Helen Really Goes For It

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Allie Haze

Watching a TV documentary about three years ago about alternative lifestyles inspired my wife, Helen and I to join a swinging club, which was featured on the programme. Persuading Helen to go in the first place was a struggle! She said it sounded perverse and seedy! All the more reason to go, I thought! Eventually, to stop my nagging her, she agreed to go on a couples only night, and only to watch. Joining in, she said was not going to happen! Well, it was a start, I conceded.

The next Saturday night, we were queuing to join the club! Helen looked gorgeous in a very sexy short black skirt, which showed off her stockings and suspenders and a sheer see-through blouse which allowed everyone a view of her ample charms. She’s a very attractive, petite brunette in her late 20’s, with a fantastic 34C-24-34 figure.

As we entered the club, I could see that loads of guys were already eyeing her up! Barry, the owner, a very friendly guy, showed us round. When we settled down with a drink, Helen admitted that the place was more relaxed than she’d imagined it would be and had a very sexy feel to it!

After a couple more drinks, she even suggested we went for a dip in the spa pool! Just watching my wife strip off in front of several guys was an incredible turn on! Helen has a lovely body and I’ve always thought it such a shame that she kept it just for me! We climbed into the pool and squeezed in between some other couples.

The place was so peaceful, decorated in the style of a Greek Temple. We just chilled for a few minutes, watching the other couples around us. If we’d done nothing else, it would have been worth the visit! The woman opposite us seemed to be enjoying herself! Her husband on one side and another guy on the other, were stroking her tits as she wanked them simultaneously! Sexy bitch! I could sense that it was turning Helen on.

She reached for my cock, which was already hard, and started to slowly wank it. As she did, the guy next to her took hold of her other hand and placed it on his escort cock too! I was surprised when she responded by beginning to wank him off! That was the very first time, I’d ever seen Helen as much as touch another man, and it was mind blowing! Already she had surpassed my expectations!

We stayed in the pool for some time as she played with our cocks, clearly enjoying herself! As we chilled in the spa, the masseur that Barry and Marie, the owners, had booked to entertain the ladies came through and set up his table right next to the pool.

He was a young, fit, black guy and I could see Helen’s face light up! When he was ready, he asked if anyone wanted to be first! I immediately volunteered Helen, almost jokingly, and was surprised when she stood up, climbed out of the pool and onto his table on her tummy! The guy who she had been wanking turned to me and told me that she was a horny bitch! Watching the masseur’s black hands rubbing oils into Helen’s back was making my cock twitch! When she turned over onto her back and he started on her front, I nearly shot my load!

He started massaging her shoulders but soon worked his way onto my wife’s gorgeous tits! Her eyes were closed and she was totally relaxed, as he oiled her tits. She started to moan and her soon his large black hands were between Helen’s open legs, stroking her shaven pussy!

She was quietly groaning with pleasure as I tried desperately to hold myself back! He then moved so that he was side on and had his left hand on her breasts and 2 fingers of his right hand inside her, as her body started to move in unison with his hands quite a crowd was gathered round to watch my wife come in the hands of a complete stranger in public.

As her now inevitable orgasm neared the masseur grabbed her right hand and put it on her right breast which she started to massage and guided her left hand under his towel were she was quite clearly wanking him off. The closer she got to orgasm the more effort and energy went into her left bursa eve gelen escort hand until a powerful orgasm swept over her and she lay back exhausted.

I got out the pool to join her. She had a beaming smile right across her face, clearly having enjoyed the black guy’s attentions who was now massaging the next lucky girl in the queue. I need a shower and a drink she whispered!

The guy in the pool and his wife followed us, him sensing that he might get a bit more action! Once dressed and at the bar we got talking to another couple. He introduced themselves as Simon and Hannah. It turned out that she was bi and looking for some serious girly action! Our 2 friends from the spa started talking to us too. Mick and Ann were from Stoke and it turned out that Ann was bi too! Hannah and Ann seemed to hit it off immediately.

Simon suggested that the six of us went into a room together so the two other girls could play! Helen and I followed them in and watched them all undress and lay down on the huge mattress. We both were starting to feel a little nervous, but as we started to watch Hannah and Ann kissing and stroking each other, things relaxed.

The two women were well into it, as Helen and I lay with Simon and Mick, watching! I started to kiss Helen and stroke her tits as we watched their little show! Simon suddenly turned to Mick and said it was a shame that Helen was missing all the fun and they’d better put that right! Immediately their hands were all over her body, touching, feeling, and stroking her as she lay there encouraging them! I couldn’t believe just how easily she had entered into the spirit of things!

I went and knelt next to Helen’s face and fed my cock into her mouth. By now Simon had removed her skirt and thong and was licking her out like there was no tomorrow. She was groaning so loud! Mick had her blouse undone and bra off and had started to suck and chew her protruding nipples. She’d lost any inhibitions she came with! bursa görükle escort Simon rolled a condom onto his cock and climbed between her open legs, sliding straight inside her!

Helen’s body jolted as she took her first ever extra-marital cock! Mick was already rolling one on! Steve fucked away ay her furiously, his arse pounding hard between her legs! She virtually screamed all the way through her first orgasm as Steve filled his rubber!

No sooner had he pulled out, Mick took his place and as he fucked her, I came into her mouth! Helen exploded into another amazing orgasm, as she took her second fuck from a stranger! As soon as Mick had come she said she needed her husband inside her and rolled me onto my back she mounted me and I slide straight inside her now well-oiled vagina and we started thrusting in unison!

She then leant back and asked Mick and Simon to stand as they did she grabbed a cock in each hand and started wanking them off, I couldn’t believe were she had got all this energy from and as all three men that she was bringing off came I filled her up while Mick and Steve came all over her tits.

The girls, Hannah and Ann, who unnoticed by us all had been watching Helen be seduced and then seduce their husbands decided that it was their wifely duties to clean up the mess that there husbands had made and began to lick and fondle Helens breasts, Helen was loving it and laid back to allow the girls better access. Hannah then headed south to Helens sexy stocking clad legs and began to give her a blowjob. Ann moved northwards and gave Helen a passionate kiss after which Helen whispered something to her.

Ann then positioned herself above Helen so that my wife could lick her love juices. As the girls began to satisfy themselves Ann called me over and began to give me a blowjob while Hannah summoned Simon and Mick and started to wank them off. I couldn’t believe that my prim and proper wife who had “only come to watch” was now organizing a mass orgy!

As we all started to come the groans and thrusts became louder until I shot my load in Anns mouth, Ann buried her mound in Helens face, Helen squealed in delight from Hannahs tongue and Mick and Simon shot their load all over Hannah. Needless to say everyone required a shower and an exhausted Helen asked me to take her home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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