’m just in heat for her…

She looks amazing as usual. And she’s barefoot. She’d been doing yoga.

I thought, ‘those really are some super-cute feet.’ My Tim would be oozing precum by the gallon if he could see those toes. She was his dream foot girl.

I thought briefly about the show I gave him by sucking those toes that day in our house. Not as good as sucking cock, but it was hot. Her toes were so perfect. Like if some animator tried to draw up flawless, pretty feet. Like ‘cartoon perfect.’ Dunno if I’m explaining it very well…

Whatever. I had definitely enjoyed sucking those cute toes. But hey, I wanted my mouth on every square inch of that body of hers. Toes included.

I recommend googling ‘women’s bikini fitness competition’ – something along those lines. Check out the contestants. Find the hottest, hardest body. That’s Cindy. Now look for one with a beautiful face. That’s Cindy too. Just a stunning specimen of a woman.

And here I am again, with her in the gym, distracted out of my mind.

After pleasantries, “Victoria, I think I’m ready to check out those photos.”

Total-body lightning bolt! I would’ve liked to maintain some semblance of self control but I lit up like a light bulb… “Awesome! Yeah, whenever you like, let’s do it…”

That’s all that really happened that day, at that workout. I didn’t cum out in the car. Nothing like that.

I was now forward-focused. Needed to arrange for the kids to be out of the house at their respective friend’s homes. If she was only available in the afternoon, would need for Tim to get off work. If he couldn’t get away, I guess I’d just have her to myself lol.

She asked if she could ‘bring anything.’ “Just bring yourself!” My lame understatement.


It ended up being almost a week before she came over. Not a lot to tell about those days.

We previewed the pictures, weeding out a bunch – a few were just bad shots – and there were many, many redundant photos, nearly the same. Once we had the ones we thought she’d like, I ran them as a little slide show to see how long it’d take to view them all. Almost half an hour.

Naturally we were hoping the picture viewing would serve as a prelude to ‘bigger and better.’ Even if it didn’t, it would be a highly-charged, sexually-electric half an hour, sitting on our couch with the woman of our dreams, viewing pics of her in her bikini – and follow-on pics of her with us up in our bedroom.

Tim and I held off having any sex during that time. No feedings for poor Victoria. It was an exciting but frustrating time, waiting for the big day.

Now that it was a planned, scheduled thing, Tim and I didn’t really talk about it as much as you’d think. But it dominated my thoughts, making it difficult to focus on anything “normal.”


Cindy showed up on time, 1:30 in the afternoon. I was unable to play it cool – I’d hovered next to one of our front windows for like 15 minutes waiting for her to arrive.

She parked in our driveway and as she stepped out of her car, my heart caught in my chest. She was wearing flipflops, tight white little short-shorts, and a loose red cut-off tee shirt that revealed her midriff, her standout abs. That pedicure looked new, flawless. White polish.

Instant electricity. Fuck, I was already wet from thinking about her all morning but now my little pussy found a new gear, just gushing for her. I opened the door as she approached and our eyes locked. I think we said “hi” but can’t remember. I let her in, shut the door, and all but attacked her as I moved to take her in my arms. Since she was several inches taller than me, I found myself looking up into her beautiful eyes.

Her eyes looked hungry…Her breath smelled sweet, like cherries…

Holding her, just holding her, made me weak and energized at the same time. To hold that perfect body – feeling her against me – was beyond divine. It was just one almanbahis giriş of those moments – so few in life – that you never forget.

As my lips met hers, my hands slid over her rock-hard butt in those shorts. I creamed. I creamed, I gushed – my little pussy yearning for her, aching for her. This was simply awesome!!

I couldn’t wait. I dropped to my knees and kissed her pussy through her white denim shorts. She pushed back, moving her hips forward. I smelled her clearly, strongly – she must be nice and wet already! Oh, and I felt the heat of her pussy through that thick fabric, feeling it with my lips – a subtle but fucking exhilarating sensation – that special heat emanating from her sex…

Unhooking her shorts button, my heart was beating so hard. My breath had already become ragged. Cindy helped, using both hands to shove her shorts down. No underwear. And then…heaven as my lips locked on to the pussy of my dreams. She had no hair, so smooth, so pretty!

Cindy had only been in our house for a couple minutes – if that – and her I was already eating her out, just inside my front door.

She lifted one perfect foot, placing it gently on a side table to give me better access to her. I whimpered softly as I ate her – mewling like a kitten – worshipping her outer lips, lightly grazing and teasing her pretty little clit, thrusting my tongue into her yummy, yummy hole. Drinking her in.

If all pussy-eating was this good, I could do it every day, forever.

I stopped. Tim needed to be a part of this and he was waiting in the living room. If I wasn’t WOFD (Wife of the Fucking Decade), I’d have eaten her to orgasm right then and there but I wanted my Tim to fuck her before she had a chance to cum.

This was gonna be a group effort.

So I stood up and kissed her again. I tugged on her top and we removed it together. No bra. Just her perfect, well-formed little titties, so suckable. I kissed them…flicked the tip of my tongue across both nipples, her hands holding the back of my head – a sweet embrace in its own way.

Amazing – what a perfect body! I couldn’t get enough of just looking at her, drinking in her sexuality. My God, this creature was just made for sex – the perfect specimen.

I took her hand.

Those next couple moments are etched in my memory. There I was, myself a pretty, attractive, suddenly-oversexed, now-openly-bisexual suburban wife, holding the hand of my personal trainer, leading her down our hallway wearing only her flipflops, to deliver her to my husband, waiting for us with his nice, certainly-rock-hard dick.

So he could fuck her.

And this was heaven for me.

Cindy, so confident in her nudity, greeted my stunned Tim with a warm little hello and a peck on his cheek. He said not a word – actually struck dumb. The poor lucky, lucky bastard lol.

She noticed his cock, standing upright but canted a little to one side within his shorts, and she gave it a squeeze. My heart skipped a beat, seeing her pretty hand with her pretty manicure, squeezing my man’s dick through his pants.

To say they least, this was going as well as we could have hoped. Beyond.

I offered her something to drink; she only wanted water. I quickly fetched it from the kitchen and when I returned she was on her knees. Tim’s dick was standing straight up now, its head and prick poking out a couple inches above the top of his shorts, just gushing gobs of precum. Cindy, now eye-level with his straining cock, took a sip of the water that I offered and then turned back to Tim, her eyes taking in the sight of his fat, glistening cockhead.

She tilted her head slightly to one side, leaned in, and softly kissed just below his cockhead, directly on his sensitive prick, so slick with clear gooey precum. Her tongue came out, its tip making tiny little circles on his super-sensitive prick. She moved her lips up and his swollen, glistening, bulbous cock head disappeared into her mouth.


I wouldn’t have been even a little surprised if he had shot his load right then and there. Somehow, he managed not to although it looked like he was having balance issues.

I moved to her and pulled her up gently, saying, “Let’s slow down for a bit and look at some pictures.”

“Oh yeah,” said Cindy. “I do want to see them.”

So she and I sat on the couch and Tim woke up the laptop that was connected to the TV. The first picture came up on the screen. Tim joined us on the couch, Cindy between us. Cindy naked. Me clothed. Tim, cockhead exposed.

On the TV…There she was. Cindy, from two weeks ago, standing in our living room in her sparkling silver competition bikini, striking a pose, looking confidently into the camera.

Just stunning from head to toe.

“That’s what I wore in Chicago. When I won my age group. Love that one.”

We actually already knew that little factoid like a month before – from pictures we’d seen on the internet – images I’d found that were posted on that competition’s web site. I’d sucked off my husband while he drooled almanbahis yeni giriş over those pictures of her perfect body, in that same bikini. Tim had eaten me out as I’d looked at her images, fantasizing out loud about licking her pussy. She was dreamy perfection to both of us, well before she became a literal dream come true in our living room.

I asked, “What’s that like? I mean, wearing that little bathing suit on stage in front of so many people?”

“Oh, it’s a huge rush! My heart rate goes way up. I feel so alive. So many eyes on me. In Chicago is was hundreds of people. All looking at me – at my body.”

She added, “But I also have to concentrate on what I’m doing. The poses. Flexing.”

She continued, “The rush is amazing…being so exposed. But I feel confident too cuz of all the work I put in.”

As the pictures went by she told us about the crazy diet required in the months leading up to the event. The targeted workouts. She obviously loved the pictures and talking about putting it all out there for strangers.

A pic of her chest was now up on the screen. She described exercises that targeted her pecs or shoulders or whatever as her little ‘audience-of-two’ drank in the beauty of her chest, her breasts barely covered by her bikini top. And yes, somehow we were all looking at the images on the TV, despite the fact that she was sitting between us, completely nude.

Then…a pic of her hips, her crotch, that bikini bottom, that tight vee between her rock-hard sculpted thighs.

She didn’t say anything in response to that picture but her hand went there and she began lightly petting her pussy, the distance between her knees expanding slowly.

I glanced over at Tim. His fat cockhead was still protruding just above the top of his shorts, somehow continuing to ooze more and more precum.

I reached across Cindy and gathered some of it on my finger. I painted it on Cindy’s lips, then mine. It was something someone had done to me years ago. Then I kissed her.

Her tongue felt so nice in my mouth.

I pulled away and said, “Let’s get through these pictures!”

“Yeah we should.” Cindy answered.

Tim’s shorts had magically made their way down to his ankles as Cindy and I were kissing, his cock now booming. Cindy wrapped her pretty hand around his dick and began milking it upwards. Over and over, she started at the base, squeezing firmly up to his dickhead, then began again. Tim was in heaven.

I’ve never been into hand jobs. Cindy obviously was – she really knew what she was doing to my husband’s dick. I watched her skilled cock manipulation, noting her technique.

The pictures kept coming, the images one-by-one slowly making their way down her flawless body.

And finally the pics of her feet appeared on screen and Tim had to take Cindy’s hand off his dick. He barely avoided cumming, I’m sure. Tim loves pretty feet and now there were four of them here for him, all within reach of his mouth and his cock.

I wasn’t surprised when he slid down off the couch to the floor and dove right in – sucking her toes. It was fascinating to watch. His worship was pure. It was total. He was right where he most wanted to be in this whole, wide, wide world.

I decided to join in. So there we were, husband and wife, both on the floor, each with a perfectly proportioned, cartoon-perfect size-eight foot in our faces, sucking the prettiest toes you can imagine. Cindy – with an angelic semi-smile on her face – was definitely enjoying the worship.

She said, “Look!” nodding toward the TV.

I turned around enough to see the pic of Cindy kissing my pussy as I stood before her. Fucking great pic. She pushed a finger into her pussy.

“That was my first time…kissing a girl there.”

Good to know!

“Ok, you guys…I know how I want to cum.”

Oh, wow! Ok!! We waited.

Cindy stood. “I need my purse. Sec.”

She went back down the hallway where I guess she’d left it near the front door. Poetry in motion, watching her bounce out of the room…and again watching her re-enter. I’m sorry – truly – for belaboring it – her beauty, her perfection, the way she moved…but fuck!!

Back, she was now holding a tube of lube. She asked Tim to step out of his shorts and sit on the couch. He had no issues with complying. Shocking, I know. (Tim wisely said very little during these encounters. He left things to the women. I recommend that to you men out there, if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in this sort of situation.)

I remained on the floor on my side – propped up on one elbow – idly petting my clit – watching – waiting.

Cindy liberally lubed Tim’s dick, the jelly combining with his precum. She turned around and bent over to reveal to Tim that she had a buttplug up her exquisite ass. Well, damn! This chick!!

To Tim, “Please pull it out. Go slow.”

I couldn’t see but he sure took his time.

Tim handed her the plug and she set it down next to me.

I picked it up – it was pretty big and silvery shiny.

I wanted to suck it – so I did. I hadn’t sucked dick for over a week and I was more than ready to suck something. Her toes had felt lovely in my mouth but this buttplug represented an opportunity. It was warm. I would like to say it tasted yummy but I really didn’t taste anything. Surprised me a little.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32