Having Kate Ch. 01

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Ted had been a college professor for almost 25 years. He had more students pass through his class than he could ever dream to count. Sure there were a few girls along the way who had caught his eye. But he was a happily married man, and held himself as an ethical educator who would never cross the line. That all changed this past school year.

Kate was a hard working student, who had always prided herself on achieving high grades in school. While she had plenty of friends, she had always been lacking in the romance department. Being overweight, standing at 5 foot 6 and 225 pounds guys weren’t exactly knocking eachother over to get to her. And for Kate’s part she never really tried because she always assumed rejection was the only possible outcome.

At the beginning of the fall semester the college sophomore wasn’t particularly excited when she entered Ted’s class for the first time. She grabbed a seat in the front row of the lecture hall as was her custom. But English wasn’t really her thing. Ted entered the room and took his place behind the podium at the front of the lecture hall. He looked around at a group of 150 new students most of whose names he would probably never learn.

As he surveyed the room he found Kate sitting front and center. Ted had always been attracted to larger women. His wife being something of a BBW herself. And when he saw Kate for the first time his cock couldn’t help but twitch.

The 19 year old had dark red hair that flowed down to her mid back. Her blue eyes seemed to sparkle even from a distance. The dark green shirt she was wearing hugged her bulky top, her large breasts stretching the cotton material seemingly to its max. Ted caught himself starring at Kate and saw that she had caught him too. Kate smiled at him awkwardly, not exactly sure if he was looking at her. Or if he was doing, what most guys seemed to do, looking past her.

Kate was never in to older guys, she didn’t have daddy issues or feel a need to be taken care of. But she did find Ted attractive. Standing about 6 foot 2, Ted was a runner with a slim build, and a beard that hadn’t quite grayed as much as the hair on the of his head. His face was masculine, and a little gruff with the beard, but there was something soft in his eyes that caught Kate’s attention.

The two made eye contact for just a brief moment then Ted quickly started class. Already feeling guilty for even noticing a student the way he had.

Throughout class, Ted would glimpse at Kate, finding her more attractive each time he did. Even as he continued his lecture he couldn’t help but picture those blue eyes staring up at him as Kate would take his hard cock between those full red lips.

Kate thought she noticed her professor looking at her more than she was used to being looked at. But again she figured he was probably just looking past her.

After class ended Ted stayed in front of the room, to allow any students who had individual questions the opportunity to come and ask. He was hoping Kate would come up. But to his disappointment he saw her get up and start heading back towards the exit. As she did though, he couldn’t help but notice the way her blue jeans hugged her large round ass. Again his cock twitched in his pants as he watched Kate walk away.

Weeks passed, and every Tuesday and Thursday Kate would be in the same seat intently listening to Ted’s lecture. And with each passing class Ted’s attraction to Kate grew. At night he would find himself picturing her naked in bed. Imagining her hands on her bare full breasts. Thinking what it would feel like to hold her meaty round ass cheeks in his hands as her kissed her mouth deeply.

Finally, the attraction grew too strong and Ted had to have the girl. As mid terms approached, he finally got up the nerve to make his move.

“Kate can I speak to you for a moment?” he asked one day after class. Kate was surprised that her professor even knew her name. But nodded silently. “You’ve been doing some excellent work in class. I think you have a real talent for writing. Would you be able to stop by my office about 3 this afternoon? There’s an opportunity I’d like to discuss further with you.”

“Wow,” was all Kate could manage to say at first. She had always worked hard at school but had largely seemed to go unnoticed. “Thank you. Sure I’ll be there at three.”

Ted had never truly seduced anybody. He and his wife had fallen in love, and he hadn’t had to do much convincing. He wasn’t exactly sure how we was going to get Kate into bed but he knew he had to have her.

As three o’clock approached Ted waited nervously sivas escort in his office. Was Kate going to be accepting of his advances? Or would she go running in disgust and report harassment to the dean?

For Kate’s part she had an odd feeling about going to see her professor. The thought kept crossing her mind that he was interested in her. But that couldn’t be, no guy was ever interested in her. Still, she felt a nervous sexual energy as she knocked on Ted’s office door.

“Come in,” Ted’s deep voice sounded from inside,

Kate slowly opened the door, and stepped into the office. Ted was sitting behind his desk which faced the door. He smiled when he saw her, and she gave a small nervous smile in return.

“Why don’t you shut the door and have a seat,” Ted said as he pointed to one of the two brown chairs facing his desk.

Kate nodded, shutting the door behind her and taking a seat, on the other side of the desk from her professor.

“I don’t know what this opportunity is, but I just want to thank you for thinking of me,” Kate said, nervously.

“Kate, I’ll be honest,” Ted said, trying to be as confident sounding as he could. “You are an excellent student. You work hard, you care and it shows in the papers you turn in.”

“Thank you,” Kate said, smiling with pride.

“But school work isn’t the reason I asked you here today,” Ted said as he got up from his seat and walked around the desk to the door, which he locked.

“It’s not?” Kate asked, feeling a little disappointed. She got a little nervous seeing Ted lock the door. But she couldn’t help feeling a little excited. It looked as though she was right. He was interested in her.

“No, it’s not,” Ted said as he leaned back against the desk right in front of where Kate was sitting. “Kate, has anybody ever told you how beautiful you are?”

Kate was taken aback by the question, maybe her quiet fantasy was actually coming true. She was so surprised all she could do was shake her head no.

“That’s a shame,” Ted said, shaking his head. “Because I think you’re absolutely gorgeous. That long red hair, your blue eyes, soft red lips, even your freckles are beautiful.”

“I don’t know what to say, ” Kate said, feeling her face blushing, her heart beating and a small amount of dampness between her legs. “Thank you,” it was meant as a statement but came out more as a question.

“Come here,” Ted said, holding out his right hand. Slowly Kate stood up and moved closer to her professor. “Wow,” Ted said as he looked deeply into Kate’s face for the first time. “Absolutely stunning,” he added as he softly ran his hand through Kate’s long red hair.

Kate felt herself blushing even deeper at her professor’s words. Her breath catching as she felt his soft strokes of her hair.

Without another word Ted made his next move leaning his face into Kate’s he kissed her softly at first. Relishing the feel of her soft lips against his. He cupped the back of her head with his left hand, as his right arm extended around her midsection to pull her in closer.

Kate let out a small moan of pleasure as Ted’s kiss became more intense. Before she knew it his tongue was in her mouth playing with her own. She didn’t have much experience with kissing, but she liked what Ted was doing so she let him have control.

The two kissed for a good five minutes only occasionally coming up for breaths. Ted’s hands were now exploring Kate’s body. Moving up and down her sides. She was embarrassed as she knew he was feeling her fat. But it felt good to be touched in such a way. Ted was getting more and more turned on as his hands explored the meaty torso through Kate’s shirt.

Slowly Ted found the bottom of Kate’s shirt, his right hand sliding up underneath. His cock jerked as his hand made contact with the flesh of Kate’s meaty stomach. Hearing Kate’s soft moan from the touch Ted allowed his hand to further up Kate’s front until he felt the soft fabric of her bra.

Kate gasped as her breast was touched by another person for the first time. Ted squeezed her right breast feeling its fullness. This only making Kate moan louder into Teds open mouth.

Suddenly Ted broke the kiss, with his right hand continuing to fondle Kate’s breast, his left hand grabbed onto Kate’s thick jean covered ass. Ted used his left hand to pull Kate into him even more and his mouth went to her neck. Passionately kissing the soft skin of her neck, his lust for her growing by the second. Kate moaned again as she felt her professor’s mouth begin to suck on the tender skin of her neck.

“That çorum escort feels good,” Kate said softly, without thinking.

Emboldened by the statement Ted used his left hand to grab Kate’s right hand and bring it to the crotch of his pants. Instantly Kate could feel Ted’s throbbing hard cock through the his stretched khaki pants.

“That’s because of you, baby,” Ted whispered into Kate’s ear. “You get me so turned on,” he added as he moved both his hands to the button of Kate’s jeans, opening them in one fluid motion. Kate, unsure of what to do, kept rubbing the bulge in Ted’s pants.

Suddenly she felt a hand slide down the inside of her white panties. Her head fell onto Ted’s shoulder as his fingers ran over the lips of her pussy for the first time. Kate had never been touched in such a way, and Ted’s touch was so soft, teasing it made her knees weaken.

“Mmm, you feel so nice,” Ted whispered into her ear as his fingers slowly spread her lips apart. “Nice and wet,” he added as his pointer finger slid between her lips and searched for her clit. “You want more baby?” he asked as his finger ever so lightly brushed against Kate’s clit making her moan in frustrated pleasure.

“Yes,” she answered into his neck.

“Then you’re going to need to do something for me,” Ted whispered as he swiped his finger over her clit one more time. “Get on your knees for me baby.”

With that, Ted withdrew his hands from Kates body, causing her to grunt in frustration. Slowly Kate takes a step back and lowers her self to her knees. Ted stands up and looks down at his student, on her knees looking back at him. Her freckled face is flushed from arousal. Her blue eyes wide with anticipation.

“Take off your shirt for me baby,” Ted said as he started to undo his belt.

Embarrassed, Kate hesitantly began to pull her shirt up over head, before letting it fall to the floor next to her. Ted takes in the sight, which makes his cock twitch even harder. Kate’s skin is so white and soft looking. Her large breasts are pushed up by her tan bra. Ted needs to see more.

“Now the bra,” he tells her.

Kate likes being told what to do, and quickly follows, Ted’s instructions. Reaching behind her to unclasp her bra, the garment slowly falls forward exposing two large, soft looking breasts with small pink nipples poking out from each center.

Ted steps closer to Kate and slowly reaches down, fondling her right breast. The meaty breast feels heavy in his hand but her skin is soft.

“Mmm,” Ted groaned as he continued to fondle his student. “So, so sexy. Pull my pants down baby.”

Kate, slowly puts her hands on the waist of Ted’s pants and pulls them down. Ted purposefully did not wear underwear that day, so immediately his throbbing cock is exposed, only inches from Kate’s.”

“Suck me baby;” Ted said has he put a hand on the back of Kate’s head and guided her closer to his cock. Kate, had only done this a couple of times before, but she quickly opened her mouth and let Ted’s cock slide between her lips.

Kate’s mouth was warm and wet, and Ted could feel her tongue on the underside of the head of his cock. He groaned softly as Kate slowly started to move her head up and down, taking half of Ted’s cock into her mouth. Ted kept his hand on the back of her head guiding her gently to keep going.

“Look up at me baby,” Ted said as he looked down at Kate, his cock lodged in her mouth. “Let me see those beautiful eyes.”

Kate looked up at Ted, as she continued to suck his cock. Ted moved his hand to cup her cheek as the sight of her big blue eyes looking up at him turned him on even more.

“That’s it baby, suck that cock,” Ted encouraged in a husky voice as he ran his fingers over the smooth skin of Kate’s fleshy cheek.

Kate found herself enjoying the feel of Ted’s cock in her mouth. She could feel how hard he was getting, his cock throbbing against her tongue. No one had ever wanted her like this, and the feeling was turning her on.

“Oh baby there’s so much more I want to do to you,” Ted moaned as he ran his fingers through Kate’s red hair, “I want all of you baby girl!”

Ted could feel his climax nearing, and as much as he wanted to rxplode in Kate’s mouth, there were other things he wanted to do before cumming. Just in case this was the only opportunity he had with her.

“Stand up, baby,” Ted said, almost reluctantly.

Kate pulled her mouth of his cock, and slowly stood. Ted pulled her into him and began kissing her passionately as his hands roamed her naked torso, denizli escort down her fleshy sides to the waist of her unbuttoned jeans. Quickly he started pulling on the tight fitting jeans, pushing them down hard to get them over Kate’s large ass.

“Get naked for me baby,” Ted said as he broke the kiss.

Kate quickly kicked off her shoes, and stopped out of jeans before hesitantly taking off her white panties. Her pussy was barely visible as the fat from her stomach hung low over pelvis, but this only turned Ted on more.

Ted quickly pulled Kate back to him, this time kissing her neck as his hand went right for her hairy pussy. He fondled her lips, before parting them and ravishing her clit with his finger. Long fast strokes of her clit had Kate moaning and getting wetter by the second.

“I’m going to fuck you,” Ted whispered into Kate’s ear.

“Here?” Kate asked. She had envisioned what her first time was going to be like. She never thought about losing her virginity in an office.

“Yeah,” Ted whispers. “I’m going to bend you over my desk, and fuck you. You’re sooo wet, I’ll slip right in.”

“Ok,” Kate said hesitantly.

She felt Ted remove his hand from her pussy, he kissed her hard on the mouth as he fondled both her breasts hard. With out warning Ted broke the kiss and to Kate by the shoulders. Shuffling both of them around so Kate had her thighs up against the desk, and Ted was standing behind her.

Gently, Ted put a hand in the middle of Kate’s back and pushed. Kate bent forward until her arms rested on the desk. Ted put his hands between her thighs making her spread her legs just enough. Slowly he took his right index finger and started fingering Kate from behind. Kate moaned as Ted’s digit moved in and out of her pussy.

Removing his finger, Ted took a step back to take in the view. Kate’s large ass, two large white fleshy globes separated by an invitingly small crack was on full display. Her hairy pussy looked so pink and enticing.

“Do you have a condom?” Kate asked, suddenly, as she leaned prone over the desk.

“Are you on birth control?” Ted asked as he began to rub his cock against Kate’s ass, leaving trails of precum along her snow white flesh.


“Then don’t worry about it,” Ted responded as with one hand he spread Kate’s ass open.

He looked down and saw cutest pink asshole he had ever seen. “Not today but soon,” he thought to himself, as with his free hand he guided his cock to Kate’s waiting pussy.

Kate was wet, but she was also tight, and Ted had give an extra push but soon his cock was lodged inside of Kate. Kate stifled a loud moan into her arms has her virginity was taken by her professor. Ted stood motionless for a moment just enjoying the warm, wet tightness of Kate’s pussy.

Slowly Ted started to fuck his student. Slow long strokes making Kate feel every inch of his cock. Soon Kate started getting wetter as the feel of Ted’s cock turned from pain to pleasure. Ted put a hand on each of Kate’s ass cheeks and spread them wide to get the best view he could. He loved seeing his cock moving in and out of that sweet pink pussy.

“Oh sexy baby, you feel soo good!” Ted exclaimed as he continued to fuck her. “Mmm that pussy is so hot!” he added as began to fuck Kate harder.

“Ohhh that feel good,” Kate said breathlessly.

“Finger your clit, while I fuck you. I want my sexy baby to cum hard.”

Awkwardly Kate shifted her right hand down, and found her clit and began to rub just like she would just like when she was alone in bed. Kate could feel her body tighten as Ted began to fuck her even harder. She moaned into the desk as waves of pleasure rode over her body. She could feel her orgasm building.

“That’s it baby,” Ted said, feeling her pussy clench around his cock. “That’s my baby girl. Cum for me, let me know how much you like getting fucked. Cum on my cock!”

Ted’s word only turned Kate on more, and she began fingering her clit n

harder. She felt Ted dig his fingers into the meaty flesh of her ass as he started pounding her as hard as he could. Without warning Kate’s orgasm overtook her. Her body shook hard, her pussy squirted just a little as waves of unequaled pleasure over took her. Wanting to scream but knowing she had to be at least a little quiet, Kate moaned into her arm.

“That’s it baby,” Ted encouraged as he felt Kate cum. “Oh that feels so good on my cock. You’re dripping wet. Get ready baby girl!” Ted grunted as he felt his balls draw up tight to his body. He gave one last hard thrust, sending a long shot of cum deep into Kate’s freshly deflowered pussy.

Exhausted Ted collapsed onto Kate, and began gently kissing the back her neck.

“Did that feel good,” he asked her, as he tried to catch his breath.

“Yeah,” Kate said shyly.

“Good,” Ted said. “Cause next time there’s so much more I want to do to you.”

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