He Belongs to Me Now…Edited

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When I dream, I go places and do things, without all the humbug of daily life and without my physical limitations. The setting for my special place can be anything from a hot-tub, an igloo in Alaska, or a bungalow in Tahiti. I can have with me as many people as I want; however, it is usually me, my husband, and another man – or woman. What I like best about it is the fact it offers me the kind of privacy I don’t have in reality. I can fuck, make love, act out my kinkiest fantasies, or try some new things. There are no phones, TV’s, or any type of communication with the outside world. This means there will be no interruptions from family, health, work, or pets. Tonight, I am meeting a new friend there, in a cabin deep in the hills amidst a winter wonderland.

I will call my friend John, because real names are not important in my dream world. I emailed him today saying, “Hi lover, meet me in my dream tonight. I just know you’ll love the location too; it’s a cabin, deep in the woods, surrounded by snow. It’s supplied with everything we need; food, drink, warmth, a calm atmosphere, serenaded by romantic music. We will have a night filled with lust and desire darling. Naked huggies, Deana.”

I wonder when I fall asleep tonight, if I will be the first to arrive. As I drift into dreamland, I’m walking through the forest up a well marked path carrying a small overnight bag. My attire consists of a coat along with warm winter clothing. I come to a small clearing and notice before me a rustic cabin, with curls of smoke coming from its chimney. It looks oddly familiar and as I walk onto the porch a sign upon the door reads, “Deana’s Secret Hideaway.” Then I remember and say, “Oh yes, I’ve been here before.”

I also know that the door is always unlocked for me; I open it and walk into a warm, cozy room. Every time I see this place, it takes my breath away. There is a romantic, sensuous setting; wooden furniture including a wet-bar, a fireplace with a roaring fire, a white bearskin rug, and a fur covered bed.

I take Escort off my coat, walk over and hang it in the closet. I then take my bag and set it on the bed, and lay out some sultry things; a sheer lavender teddy, with a matching robe that barely covers anything. I giggle, “Who knows I might get a chance to wear them.”
I strip off my heavy winter things and look at the items, then think of the bearskin rug. I tingle all over at the thought of the thick, soft fibers against my bare skin and decide to go au’ natural.

I then proceed to walk over to a bar, get an ice bucket, wine and two goblets. I lick my lips in anticipation, return to the rug, and set the items off to the side. Then I lie down on the bearskin and coo as the fabric tickles every inch of me, like a million tiny fingers. I’m lost in a daydream when he arrives, and I do not see him enter the room.

My friend arrives and I’m lying naked in front of the fireplace with my back turned away from him. He cannot keep his eyes off my alluring skin which is glistening in the light of the fire. He licks his lips because his mouth is dry, then gasps as his heat skips a beat, his cock beginning to stir.

He mutters under his breath, “Oh god, she is more beautiful than her picture!” He cannot wait to touch me and hurries over to the bed to undress so he can join me.

The sound of him undressing alerts me. I look over, blink seductively, and whisper, “Hello lover! Glad you could make it. Oh, come to me darling, and pour us some wine to toast this occasion.”

He quickly joins me on the rug. He reached for the wine, pours two glasses, and hands one to me. Holding his glass up he says, “Here’s to us darling.”

We clink glasses and we each take a drink, and set the goblets off to the side.
He pulls me close and kisses me passionately while our tongues do the dance of lovers. His fingers slowly caress my wanting body, making me shudder in response.

His lips, voice and touch turns me on more as he sets my skin ablaze with desire. Escort Bayan I rub the small of his back with my left hand and feel him quivering with anticipation. I then reach for his hardening cock, nestled against my thigh and purr, “Oh John, I wanted you the first time I saw your picture. I longed to feel your lips kiss and caress every inch of my naked body. I needed to feel your tongue encircling my clit and lapping at my pussy.”

As he played with my breasts, I ached to feel his cock throbbing in my hands as I gently stroke it. “Oh honey, make love to me!”

He looks lovingly into my eyes, kisses me, and utters, “Lay down darling, I’m hungry to taste you with my lips from your sweet mouth to your delicious cunt! I want to hear you squeal in delight as I tantalize your hardening nipples. You will beg me to fuck you as I run my tongue through your glistening pussy, feeling its wetness on my chin. Oh god baby, you don’t know how much I needed to feel your cunt wrapped around my throbbing member as I enter you slowly, as I make love to you. I love you Deana!”

I look into his blue eyes and confess, “I love you too John! Oh honey, take me, I‘m all yours, do what you want to me tonight!”

I lay back trembling with desire as he begins to entice my body. He kisses, sucks, and nibbles every inch of me, leaving a wet trail as his tongue works it magic.

“Oh my god, I love what you’re doing, keep going lover, don’t stop!”

He flicks his way down to my pussy, then moves in position between my legs. After spreading the labia, he blows warm breath across it and watches it ooze. Watching my face out of the corner of his eye, he starts teasing the flesh with just the tip of his tongue, slowly and deliberately.

I moan in sheer delight, turning my head side to side. I cannot stand the anticipation and shriek, “Eat my pussy!”

He just takes his time, lapping at every inch of my pussy, tasting its sweet honey and inhaling its intoxicating aroma. He pauses long enough to say, Bayan Escort “Oh love, your pussy tastes so sweet, I can’t get enough of your nectar!”

Next, he zeroes in on my clit with his mouth as his fingers enter my pulsating hole.
I pull his head closer and yell, “Oh yessss, right there, oh my god, just like that. Mmm baby, suck my clit, harder, and finger-fuck my hole! Ooooh, darling you’re going to make me cum!”

He sucks my clit into his mouth and teases it aggressively with his tongue as his fingers slide into my vaginal orifice. I begin to shake so hard he has to hold onto my bucking hips to keep me from falling off the bed.

One finger slowly pushes in and out, then two, finger-fucking me hard, feeling the muscles grasp and milk them like a small cock.

He looks up, pauses and suggests, “Cum in my mouth, baby!”

I give a breathless reply, “Oh bite my clit. Ooooh fuck, yessss, ahhhhhhhh, baby, I am cumming!”

He watches my wave of climax overtaking my body, and cannot hold back any longer. He rises up, grasps his cock, and shoves it inside me all the way with one deep thrust. He looks into my face and exclaims, “Oh fuck, my sweet Deana, that’s it, keep on cuming. I love the way your cunt feels on my cock, milk it baby! Wrap your legs around me so I can fuck you deeper. Oh, this feels so damn good!’

I watch his face contort with desire as he makes love to me. I raise my hips to meet his thrusts as the two of us move in unison. I feel another climax building from deep within my womanhood.

All of a sudden his body goes rigid, and he shouts, “Oooooooh yes, ooooooh, ahhhhhhhh, yes, oooooooh, I am there.” Shooting cum so hard, he almost loses his balance and falls off the rug onto the floor.

We lay there for awhile locked in each other’s embrace, with his cock still inside me. I wish this moment would last forever, frozen in time. I kiss him, part my lips, and intertwine my tongue with his. Afterwards I snuggle close to him while he encircles me with his arms. I then lay my head upon his chest and listen to the beating of his heart in unison with mine.

Our love is spoken without words, he belongs to me now.

The saga continues…

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