Health Club Adventures Vol. 04

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Have you ever been to a health club or gym? Most of us have…the last decade has seen an increased public awareness in health and fitness, and more people than ever are going to these places to try to get in shape.

As you can imagine, all of this flexing and sweating can make for a very sexually-charged environment, from which lots of interesting situations can arise…


Lori peeked out from behind the door, looking into the corridor between the men’s and women’s locker rooms. All clear!

She pulled back and closed the door behind her. She was now in the area reserved for the club’s therapeutic massage staff and their clients. Technically, she wasn’t supposed to be in here, but she had a good excuse prepared just in case. Clutched in her hand, Lori had a pink slip of paper from a telephone message pad. Terry, her boss, had received a telephone call just as he was coming in for his regular scheduled massage… Lori knew it could wait until after his appointment, but this gave her a good reason for stalking around here looking for him.

Although Lori was head over heels in love with her best friend, Clarissa, she couldn’t get Clarissa’s excited description of their boss’ massive cock out of her head… she had to see it for herself. The problem was, she wasn’t sure which room he was in.

The hallway before her was lined with doors, four on either side. The club only kept two massage therapists on staff at the moment, but Terry had planned for growth when he built this facility, so that meant at the moment several of these rooms were unused for anything other than storage. The petite blonde walked slowly down the hallway and came to the first door. She put her ear to the door, listening intently. All she could hear was the quiet sound of water running across rocks, with a harp and a pan flute in the background. Damn background spa music, she couldn’t hear anything in the room.

She nervously grasped the door handle and turned it quietly. She opened the door a crack and peeked in.

Like all eight other rooms in this area, the room was smallish, being just large enough for a table to hold the assorted massage oils needed, a rack on which the client could hang their clothes, and the central massage table which was draped with towels. There was a small closet against the back wall where spare towels and sheets were stored. Karl, the club’s masseur, was standing, leaning forward over the table, his large, strong hands kneading the shoulder muscles of the woman prone on the table, face up. Lori couldn’t see the woman’s face, but from her red hair, she guessed it was the soccer mom who had walked in on she and Clarissa in the shower yesterday. Lori’s pussy tingled with the thought of how naughty that experience had been.

Lori was about to back away and close the door, when Karl casually reached down and rolled back the white towel that was covering the woman’s upper chest. Her pert breasts where now fully exposed. Lori’s eyes glittered with excitement as she watched Karl’s hands slowly move from the woman’s shoulders, down to her tits. The woman let out an appreciative moan as his hands began to rub gently around the sides of her breast, squeezing them together, and then letting them fall back down. She had sharp, pointy rosebud nipples that stuck out nicely from her firm mounds.

After a few moments, Karl rolled the towel back istanbul escort further and moved down the table to the woman’s abdomen. Lori could see that he was sporting an impressive bulge in his crotch, obviously enjoying his work. The woman on the table had her hands laying forgotten by her sides, forgotten that is until Karl’s erection brushed up against her hand as he rolled the towel back further, exposing a smooth, bare pussy mound.

Lori grinned, biting her lip… just yesterday when she and Clarissa had been enjoying each other in the shower, this sexy lady had walked in on them. At the time, she had possessed a smooth, red patch of silky hair on her pussy, but it looks like she must have liked the sight of Clarissa’s shaved goods, and it must have inspired her to shave herself bare as well.

Karl’s hands confidently moved across his client’s stomach, working at the firm muscles just below the smooth surface of her stomach. As he did so, the bulging front of his white pants rubbed again along the woman’s hand. Even though the woman was lying on the table with her eyes closed, Lori could see that she was aware of what was touching her hand, since the redhead turned her hand slightly and began to gently caress her fingers along Karl’s zipper. Karl didn’t react, other than to curl his lips into a knowing smile.

Lori could feel herself getting wet watching this hot scene before her. She lowered her hand and snuck it below the waistband on her jogging pants. She wiggled her fingers past her panties and began to rub herself, sliding her fingers along her moist slit.

The woman on the table was now rubbing the front of Karl’s pants more aggressively. She must have been getting the right signals from Karl, as she raised her hand and, by feel, found the top of his zipper. She pulled his zipper down and fished her hand into his pants, pulling his cock free. Karl continued as if nothing was out of the ordinary, and slowly moved lower to begin to rub his client’s bare pussy. From where she was standing, Lori could see that Karl wouldn’t need any massage oil, since the woman’s cunt was already sopping wet. Karl dipped his fingers into her honey pot and began to rub gently along both sides of her labia, spreading her lips apart and then pushing them close together. Each time that he pulled, the woman’s legs would roll slightly apart and Lori would get a clear view of her glistening pussy and her swollen clit poking out.

The woman’s hand continued to pull at Karl’s cock, where it sat hard and stiff in her grasp. Lori could see pre-cum leaking from the tip, and the woman’s fingers reached up to wipe at it, lifting her fingers to her red lips, tasting him.

Suddenly, a door at the far end of the hall opened and Lori gasped. Karl looked up from his work and, seeing Lori in the doorway with her hand jammed down the front of her pants, smiled and winked at her. Lori grinned and winked back, and then she stepped back, pulled her hand from her pussy, closed the door, and left Karl to finish with his client.

Walking down the hall towards her was Sheila, the club’s female masseuse. Sheila was wiping oil from her hands on a white towel. When she saw Lori, she smiled with a quizzical look on her face.

“Hi Lori,” she said. “Can I help you with something?”

Lori didn’t know if Sheila had seen her peeking in on Karl izmir escort or not, but right now didn’t really care. Karl sure hadn’t seemed to have been too concerned!

“I’m looking for Terry,” she answered with a smile. “I have a phone message for him.”

Sheila pointed back over her shoulder towards the room she just came from. “He’s in the back room,” she answered. “I just finished the first part of his session, and now he’s got a hot pack around his shoulders. I have a couple of calls to make, and then I’ll be back.” Sheila proceeded down the hall and out the door at the end.

Lori turned back and walked to the door Sheila had come from. She gently turned the knob and peeked inside.

Terry lay on his stomach, face down, with a long white towel covering his lower back and legs. He had a heavy, warm towel wrapped around his shoulders, and was laying still.

With a mental shove, Lori forced herself to tiptoe into the room, trying to close the door behind her without making a sound. She silently crossed the room to the closet in the back corner, leaving the pink phone message on the table beside Terry’s clothes. She could always tell him that she came in and left the note so as to not disturb him.

She opened the closet door, wincing at the squeaky hinges. She turned her head to see if Terry had moved at the noise, but he still lay in the same position as when she had entered. Lori ducked into the closet and, turning, pulled the door closed behind her, again wincing at the noise. Through the closet’s louvered surface, she had a clear view of the room before her, but was confident that, in the closet’s shadows, she would be next to invisible.

Lori just hoped that Sheila wouldn’t need to get any spare towels while she was hiding in here!

A moment later, Sheila entered the room, closing the door softly behind her.

“Terry,” she said quietly, “are you awake?”

“Mmm,” Terry moaned, rolling his shoulders, “I must have drifted off there. This hot pack feels so nice on my neck.”

“Did Lori get you your message?” Sheila asked, lifting the heavy towel from her boss’ shoulders. Lori could see that Terry had a very well-developed upper body, his muscles finely toned. She snaked her fingers back down to her sopping pussy, still soaking wet from the show she had seen Karl putting on.

“No, was she here?” asked Terry.

“She said she had a phone message for you,” answered Sheila. Turning her head, she noticed the message slip on the table. “It looks like she just left it here for you for when you’re done.”

“Good,” answered Terry, “I’m sure it can wait.”

Sheila rolled the towel down from Terry’s back, folding it up at the top of his buttocks. Lori could just see the top of Terry’s ass, and noticed that Sheila would occasionally glace down appreciatively at her boss’ well-formed body. She methodically began to rub his back and shoulders.

Lori was hoping for a repeat of what she saw in Karl’s room, but was disappointed. Sheila was nothing but professional in her duties, so Lori continued to play with her dripping cunt to keep the fire burning. She patiently waited for the massage session to finish.

Finally, Sheila told Terry they were done, and she left the room. Terry sat up on the table, rolling his shoulders and stretching languorously. He lazily stood and let the white izmit escort towel around his waist fall.

Lori gasped, her pussy spasming around her finger at her first sight of Terry’s naked cock. Even limp, it hung almost halfway to his knees! She couldn’t believe the size of it. Her boyfriend Mark had a very nice cock, but nothing like this monster! She could hardly imagine what it would feel like in her hands, in her mouth, in her pussy!

Terry began to stretch, bending over to touch his toes, slowly working out the kinks from his massage. He had his back to the closet, so Lori had the perfect view of his toned ass as he bent over. She could see his massive balls hanging between his legs. He obviously kept himself shaved, as his buns and balls were smooth and hairless.

Suddenly, he turned and walked toward the closet where Lori was hiding, his hand extended as if reaching for the doorknob. Lori almost choked with fright, and then almost cried with relief when she saw he was reaching for something on the table beside the door.

He grasped a tube of skin lotion and squeezed some into his hand. Lori stood in the shadows, her fingers working on her clit, sliding in and out of her swollen lips. Her eyes opened wide as, only a foot away from her, Terry began to rub the skin lotion into his chest and stomach, slowly working lower until his glistening, cream covered hands began to stroke his cock massive cock.

He worked his hands up and down the entire length of his organ, rubbing the cream in, squeezing it gently with his large, strong hands. Her leg muscles quivering, Lori could feel her orgasm starting to build.

Right in front of her, just on the other side of the thin, closet door, Terry took another glob of cream in his hand and, holding his growing cock in one hand, began to massage the cream into his balls, gently rolling his large, round, hairless testicles around in his palm. His other hand began to slowly stroke his now erect cock, its swollen, glistening head gleaming in the low light of the room.

Lori’s knees almost buckled at the force of her orgasm as it exploded around her fingers where they were buried in her pussy. She bit down on the knuckle of her free hand, her eyes clenched tightly closed, trying not to make a sound. Again and again the spasms tore through her as her fingers pistoned in and out, the tight muscles of her inner canal clenching uncontrollably.

Slowly, her mind began to clear, and she was stunned at the force of her climax. She pulled her fingers from her sopping wet pussy and raised her hand towards her lips.

“Here, let me,” she heard Terry say as he took her hand and brought her fingers to his lips.

Lori gasped, her eyes springing open in shock. Terry stood before her, naked and gloriously erect, with her dripping fingers in his mouth. He licked her juices from her hand, and stepped back.

“Sorry,” he said with a smile, displaying with obvious mirth that he was not at all sorry, “that little show was for just for your benefit. It tastes like it worked.”

Lori was too stunned to respond, she simply stood there, the last shudders of an incredible orgasm pulsing through her throbbing pussy, staring at this beautiful naked man before her.

Terry turned and began to get dressed. Lori walked from the closet, closing it behind her. She wasn’t sure what to say. “Terry…” she started.

Terry turned, his smile still shining in his eyes.

“Shhh,” he said, holding his finger to his lips. “You owe me one,” he said with a wink.

Lori smiled back. “I guess I do,” she said, her own smile growing, “and I think I know just how to repay you!”

… to be continued!

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