He Takes My Ass

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Big Tits

I wake from a sound sleep with two of his fingers inside me, his thumb on my clit – my body responding before I’m even really awake. In and out, he fucks me with those thick fingers, coaxing the wetness from me. I can’t see anything in the darkness of the room, but I don’t need to, his hands are all I need right now. He withdraws them from inside me slowly, then nudges me to turn onto my stomach, and as I do, he strokes the wetness of my pussy across the pink pucker of my ass. He moves behind me and parts my legs further, wider, then drives his cock into me in one smooth motion.

I cry out, not quite expecting it, not really ready yet, and he thrusts in harder, stretching me. He digs his fingers into my skin, and spears me on his dick. “You know I love to fuck your ass, don’t you, little slut?”

I do. He knows I do.

His thrusts become more forceful as he speaks again. “You haven’t let me lately, though, and now I’m just taking it from almanbahis you, punishing your sweet little fuck hole. I’m going to force my fat cock into your tight ass over and over and over again and you’ll love it, won’t you? You love it when I hurt you.”

I do. I want him to use me, need him to mark my skin. I’m such a whore for him.

He pulls out abruptly, and I gasp as he smacks my ass hard enough to leave a pink, stinging hand print on one cheek, then the other. He lays down on the bed beside me, breathing heavily. I’m awake now, fully awake and hungry for him, but know to lie still and wait for him to voice his desire.

“Ride me,” he commands, “ride my hard cock with your pretty little ass. I want you to fuck yourself with my cock, show me how badly you want to come on my dick, you need to prove to me that you want me inside you.”

I straddle him, and slowly inch down onto his rigidness, the pain so close to pleasure that I’m almanbahis yeni giriş not sure anymore which is which, nor do I care. I rise up off of him just as slowly, then inch down once more. He bucks his hips under me once, his signal for me to move faster.

He growls angrily, “harder, fuck me faster… do it NOW, or you lose my cock for tonight. You don’t want that, do you?”

I don’t, and so quicken my pace, forcing him again and again into my tight hole.

“That’s it, baby,” he says, “don’t you stop.”

Riding up and down on him with my eyes closed, tits bouncing and head thrown back, I feel his fingers work my clit once more, teasing it towards an orgasm. He won’t let me come this quickly, though, and so he strokes me for only a moment before moving his hands to my hips. He pulls me down harder and harder as he pushes up into me again and again. I hear a soft cry, almost a whimper, then moaning and realize it’s me, almanbahis giriş my pleasure/pain almost involuntarily making themselves known. He thrusts harder still – he wants to know I won’t forget this, I won’t deny him this pleasure again.

I won’t, wouldn’t dare. At least not until the next time I want him to take me by force…

My fingers slide over my clit now, just as his pinch my nipples, twisting them almost brutally. I cry out once more, then again, my nearly incoherent words goading him on and begging him not to stop. He doesn’t, he won’t, and I lose myself in the exquisite way his cock impales me, the force he uses, and my own building orgasm.

His hands go back to my hips and hold me still while he drills my asshole, harder than he has before, faster too, and all at once he stiffens, moans and shoots his load of hot, creamy come into me.

After a moment, he pushes me off and we lie down together. His fingers slide down between my legs again, stroking me, finger fucking me until I come, then he pulls away and slides his index finger between his lips to taste me. I smile at him, my eyes already closing, and hold his still hard cock in my hand as I fall back to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32