He Just Watched

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


The storm hit out of no where, and it was a deluge. But it only slightly exceeded the storm that had been brewing between them for several hours as they tried to enjoy their 22nd Anniversary. They ducked into the first door they could find open at midnight on a Tuesday, and Josh shook himself almost like a dog would after being unexpectedly sprayed by the yard sprinklers.

Without looking around, he pulled off his expensive suit coat and hung it to dry on the coat rack just inside the door. It was then he noticed that his wife had frozen just inside the door and was neither moving nor speaking. Josh looked up and saw her staring into the room, and he followed her gaze. A moment later he quietly mumbled something to assure her.

“It’s okay, honey, we will just be here a minute,” and the couple looked at each other with concern. Then one of the very large and very Black men at the table near the back of the bar spoke out, suddenly making things seem a lot worse.

“Hot enough to fuck right here, dogs.” And Caryn groaned in fear.

* * * * *

Two hours earlier, Josh thought the evening of their 22nd Anniversary had actually been going well, even though he noticed that conversation on her part was noticeably reduced from what should be considered normal between a husband and wife on their Anniversary. He should have seen it coming when she had asked him a question earlier while they were getting dressed for dinner that evening. He had mumbled the ubiquitous, “What?” and heard her groan.

“I shouldn’t have to explain it to you,” and she closed the door of the bathroom, almost slamming it in his face. Yes, the storm was brewing, and Josh still had no idea what she had asked.

She was finally ready half an hour later but remained silent during the forty minute drive from the bedroom community they had moved to more than nine years ago to their usual anniversary restaurant. He had been bringing her to this same restaurant since their first anniversary and hadn’t even thought about the traditional choice when he had made reservations last week. It had changed hands three times over the last twenty-one years, and the surrounding neighborhood had been declining in attractiveness, but they just kept coming here.

This year they had to park four blocks away because the usual parking lot had been cleared and used to build an eighteen story apartment building with a private underground parking garage. Caryn had stumbled twice during the walk when the four inch heal of her new beige pumps had jammed into cracks in the aging sidewalk.

The first time it happened, she had mumbled “Shit!” and kept on walking. The second time she had shouted a string of profanity and didn’t move for several seconds. When Josh turned to see why she had stopped walking, she was pointing an angry look at him with the obvious expectation that he somehow fix what was wrong.

He walked the two steps toward her and tried to act concerned enough to appease her, while trying to ignore the fact that they were two minutes late for their scheduled reservation. He inspected her ankle and rubbed it for several seconds while he dutifully examined her shoe for any damage. After less than a minute of massaging the ankle and examining the shoe, he straightened up and encouraged her to continue to their destination, with the soothing comment that she could rest for an hour when they sat down at their table. She glared at him for a second and then almost marched the rest of the way to the restaurant. Josh shook his head and tried to keep up.

The dinner was no warmer, and the conversation was mostly lacking. He tried to give her more details about the promotion that he had just received at his law office, and she nodded when it seemed important but kept reading the menu. They finished the meal and a bottle of wine, and still seemed to have little to talk about. And as they were walking back to their car, the storm exploded on them and the rain drenched them.

He quickly looked around for a store or restaurant that was still open at midnight on a Tuesday because their car was still two blocks away. After several seconds of frustration, he finally spotted a glow coming from an alley just a dozen feet behind them. Ignoring the fact that it was down an alley, and the fact that they were on the Southside of Chicago, he grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the light. As he had hoped, when they turned the corner into the alley, he could see a bar just a few feet ahead. The two of them ducked into the bar.

Without looking around, Josh pulled off his expensive suit coat and hung it to dry on the coat rack just inside the door. It was then he noticed that his wife had frozen just inside the door and was neither moving nor speaking. Josh looked up and saw her staring into the bar and he followed her gaze. A moment later he quietly mumbled something to assure her.

“It’s okay, honey, istanbul travesti we will just be here a minute.” And the couple looked at each other with concern. Then one of the four very large and very Black men at the table near the back of the bar spoke out, making things suddenly seem a lot worse.

“Hot enough to fuck right here, dogs.” And Caryn groaned in fear.

There was only one bartender, and she was a petite and very beautiful Black woman in her late thirties. She looked at the very White couple and then swept the bar with her hands. “Seating is limited, ladies and gentlemen, so you better grab a stool quickly. But I would recommend the seats at the other end of the bar because the speaker is right above your heads and these guys like their music loud.” She chuckled at her words as she walked to the other end of the bar as if they were going to follow her suggestion. And they did.

As Josh walked the length of the bar, he saw this was a typical smoke-filled and somewhat trashy bar. The room was about thirty feet long, with the bar running almost the entire length of the room on the left side. At the end of the bar was a small alcove with a dingy sign over it indicating the bathrooms. Down the right side of the room, there were about dozen small tables, and the Black men were sitting in the center of the table area. As Josh pulled out a stool for Caryn to sit down, the petite woman behind the bar dropped her elbows on the counter and quickly informed them that the kitchen was closed. Then she used one hand to gesture toward the racks behind the bar and told them they could have their choice of anything they could see.

Caryn looked at the shelves and saw about twenty different beers, but Josh just looked at the bartender. She was slightly taller than five feet and quite beautiful. But leaning on her elbow like she was doing made the large amount of cleavage she was flashing them show even more titflesh. She was at least a D-Cup and she wore a Tee shirt with the name of the bar on it, which had been torn down the middle, from the neckline to her navel. Most of her large boobs were visible, and a pair of huge nipples tried ferociously to poke holes in the Tee shirt and reach out to Josh. He was so mesmerized that he didn’t see Caryn turn from the bottles along the wall until he felt her elbow crash into his ribs.

“Ow! What was that for?” He knew the answer before he asked the question, but he still had to ask the question.

“You shouldn’t have to ask the question,” was her normal reply, this time showing a serious amount of irritation. And Josh expressed his frustration that had been brewing all evening.

“Fuck you.” And Caryn exploded.

“No, fuck you. You have been an asshole all week, ignoring me and hardly speaking to me as you claimed to be busy, and an even worse asshole all evening.” She paused long enough to glare at him for several seconds. Then she continued, shocking him.

“You know what, I am finished. Consider this a divorce.” She fumbled with her left hand for a few seconds and then slammed her right hand on the bar next to Josh. He looked down, somewhat shocked at her outburst, and was even more shocked to see her wedding ring on the counter.

“You will hear from my attorney tomorrow.” And she got off her bar stool to walk away, presumably to the other end of the bar since it was still pouring outside. But before she could get halfway there, she was grabbed around the waist and found herself firmly held in the lap of one of the Black men sitting at the table.

“Hey, bitch, don’t walk away mad. If he don’t know how to treat such a fine woman as you, then you aren’t keeping the right company.” The four men laughed. Caryn tried to get off his lap and he jerked her back down. The men laughed again.

Caryn looked in fear at the men and then back at her husband. He returned her silent plea for help with a silent stare. And then he looked at the sexy barmaid, getting a long look down her torn Tee shirt, and ordered his favorite beer. Giving Caryn a blast of alcohol-laden breath, the man holding her tightly in his lap spoke again.

“Easy, bitch. Why don’t you join us for a while. We know how to treat a sexy ho like you.” And he grabbed her left tit with his right hand. They all laughed again as it became obvious to everyone that force alone was not going to get her freedom from these men. Another man grabbed her right tit and groaned as he felt her hard nipple beneath her silk blouse. The rain had soaked her blouse, making it almost transparent, and suddenly Caryn was terrified as she saw four large and strong men closely examine her nearly visible boobs. She tried one more time to get free and succeeded in only bouncing her boobs in a sexy show for them. And suddenly there were several hands on each tit, squeezing them and mashing them and massaging them.

One of the men grabbed her blouse and yanked, spilling buttons all over the floor and fully exposing her beautiful C-Cup breasts for the men istanbul travestileri to see. Caryn screamed, looking again to her husband for help. But all she saw was the bartender pushing her huge boobs toward her husband and a huge grin on his face as he examined the display. She screamed again.

“Josh, please help me!” He looked over at her and then made a show of picking up her wedding ring and shoving it into a pocket. Then he went back to enjoying the show in front of him. Another “JOSH!” received no response from her husband at all.

The Black men stood her up and roughly removed her blouse. In seconds, she was standing in front of them, naked from the waste up. Another second, and they had pushed her back on the table, her ass hitting it hard enough to hurt. And suddenly her worst fear became a reality as four huge black cocks were pushed into her face.

She determined that she would keep her mouth closed and one of the men pinched her nose to cut off her air. She expected that and opened her lips enough to breath through her clenched teeth. And then one of the men did something to her jaw, causing a huge amount of pain. Her mouth opened to scream and a hard cock was forced into her mouth. She bit down on it and the man screamed and then slapped her hard enough for her to see stars.

“She don’t suck, then she gets fucked.” She heard the words but didn’t actually understand what they meant with all the stars rotating within her sight. Then she felt her skirt jerked off and her sexy lace panties were ripped from her, and she suddenly knew what the words meant.

She felt a dick shoved against her pussy, and felt her lips part to receive it against her will. And he pushed harder, forcing his cock to enter. She felt as if she was split open from the intrusion, without the juices necessary to make this pleasurable to her. But her pleasure was obviously not the goal of the owner of that cock as he shoved its huge length into her pussy and pulled out some. Then he shoved in a little more, and pulled out some again . On the third try, he bottomed out against her cervix. She looked down and saw at least three inches of his cock still to go. And then she was subjected to a hard fucking like Josh seldom gave her.

The Black man was pounding so hard that she was sliding off the table, requiring two of the men to push her back. Then they held her for several minutes. Suddenly, without warning, the man pulled out and stepped around the table to unload more cum than Caryn had ever seen all over her face.

He was still shooting streams of cum onto her face and into her hair when she felt a second cock shove into her pussy. This one seemed even bigger than the first and she opened her mouth to scream. But before a sound could come out, the man still emptying his balls onto her face pointed his cock at her open mouth and filled it with hot cum. Without thinking about it, Caryn kept her mouth open until the man stopped unloading on her, and then she closed her mouth. Swishing his thick cum around with her tongue, she was amazed at the taste. Then she swallowed it in one large gulp. She managed to pull an arm free from the grasp of the man holding it and wiped the cum from her eyes. Then, without thinking about it, she licked her fingers and put her arm back where it had been, allowing the man to pin it to the table again.

She became aware of the huge cock pounding into her cunt. She realized she was being stretched wider than ever before, and felt her pussy ooze the juices necessary to lubricate her tunnel better. She could not see the size of the cock because she was being held down, but she knew it was the thickest cock that had ever been inside her pussy. For a crazy moment, she wondered if she could fit it into her mouth, but she quickly pushed that thought away as entirely too disgusting.

She heard the man grunt and then pull out and she know she was about to get another load of hot cum on her face. As he worked his way around the table to get to her face, she tilted her head to see her husband. She was horrified to see the beautiful bartender kneeling topless at his feet as she sucked his cock. His eyes were closed and his face showed extreme pleasure as she deep-throated his full eight inches.

And then a huge Black cock blocked her view as it spurted stream after stream of hot cum onto her face and then her boobs and then back onto her face. Again, she clamped her mouth closed but one stream managed to shoot up into her nose, causing her to sneeze. And her mouth opened up just in time to receive another long jet of cum directly in her mouth. For some reason, she kept her mouth open long enough to get a second jet, and then it closed by itself. And her tongue spent several seconds swishing the mouthful of cum around, almost as if her tongue was enjoying that. Caryn felt an immediate surge of disgust and swallowed quickly, almost as if to punish her tongue by depriving it of the large amount of thick cum it had been playing travesti istanbul with.

As before, a third cock was shoved deep into her pussy before she could swallow the second load. But this one moved slowly, almost as if making love. In and out, in and out, the slow movement was an awesome change from the hard banging she had been receiving for quite some time. She had no idea how long they had been fucking her, but it must have been at least fifteen minutes. Or she thought so, anyway. And she enjoyed this slow love-making for at least ten minutes. And then she felt the familiar tingling in her groin.

A few minutes earlier, she had what must have been an orgasm, but the violence of the fucking causing it was so extreme that she wasn’t really sure. But this time she was sure, and moaned her enjoyment.

“Bitch likes it, bro. Ya dun good.” And she heard several men laughing, but she still had her eyes closed and couldn’t see who it was. And then she screamed. She had cum without realizing how close she had been, and her pussy muscles clamped down on the hard cock that was moving slowly in and out of her. She felt him slow even more for a few seconds as she experienced the aftershocks, and then he began to slam into her like the other two had. In seconds, she felt him pull out and this time she opened her eyes to see who had just been inside her. The man eye made contact and smiled at her as he pumped his hard cock with his right hand. Caryn maintained eye contact with him as he began to shoot his sticky cum all over her face and tits.

Without giving it a thought, Caryn opened her mouth for him and the man quickly shoved his cock inside. It was obviously thinner than the first two monsters and it easily slid inside her mouth. As he moved it in and out, she felt three large jets of cum fill her mouth. She choked slightly, but still looked him in the eyes. Almost as if reading her mind, he slowly slid his cock into her throat. In a few seconds, he had worked most of his nine inches into her mouth and down her throat. Her eyes began to tear up and he quickly pulled out, leaving just a couple of inches in her mouth. She swallowed a huge mouthful of cum, and then sucked and licked his cock, cleaning him as well as she could. And then she felt another cock pounding her pussy.

Caryn came again, but this time managed to hide that fact from the men standing around her. Her pussy muscles grabbed and squeezed the cock inside her, but he just accepted that as part of fucking. And then he pulled out to spill his cum on her face and hair and finally on her tits. Caryn was almost exhausted by all the fucking, and she lay there on the table for a minute without moving, even though the men had stepped back and were no longer holding her down.

Finally she opened her eyes and saw the bartender’s beautiful face suspended above her own. The woman looked down at Caryn as if to discern if she was okay. Then, without a word, she moved her face down and began licking Caryn’s boobs and stomach, cleaning away all the cum that had splashed there. She spent more time than necessary on her boobs, licking and even biting the hard nipples. And then she licked her way down Caryn’s stomach to her pussy.

Caryn just lay there, letting the bartender lick her bush and then her pussy lips for a few minutes. Several times Caryn let a quiet moan escape as she truly enjoyed the best pussy licking she had ever experienced in her limited lesbian muff-diving. The woman let her moans fill the room, blending with Caryn’s moans, and the four men just stood silent as they surrounded the table.

Finally, the Black woman centered her lips on Caryn’s lips, and she began to suck the cum out of Caryn’s pussy. Slurping noises combined with gulping sounds, added to the moans of two excited women, providing erotic entertainment for the men standing there. Caryn had another orgasm and grabbed the woman’s head, pulling it tighter against her pussy for several seconds. The tongue action hesitated for a few seconds and then began again. Caryn had no idea how long this nameless woman licked and sucked her pussy but she knew it was at least ten minutes. And she knew she had cum once more, although it was more like one orgasm lasting several minutes or several orgasms blending indiscernibly into one. No matter how you counted them, Caryn had a wonderful ten minutes under the tongue of the beautiful bartender.

Finally, Caryn felt the woman pull back, and the two of them moaned in unison. Then the woman stood up and walked over to look at Caryn’s face. She smiled lovingly and then leaned down to gently lick a drop of cum off the fully-fucked woman’s nose. Then the bartender walked back behind the bar and, still topless, served the four Black men another beer each. Caryn lay there for another couple minutes and then, finally, sat up. She looked over at Josh and saw him softly smiling at her.

She got off the table with some difficulty and almost stumbled her way to the stool next to her husband. Without a word, she leaned over to kiss him passionately, requiring him to ignore the taste of four Black men and one Black woman that lingered in her mouth. She pulled back for a second, a look of strong and deep love obvious on her face and in her eyes.

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