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She was frowning and slammed the front door without looking back at her husband who was right behind. It nearly smashed into his face. He was fuming and opened the door with veiny hands. He also slammed the door behind him. He saw that she had thrown the expensive coat he bought her on the bottom of the steps leading up to their room like it was some rag, and then heard the door to their room being slammed. This infuriated him even more. He took off the tie and coat she bought him and flung them on the same heap and climbed the stairs. He entered the bedroom.

*One hour ago*

It was bad enough that he forgot that it was their anniversary till 3pm but now every fancy restaurant they went to were full. He tried to make it up to her by taking her on a date but the stars were not in his favour today. Thankfully he had already bought her a pretty coat a few weeks ago. That lightened up her mood a bit but it was not much. Eventually they had to settle for a small restaurant where she ate without looking at him and only talking to pass some sarcastic remark. He tried to keep quiet but his frustration was slowing rising. On the way back home, the tension between them was razor sharp. He parked in the driveway and she got out before the car had even come to a halt.

He now finds her in bed under the sheets. All her clothes were on the floor Sakarya Escort and he knew she was naked. He took off all his clothes too and lay down on the bed. He covered himself with the same sheets but she pulled it away. He tried pulling it back but she was resisting hard. Pissed off, he pulled with all his might which caused her to roll over and face him while the sheets went flying off the bed. She rolled on to his body, her legs on his, her bare breasts on his chest. She was infuriated. She bit his bottom lip which made him groan. He responded by slapping her bare ass as hard as he could. She moaned loud and bit him harder, drawing blood and he could feel his member growing uncomfortably erect. He pinched her nipples and pulled on them. She gave his face a tight slap and he responded by getting on top of her and pinning her arms over her head.

There was peace for a moment. He looked down at her and she looked so sexy with her face red from all the emotions running through her body. They were both breathing hard and sweating. He felt a slick heat coming from her groin and realised that she was very wet.

Was she as turned on as he was?

He could not control himself.

He plunged deep into her in one thrust, her warm tight walls hugging his thick long cock. She inhaled sharply as pain hit her Sakarya Escort Bayan then slowly let it out as a moan when pleasure came. She spread her legs out as he started to ram into her, letting instinct and emotion take over, his rage turning into primal passion and she laid there taking all of it in, her anger doubled the feeling of pleasure. He let go of her arms and lifted her hips up to get a better angle. She wrapped her legs around around him and her sharp nails dug into his skin. The pain made him seek out even more pleasure as he fucked her harder. He then flipped her over and pushed her face into the pillow as he plowed her from the back. She pushed back to match his animalistic thrusts. The room with filled with the sound of flesh against flesh, moans and the creaking of the bed. Finally he felt a rush of extreme pleasure come over him and with one final thrust he sent himself and her into an orgasm.

He collapsed on top of her, both of them drained and all their anger dissipating. Her fingers that were clawing at his back were now tenderly caressing his hair. He kissed the back of her ear and laid down on the bed. She laid her head on his chest and saw that he was still hard. She smiled and looked at him.

“Are you still mad?” she asked.

“A little bit” he said grinning.

She Escort Sakarya grabbed his cock wet with their combined juices and smiled slyly.

“I’m still a little pissed off too.”

She got on top of him and pointed his cock at her entrance before plunging down and taking all of him in one go. She stopped for a moment to catch her breath before moving her hips up before plunging down. She picked up speed and soon was riding him hard. He groaned and his hands travelled up her body, rubbing her gently before they grabbed her neck. His fingers wrapped around her throat and she rode him even harder. He sat up and kissed her. His mouth brushed over every part of her neck and shoulders which were really sensitive now. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she gave herself to him. He moved his hips to match her rhythm. The room was filled by wet sounds and slapping flesh, moans and the creak of the bed. She could feel her orgasm building up, like cosmic energy threatening to tear open the galaxy. It built in her core and grew bigger. She was riding him recklessly. They were both breathing hard now. They pulled each other closer till it was like their two bodies were one. They came as one too. He plunged up into her and she collapsed on him and their orgasms combined. They collapsed on the bed, breathing hard and sweating.

She looked at him. “I’m not mad anymore, that was better than any fancy date.”

“I’m really sorry babe,” I said. “I promise I’ll make up for it.”

You smiled, “I know you will.”

They kissed with love all over their lips.

“Let’s get some sleep now. You fucked the heat out of me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32