He was Right Ch. 01

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He was right. My husband Mark was always right. That was all I could focus on at the moment as I was getting a total drilling by Chris Baker. I was being taken in such a pure and carnal way and I never thought it could be so uplifting. It was an experience like I had never had before. Chris was pounding me over and over and over again and I had totally surrendered and welcomed it. I was completely given into this moment and whatever he wanted. I had always enjoyed being the object of desire, but this moment came with some new but hard to explain wanton. It was for just pure sex and I had never allowed that before. I was always guarded, but not now. My guard was down and I was taking every single thrust while being filled up by, what turned out to be, a very thick cock as he buried himself into me over and over again.

I gave Mark a final chance to call it off. My text explained where things stood and what was going to happen if he didn’t stop it. I told him I wanted him to stop it. I’ve been telling him this for more than a year. I wanted the storybook. I wanted the perfect marriage. My sexuality was never supposed to be a leading role in that narrative. But like so many things, Mark laid it all out correctly. He knew I liked sex, but with kids and work and responsibilities, I had turned off all my dials. After our 16-year marriage, there really wasn’t the kind of dicking down between us anymore that I was currently getting. Oh, it was always nice when we occasionally found time to be together. He made love to me and I loved him for it. But, the fucking I was getting could only be found in the new stage of being with someone. It was a new exploration and it was hot.

Mark said it would be and right now he was probably with his own dick in hand thinking about what I was doing. He would welcome me back home from this conference in a couple days and ataşehir escort I would share myself with him again with a new sense of identity. With a renewed sense of confidence and sexual freedom I would give myself to him like I did in our early days. Mark would fuck me like those days as well. His woman was sexy. She was the object of desire for another. Something about that and his natural competitiveness would bring out the best in Mark and that would mean a renascence for us.

Now, though, it wasn’t about that. Chris was having his way with me. Every time he moved me to a new position I relished it. Chris first entered me in a missionary position. Even though I was ready to feel him inside of me, it took a few moments as he patiently stretched me open. I wrapped myself around him as he finally fully entered me. I felt all of him. I felt our pelvic bones press. I felt the weight of his muscular body on me. I felt that familiar tingle of my clitoris. Once adjusted, Chris began to rock his body in me. His meaty hands pulled my hips toward his body with each thrust. Those early magical moments seemed so far away as we have moved to different positions time and time again.

“Chris is the kind of person who it’s easy to say yes to. Or maybe it’s hard to say no to him.” I was thinking as I rode him. I was in a reverse cowgirl position. It’s something I never did with Mark out of embarrassment I guess, but when Chris told me to flip around I gladly obliged. I wanted to please him. I wanted him to have what he wanted of me.

I knew Chris, professionally, for a long time. We’d been on conference calls and occasionally in person meetings, but my work city was different than his so there was never a constant contact. Chris was always ‘on’ when I met him, but I figured that was just the sales guy in him. Now, with us together for this kadıköy escort bayan conference we had a chance to get to know each other. Obviously. It may be true or not, but after a few drinks tonight when Chris confessed his long-standing attraction to me, I was flattered. I few drinks usually makes me a bit horny, and so it was the perfect storm so to speak.

Chris decided to get a handful of my long blonde hair at the moment. He was thrusting up into me while I was driving down on his beautifully hard cock. Then my head was turned up while he pulled my hair and created a bit more leverage for him to drive into me. I didn’t think at first I could easily take all of this man, but I found in this moment that he had even just a bit more to fill me with. I was glad to work to accommodate him. He told me to play with my own breasts and he continued to drive in and out of me. I started to rub my own clit again with one hand and squeezed my nipple with the other as I was approaching my third orgasm of the night.

It all happened so naturally. First, this was the first conference in the pandemic. It was a celebration and you could feel the energy throughout the halls and meetings. It was exciting to be living again and we were all experiencing it together. I’m positive I wasn’t the only person getting some during these few days.

Then there was the bonus of Chris. He hosted the vendor diner and his company went all out with the restaurant selection. Chris, who’s a bit older than me, was smooth, confident and charming all night. He is successful and great at his job. Even with the age gap, Chris clearly works out and is always put together well. As the diner drew to a close it wasn’t hard for him to pull me aside for drinks back at the conference hotel bar. As the younger woman I felt like a prize tonight. Chris made me feel like escort maltepe some long standing unattainable prize in those moments. Mark gave me compliments, but this was different. Mark’s kindness and love, over time, turned into a familiar sentiment that I cherish. But Chris and I were playing a game that we both were winning. His advances, and my responses created an anticipation that we were now fulfilling. That anticipation can only come with newness and the discovery of new space.

I shook uncontrollably with my orgasm. I felt waves of electric shock take over my body and began to convulse on top of him as I lost any other mechanical control over my body. It was a moment of pure ecstasy. In a single fluid movement Chris flipped me over again and began to pump even harder into me. He drove his body into mine as I pressed back from the bounce of the mattress. Chris then announced that he was going to cum. All I could do to signal what I wanted was to reach around his back and hold him. I pulled him in as he gave a final thrust and began to empty himself into me. It was an amazingly long orgasm as I felt him twitch with joy.

This was what Chris had in mind for the night I thought. It ended up being what I wanted too. He flirted with me at that bar. I allowed it. The attention was a rush. That kind of attention I hadn’t felt in a long time. When it was clear that this path was something that was real, I text Mark. My loving husband, at home, who was taking care of our life there. I texted him with the details and waited for his anger or jealousy or something that would snap me back to reality. But, like I said, he was right when he told me to stop overthinking, be brave enough to enjoy, and to remember he loved me. I surprised myself and, thankfully, I did what he suggested.

What a gift I had tonight, from both of these men. Mark to give me this freedom and Chris to give me the no strings fulfillment. I feel, perhaps, changed and less guilty than I thought I would. Maybe it was because it was so good or because I allowed myself to enjoy it in such an uninhibited way. I can only wonder where this all goes from here.

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