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With grateful thanks to Jeanette from Lit chat for all her hard work and tolerant editing.

After chatting online for almost nine months, talking on the phone for hours until finally we decide it’s time, and nervously make plans at last. You book a room allowing you to feel safer, more in control. Friends knowing where you are, still in your hometown, but not ready for me at your home. I drive 2 hours to meet you, almost turning back twice; will you want me, like me? Feeling like a teenager on a first blind date, I continue. You call to let me know you are there, giving me the room number, telling me to hurry.

At last, I get there and find your room, palms sweaty, and throat dry I knock on the door. You stand there wearing only a black silk robe, dark stockings and heels. We stand and look at one another, the light from the open drapes framing you ‘My god you’re more beautiful than I could ever have imagined’.

Closing the door behind me, I step forward take you in my arms and we kiss. Gently at first savouring our moment together after a long wait, I smell your perfume simple and natural just shampoo and soap, As we kiss I gaziantep escortları taste you, you’re fun side coming out as I taste strawberry on your lips and I feel you smile knowing I’m tasting it. Reluctantly I break the kiss, stepping back I just want too look at you. As we pull apart, I gently tug your robe a bare, beautiful breast slips free of the material, our eyes follow its path and then we catch each other’s eye and smile. You take your breast in your hand raise it to me as I lower my mouth I begin to lick and suck your nipple taking it in my mouth softly holding it between my teeth, my tongue flicking over the tip. Your hand holds my head pulling me to you, as my hands remove your robe it falls silently to the floor I move to your other nipple; again sucking it deeply into my mouth.

Eventually, reluctantly I take my mouth from your tits. Stepping back I look at you, naked except for your stockings and shoes, gorgeous, body, smooth, soft and curved; tits slightly drooped with motherhood, nipples hard and inviting, pussy bare and smooth, labia peeking through already wet with anticipation. God, I want you. I pick you up, carrying you through to the bed. I lay you down and remove my jacket and shirt before hesitating nervously then removing my shoes, socks, and trousers, you watch, fingers teasing your lips and me both, as you play. You remember how much I like to watch. Naked at last, I join you on the bed.

Starting at your feet, I begin to lick and kiss my way up your body. Each toe gets a small kiss before I begin my journey up your legs. Raising them, I tickle behind your knees, my tongue trailing down your thigh, your hips rise- ready for me, but I won’t take the invitation and continue my journey to your belly, your tits and finally your mouth … before lowering myself again to your belly, moving down until at last I reach your hot mound. You bend your knees, raising your hips to meet me, as my tongue touches your hard bud. Your hands grip the back of my head, pulling me in, forcing me onto you. I suck your clit into my mouth, my hands slide under your raised ass gripping your cheeks as my thumbs pull your pussy petals open. You relax your grip on my head allowing me to explore you. I lick round and round your pussy lips, tasting you, savouring you, I lap up your juices as my tongue enters you reaching deep within you. The scent of your sex fills my lungs as I breathe it in. I start to fuck you with my tongue, gently in and out, then move to your clit licking , teasing, biting softly, feeling you tense and moan as I do. Knowing you like a little pain, I bite harder as two of my fingers enter your pussy reaching up in you, finding your g spot. The gentle assault on your body continues fingers deep in your wet pussy, mouth on your clit.

Your moans grow louder, a beautiful sound for me knowing I’m bringing you to climax. Your hips begin to move, your hands tight on my head, slowly but surely you begin to cum. Your body tenses then begins to shiver, your moans grow louder until a small scream escapes your lips. I take my fingers from your pussy, releasing your clit as my mouth clamps tight over your pussy, sucking you in, drinking your juices as you cum, a beautiful food for my soul. More and more they flow filling my mouth until your climax subsides. I make my way back up your body as you relax and we kiss deeply our tongues dancing. You taste yourself on my lips, eventually, unable to breathe, we pull apart, look deep in each others eyes…and speak our first word…


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32