Have Hands–Will Travel Jamie 3

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Big Tits

Jamie’s Weekend— Sunday

I was prepared for Jamie’s last visit on Sunday early. The stones were heated and a fresh sheet on my table, along with some incense I burned one after another until her arrival at 4 pm.
She arrived carrying a gym bag just as the guy was delivering a large pizza I had ordered. He gave me the ‘look’ –like I was a pimp or something. I tipped him $5.00 and he left smiling.

Jamie looked the part of a very Gothic chick I’d seen on TV lately on N.C.I.S. Her eyeliner and eyeshadow were dark blue, which made her dark eyes stand out. The dark hair looked like she had just ran her fingers through it and said to hell with it…
Her black choker had little spikes all round. Her black body stocking did little to hide her ample breasts. She had a sports bra under it,also black. A black vest did it’s best to hide it all.
Her short mini skirt was a side zipper type, also black. Her black,highly polished boots had low heels, but came just over the calve.

Fine – I thought. If she wants to look the part, might as well play the game. She scarfed down about half the pizza and drank bottled water. I was in my camo shorts and wife beater tee..
I came up behind her and placed each palm on an ass cheek, fondling them. After sitting her water down, she turned and suddenly grabbed my tee, ripping it to shreds from my chest.

Kinky as hell..I have plenty of them. I pulled her to me , kissing her roughly as her hands cupped my ass. One came round to find my already swelling cock, squeezing it rather hard. My hand found the zipper on the mini, zipped it down and jerked it to her ankles. Jamie kicked it off and to the side. I went to my knees as she held me by my hair on each side.
I began to nip and bite lightly at her breasts, unsure how to get her out of the body stocking..Jamie helped in some way cause after her vest came off, she was out of it in a flash. Her alabaster white skin added to the ‘goth’ effect as she pulled my face into her crotch. I could see her labia through the fine black pubic hair.
She had Musk Oil on, which nearly drove me stupid with desire. I cupped her ass cheeks in both hands. My tongue found her moist slit, and her erect clitoris. Her groan gave her away as I sucked noisily at her entrance. Within a couple of minutes, she whispered–

“I-I’m gonna cum Dano!”
I stiffened my tongue into a long U and tongue fucked her as the first orgasm shook her body. I thought she would pull my hair out. Her thick fluids spurted all around my tongue, and ran down the sides of her upper thighs. She pulled my face roughly into her crotch. I let it flow, standing to kiss her and let Jamie taste her own cum.

I backed her to my massage table and turned her to bend over it. I went to my knees again, licking up the fluids on her thighs, then depositing it in her ass cheeks. My tongue played again, sliding from clit to anus as she backed her Koşuyolu Escort ass onto my face. Jamie used her hands to spread her cheeks while she said-
“God—Yes! That feels so good-Ahhh!!” I used my two middle fingers to probe her tight, wet vagina as my tongue penetrated her anus a couple of inches. I bumped across her G-spot a few times to get her going again.
“Aahhhgg—Eat it! I’m cummminnggg! Eat my ass out Dano!” I was game as she was and another orgasm, this one being anal in origin suddenly spasmed her muscle around my stiff tongue.

While she was screaming my name, I rose and placed the wide head of my cock at her dilated anus. The pink muscle gave way easily as I slipped inside. I wasn’t fully erect , which helped me in gaining entry. Inch by slow inch I sank inside. I ‘inch fucked’ her …letting my cock grow slowly while she adjusted to my size. I was in all but the last couple when she begged me to fuck her harder. I bottomed out—taking her breath as she climaxed again, backing her ass onto my hardness. “Oh-Shit—I’m cumming again!!”

I withdrew all but the wide head, letting her savor the feeling, driving quickly again to the bottom,my heavy balls slapping her clitoris. Now having taken her anal ‘cherry’ also, I let her dictate the pace of the strokes, as well as the penetration.
Jamie was hooked– “anally speaking” on this type of sex. She was a natural, placing one knee up on the table to open herself even wider. My balls continued to slap at her clit. Her strokes were fast and deep,as her gasps of breath and her trembling legs gave her away..
“Nnngh– Oh My G-God!!!” She grabbed my ass cheeks so hard with her fingernails she brought a little blood.
Her anal tunnel gripped and released me several times as I pulled her hair roughly to match her last strokes. My climax was just as intense, filling her ass to overflowing as she collapsed onto the table.
“Ooohhh —Your cum is so hot!” My thick cock was numb as I eased out of her, releasing copious amounts of my cum to pool on the sheet. Jamie begged me not to take it out.

This pace was too much for her, so I helped her to lie tummy down on the table,her face in the cradle. I lined four stones each on her thighs.
This made her purr –“Yes-Those are so warm.”
While the heat soaked in, I moved to massage her scalp and temples. She was still having the aftershocks of orgasms, her body twitching . As I moved to her shoulders, she spoke.

“Dano- what am I supposed to do after you’re gone? Masturbation isn’t even close to feeling like this.”
I let my open hands slide down her sides, my fingertips barely touching the skin. Her whole body was quickly covered in chill bumps. I thought my answer through before responding.

“ Just keep being the same sweet teenager you are. Find a boyfriend you are really attracted to. Don’t ever tell of our thing together, but make him aware he needs to pleasure Escort Koşuyolu you first to warm you up. You orgasmed so easily with me cause I knew what buttons to push. Show him those same buttons.”

My hands were on her ass and all talking ceased as she groaned how good it felt. I lightly oiled them and made opposing circles on the cheeks, spreading her crease wide to gaze at her charms. Her anus winked at me, as it seemed to invite me back. I let an oiled finger drag slowly down the center of it. Jamie’s hips left the table, trying to trap the digit. She was one hot little lady.

I removed the stones to reheat as I turned her over. I massaged up her spread thighs to her pubic mound, applying all the pressure I thought she could stand.
“Place your hands in the cradle and lay your head on them. Put your thighs together. Don’t move them till I say to.”
She immediately obeyed, locking her fingers together behind her head. I pushed her thighs together as I moved up to her tummy. In this position, you could bounce quarters off her tummy or breasts, they were stretched so taut.

I bent to lick and suck at her navel. It took her breath as my tongue licked toward the tights mounds of her breasts. Her nipples were already rock hard in expectation of things to come. My fingers still played with her clit even though she was told to keep her thighs together. This caused her to squirm and wiggle around, moaning . Her breaths were getting short and labored. My tongue trailed between her heaving breasts as Jamie screamed at me..
“ P-Please suck my tits!-Now!” My middle finger slipped inside her tight folds, adding to her torment of pleasure. I placed my hot lips over her nearest nipple, sucking it and rolling my tongue all round the bud.
“Nnghh—P-Put another finger in mee– Dano—Please!” She hunched her crotch at my fingers, her clit dragging the palm of my hand. I let my second middle digit slide inside her tightness while my other hand reached to pinch her other nipple. Her orgasm was explosive and intense,with Jamie directing me like a dominatrix..

“Ahhhhh—C-Ccum—mmingg!” I pulled my soaked fingers from her pussy and began to use my open hand to ‘spank’ her labia and pubic mound—not really hard, but firm enough to keep her cumming profusely onto the sheet. “You may spread your thighs now.” They flew apart as my hand continued to spank her all round her upper thighs and crotch.
“Y-Yess!! Don’t stop! Oh that feels so wonderful!”

I slapped till both her upper inner thighs and labia were a bright shade of pink. I left her in the throes of orgasm, pulling her to the end of the table. Her hands were still hooked behind her head. Laying her ankles over my shoulders,my fat cock split her soaked labia, and I took two strokes to bottom out against her cervix.
“Aww—Yesss!!! Fuck me!! Fuck me hard!” Jamie screamed.

Her cunt spasmed around my cock as I put my best moves Koşuyolu Escort Bayan on her. I would bottom out, roll my hips to grind her clit against my pubic bone, then bring it back up, leaving only the head inside her inner lips. She was in continuous orgasm now, and I could sense it scared her a little.
Looking into her eyes, I said “You are absolutely the hottest girl I have ever fucked! You may drop your hands now..”
Her thighs pulled downward to cross on my chest. It seemed to reassure her as her hands came from behind her and wound around my neck. This position let those couple of thick inches behind my balls spread her tight twat so wide her clit slid onto my shaft as we fucked. Her incredible heat from inside made my heavy balls draw up, and I came very hard, drenching her insides with hot cum.

“Y-Yes!! I feel it-it’s so hot!!–Ahhgg–Nooo” Jamie’s eyes rolled as her body shook, her cunt muscles milking my juices to mix with hers. She fell faint for a few moments , then recovered .. She pulled me down to whisper …..
“Oh –I could love you so much!” I kissed her deeply and replied– “Yes- It would be very easy to fall for you also, but think of our ages..I could get jail time for this.”
“Then they would have to lock me up too,cause I’m the one that told you how to find me.”

I wrapped her legs at my waist and carried her to the bed. I was still up to my balls in her as I rolled to my back and let her ride me. My numb cock was half hard, enough to still take her breath as she rolled her hips.

Jamie came up off her knees to squat on her feet, and with her perfect balance, rode me hard as my cock made an attempt to rise again. She spun around to face my feet, her tight muscles nearly wringing my cock off..
With her pretty ass in view , I got my second or third wind. Using the pad of my thumb, I massaged her wet anal muscle as she moaned loudly, begging for more. I used my two middle fingertips to slip inside her, and her moans increased as I buried them in her ass.
She rode out another wave of orgasms, one blending into another. The muscles in her cunt and ass spasmed over and over as she drenched me in fluids. I let go of my final orgasm as she fell forward to her knees,her strength failing her finally as my cock managed to spurt a few more lines of semen into her.
I popped my fingers out of her ass, replacing them with my cock. Jamie looked around and smiled as she slid down the slick shaft..her ass muscles clenching it tightly. I had her lay back and lay on top off me, her head cradled in my shoulder. Her ass muscles milked every drop of cum left in me as we kissed again..

We spent our remaining time forming a plan to see each other at least a couple of weekends a year. She knew her parents vacation plans months in advance, and they always left her with the Nanny, preferring to be by themselves..Oh well—What’s a young girl to do with herself.. Jamie’s getting too old to play with dolls…That is certain..

Yes- this fantasy just might be played out in the near future..

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