Heaven Is Richard

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Now to be with Richard is forever a dream, we have a perfect relationship and I do love to pamper him to death.

We are never hesitant anymore like we were getting to know each other, it is sort of like we have grown accustomed to every little inch of each other and we share our mutual delight in loving each other t0 the core.

We think it is important too in as much as we can share our bed with a laugh or two, that it is equally as important to talk to each other about what we would like on a given day according to our varying moods in love and passion.

Deeply enhanced with the fill of Richard in my mouth I enjoy once more the pungent taste of quality cock and delve into another heaven as I feel him pulse strongly, it is sheer magic as he prompts me to cup his lovely firm balls and mould them in my hand sending him onto ecstasy.

“I love what you do with my cock, Pete” he tells me with bated breath and I reply that I have never enjoyed any other so good as he.

“Let me suck you now, Pete” he says and straight away, from the way he clasps my thighs I know and lust with the way he spreads my thighs so wide apart, places a cushion beneath my rump and begins to suck me with so much passion and ardour which I simply love and adore, I know later this will lead to the inevitable casino oyna so wonderfully deep fucking and we have discovered by trial and error just how to make the passion last until we are both ready for the wonderful climax.

As he sucks me deep and hard I relish the feel of that. He ties a blue ribbon around the girth of my fully erect cock to hold my cum back until we are both ready and I do likewise with a red ribbon which is particularly my turn -on, as much as it is to see Richard in those gorgeous red tight boxer shorts, his lunch box looking always inviting as I snuggle my nose into his ‘middle wicket’ as he calls it.

I do so enjoy his pampering of me, to feel his busy tongue explore my all; “I love your ass so hot, Pete I just want to eat it all up,” an it is almost like he is doing just that as he concentrated his mouth and tongue delving and tantalising my hole.

I lay there, as wide apart as can be as he continues to enjoy me down under, it feels so wonderful and special, and soon I know he will be enjoying inserting the new ‘ skewer’ anal vibrator into me as I hear his moans, he pushes it into me between sucks and I feel him stretching my hole, making it so ready for his deep fuck later, but for now he says ” let’s enjoy” and I change position to suck his cock and balls slot oyna too, it is so good to enjoy each other mutually and I know I wont be long before I am ready for it, his ripe long thick quality cock inside me once more as we relish a wonderfully stimulating rough fuck..

He asks me to suck his hole too, it is new because I, the taker, have not done this before, but he is my guy and I want to do everything for him, so I do the same as he does with me, I stretch open his ass cheeks as wide as I can and he opens wide for me exposing that gorgeous masculinity. It looks fine and he has shaved for me. I say “why didn’t he leave that to me “and he replies he will next time. “I would love that” I say.

I bend down and sniff him there, like I did the first time I sucked his cock, I have never stopped enjoying oral since, it is almost like a drug wanting to get the feel of that deep into my throat and now there it was, awaiting my pleasure, I tease for a while, moving my fingers around and around its circumference, he tells me I am a bloody tease, but I want to experience the full joy of this for the first time, he says I can rub something into it if I want, that would be nice.

“Like what?”

“Mmm! try some squirty cream” he suggests. Little did I know that this was going to be a completely canlı casino siteleri new phase of our love- ins and that it would lead to all sorts of new and wonderful delights.

I squirted and heard his moans, now I was ready and easily took to sucking in the cream like a cat licking the saucer, I closed my eyes and went for it, just as it was when I first sucked cock it was really lovely and good, now I was sucking asshole, and with cream too, I just let myself go and it is a good job Richard was tied at the girth too, because the way he reacted he would certainly have cum too soon.

Once again I was in that certain special world we both entered and the climax came when we both released the ribbons on each other, and enjoyed the rich experience of both cucming at once deep into each others throats, it was heaven and I was ain for the most wonderfully deep thrusting fuck of all, all time Richard’s fuck was getting better, the way he stretched me and moved inside, the way he paused occasionally so I could feel the strong beat of his throb bulging inside me,

We fucked and fucked several times that night until I was numb, When I got up in the morning and Richard had left for work, I still felt like he was deep inside me, I inserted the vibrator again, put some plaster tape across my cheeks to hold it in as I did my chores around the house, enjoying different thrills with different movements, it was simply gorgeous and I could not wait for another session that night.

Heaven is Richard surely enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32