Hawaiian Treat

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I was waiting for the fireworks on the west (Ewa side) of Waikiki, on the hill behind the Fort DeRussy museum, when I saw her walk by with her family. A thin, brown-haired girl, couldn’t be a day over 20, lightly tanned skin so she couldn’t have been living here too long, probably a tourist. A thin bikini barely hid her string bean body, but it was her glance at me, brief but intense, that set me off.

She was with family, but I couldn’t be certain of relationships; a teenage boy was probably a younger brother or cousin, and another woman but too young to be her mother, too old for a school mate. I don’t know what it was about her, or me, but our eyes locked. She kept glancing at me, and I at her. I smiled, and she returned it, trying not to give herself away to her companions.

Well, that might’ve been it. I was nearly twice her age and couldn’t expect that this would amount to anything. I’m moderately athletic, and have been complemented on my well-built thighs, but I’m no muscle man. Some women are attracted to my intellectual look, and I’m easily pegged as a college professor. Not everyone finds that sexy, but I’ve occasionally found that women who do find it sexy find it *very* sexy. But it was unusual to happen at a glance.

They sat a hundred yards away or so, and I got a look at her skin a little more. Well, that at least would be a pleasant addition to the show, which was still an hour away. It was just starting to get dark and a few more groups were straggling in to find spots on the grass. Then I saw her look at me again. Not a long look, but we saw each other and stared continuously with interest while it lasted. Then she resumed a few words with her companions, but kept stealing looks my way. I got the feeling she was doing this in order to communicate in the only way she could. A simple stare could just be curiosity, or even showing offense at my interest. But the way she kept evidently trying to look at me without her companions noticing suggested something else.

It wasn’t more than 10 minutes later that she seemed to give some explanation to them and started heading back across the way she had come. She glanced at me several times, with a knowing look, but no obvious signal. Perhaps it wasn’t dark enough yet and she was afraid her companions would see. She walked 20 feet in front of me and kept going.

I might’ve been misinterpreting this entirely, but curiosity got to me, and I didn’t want to be rude, and escort kartal this could be the chance of a lifetime. So after a minute I got up and headed the same way across to the left end of the hill. I turned the corner and there she was, looking straight at me like I was expected.

“Hi” she said, as if this was both a perfectly natural and very strange meeting.

“Hello there.”

We were both smiling madly, but with a serious edge to our thoughts. Something was up and we were under some constraints.

“I’m Careen.”

“Steve, good to meet you. I…”

She edged closer to me without touching. I advanced a foot in turn. We stared at each other. She was about six inches shorter than me and lifted her head slightly as we approached. That look again, simultaneously expectant and uncertain, risking and yearning beyond hope.

I had to suggest something. People were walking past us along the sidewalk towards the beach, chairs and towels in hand. “Do you want to talk…” “Yeah, where can we go?” She sounded glad that I suggested something decisive, relieving her of some necessary coyness and encouraging her to interrupt me to get more specific. I grew bolder. “The top of the fort has some good places to sit, we just have to climb over the bushes up there.” “OK.”

I led the way, and it was dark enough that her companions surely didn’t see us walk through the shrubs along the corner at the top of the hill. We stepped over the low wall onto the deck, which housed a helicopter and a huge cannon on display, the latter set into a kind of amphitheatre with a series of concentric steps. It seemed like a decent place to watch the fireworks from itself, yet no one else was up there.

“I told my cousin I was going back to the hotel room.”

She didn’t say any more, or explain why. She didn’t need to.

“I’m glad you did.”

She looked at me, and in a moment I threw my arm around her. She fell into me and we kissed madly. In a moment we were groping and kneading each other fiercely.

“Oh my god” she moaned softly. “Oh…”

Soon we were squeezing each others’ buttocks. Hers almost fit into my hand, and at least half of it was bare skin. Her one hand madly moved from my butt to my back, caressing my hairs, as her other hand kneaded my chest. I brushed alongside her small breasts, focusing on the exposed skin along her side.

Her head swiveled as she looked around somewhat nervously, as if just uğur mumcu escort now considering whether we were sufficiently hidden. There was a small, disused staircase going down to a locked door. Very dark down there. I saw her glance and a moment had led us both down to the bottom. It was a little dirty, but I threw my towel down to the concrete flood and sat down on the first step. She immediately sat on top of my legs, facing me, and we resumed our mad necking.

“Oh god, if you have a condom…” (kiss, kiss)

“I do, actually.” (kiss, gasp, smooch)

How the hell was this happening so quickly? We could barely get our words out between all this fervent face sucking.

I pushed her up slightly. She stood with just a little reluctance, trusting me. I stood up and reached into my billfold for my little safety helper.

She wasn’t going to brook any delay. She kneeled down on the towel and put her face in my crotch. I helped her hand to the edge of my swimming suit and together we slid out my rigid penis. She felt it for a moment, then took it into her mouth. If her plan was to make sure I was hard, it soon proved unnecessary and after ripping open my package I pulled out to slip it over.

“Lean forward” I said as I stepped around her. She bent down to the ground and I kneeled behind her, pushing her legs apart. With both hands on her small bottom, I slipped her bikini down about six inches. God, I wish I could’ve seen it in better light, but my eyes were adjusting partly to the dimness and I could see enough to bring myself to her moist vagina and slide it gently in.

“OH my GOD” she said, not in a scream but with a firm statement expressing relief and affirmation. I gripped the sides of her ass with both hands and started pulling her in towards me, back away, then in again.

“Aaaa.” I could hear her moan but regretting not seeing the expression on her face.

Oh my god. What was her name again?

I have never before made love to a woman whose name I didn’t know. She told it to me. So I knew it, right? That is, I had known it. Does that count? Odd the thoughts that you can entertain while deep inside a beautiful woman.

Did it matter? She wasn’t her name, she was her look, her personality. Not that I knew much of it, but I knew enough to want her, and she apparently knew me enough as well. Hell, would she know my name if I asked her right now? I hope she didn’t ask çavuşoğlu escort me.

Carey? (Thrust. Thrust. Thrust.)

No, that wasn’t it. Close though, I think.

I don’t always stay hard inside a condom but there was no losing this erection. She was small both inside and outside, but very well lubricated. And that beautiful ass, which I could now see fairly well, at least in outline, was inviting my body in the most wonderful way. I reached down to feel some of her pubic hair, and glided my thumb along her crack, rubbing her anus slightly. She moaned into a cry. I began thrusting again, I don’t know for how long. It seemed like another world we had entered, with time and laws of its own. This should not be happening, yet it was.

Forever passed, and then things felt real again. I thrust more forcefully, and felt her starting to shake. She gave soft little yips, and I just hoped that no one had yet come up onto the deck above us. The darkness of the stairwell would keep us hidden until someone looked close, but the noise might give us away if some one walked close. Fortunately there was a stiff breeze, which might have muffled our lovemaking. As I felt her vagina contract around me, I gave up my own orgasm and held her tightly against me as my cock pulsed with a series of ejaculations.

A few seconds after I finished, I resumed thrusting with my still-hard but now doubly lubricated shaft.

“Oh yes, oh yes” she whimpered in response. There was a relaxed confidence in her voice I hadn’t heard before.

“That was so good” I told her.

“Oh my god I needed that so bad.”

“Me too. I’m glad you saw me.”

A few minutes later I had pulled out and she sat down next to me. We laughed about how the floor was a bit hard on our elbows and knees, but clearly we thought it worth the hardship, and were soon kissing again, just a little slower but just as earnestly as before.

We stopped and looked at each other again. What next, I wondered? What could possibly be the next logical step, what else could we add that would make sense at this moment?

She gazed at me tenderly, looked away for a moment, then back up.

She leaned in ever so slightly and looked at me just slightly off center, as if slightly hesitant, then opened her mouth in a simple, soft declaration. Without any hint of reprobation, as if giving both a reminder and a questioning hint, she said, “Careen.”

Ah. I smiled. “Steve.”

She looked relieved.

“I need to get back, they’ll wonder where I am.”

“Yes, they might. But look, I’d like to know…”

Oh yes, she did too. She gave me her cell phone number, and you know I didn’t forget it. But that’s for another story….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32