He Never Remembers

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This story is written in Modified Script format.


Alma was sitting down at the retirement village’s common area lounge with Rosie.

Alma: “Now Rosie, you have to follow these instructions exactly.” Let’s go over this again. You must be very natural about all of this. When he questions you, you show him that Polaroid picture of you with the title ‘Wife’, but you have to own it, and be very matter of fact about this, if it’s going to work. Then you remind him that you were about to have sex. If he asks, tell him that he is 62 and you have been married for 2 years.”

Rosie: “But he can’t be more than 45?”

Alma: “Yes, but he won’t know that. And since you are 74 it will seem more reasonable. Now if you want this ‘action’ to continue for you and the rest of us, then you had better be showing your best acting performance. If he questions you any further, just ask him to come get some rest as he must be having a bad day and that yesterday was such a good day, and this is why you live in this retirement village, so that he can’t just walk off from the grounds.”

Walt began to walk up to them to join the women.

Alma: “Now go give him a loving kiss and take the picture.”

Walt: “Hello Alma, how are you doing today?

Alma: “I am doing just wonderful! Another day in the sunshine makes today a great day.”

Rosie walked over to Walt and gave him a big loving kiss and hug. At the same time, she slipped the Polaroid picture into his jacket pocket.

Rosie: “Hi Honey! Are we having a good day today?”

Walt had a puzzled look on his face.

Rosie: “Oh Walt, I know what that look means, why don’t we head back to our apartment?”

The couple walk arm in arm down the corridor down to their apartment. Rosie shut the door, but did not lock it. They entered and sat down on the couch. Walt quickly pulled the contents from his jacket out and began to rummage through the stack of pictures. He paused when he found the picture of Rosie titled; ‘Wife’.

Rosie: “You’ve been having such a good week so far. Now, come on, you promised me a good back massage after lunch and it’s after lunch.”

At this, Rosie took off her blouse exposing her overflowing ‘D’ cup bra, turned and walked into the bedroom. Now Rosie was a large lady with lots of curves. Walt followed her into the bedroom. As he entered the room he could see that Rosie was swaying her hips from side to side to drop her skirt on the floor to expose her granny panties. She sat down on the edge of the bed so that Walt could see her in profile. She reached behind her and with a snap, she removed the clasp to her bra. Walt took in the full scene and as her large yet sagging melons plopped out and swayed back and forth slightly.

Rosie: “Come on dear.”

Walt was already sporting a trouser tent. He walked over to the opposite side of the bed, sat down and undressed. As he turned around, Rosie was laying nude on the bed, face up with her hands folded across her belly and her breasts slightly parted and hanging to each side. Walt then climbed up onto the bed and went straight to her breasts with his lips. Rosie arched her neck back into the pillow as it had been many years since she had been sexual with a man. Walt continued his attentions with his hands and lips on both of her breasts. He then sat up, on top of her straddling her like riding a horse.

Walt: “So, do we need protection? I don’t think we want to get you pregnant here.”

Rosie laughed a little, and smiled. This helped her to relax, as she was nervous at not having been sexually active for quite a long time. Walt then spun around straddling her in the opposite direction. He ran his hands along her hips and upper legs, then back along the tops of her legs to her belly. He then parted her large full bush as if he was a chimp preening another. He reached over to his penis and loaded his finger with his own juices then coated her clitoris. At this, Rosie let out a small moan. She reached up and started messaging his buttocks. Walt kept this up for several minutes, adding more of his juices to her clitoris and vagina a few times.

He climbed off to her side and began to suckle her breast while he continued his duties with his hand. It was only a short moment later that Rosie began to quiver. Along with this, she began to buck up and arch her back as she let out a short scream. Walt continued his fingering until this orgasm had passed. He slid around on top of her and inserted his penis into her slightly, then backed out, moved back in half way, withdrew again and then grounded his member on the third effort. After a few more thrusts he rolled her up on top of him. He enjoyed the mashing of her breasts into his chest. He reached to grab her cheeks and pulled her forward. There was no need for Rosie to work as Walt was doing all of the work as he pulled her up repeatedly.

Rosie buried her head over Walt’s shoulder and melted into Walt’s body. He began to feel his juices rumble and as he did, Rosie began to climax Ankara travesti once again. This one was more powerful than her first orgasm and was very long lasting. She began to relax just a little and then it hit her again. Another orgasm, not as powerful as the last but enjoyable for her all the same. Before she could finish, Walt pushed hard into her with four solid thrusts and blew his load. Rolling over, Rosie looked up at the ceiling and pulled the blanket up to half cover her, then she promptly fell asleep. Walt got up, dressed and walked into the living room sitting down for some TV. Nearly an hour later, there was a knock on the door. Walt walked to the door and opened it to see Alma.

Walt: “Alma, how are you doing?”

Alma: “Ready for our walk.”

Walt looked back into the room, turned off the TV and joined Alma for their walk down the hall and to the front door of the facility. Alma nodded to the resident working the front desk. She pushed the button to allow them to exit the facility. They walked down the entrance road to the street, turned and walked along the sidewalk. Alma reached up and placed his arms into hers as they continued to walk. They spoke of old times when Walt was growing up and Alma living across the street. They turned the corner to Walt’s boyhood home street and one could see it in Walt’s face that he recognized where he was. He led Alma to his front door and walked in. As they entered, they saw a couple kissing passionately.

James: “Welcome home brother! My wife tells me that you have been having some very good days with your friends at the village. Did you have a good day?”

Alma: “Well, I have to be off. I will see you tomorrow Walt. Perhaps tomorrow you will remember that I am coming for a visit.

Walt: “We all know there is not much chance of that.”

The next day there was a gathering of a few ladies in the corner of the common room. There was a bit of a disagreement between the women. They continued their discussion as they walked down the hall to Alma’s room. They knocked on the door. Alma answered the door where there was already a group of women engaged in conversation bordering on a heated debate.

Alma: “Good, we can begin. Remember ladies, we created this committee to decide who would have the next turn with Walt and we have to come to a consensus. At our last meeting, we agreed to raise the stipend from $75 to $100 per ride on the Walt Rollercoaster. Walt’s brother thinks that he is working odd jobs here for cash and we need to keep up the fund after paying his village meal pass and other expenses of course. In addition, we need to make this a luxury and not an expectation. After all, we do not want to overuse or abuse this limited resource. Do we have nominations from the group?”

One of the women suggested that Greta be considered. But Greta was 92 and had been in poor health. However, she had been doing much better in recent days and had been talking about her fond memories of her bedroom times with her late husband. This was controversial because Greta was not aware of Walt and his services. Their conversations continued, reviewing how they were going to pull this off without Greta or Walt knowing the game. One of the women was rifling through the several dozen Polaroid pictures of women on the table, all of them titled ‘Wife’. Just then, there was a knock on the door. One of the women answered the door, she found Walt standing there holding a Polaroid of Alma, titled; ‘Alma, most trusted friend, Apt

47, do everything she asks.’ Walt walked into the center of the group of women.

Walt: “My brother dropped me off on his way to work to save Alma the walk to come fetch me since it is raining. What do we have planned for today?”

He suddenly stopped talking as he looked down at the table-seeing picture after picture after picture of women, all titled ‘Wife’. One of the women worked to shovel them into small basket with a handle on top of it. The basket was just large enough for the pictures to be stacked in the basket like a deck of cards. The basket appeared as if it was specially made for the pictures of all of Walt’s wives. She closed the basket with a few of the pictures sticking out from the lid.

Walt: “What the hell is going on here? Why would you have so many pictures titled wife? Wait! You are pimping me out to who knows how many women! This is not right, why are you doing this?”

He paused for a moment, then turned and walked out the door down the hall to the front exit. However, the door would not open. He turned to the front desk clerk and asked to leave but everyone there knew that he was not allowed to walk out of the facility without a knowledgeable escort. Alma caught up with him at the front desk and pulled him into the adjacent private office.

Alma: “Alright Walt! Here is the story. It was a year after your first visit here that you volunteered to give a wonderful gift to one of our women. Since you both enjoyed it, we came up with the ‘Walt Committee’, a group Konya travesti of women that determined the best use of the most precious resource at this facility, your sexual gifts. You have greatly improved the lives of many ladies that have lost their men years ago.”

Walt began to calm down and inquired how he could agree to this when he couldn’t remember anything from day to day. Alma shared with him that there are days that they rehash the discussion and talk about it for an hour or so and then he chooses to pleasure a woman at the facility. She also explained to Walt, that there are other days that he forgets their conversation part way through the discussion and they have to repeat the conversation or trick him into it. After all, they know that he would be a willing participant if he could remember long enough to finish the conversation.

Alma: “After all, what type of job can you perform here at the retirement village when you can’t remember what you have started? In addition, getting you out of your brother’s house albeit, your house as well, after your parents died, is a good thing, because you were a terrible burden on your brother’s wife, taking care of you every day. So, we stepped in; we provide a service to watch over you each day and you provide a service to the community. This service is you and your penis. We entertain you throughout the day and you provide a daily service, well, most every day. This, I must say, is quite impressive. Without you, there would be many frustrated bitter old women around here. And tonight, we have a deserving lady that is not aware of your situation, but she needs your affections, so please consider going along with it. She has dementia on some days so we are going to have to watch you when you are together to make sure that there are no problems during the event.”

With that, Walt began to think about the situation to decide if he was going to volunteer.

Alma: “Please don’t take too long to think about it, we do not want you to risk forgetting what conversation we are having. And you always say yes, always. Just sometimes, it takes longer to get you to say yes.”

It did not take Walt long to agree. And with that, the ladies started making their plans for the afternoon. When they had finalized their plans, Alma, escorted Walt down the hall to an apartment. Without knocking, they just walked right in. Walt was requested to sit down, while Alma walked into the bedroom. A few minutes later she remerged carrying a very thick pair of glasses.

Alma: “She does not fully know what is going on and she may not know that it is you. So play along with whatever she says. And without her glasses she is half blind.”

Walt: “Play along with what?”

Alma: “Damn!” (She paused realizing that he had forgotten their conversation and plan for the day.) “Well your wife is waiting for you.”

Walt: “Wife?” He had a shocked expression. However, this happened quite often.

Alma: “What does the picture in your pocket say?”

Walt: “It says; ‘Alma, most trusted friend, Apt

47, do everything she asks.’ So I will trust you. (He said reluctantly)

Alma: “What about the Picture of your wife. Never mind that. Your wife is waiting for you, and she is only up for sex in the middle of the day. She has been planning this play-date when she is feeling her bests. Please do not disappoint her.”

With that, Alma motioned to the bedroom. Walt walked into the bedroom to see Greta sitting on the bed wearing a full length sleeping gown.

Greta: “Come on over and give me a kiss.”

With that, Walt walked over and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. She began to raise her gown up. Walt helped her, took over this task, and finished pulling the gown over her head revealing her naked and aged body. He then assisted her to lie down on the bed. Walking around the bed, he disrobed and joined her on the bed. He kissed her again. Sitting back up he began to caress her breasts, while a small smile appeared on her face. He began to lightly caress her shoulders, arms, again to the breasts and onto her belly. He began to move his hands to rub her womanhood, but arriving there, he realized that she was very dry. He reached down to his penis that was erect by this time, but there were no juices yet. So, he looked around and sitting conveniently on the edge of the nightstand was a bottle of lubricant. He applied some lubricant and began to rub her clitoris and vagina. Greta made several small gasps, pleasurable ones at that.

He continued to work on her to both of their pleasures. He then moved around to position himself lying perpendicular to her with their genitals lined up next to each other. He lifted her leg closest to him up in the air and slid his bottom leg under her other leg and his top leg on top of hers. He pulled himself closer and slowly touched his now well-lubricated penis to the entrance of her vagina. He pushed in slowly, just a bit, backing off slowly, he pushed in further. With one final push, he grounded İzmir travesti into her. He was able to continue his thrusting without applying any weight on top of Greta. He continued with slow and methodic thrusts. He could feel that her breathing was getting faster and more labored. He could feel her orgasm begin and as it did, her muscles wrapped hard around his penis. This made Walt jump ahead to quickly feel his own juices rumbling. He followed his orgasm quickly after her. He pulled out and slid around her and laid his head on her shoulder. He stayed there for a few minutes and they both fell asleep.

He woke from his short nap, dressed and left the bedroom as Greta rolled over to sleep. He walked into the next room sat down to watch TV. Alma waited in the kitchen for quite some time, and then she walked in from there and gave Walt a quick peck on the cheek.

Walt: “What was that for?”

Alma: “You are a good Friend.”

Alma then took Walt by the arm to walk him home. They shared a nice walk and talk, not that Walt would remember. The next day, Alma showed up at her normal time to collect Walt for his day at that Village. They walked arm in arm slowly down the sidewalk towards the retirement village. As they did many times before, Alma began to once again start the conversation about Walt’s sexual opportunity, which she had had with Walt on many occasions. Walt had a puzzled look on his face, one that he had not had before when Alma began these many conversations. A car came by and screeched its brakes, almost causing an accident at the corner stop sign. Alma continued their conversation and realized that she would have to start over again as Walt had forgot what they were talking about. Alma knew to avoid significant changes in the environment to help keep Walt’s mind focused on the moment. Alma began her conversation again and Walt, once again had that puzzled look on his face.

Alma: “Walt you have provided a special gift to many ladies at the village, will you consider doing this one more time?”

Walt: “So, have I already done this many times?”

Alma: “Yes, you have. And today we have a deserving visitor who will only be here at the retirement village for a few days.” They continued their walk, arriving at Alma’s door. They walked in and sat on the couch as they had done most every day before.

Walt: “So what you are telling me is that everyone gets sexually satisfied. Everyone except you, right?” He said, but did not pause for an answer. “I mean you are my next door neighbor that watched me grow up as a child. I remember you, very well. I just remember you from 20 years ago. So, I would not be able to believe in a picture of you, with the title ‘wife’. So in recent years, have you had the pleasure of a man?”

Alma did not respond but lowered her head and indicated a short shake of the head to indicate, no. With that, he reached over and passionately kissed her and gave her a big hug, not breaking their embrace for a full minute. She melted in his arms and passionately returned his affections. She had so longed for his attentions even though she knew it could never happen. Because of this, she never attempted to bring up the conversation to persuade Walt. However, this was very difficult for her as she was often in the next room and able to hear all of the pleasures that he was giving. Alma tried to hide that fact that she was in love with Walt, but her eyes gave her away to him.

Alma wished to invite Walt to the bedroom, but knew that she dared not move to a new room or run the risk of Walt forgetting what he was doing. Walt worked the button from Alma’s dress and lowered it to the ground as she stepped out of it. He skillfully removed her bra clasp with a quick snap of his fingers exposing her beautiful yet sagging breast. He quickly moved to caress both of her breasts, to her great pleasure. As he continued his attentions to her breasts, she unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants and lowered his zipper. She then slid her hand inside his boxers to feel his full throbbing member. Walt lowered her to the couch and she took his boxers down with her as she melted into the couch. Walt directly raised her hips and slid off her full sized granny panties from her round and curvy hips. This exposed her full and wild bush, with that; Walt brushed his hand lightly across the top layer of her pubic hair. Alma let out a slight gasp. He then began to kiss and nuzzle her neck as she lay back and positioned a throw pillow behind her head.

Alma reached down to cup his testicles with her hand and then ran a single finger lightly along his penis from his ball sack all the way up to the tip. Reaching the tip, she coated her thumb with the small amount of his leaking juices and used it to rub the rim of his penis focusing on the part where the rim of his penis meet together near the tip. Walt returned her attentions by reaching down and separating her pubic hair to discover that she was well lubricated from the excitement of their encounter. He reached in with one finger and slid it into her welcoming womanhood, then pulled it out to moisten her clitoris. With her clitoris fully wet, he started with light circles around her small button that had become a bit plumper. He returned to wet his finger and continue his light caress.

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