He Hooks a Good One!

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Big Tits

Thanks to everyone who has written to me about my stories. Keep it up! I write in what I call a narrative style, not a lot of quotation marks etc to slow things down. I hope you enjoy, will add more to this later.


Jenifer (or “J” as she liked to be called) pushed her custom Quickie Q7 wheelchair into her kitchen for a lunch break. Her morning patient was gone and her new patient would be here in a couple of hours. J is a physical therapist and specializes in amputees.

She wheeled up to the refrigerator and opened the door for the tuna salad she had made that morning. She slid the locks up on the hip joint portion of her HKAFOs (hip, knee, ankle, foot orthosis) so she could lean forward into the fridge to get the container. She kept her left hand on her braced upper left leg so she would not fall forward on her face. After getting the container and setting it on the counter, she slid the locks back down putting her upper torso at a 90 degree angle to her legs and secure in her chair.

J had polio when she was 8 years old and it left her with paralyzed legs and hips. She had no movement at all and her legs and pelvis were very atrophied. Unlike a spinal injury, she had full feeling in those areas and full bladder and bowel control. She wore long leg locking knee braces with spring loaded ankle joints. There were straps above and below her knees, a strap at the top of her leg and knee pads with straps. Her right leg was about an inch shorter than the left and sometimes she wore a built up shoe.

She had not learned to walk when she was young and growing up because of the complete paralysis. During her training as a physical therapist, one of her class mates asked if she would be her “patient”. She was fitted with braces that allowed her to learn to stand and take a few swing through steps. She found that she loved the feel of the braces on her legs and with the hip belt around her lower torso she could sit in her chair much easier and work with patients.

J is 25, 5’6″ tall, 118 lbs, a pixie haircut that was very easy to take care of, 32D breasts and dark completed because she tanned so easily. She lives in a totally accessible house with a pool and areas to work with patients both inside and outside. Her parents had been killed in an accident and she had received a very large settlement after their deaths. She did not need to work but enjoyed working with amputees and did not charge them very much. She also was a devotee and probable wannabe. She only worked 3 days a week seeing only 2 patients each day.

J cleaned up after lunch and decided she would rest a while before her next patient. She went to the bathroom, cathed herself and transferred to the bed to stretch out and get out of her chair for a while. She had a trapeze on her bed to help get in and out of the chair and move herself around in bed. After she got comfortable she thought about Sue.

Her morning patient, Sue was a right hip disarticulation from cancer. She had been married but her husband left her after seeing what the surgery had done to her looks. A local Doctor friend had recommended her when J was just getting her practice started. J took Sue as a friend and no money changed hands because Sue did not have much. At first Sue was very depressed about what had happened to her but gradually J had been able to show her she still had a full life before her. J got her interested in a prosthetic leg, instead of just learning to use crutches, and helped her learn how to use it. They became good friends and when they went out together J showed her men were still attracted to her, with or without the leg.

J got to thinking about one hot afternoon, and after a session of talking sex and both of them being crippled. J suggested they get in the pool to cool off. Sue did not have a swim suit and J said she swam naked when no one was around. Sue said it was not like J had not seen her without much on as when they were first getting the bucket for her hip to fit properly, she had very little and at times nothing but a t-shirt on anyway. Sue grinned, stripped naked and asked J how she could help her get the same way.

J transferred to an exercise/therapy table, undid her skirt and showed Sue how to undo the velcroed straps on her braces. Sue had been very interested in J’s polio and effect on her. She had always asked lots of questions while they were together. They both had mentioned that they thought each other was very sexy with their braces and prosthetics showing. Both had their pubic areas shaved completely, Sue because of the bucket her hip fit in and the shape of it in her pubic area and that it pulled her hair. J because she catherized herself during the times she had her HKAFOs on. It was much easier than getting on and off the john and no hair was more sanitary during the cath procedure.

J lifted herself up and Sue, while leaning her pelvis against the left side of the table to balance herself, lifted J’s legs out of the Gaziantep Yabancı Escort braces and removed them from the table. J lay back down. Without the plastic foot supports, J’s toes fell forward to the table. Sue put her hands on J’s left leg and moved them up and down the leg, lifted the leg and moved it around. Sue remarked how the leg felt as if it was lifeless with no resistance to it. It was the first time Sue had touched J’s legs. The knee rolled outward and pulled J’s vaginal lips apart and Sue could see how wet she was. Sue asked J whey that was and J said because one, Sue was “playing” with her useless legs and two, J could see Sue’s hip “stump” while she was standing there. She always got wet when she looked at Sue. Sue took J’s hand and placed it where the leg was supposed to be. J could feel how wet Sue was and they looked into each other’s eyes and nodded their approval to continue.

They knew each of them had never been with another woman before but that each of them had looked at each other in a sexual way, mostly because both were very crippled and that aroused both of them. J had talked about wondering if she should become some type of amputee and Sue said she loved seeing how crippled J was and how sexy her movements were as she did things. Sue noticed other crippled people more also, now that she was crippled. She also had become a devotee and liked the fact that she was an amputee.

Sue moved her fingers up the inside of J’s thigh, up her very wet slit and over her clit which was very distended, and continued up her very smooth, shaved abdomen to her breast. It stood out from her chest wall with very little sag even though J was on her back. Sue very lightly moved her finger tip over the nipple causing it to get even larger and harder. She did this for several minutes and J’s orgasmic response caused her to arch her back and rock her head back and forth but her pelvis stayed still. The hand that was on Sue’s hip stump clutched the area and J could feel the empty hip socket and then her fingers slid into Sue’s vagina causing her to orgasm also.

J brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them clean. Sue trailed hers back down J’s clit and slit and gathered a finger full of moisture and licked her finger clean. J laughed and said it was time they both got in the pool and cooled off!! Sue had great balance now and a lot of strength in her left leg. She helped lift J’s legs down as she transferred to her chair. They both moved over to the lift by the side of the pool and J transferred to the lift and down into the pool. Sue just watched the show with a big grin.

Sue dived in and they both swam several laps and J moved over to the steps and sat. Sue swam over and stood before J which put her breasts even with J’s mouth. Sue was 23, only 5′ tall, 90 lbs (with leg missing) and barley an A cup. Her nipples were very large and long though. She never wore a bra and J had always wondered what her breasts were like…now she had them right in front of her. She learned forward and took a nipple in her mouth, sucking and tonguing it, holding the suction as she moved her head back letting the nipple pop out of her mouth. Sue had both hands on J’s shoulders to steady herself and moved her breast back into J’s mouth indicating she wanted more.

J felt free now to move her hand back to Sue’s hip stump area and explored the whole area while moving her head back and forth between Sue’s nipples. Sue moaned that J’s hand felt so good on her and that no one had ever touched her like that before and for that matter she had not had sex since she lost her leg.

J asked her if she would like to watch her get out of the pool from the steps instead of the lift and move over to the pad at poolside. Sue said that would be great and such a turn on as she loved to watch J sometimes struggle to do things with her paralyzed legs just flopping around. Sue watched as J’s breasts wiggled around as she moved out of the pool and moved herself over to the pad. As J’s Legs flopped around Sue could also see her pussy lips. Sue hopped up the steps and over to the pad also. She had become quite good and hopping around on one leg.

On the pad they laid by each other then J pushed herself over on to her side by Sue and started kissing her, lightly at first then each of them opened their mouths and their tongues did a dance together. Sue moved her hand down to J’s pussy and started pulling on her large, long lips slowly moving her finger into her vagina. They were looking into each other’s eyes and Sue gently pushed J back over on to her back. She started kissing her way down to J’s breasts and moaned in pleasure as she kissed and sucked J’s nipples. Her breasts were so firm yet soft to the touch. Sue paused and spread J’s legs apart and worked her way down to her dripping pussy. Using both hands she pulled J’s lips apart and licked the moisture and flicked her clit causing J to jump, at least her upper body did!

Sue put her tongue as far as she could stick it and then slid a finger in along side of it reaching for J’s G spot. When her finger hit it just a few rubs caused J to have a tremendous orgasm, her vagina to spasm and clinch her finger and tongue.

After calming down, J asked Sue to swing her pussy up to her mouth so she could return the pleasure. J had never tasted a woman before and Sue was almost gushing so she started lapping and licking as fast as she could. That set Sue off and she was licking J’ clit and soon…. BUZZ, BUZZ, Buzz…. J was startled and then realized that she had fallen asleep remembering one of the good times she and Sue had and it was time to get ready for her new patient. Her hand was between the upper leg supports of her braces rubbing her clit. She was very wet and had gotten her skirt wet.

She got up off her bed into her chair and into the bathroom to clean up. She threw her skirt and blouse in the hamper and went to her wheel-in closet to get another blouse and a pair of slacks. She grabbed a bra from the dresser and transferred back to bed as it was easier to get dressed there than in her chair. She struggled getting the slacks on smiling thinking about Sue watching her. She finally did and pulled herself upright and locked the hip joints so she could put her bra and blouse on. She never wore a bra around Sue but since this was the first meeting with her new patient she thought she should look her best.

As she was wheeling down the hall to her office the bell rang. Tim, the driver from the rehab hospital was standing there with another man smiling down at her. He introduced her to Rob, and Rob to Jenifer and said he would be back in a couple of hours to pick Rob up. Rob looked a little surprised to see J in a wheelchair but followed her into the treatment area. J directed him to a chair and parked a few feet in front of him. Tim had handed her an envelope with Rob’s medical records and referral so J asked if it was ok for her to glance through the package since she had not seen them before. Rob smiled and said that would be fine.

Rob had lost his right arm about 4 inches from the shoulder and his left arm half way up from the wrist and the only bone left was the radius. Most of the muscle and tissue from the fore arm was gone also. Both stumps were ace bandaged. It was Rob’s wish to be fitted with hook prosthetics. He had been an electrical worker and got in contact with a high voltage live wire. He says he remembers nothing of the accident that happened about 2 1/2 months ago. They talked about the various types of prosthetics some that included a 5 finger hand. He indicated he had seen all of those and still preferred the hooks. He had talked with several patients at the rehab hospital who were arm/hand amputees and they all said that hooks were the best way to go.

J asked Rob how he felt about what had happened to him. Rob hesitated some, looked J in the eye and then said he had gotten over the shock, pardon the pun, of the loss and was ready to move on. He was looking forward to being able to do things for himself again. J had noticed him looking at her chair, legs etc several times but he did not ask anything. Only the ankle spring joints showed from her slacks to the top of her shoes. Her blouse hid the waist belt from her braces.

J said she needed to examine his stumps, if he did not mind, so she could determine how the healing was and when he could be measured for the prosthesis. She had him move to a bench where she could move her chair next to him, helped him remove his shirt and unrolled the bandage on the right, short stump. It was healing nicely and she touched several areas asking if it either had feeling or hurt to be touched. She could feel the end of the humerus through the end skin flap. She asked him to move the stump around and at times put pressure on it to see how good the strength was. This was all to determine how well he was going to be able to use the prosthetic. She kept him informed as to what she was finding and what she thought about things and what she would do to help him move forward.

She then turned to the left arm. It looked like it was not all healed yet and was still swollen. Rob said that arm had become infected and it was removed about 3 weeks after the right arm. The ulna had been removed at the elbow joint and only part of the humerus was left and it came to a point with not a lot of muscle and tissue left in the lower arm covering it. The hope was that what was left would provide a better working arm than having lost it all at the elbow. Only time would tell. Again, J went through the same drill to see what hurt, was numb, and how much muscle use he had.

As J was working with his stumps she realized that she was becoming aroused from being able to see and touch them. She rewrapped them and helped him with his shirt. J went over with him what she planned to do, use exercise to try and strengthen the arm muscles left and get the right arm fitted first. One because she did not want him to learn bad habits with the longer left arm that they hoped would be able to function much better. Two, it needed to heal more. She wanted him to come 3 days a week in the afternoon for therapy. Rob agreed and said he was looking forward to getting started very much. He had a great smile and J really liked him and his attitude.

Rob finally asked J why she was in the chair and she explained the whole thing to him. He seemed very interested and asked several questions. J could see that he had also become aroused and wondered just what was going on in his mind. Something she would have to talk with him about. The time was up and Tim was back to pick him up. Rob smiled and stuck his right stump out for a “hand” shake which Sue complied with both hands around it and also with a smile.

After Rob left, J went back and reread the information packet that was sent. She sat and thought about what had happened this afternoon and it seemed that something was going on with Rob. He seemed ok, (happy?) with being a double arm amputee. He also seemed very interested in J being disabled. J decided she would have a talk with him after the next session and was very interested in what he had to say.

On Friday Tim was back with Rob and Rob and J went outside to the treatment area by the pool. Sue had on a skirt that came just to her knees showing lots of braced legs. She noticed that Rob had a noticeable jaw drop when he first saw her but recovered quickly. She had told Rob to dress for comfort and he had shorts and a t-shirt on. She sat him on a bench that she had good access with her chair and helped him get the shirt off. She removed the bandage on his right stump, examined it for healing and explained how they were going to do exercises that would help in use of the the prosthesis to full advantage. They spent some time with him moving the stump in various directions and J putting pressure on it to resist its movement in that direction. Rob never complained about anything that was done and put his full effort into it. She rewrapped the stump tightly and asked him to have someone loosen it when he got back to the hospital.

J then started in on the left arm. After removing the bandage she examined it and then said that all they were going to do today was apply some special cream and massage it in to help healing and improve the circulation. J put the arm on a clean, sterile towel, put some gloves on and dipped her fingers into a jar of white slippery cream. She applied it to the lower arm and started rubbing it in.

After a few minutes Rob had his elbow flat on the table with the stump sticking up in the air. J was rubbing it up and down and all of a sudden they both got a startled look, looked each other in the eye and started laughing. Rob asked if there was an extra charge for this service which broke them up again. It looked like J was masturbating him. She did not miss a stroke and kept at it until the cream was well rubbed in. During this she asked Rob to pull against her to flex the arm in as if trying to pull it into his body. She explained that it was important to have the strength to lift the arm up as it would fall back down easily. J wrapped his arm tightly with a clean bandage and reminded him to have it loosened when he got back.

She then asked if they could have an open honest talk and that he was not in any kind of trouble. J just needed to understand some things so she knew how best to help him. She also warned him she was very direct and expected him to be the same way. J looked him in the eye and asked if he was a wannabe? Without hesitation he answered yes. She then asked him if he had wanted to be an amputee. Yes he said. Did you get across the electrical wires on purpose? No, it really was an accident as he could have died he said. He had wondered how he might become an amputee some day. He did not care if it was arms or legs and he did want both of either gone.

J then asked him if he as a devotee? He hesitated just a few seconds and again answered yes. She asked what of? He said women in wheelchairs with braces on. He kept strong eye contact as he said this. He said he had wanted to be an amputee for a long time but had become a devotee since he was in the hospital.

J thanked him for being so open and honest with her, that it meant a lot. She then told him that she was also a devotee, liked very much to be around amputees and that she was very glad she was in the chair and paralyzed. She grinned and said she, like him, was very aroused. She could tell that he had become very aroused as she was massaging his arm. Rob was embarrassed about that and said he was sorry. J said not to worry, she took it as a complement.

J then told Rob that she was going to have to think very hard about the next steps. She could not become involved with a patient. Rob said he understood and that he was sorry she would not be teaching him what he wanted to learn. J said she needed to think over the weekend what would be best and she would let him know on Monday.

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