Hedonasia Ep 2

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EPISODE 2 – The Decision

The problem with managing a transdimensional spatio-temporal locomotive was that, if you can believe it, the job got boring real fast. So whenever there was a delivery of fresh meat in the place, Mick would get more excited than he needed to be. He had the passion of a thespian with little of the skill, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to put on show. But again, shows had writers, Mick liked to improv. He thought it went well, but you know, nobody else did. The whole thing with the cells and the lights and the doors was all meticulously planned by Mick, right down to his imposing entrance at the end.

Ennio barely gave any thought to all of this. He was tired and in pain and covered in blood. And he was hungry. It barely registered for him that this Mick guy wasn’t human either. He had red skin with black stripes going up his chest like suspenders, and they went all the way down his back into a forest of fur. Yeah, he had a waist of fur, and hooves for legs, and a long tail. Oh and of course, he was naked too, with his dick hanging out of the fur like a single red banana in a patch of dried hay.

“What are you, Satan? Am I in hell?” Ennio asked nonchalantly like he was sitting in a bathtub and not on the corpse of the raping ogre he just murdered.

“Ugh, rude. I’m the manager around here. And you’re not in hell, you’re in Hedonasia.” Mick replied, leaning against the door.

“Is that supposed to mean something?” He said standing up and walking towards Mick. The manager had a good foot on Ennio, and he too like the ogre had a muscular body, but slowly starting to sag, and the beginnings of a belly were visible.

“Oof honey, you smell like trash. Let’s go get you cleaned up and I’ll tell you everything.” he said, ushering Ennio out the door.

Before they turned the corner, Ennio managed to catch one last glimpse of the ogre’s body, and he wanted to feel something but it was like a fuse had went off in his brain and he wasn’t processing any of the emotions that come with the consequences of murder, or being raped for that matter. In a way, he thought it was a privilege. And he felt no shame about it.

They walked along similar looking corridors until they entered a big hall which Ennio quickly realized was a bathhouse. It was scantly populated, but Ennio was too shut off to even look at what few people that were there, if they were people. Something gave him a feeling they weren’t. Mick on the other hand was just greeting his way through. They reached one of the private chambers inside the hall, which consisted a big sunken tub, a post modern looking curvy bench, and a shower in the corner with glass walls.

Ennio was almost shoved into the shower, and immediately hot water started spraying him from the ceiling like a waterfall. “Oh fuck!” he shouted like a girl with a start, and the temperature and force evened out gradually until it was a nice warm balminess.

“Amazing isn’t it? Designed to take care of you.” Mick said as he sat himself on the bench, legs spread casually so you could see his dick plainly hanging. Ennio for the first time felt a little intimidated by the Satyr like creature. “Go on, start cleaning yourself, we don’t have all day.” he said, intently gazing, checking out Ennio’s body.

Ennio felt self conscious about being naked now, but he started slow scrubbing the blood off his body. “So, what is this place?”

“You want the short version or the long version?”

“Let’s start with the short version.”

“Okay. Essentially, it’s a big train that exists transdimensionally, i.e. outside the boundaries of your known universe, both in terms of space and time. Here there are no rules or consequences, and it’s builders made it for one reason, the pursuit of pleasure. Every now and then though, a train has to stop at platforms, and these are scattered in random places across the universe. You and many others like you, occasionally and accidentally find one of these platforms and stumble into here… “

“I’m sorry, this is the short version?”

“Yes, the long version involves all the intricate bayrampaşa escort physics bending quantam mechanics at work. Do you want me to tell you?”

“No no. But here’s the thing, what I’d like to know is, WHY THE FUCK WAS I IMPRISONED AS A SEX SLAVE?!” He screamed at Mick.

“Oh that, consider that an initiation ceremony.”

“Initiation ceremony?!! My asshole looks like a cave right now!”

“It’s randomly assigned, you had the bad luck of getting Bochar. He was a cruel motherfucker. But hey, you showed him who was the boss in the end, didn’t you?”

“What? I had to murder him.”

“Occasionally happens. Best not to dwell on it.” He patted his knees casually and stood up, walked close to the shower. “There are two types of people in Hedonasia Ennio, the dominators, and the submissives, like there are in every civilization. Every successful fuck party society in this world was built on the backs of the submissives. Hedonasia is no different, either you’re a dominant here and enjoy all the luxury, comfort and pleasure this place has to offer, or you submit to the will of the dominants, and still live a relatively comfortable life, as long as you obey. And you my friend, have more than proved yourself to be a dominant. I watched your whole journey with interest, and for a moment I was convinced you had broken, but what a deception my my. I was rightly impressed, and a little turned on to be honest, that doesn’t happen often.” he said, tracing his finger along Ennio’s wet neck.

“So what does that mean now, being a dominant?”

“Haven’t you been listening man? It means you can do whatever you want. Whatever brings you pleasure, and not worry about the consequences. There aren’t any rules, you can fuck anyone and anything you want. This place is full of all the species from all across the universe at any point in time. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll never get bored. Of course, all this is only as long as you stay a dominant, because if you become someone else’s submissive, or worse end up like poor Bochar.”

Ennio didn’t like that prospect one bit. He blurted out, “And what if I don’t want any of that? I have a life back on Earth, you can’t keep me here against my will.”

“No one’s keeping you here. You’re free to leave whenever you want to your boring life on earth, I’ll show you to the door.”

“Oh.” Ennio said. Suddenly he realized his bluff had been called out, and he hadn’t even realized he was bluffing. Regardless of what this place was, and regardless of the truth of whatever Mick said, he had to admit he had no real investment in his life back on earth. It was aimless and boring and filled with sadness and loneliness. Would he really want to go back to it, if he had an alternative?

His train of thought was interrupted by the sensation of a giant hand fondling his balls. Mick was looking down at his genitals, playfully examining them. Suddenly, as if to deliberately surprise him, Mick got onto his knees, and started sucking his dick. The sensation of Mick’s hot long tongue made Ennio’s hair stand up, but the wetness of the saliva mixed with lips moving up and down his dick also just as easily made him gasp in pleasure. Clearly Mick was good at his job, and his elastic tongue could swirl up around the little human penis, even fully erect, with easy comfort. Ennio pushed his hands against the walls of the shower to stay stable as his legs started feeling weak. Mixed with the running hot water on his back, he closed his eyes and for a moment forgot where he was. This could be a hot spring on a tropical island where he was being served by the exotic natives. It was an entirely shameful thought but it was so good that he didn’t really care at this point. Mick held him by the hips and started motioning him to and fro until Ennio realized and put his hand in Mick’s curly hair to hold it as he started vigorously face fucking him to his heart’s content. Of course it didn’t last long, because for one, he hadn’t had his dick sucked in a very long time, and for another, to his ignorance, Mick was not here for pleasure but to simply prove istanbul eskort a point. So naturally he shook uncontrollably as he started busting his load in Mick’s throat, trying to keep going as long as he could, and then going limp and taking his back to the wall for support. He was wet and hot and sweating, and the slightest breeze could’ve knocked him down. Mick on the other hand enjoyably licked his lips and stared right at him with a devious smile.

“Just sleep on it. If you still fell like going home tomorrow, I’ll find you. If not, I’ll find you anyway and you can pick out your Serp.”

“What’s a Serp?”

“You’ll find out tomorrow. Now come on, dry off and I’ll show you to your room.”

The room, the place where he would supposedly live if he did decided to stay in Hedonasia, didn’t do much to convince him. It was a bare black room, dimly lit, sparsely furnished, and although quite bigger than his cell, also in a way still a cell. There was a big bed, a bathroom, a hollowed out rectangle in a wall with a screen above it, and not much else. Mick told him, the idea was, if he decided to stay, he could customize the room however he wanted, there would be no restrictions.

“I know this one chick, she built a 40 floor maze cum sex dungeon full of little challenges you had to do if you wanted to get out alive. She loved to watch it. I’ll show you sometime.”

“Maybe. Right now I would kill for some food and a good sleep.”

“Well, you already did. And that thing is a synthesizer,” he said pointing to the panel and the hollow under it. “You can get anything you want in there, just have to ask.”

“Is it as good as the real thing?”

“What are you talking about? It is the real thing. The things you get on earth are the ones that are fake. Goodnight Ennio.” And he left.

Ennio ate rapidly and he was full in minutes, he wanted to eat more but couldn’t. So he decided to sleep instead. He asked the synthesizer for a nice set of pyjamas, but then fell asleep naked anyway, because the bed felt softer than anything after so much time spent on the cell floor. As soon as he hit the bed, he was out.

It wasn’t until hours later though, that he felt something crawling up his leg. Still asleep, he tried to push it away, but instead his hand was caught, and then pinned back to the bed. He opened his eyes and saw a human woman hovering above him. A human woman! He almost yelled it out but she shushed him slowly and pinned his other hand as well.

“Who are you?” He whispered.

“I’m your slave master, I’m here to please you. Just sit back and enjoy.” she whispered back before kissing him, her tongue licking his. Ennio saw now she was blonde, with a tall full body, and imposing breasts that grazed against his chest. He could feel that his morning wood had arrived early, and it was scratching against her bush, before she moved up a bit and set his tip against her opening. “Do you want to be fucked master?” she asked salaciously, as her fingers traced down his arms and finally rested on his neck.

Ennio suddenly used all his weight to flip on his side taking her with him, and grabbed her hands, tying them up swiftly with a piece of his pyjamas. Before she had time to react, he pinned her tied hands with one of his own and used the other to fondle her breasts. “I think I’ll do the fucking, if it’s all the same to you.” he said with a sudden irritation, before he pushed inside her and started furiously pumping her like a piston. She gasped with surprise and bit into her arm as the waves of pleasure hit her instantly and rapidly. Ennio hadn’t realized how much anger and frustration he’d had suppressed inside him from being raped all this time, and for some reason it decided to inflict itself on his poor girl he’d just met. But he didn’t stop, he kept going as her legs wrapped themselves around him to stop from writhing and she shook her head all around in pain and pleasure. She almost told him to go harder in a whisper, which was broken up by one of his cruel thrusts.

He slowed a bit, held her chin to face her towards him and said, “Look at me.” escort şişli and she tried to calm herself, so that she could stare straight into his eyes. He gave her a devious smile, and his hand dropped down to her neck, squeezing it slightly, “Yeah, you like that, you fucking bitch?” he said before speeding his thrusts into her again. He increased the pressure on her neck and the force of his thrusts, making her involuntarily spasm a bit.

“You fucking like that, don’t you, murderer?” she scowled at him with venom in her voice. Suddenly, Ennio felt the body under him morph, expand into a woman larger than him. He stopped his thrusts immediately. Her skin turned purple, and before he even registered it, he instinctively had his other hand on her neck too, squeezing as hard as he could. She was one of the creatures that had raped her, and he was startled to realise that there were two more breasts now growing under the ones she already had. Distracted by those, he forgot that she would have two more arms as well, and they came at him swiftly, holding his little neck, trying to choke him back. She was clearly stronger than him in her true form, and Ennio could already feel himself staring to find it harder to breathe. He had to think of something quick.

“Fuck you, die already.” She said through her choking voice box. A light went inside Ennio’s brain. He had forgotten he her legs were still wrapped around him and he was still inside her. With all the strength he could muster, he moved his hips and started stroking her again. It was slow and weak, and didn’t seem to be having any effect. He quickly took one hand off her neck and reached down to her groin. It took him a few tries but he hastily found her clit and started rubbing it. He heard her gasp through his last ounces of consciousness, and the grip on his neck suddenly loosened a bit. He breathed again, and quickly started using all his regained strength to fuck the shit out of her. It shouldn’t have caught her so off guard, fucking him had been a part of her plan, but she hadn’t expected him to be smart about it. She felt the uncontrollable throes of pleasure and passion that his thrusts were generating in her, the sheer tsunami of ecstasy that had come after he had started on her clit. The males of her species were notoriously dumber and rarely ever managed to find, or even look for the clitoris, which had left it largely unhandled by foreign hands sadly. So when Ennio started going to town on it, she couldn’t help but use her not tied up hands to cling to him as he dug into her, making her shamefully moan and beg for more with her body. When his head was free, he started on her neck, and made his way down to her breasts, fondling and sucking them with one hand and his mouth, trying to get her to cum as quickly as possible, because he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.

Lucky for Ennio, a good fuck tended to solve most problems in Hedonasia, and even the real world, and as she climaxed and arched her back tightly before falling limp onto the bed, he knew it had indeed been a good fuck. He pulled out of her and further stroked himself until he came too, shooting his cum onto her heavy breathing belly. He leaned down to kiss her but she turned away and pushed her off him so he fell off the bed. When he stumbled back up, she was off the bed as well, a small snake coiled around her arm.

“This wasn’t supposed to go this way.” she said.

“Who was he, your husband?” he asked, trying to get closer to her again.

“My brother. I owed him everything. He’s the one who brought me here. And you murdered him.”

“It’s not like I had much of a choice. If it wasn’t me, it would’ve been someone else. This place is built that way.” he whispered, inches away from her.

“So it would seem. Which is why I’ll kill you sooner or later. I’m Suzi, by the way.” she said, her four arms wrapping around his neck and waist.

“Ennio. And not if I kill you first.” he said with a smile, pushing up on his toes to kiss her. This time she let him, before pushing him back onto the bed.

This suspense they both felt between them, made the sex that followed only hotter. He was a little scared, she was a little shameful, and like two deviant little bastards they absolutely loved it. Ennio decided after all he wasn’t going to go back just yet.

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