He Loves Her

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Dear Dawn,

Thank you for giving me permission to send this to you. I believe with all my heart that women are God’s greatest creation. And I feel that I have an Artesian well of love in me that I would love to share with someone. I read a poem once. A man said to his lover:; I love you more then life itself. I want to make you happy. Where can I touch you to give you the greatest pleasure? She said to him: Touch my heart. Dawn I hope I can touch your heart. You are so beautiful, so sweet, so loving. so sexy.

And Now my story.

Thank you very much for agreeing to spend a night with me. I pick you up and we go to a nice restaurant. We have the steak and shrimp and a bottle of nice wine to toast your beauty. It is beautiful meal, but not nearly as beautiful as you are.

After the meal we go to a nice hotel. We go to the room. I hold you close to me and kiss you deeply and then I ask you if you trust me. You say you do. I slowly take all your clothes off. I smile at the sight of your beautiful breasts. We go in the bathroom and I run a bath for you. You get in the water, it is hot and very relaxing, you lay back in it. I kneel on the floor by the tub and slowly wash you completely. As I do that I kiss you over and over. Sakarya Escort I love kissing. and you are so beautiful and your mouth is so sweet that I know I could never get enough of your kisses.

Finally your bath is finished. I am standing there with a grin and a large towel which I wrap around you and I dry you off. Then we go back to the bed. You lay down on your tummy. I have a bottle of oil. It is called Kama Sutra oil, it smells, and tastes divine. I pour some of the oil on your back and slowly spread it around all over your back and shoulders. I massage you tenderly and lean over and kiss your skin from your shoulders to your lovely ass. I put more oil on my hands and rub the backs of your legs and your lovely ass. You are so relaxed and the massage feels so good to you. You are nearly asleep basking in the pleasure of it. Then I ask you to turn over. You do and I massage the front of your body. With particular attention to your lovely breasts. I bend down and suck both nipples, one at a time, tenderly into my mouth and flick them with my tongue. You are very excited and you are wondering what comes next. I stop for a moment and take all of my clothes off. I am hoping that my body excites you, But I Sakarya Escort Bayan know the love in my eyes is what gets your attention. My cock is just barely hard. I get on the bed between your legs. I put your legs over my shoulders. I kiss the inside of both of your thighs.

I reach up and over your thighs and use my fingers to open your beautiful pussy. I stare at it, and I tell you…Dawn your cunt is so beautiful. and then I lean into you and kiss your pussy lips. And then I suck them and lick them, from the bottom to the top. I stick my tongue deep into you and you close your beautiful legs so I can feel your thighs against my cheeks. I am in heaven. You taste divine. Your juices are beginning to flow. I am licking them into my mouth and swallowing. It is like the nectar of the Gods. Your excitement is building, you have your hands on the back of my head and you are pulling my face into your pussy. You are moaning and crying out, PLEASE, PLEASE. I eat you on and on, You speak: Oh, God Bill it is coming. I suck your clit in between my lips and flick it with the tip of my tongue. You explode, you feel as if your insides are coming out. But I continue to suck. and in a few seconds, unbelievably, you Escort Sakarya feel another climax coming. You squeeze my head between your legs.

You whimper. you Explode again. I stop sucking, but I do not move. I just lay there with my mouth right at your pussy. I wait a few seconds for you to come down. And then I slowly, gently, softly, lick your pussy. This time not wanting to make you climax, but just letting you know how much I love you and how much I love eating you. And then I crawl up beside you, I take you in my arms. You feel loved. You feel safe. You feel cherished. We kiss, deep, wet, long kisses. Our tongues are playing tag with each other. With my arms around you, I pull you close to me. Your beautiful breasts are pressing into my chest. You feel, you feel so many things. You feel that you are exactly where you need to be at this moment. And I am so happy, I am crying with the joy of it. We kiss some more, trying but failing to get as close as we would love to be. And then my beautiful Dawn, we fall asleep. Both of us, in each other’s arms. Very warm, very content, very satisfied. Very perfect and very happy.

You sweet lady have given me the greatest gift I have ever received. You have given me yourself, your body, and perhaps your soul. I am blessed, I am lucky, I am happy for the first time in years. The taste of you still on my lips, the smell of you in my nose, the vision of you in my mind. The love of you in my heart.

You healed me. Thank You sweet lady. Thank you!

Bill from Missouri

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32