Heather’s Adventure Ch. 02

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This is the second part of “Heather’s Adventure”. The first part described how Mike succumbed to his basic urges and made love to his 21-year-old housekeeper following the death of his wife. This is part of a diary kept over 10+ years, if you haven’t read the previous parts, I would encourage you to start with the first part and read them in order.

Chapter 4 Our Little Games (1997)

Heather and I have been lovers for over a year now (give or take a few months apart due to work commitments) and the depth of our feelings for each other grows day by day. Ever since that first time when she came to my bed with such caring and comfort, I have become totally besotted with her. I look forward to my trips abroad knowing full well I’ve now got something to come home too.

Even though she is my ‘little girl’, I have yet to understand fully why she prefers my company to that of younger men, I often suggest to her that she should party with friends her own age, but Heather always claims that she wants as much time with me as possible, since she can always go out with her friends whilst I’m away.

However, I am not one to refuse a precious gift such as this; so, I’ll do everything in my power to make her happy.

I awake most mornings with a major ‘hard-on’ and it was not usual for me turn over and start kissing Heather’s face or neck until she rolls into my arms for that good morning fuck.

Sometimes if ‘spooning,’ my cock would slowly force a passage between Heather’s legs and enter her pussy, she would then move towards me and slowly start to move, I then slide my hand down her body, my middle finger seeking out her pussy before slipping my fingers in between her lips before circling and pinching her clit. Heather would whimper breathlessly as I buried my face in her neck, licking and kissing her earlobe.

Problems only occurred if I awoke too soon then the expression “You Bastard! Fucking Bastard!” would quiet often emulate from those sweet lips.

One night we had been out to dinner celebrating my birthday and danced until late, then made love for sometime before falling asleep. In the morning, I was totally knackered and wanted nothing more than to sleep until at least noon. It must be remembered that Heather is about 22 and I am 51. I just don’t have the stamina to keep up with all of Heather’s party needs.

Once again, I’m meandering so I must bring myself back to that morning. I was dead to the world, lying on my stomach and in that dreamy state reliving the night before. The dream took a more surreal direction when I felt warm brushstrokes caressing my back, thinking no more of it I continued with my dream.

Slightly aroused sleep-wise, I felt the sheet covering my body slide down until I was fully exposed, arse naked for I always slept as nature intended with my usual ‘morning glory’ trapped beneath my body. I was fully awoken when Heather ran her cool yet soft tiny hands over my arse, then reach between my thighs and pressed lightly on my balls. I tried to roll over and take Heather into my arms so that we could share the moment but, when she pressed down on my shoulders, I knew that she wanted to take control of the action this time. This was something new and special since she had always allowed me to be the ‘master’ in our sex games and lovemaking.

Having no energy to fight I willing gave in; I collapsed back down on my front, re-adjusted my ‘woody’ and allowed her to have her way with me. With very little resistance, she pulled both arms above my head to rest on the headboard of our bed. Anticipating Heather’s next action I gripped the pole with both hands, she reached for the ties that we occasionally use in our mild bondage play and lightly secured my hands. Since the angle of stretch was uncomfortable I edged my body closer to the headboard, in doing this I had to ask Heather to readjust my cock until it was more comfortable, I then settled down to see what Heather had in mind for her ‘Daddy’ this morning.

Heather straddled my arse, resting her naked pussy on my buttocks as she reached down to massage my neck and shoulders with her soft yet amazingly strong hands. Heather is an active horse rider and helps out occasionally at the local stables, so she has developed a deceptive strength for such a small body. It never ceases to amaze me when she scissor grips my waist with her slim legs whilst we are making love; it feels as if I was in the jaws of a vice, it’s so tight. I love it! Once again I felt those warm brushstrokes caressing my back it was just as if I was been given a blanket bath.

As Heather gently massaged the tiredness from my body, for she knows how stiff I am most mornings, I felt her shaven pussy sliding gently along my arse cheeks. She is already highly aroused since I could feel both heat and moisture as vaginal fluid leaked copiously from her delectable orifice.

As I groaned with a growing level of both relaxation and arousal, Heather echoed my sounds with some of Çankaya Escort her own. As her hands moved between my shoulders and my back, she slid off my arse and straddled my left thigh. Now, she could really get into the required movements as she stoked my back and rode my leg leaving a glistening trail of vaginal fluid wherever she had been.

Her soft insistent hands had now reached my arse and she kneaded first one cheek and then the other. By now, my cock was straining against the sheets and I was oozing copious amounts of precum. As Heather was sliding more urgently along my lower leg, I felt the rush of her first orgasm as she cried out softly and flooded my calf.

By now you must have realised that Heather has a fetish about my body hair and one way for she to reach orgasm is to masturbate against my leg, when I asked Heather about this, it’s the ‘twang’ of the hairs as they rubbed over her clit which cause the arousal.

“Please let me turn over,” I begged. “I need some relief too.”

“OK, Daddy! I’ll untie you but you must promise to hold the poles as if you were still my prisoner.”

Having released the ties, I turned over keeping my grip on the poles as promised. I now had the joy of looking into Heather’s eyes and at her amazing tight body, those perky breasts with those erect nipples never ceases to blow me away. I am indeed a very lucky man.

I only had a moment to take in her beauty for she quickly changed her position, swinging her leg over my face, those pouting pussy lips now parted and glistening with droplets of cum. Still remaining captive by my hold on the poles, I strained to reach this ambrosia before me, Heather giggled then moved just out of my reach.

With no further sound, she engulfed my straining cock plunging all the way to its base until her breath was tickling my pubes. Once again, Heather’s skills at cock sucking came to the fore as she started humming whilst swallowing all 9 inches deep into her throat, I would have come several times if she hadn’t remembered the trick I taught her on how to keep me on edge; for each time she felt my cock throb as if it was ready to explode she would quickly squeeze its base until the sensation to cum passed.

As Heather continued to bring me to the brink over and over again she herself became more and more aroused; This was evident by the amount of vaginal fluid that was dripping or even squirting from her pussy, which was still frustratingly just out of reach of my hungrily mouth. Finally I could stand no more, releasing my hold on the poles, I reached out and pulled Heather’s hips down until my open mouth covered her flowing pussy and drove my tongue inside her as far as I could.

This spurred Heather on to greater passion, as she wanted to make me cum before she had her next orgasm.

We play at this game of one up-man-ship where we see who can drive the other to their first orgasm. Most of the time however, we want to arrive together and would try to hold off until the other is ready. That morning however, it definitely was a contest and Heather was winning it hands down! She had me at a disadvantage since I given in to her domination so willingly. But now, it was catch-up time.

My lips found her swollen clit easily as it protruded between the folds of her pussy. I sucked it in as I brought my fingers to her perineum caressing this gently before spreading her labia, and then gently steering them to her g-spot. Using my free arm I secured her hips firmly as she really started to thrash around with the approach to another orgasm. The vibrations from her humming on my cock took a different tone and I’m sure that if audible the phrase “Bastard! Fucking Bastard!” or such like could easily have been heard.

Her mouth quickly slid up my cock until she was just licking and sucking the area around my glans for she knows I am very sensitive around this area, she stroked my saliva-covered cock with one hand and massaged my balls with the other, boy was this girl going for it. God, it felt so good. I couldn’t help but try to fuck her mouth as I lunged upwards with my hips but she was definitely the controller that day and firmly pressed my hips down with her bony elbows.

By this time, we were both very close to cumming; in fact, we were beyond caring who came first. It was a case of a desire to please the other that drove us both towards total bliss. Heather was grinding her pussy onto my fingers and mouth as she gushed forth a series of mouth filling squirts. At almost precisely the same time, my cock swelled in her mouth as she licked then sucked her way to the bottom of my cock driving me to cum over and over again down her throat.

Heather turned then kissed me deeply. As we mutually shared our body fluids, we held each other, kissing and stroking until Heather began shivering with fatigue, arising from the bed I covered Heathers sated body with the sheet, then curled up Cebeci Escort beside her and we slept for several hours before waking to another day of loving and living together.

Oh, those warm brushstrokes? Heather in one of her impish moods had, using hair bleach, had bleached the figure 51 on my back. This I only found out having visited the local squash club, for having stripped off in the showers, all my mates started laughing and continued laughing before letting me in on the joke.

I cannot remember how I punished Heather that day, but over the years my back has been etched with: 9 (No, I am not a Rooney fan, use your imagination), 10+, my age for that particular year, Guy (As in Guy the Gorilla), heart shapes and “Luv U”; all this done by my loving partner whilst deeply asleep.

Chapter 5 France here we come (1998)

It is now well over two years since Heather and I became lovers, in fact, you could say that we’re just like man and wife the only thing different being the amount of time we spend apart from each other. I had asked Heather to marry me but she said it was more fun this way for one of her joys is trying to embarrass me in new company. One of her one-liners is “Ok Daddy, lets go home and fuck the arse off each other!” I know its not becoming for a young lady but certainly effective.

Things certainly changed for me this year, following a promotion with a substantial increase in salary plus a change in company policy, I now have full use of a company car but was expected to take the car abroad via either the euro tunnel or ferry between Dover and Calais instead of flying to Europe and renting cars there. I was also given a rather generous expense account, which didn’t have to be fully accounted for.

When I told Heather the news, she went ecstatic replying, “Do you realise what this means?”

“No” I replied. “Oh come on dimwit,” she replied, “It means if I give up my job, we could travel abroad together. We needn’t be separated anymore”.

With this in mind, I approached my departmental head and explained to him the benefits of me stopping in Europe for say 6 months at a time or longer if necessary which to my amazement he was in total agreement; So that was that, we found a suitable agent and let the house; Heather gave up her job and became my constant travelling companion. No more masturbating to lengthy phone calls in empty bedrooms or whilst watching porno films to seek relief.

After a period of travelling together, it was one of those moments. We’ve all had them. They come from nowhere and before you know it, you’re doing things that you always said you wouldn’t.

Separately Heather and I had just showered. I went first whilst Heather poured us a drink, before she took hers. I love the smell Heather gives off having coated herself with gel and body lotion. You know that smell that really turns you on.

Heather having taken longer than usual finally came out of the shower semi-wrapped in just a bathrobe, her pubes and slim waist showing off to perfection, she was humming softly as she dried her hair with a towel.

Sitting on the sofa, I drew the coffee table closer; then we casually sipped our drinks; bored with watching whatever programme was on the TV, I flipped through the channels until I came to a porno movie. After a short while, Heather drew her legs up onto the sofa and rested her back against me. Casually I drooped an arm over her shoulder and slid my hand into her robe cupping one of her breasts. The movie had got to a really sensual bit so I began gently teasing Heather’s nipple with my fingers, this induced a warm sensation to radiate from her body. Heather slid down my body and lay with her head on my lap facing the TV, feeling my cock stir; Heather re-positioned her head then slipped her hand into my robe and gently took hold of my rapidly rising flesh.

We felt warm, relaxed and sensuous.

The movie was certainly raunchy, so for a while we were engrossed in the plot, softly stroking and caressing each other. The room seemed overly warm, my soft moans made Heather realise that she had tightened her grip on my cock and was slowly masturbating me. A sense of urgency began to interact between us.

Heather ripped apart my robe, took the end of my cock into her mouth and let it rest on her tongue. Gently she suckled it for a while; the tightness of her grip on me informed that her need was rising, I let my hand fall from her throbbing nipple to the inside of her thigh then began gently squeezing with my hand. Inserting my fingers between Heather’s pussy lips I softly pushed upwards until they opened slightly to allow me to enter further, her clitoris already emerged from its hood standing to attention like a small penis.

Heather involuntarily gave a jerk as my fingers brushed passed her clit, sighed then opened her legs further, at the same time lowering her head down onto my cock until it rested Çukurambar Escort at the entrance of her throat. Heather had now improved on her method to perform deep throat. She can relax her muscles and by a series of gulping motions take my cock in right up to the balls. The sensation on my cock as Heather gulped it down is unbelievable, where she got the technique from I don’t know but it’s certainly effective.

I groaned and placed my whole hand on Heather’s pussy, pushing against the still slightly sealed entrance. With my cock deep in Heather’s gullet and her right hand free, she squeezed and pulled at my balls.

Then without knowing, I stretched out my middle finger and began to stroke the underside of Heather’s body, at times allowing my fingertips to brush gently over her perineum and into her anus. She groaned and involuntarily jerked her hips forward trying to push even more cock into her throat but could not since my balls were already jammed against her lips; my finger began making circular motions around her arsehole. Heather withdrew slightly and then pushed forward again building up a thrusting rhythm around which she could take in small gasps of air. The saliva from her mouth began to run unchecked over my body. She felt gloriously wanton.

Taking advantage of the lubrication pouring from Heather’s pussy, I first inserted two then three fingers into her dripping pussy. Thrusting and twisting them rapidly making her moan to my own sounds of lust in return.

By now our clothing had become an unnecessary barrier. We briefly ceased our activities and discarded them. Looking into Heather’s eyes as we re-coupled our naked bodies against each other, I saw a glazed look of total lust that she must have seen in my own. She then brutally crushed her lips against mine, mouths open, tongues probing, my teeth gently nipping at her tongue as she nipped at mine.

We were both lost in our own sexual fantasies as we probed and pulled and scratched at each other. My cock slid easily into her soaking pussy, needing no help to insert itself. I thrust long and hard into Heather’s pussy, lifting her higher with each thrusting motion. Heather curled her legs around my back trying to maintain a grip on my sweating flesh as her pussy twitched and throbbed, her hardened clitoris stabbing me with each passing moment.

Heather was almost there, when she quickly withdrew, bent down, stuffing my cock into her slavering mouth to taste her own juices. I quickly bent over to my robe on the ground and took the K-Y gel from its pocket. Heather’s hair had fallen over her eyes and lust had blurred her vision. She couldn’t see clearly, didn’t care she just wanted me back. Her breath was rasping in great gasps and pants and the robes on the sofa were becoming soaked with juices flowing from her pussy.

I pulled away slightly and with ease turned Heather over onto her stomach. I pulled Heather back onto her hands and knees, and then shoved gently into her hungry pussy. She howled with pleasure as she pushed back onto my cock like a woman possessed, softly Heather whispered, ” Please fuck me, I want your cock in my arse.”

“WHAT! Are you sure” I replied.

“Daddy, over the last couple of months, you’ve teased me, we’ve watched and interacted with porno movies together, I’ve never been more sure than tonight, so PLEASE get on with it.” Retorted Heather.

“OK but since you’ve never taken anything up there before we must first loosen you up, also you must control yourself, no screaming etc;” She nodded and said, ” OK I’ll not make a sound as long as you get to fuck my arse.”

I reached for the tube of K-Y jelly and opened it. After squeezing out a generous glob, I began liberally coating the area around Heather’s anus. This action didn’t seem to bother her any so I carefully added an index finger, working more and more jelly into her. Another finger and more jelly was pushed passed the anal muscle into Heather’s rectum, and so it when on until I deemed Heather’s arse loose enough to accept my cock.

With her beautiful sexy ass up in the air, her pose so enticing and erotic, I slid the head of my cock up and down her slit, teasing her clit at the bottom of each stroke, pulling out and tapping up against it. After five minutes, I removed my fingers and positioned my cock at the opening of Heather’s nethermost region. I was then able to slide a couple of inches of my well-lubricated shaft directly into her arse-hole without any problem. The only time Heather reacted was after the initial penetration of her sphincter muscle.

“Oh! My god…”Oh fuck, FUCK! Its not a cock it’s a fucking monster” Heather screamed, as she gently tried to force herself onto my cock. Such was the eagerness of this young lady.

At this point I told her to relax, clench her arse as if she was having a good dump then be still while she got used to the ‘monster’ inside her, reaching again for the K-Y jelly I took another generous glob from the tube and began to liberally re-coat the reminder of my cock that was still more than halfway out of Heather’s anus. Between her relaxation, the pause and the K-Y jelly, I was soon able to almost fully enter Heather’s beautiful arse. Boy was she tight; the sight of her arse lips stretched around my thick cock was almost too much for me to take in.

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