Hell Hath No Fury, But…

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Hell Hath No Fury, But Heaven Might

Dear Gary,

I hope you enjoyed the other night even half as much as I did, though I seriously doubt you did. You wouldn’t believe this, but when I came over to see you I had all sorts of plans and contingencies to trap you so I could extract my full revenge on you. Oh by the way, you should know I’m now fully avenged and you needn’t worry about me ever turning up on your doorstep again, well probably not.

Anyway, as I was saying, when I came round to see you I’d brought knock out pills, a bondage movie, some handcuffs and even a knife to threaten you with if all else failed. It was odd you never once asked what I’d brought the shopping bag for or what was in it, I suppose you thought I was going to cook for you or something equally suited to a mere female.

If I’d known you’d be so easy to trap, I could have saved myself a lot of time and trouble, though I must say, appealing to your machismo was a master stroke if I do say so myself. When I showed you those velcro cuffs and told you my girlfriend was hoping to use them on her boyfriend, but she didn’t know if they’d hold him, the last thing I expected was that you’d laugh and hold out your hands. You really didn’t think they’d work did you?

If you hadn’t been so arrogant you just might have noticed the fact that I was having trouble breathing and my hands were shaking as I secured your hands behind your back. And the look on your face when I took out the scissors and cut your shirt off was priceless. What exactly did you think I intended to do with the scissors anyway?

I have to admit that undressing you was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done with a man. You can’t imagine the feeling of power it gave me, though come to think of it maybe you can, after all I didn’t exactly surrender myself to you that night after the party. And how anyone can think that no is another version of yes is beyond me. Anyway where was I? Oh yes, I meant to ask you, perhaps if we ever meet again you can tell me, when I put that bag over your head to blindfold you, did it make you more co-operative or would you have gone along with me anyway. It’s just that it all seemed so easy from then on and it might be worth knowing in case I ever have the need (or desire) to do to someone else what I did to you. Of course, it meant sacrificing the pleasure of seeing your face as my plans fell into place, but if it was the reason for your co-operation then it was probably worth the loss.

What did you think I was doing when you felt me smoothing the depilatory cream over your body? Obviously you didn’t know what it was, but you just stood there in silence while I used it. Okay, I know you had the ball gag in your mouth (that was well worth the money) but you didn’t even grunt, don’t tell me you were actually enjoying yourself? And the way you just stood there while the cream did it’s job. Did you know I was sitting on the toilet seat watching you or had you simply resigned yourself to your fate? I’d be surprised if it was the latter, after all, you had no idea what was in store for you and I doubt you’d have been so docile if you had.

Don’t you think it was thoughtful of me to use the moisturiser after I washed the cream off? Believe me it would have really been sore if I hadn’t. I still laugh when I think about the way I led you into the bedroom. That cock of yours had grown so big and there seemed a certain irony in leading you by it into the bedroom. I don’t know what you thought was going to happen, but I doubt painting your toenails and fingernails would have come high on your list. Funny though, I expected you to resist when I stuck those false nails on your hands (by the way it’s best if you let them grow out rather than trying to pull them off) but görükle escort you actually spread your fingers while I worked on them, why?

And don’t, whatever you do, throw that corset out. Not only did it look great it cost a fortune. I had planned to buy one at a second hand store, but they had nothing worthy of the occasion so I splashed out on that one. It’s amazing how much I was able to pull you in, it’s hard to believe fabric as delicate as satin and lace can be so strong. I was just a little worried you might not be able to breathe properly by the time I’d finished lacing you into it.

In retrospect I’m not entirely convinced that I should have used all black. Possibly a red corset would have contrasted better with the black lace panties, though the black stockings did look great, (you have quite nicely shaped legs you know) particularly with the seams up the back, they somehow made you look sluttier. I suppose you’re wondering how I managed to find a pair of stiletto heeled shoes, especially a pair as high as they were, with that chain attached. As a matter of fact I’m proud to say, I attached it myself. The reason I pulled them so tight before I padlocked them onto your ankles was to make it just a little more difficult to take off. And I thought using the hardened steel was a nice touch, it must have taken ages to cut through.

Speaking of cutting through things, did you manage to get the ring off your cock and balls, I’ll bet cutting that gave you a few nervous minutes, but I must say, it kept you very hard and you do have an impressive cock when it’s angry.

Tying your feet to the corners of the bed was easy, you didn’t seem to mind at all. And didn’t it occur to you that stuffing the pillow under your backside was intended to allow easier access to you arse hole, quite frankly I was amazed when you raised yourself up to help me. And I honestly thought you’d put up more of a fight when I released your hands to tie them to the bedposts. Okay so the rope around your neck was tight, and I thought it had been a great idea to tie it above your head, particularly since you couldn’t know where it was tied, or did you? But I really thought that was going to be the trickiest part of the whole plan, and it turned out to be the easiest.

You know it’s the strangest thing but, when I took the hood of and removed the gag, I knew you wouldn’t make a sound. You just looked at me, and I must say, you made quite an erotic sight, I really had no intention of doing what I did, but I was feeling so horny and so incredibly powerful I just couldn’t help myself. I thought about jumping onto your big cock, but it somehow seemed more forceful to sit on your face without any preamble. Did you know that was what I was going to do when I pulled my knickers off? I have to give you credit though, you certainly know how to eat pussy, it must have taken me all of 10 seconds to orgasm that first time. And you may find this hard to believe, but I’ve never had 4 orgasms in a row before.

In case you were wondering, the reason I was able to do your make up so quickly was because I’d planned exactly what I was going to use for days before. I started with the foundation cream and blusher because I knew how pale your complexion is; you really should get out in the sun more. I have to admit I felt a certain satisfaction as I watched you flinch each time I plucked your eyebrows into shape. Though to give you your due, you still remained silent throughout the whole ordeal.

I wasn’t sure about the blue eye shadow, but once I’d applied it I could see it was the perfect choice, particularly after I added the eyeliner and thickened your lashes with the mascara, though you already have very thick lashes. I hope you liked the bright red lipstick görükle escort bayan I chose, I though it looked suitably cheap once I’d added the lip-gloss, in fact once I’d teased and back combed that thick blonde hair of yours, you looked exactly like I’d expect a high class hooker to look. Though obviously she wouldn’t have an erection, or be tied to a bed for that matter, unless of course she was well paid.

You know, I’d done such a good job on your face it was almost a pity to replace the ball gag, but of course, I couldn’t risk you making a noise when the guests arrived, now could I? And judging from the look of horror in your eyes when the doorbell rang, I’m fairly sure you would have made a noise. Since you weren’t formally introduced I can tell you now; Marie was your first visitor. I used to work with her at the library and she’s the archetypal librarian, you know virgin spinster and all that goes with the territory. Believe it or not, she’s actually only about 50 but she looks decidedly older I admit. And yes, she always smells of mothballs.

Anyway, I don’t know what she did to you for half an hour, (I didn’t turn the video camera on for her) but she certainly seemed happy when she left. I’m just pleased to know something good could come out of this unfortunate affair.

Anyway, as you saw I set the camera up for the others so I know exactly what happened, I’ll show you the video sometime if you ask nicely. Though I doubt you’ll want to relive some of that nights action. Mrs. Fairchild came next, as I recall. She used to be my landlady. Don’t you think she’s disgusting, I mean, she always smells of cheap perfume and cigarettes and I’ve seen first time transvestites do a better job of their make up. I’m surprised you could keep a straight face as you watched helplessly, while she unlaced that ridiculous girdle she was wearing. And for one awful minute I thought she was going to leave that cigarette in her mouth when she finally started to climb on top of you. I almost felt sorry for you when I watched the video of her, grunting and slavering all over you as she jerked her way to her version of heaven. The best part was when she picked up her smoke straight after the sex, and it was still alight.

As you probably worked out for yourself, Ronnie, the one who followed Mrs. Fairchild, is a dyke. She hates men so I was fascinated to see what she had planned for you. You’ll be pleased to know I made her promise not to do any permanent damage to you before I let her in, and to her credit she kept her word, though the way she was ramming that dildo into your arse, I thought she might rupture something. Still she seemed to enjoy it even if you didn’t. The good news is, the money she paid, together with the money Mrs. Fairchild gave me, more than covered the cost of the corset and Sam’s fee.

Of course, you didn’t know did you? I had to pay Sam to come over, but he was well worth the money. My God I almost died when I saw the size of that cock, it’s true what they say about black men after all. At least it was definitely true about Sam, that thing must have been at least 10 inches I can’t imagine what it must have felt like to be fucked up the arse with it. I have to tell you though, I didn’t know he was going to take your gag off, and I admit to feeling a little sorry for you when he forced you to eat him after where he’d just pulled his cock from. Even though I knew you’d come out of it unscathed, I still got a little nervous as I watched the video in case you tried to bite him. I think you made a wise decision doing as he told you. A man that size could do some serious damage particularly when you’re tied to a bed and can’t defend yourself.

Anyway, I’ll close this letter now, I just wanted you to know that bursa escort I no longer bear any ill feeling toward you, and I intend to spend many happy hours watching you get what you deserved. As I said earlier, you’re welcome to come and see the video yourself sometime, though I warn you, I may decided I need a little more vengeance if you do.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Donovan.

* * * * *

Dear Mary,

I have to admit that you fooled me completely. When you tied my hands I thought you were simply planning some kinky sex and I’ve always wondered what that would be like. Little did I know just how kinky you intended, or for that matter why? I swear, I didn’t realise you meant no that first night, I would never have continued if Id known. And I suppose what you did to me, while painful and humiliating is far better than being arrested for rape. So I’m very grateful to you for that at least. As far as eating pussy is concerned, it’s something I never really enjoyed before, but being unable to resist seemed to make it all right and I have to admit, you did taste great.

As for my visitors, well like you I felt sorry for Marie. She was very gentle and polite, apologising frequently as she fucked me. But she did seem to enjoy it and I’m glad I could be of service to her. You were right about Mrs. Fairchild, she was disgusting, and dreadful though it was I’d rather have had Sam all night than have to put up with half an hour with that awful stinking woman. And yes, it was fairly obvious Ronnie was a dyke and yes I was filled with trepidation to put it mildly. She’s a real man hater isn’t she? Sad really, she’d be much better off just getting on with her own life.

And finally there was Sam. Well you saw the video, not only did he get my cherry, but also his was the first, and I sincerely hope last, cock I’ve sucked. Throughout the whole experience I tried to remember what it had been like eating you, believe me it helped a great deal.

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but when you came in and released one of my wrists I was actually a little disappointed. You say I was silent throughout the ordeal, but I don’t remember you saying more that 2 words all night either. And I’m certain I saw a glint of compassion in your eyes as you freed me wrist.

It took me ages to untie my bonds, the other wrist was fairly easy, but I had a great deal of trouble bending in the corset so it was very hard to reach my ankles. Once I was free I hobbled over to the mirror to see exactly what you’d done to me. The strange thing was, as I looked at myself I was soon rock hard again, you were quite right, there was something erotic about the way you’d made me look. Okay, I know I’d make a ridiculous looking woman, but I still felt very sexy. I even tried playing with myself, but unfortunately the ring soon put a stop to any aspirations I may have had in the ejaculation area.

You’ll probably think this is ludicrous but I stayed dressed exactly as you’d left me for the whole weekend just on the off chance you might decide to pay me another visit. You were right about the steel chain on the shoes being hard to cut; luckily I had some hacksaw blades and was able, after a lot of effort, to cut though the padlocks. I did the same with the cock ring. And I certainly wouldn’t think of throwing any of the clothes away, particularly the corset. I’ve tried wearing it a few times since that night but sadly I can’t pull it in tightly enough.

Which brings me to the reason for my reply, I’ve fantasised every night about what happened to me on the night you decided to avenge yourself. And in answer to your question, though I don’t really think you meant it, I’d love to see the video. You can bring it round anytime you like I don’t go out much these days. Just one small condition, would you please bring your little bag of tricks as well?

Yours forever

Gary Wilding.

P.S. Don’t forget the small padlocks for the shoes, I tried buying some but it’s not the same when you know you can take them off whenever you wish.

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