Haunted Mirror Ch. 06

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Olivia stood by the front door and put on her clothes, looking a bit sad to have to be doing so.

“Thanks for the wonderful time, Vivian! It was, you know… magical. Maybe literally.”

“I’m so glad you came over! I feel… I don’t even know how to put it into words. I just…”

Her eyes were on the verge of tearing up again, as she felt a wave of emotions starting to come over her.

“You don’t have to!”

The two of them moved in for a kiss, but stopped.

“Shoot, we’d better not. If we get stuck again, I might miss work. I’m supposed to meet up with Lorenzo today. Kind of important.”

“I’ll take a rain check on that kiss, then,” Vivian promised.

“Yeah, I guess we’ll have to,” she agreed, though she seemed sad to leave her new lover without some sort of show of intimacy.

“You could take one last peek at this silky-smooth vagina! Was that what you called it?”

“Hmm, I like how it feels most of all, buuuut… it does look absolutely fantastic! And I unfortunately didn’t have much of a chance to get a close look yet.”

Olivia got down on her knees and held her face less than a foot from Vivian’s private parts, until she could feel her breath on her skin. Vivian held her hips forward to give her the best view possible.

“Oh my God…” she gasped. “That is soooo beautiful!”

She bit her lower lip and just gazed at Vivian’s nude body, occasionally looking up to admire her breasts, with their abnormally long nipples. It was a strange feeling being ogled like that. She never imagined being put on display like that could feel good. Olivia’s gaze wasn’t predatory, like some of the people who make passes at her out on the street, or when one of her Instagram followers leaves a gross comment on one of her lingerie pics. She knew Olivia also saw the beauty of the person inside. She had proven that!

“Well, I think I’d better stop before I have a wet spot bad enough to show through!”

She stood up, and looked like she wanted to hug her, but tensed her arms at her side to stop herself. Not getting her goodbye hug or kiss looked like it was torture for her! Vivian did the best she could, and blew her a kiss. Olivia snickered, but returned the gesture. She opened the door a crack, peeked out into the stairwell for Vivian’s sake, then opened it just wide enough to slip out.

“I’ll call you when I’m done with work. Oh, I might be late today. I’ll let you know.”

“Okay. I’ll see you soon.” She paused, trying to work up the courage to say what hardly even needed to be said. Then why was it so hard? She swallowed, and then forced the words to come out.

“I love you!” Her heart seemed to stop mid-beat as she waited for Olivia’s reply.

“I love you, too! Bye!”

And with that, she was gone.

All at once, a feeling of giddiness overcame her, almost overpowering! She had said she loved her! Her heart was melting! She did a quick little dance, not knowing how else to properly express her happiness. She flopped herself down across her couch, with both arms resting under her head on the armrest and one leg dangling over the other. She breathed in deeply, and let it all out in one big, happy sigh! She must have had the stupidest grin of all time on her face, but she couldn’t have cared less.

She rubbed her hand over the leather on her couch. Olivia’s bare skin had touched that leather. She wasn’t sure how that made her couch special, especially when her bare skin had been all over her, too, but it did. She thought about Olivia’s kisses (kisses so good they were nearly impossible to pull away from), remembered the warm feeling of their bare bodies touching, her hand gently massaging her crotch, somehow even more tender and loving than it was sexual, though it was that, too. But there was more to it than that. Those pleasant sensations were just physical things to associate with the less tangible aspects of Olivia’s person: her kind words, her support and compassion, how she put her at ease and brought her comfort, how Vivian felt safe with her.

“Aww, I think somebody’s in looooove!” the voice of Abigail rang in her head, sickeningly sweet with sarcasm. “Ugh. You’re practically tittering like a schoolgirl after her first kiss. Well, at least she knows how to fuck, so there’s that.”

“God damn it, Abigail! Do you have to shit on everything that makes me happy? But seriously, though, thanks for staying out of it all last night. I did appreciate the space you gave us.”

“You mean thank you for making it happen in the first place? Thank you for making you feel a tingle in your otherwise bone-dry loins, and for almost literally dragging her home with you?”

Suddenly, Vivian felt the desire to put her clothes back on. That feeling of safety that Oliva had created was vanishing. But she also needed a shower first. She could feel dried sweat all over her skin, and she wasn’t even sure how much of it was hers, so she threw her old clothes into the hamper and stepped into the bathroom.

“Hey, bahis şirketleri at least she’s down with your weird magic tricks!” Vivian said, trying to change the subject to something they could agree on.

“MY weird tricks? YOU’RE the one who decided to touch the mirror with your nipples instead of your hand like a normal person. What was I supposed to do? NOT spring the trap because you were in danger of liking it?”

“Oh, whatever! YOU’RE the one keeping the nipple theme going! Although… you know what? You’re right. Maybe Olivia and I are getting into it. So, how about no more kink shaming, and we all agree to enjoy what we enjoy with no judgements? By the way, since we’re talking about it, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you. When my boobs get stuck… or any part, really…, I noticed pulling on it never seems to hurt. Is that part of the same ‘stuck’ thing that you do to me?”

“Yes, of course it is. The idea behind the binding curse was to trap whoever touches the mirror, not rip a little skin off and let them go free.”

“Kind of what I figured. So, I was wondering, is there any way you can let Olivia get that benefit, too? When we had out nipples stuck together, it hurt her to pull too hard. It would be nice to be able to struggle a little harder next time.”

“That could be difficult. It’s complicated magic. I was trapped in there for several lifetimes, and I still haven’t figured out how all of it works. I don’t know if I can spread it through skin to skin contact alone, but maybe I can find a way.”

“And what about my nipples growing? I have a sneaking suspicion you might know something about that, too. Is that something else you learned from the mirror?”

“No. That’s a little trick I figured out myself.”

By now, the shower had warmed up. Vivian climbed inside and rinsed herself off. Within moments, she was staring at the wall of her shower in front of her chest, thinking naughty thoughts.

“Oh, what the hell?” she whispered to herself, and thrust her chest forward.

Her nipples touched the wall and instantly stuck fast to it. She pulled back a little, as if to test the strength of the magic bond. It held her nipples tightly. So wonderfully tight!

“Oooo…” she moaned, as the strong nipple stimulation began to arouse her.

Just for fun, she finished her shower that way, tugging on and stretching her breasts with every movement. By the time she was all finished, she was unbearably horny and ready to play!

“Abigail, can you unstick me, please?”

“Why? You haven’t finished yet. You’ve barely even started! You know the rules.”

“I’m going to finish. I just want to try something.” Vivian remembered the feeling of Olivia’s fingers tugging at her clinging labia, and wanted to recreate that. Somehow, she knew her own fingers just wouldn’t be the same.

“All right! But if you don’t make good on your promise…”

“Come on, you know I’m too horny not to!”

Vivian’s nipples popped free of the wall. She toweled herself off, and stepped out of the shower. She looked at her nude body in the bathroom mirror, then looked to the corner of the countertop, where it ended in a 90 degree angle. She moved so the corner was just sticking into the space between her thighs, and gently lowered her vagina down onto the countertop, as if her plump outer lips were giving it a kiss. She didn’t have to tell Abigail what she wanted her to do.

As soon as she moved, she felt a tug on her intimate skin, and gasped with pleasure! She pulled back slightly, and watched as her lips stretched out an inch. She raised herself up higher, which tugged her lips downward, making her slit look extra-long as she watched herself in the mirror. She smiled. Seeing her soft, fleshy lips stretch out like rubber as she tried in vain to pull her pussy off the countertop was such a sexy sight!

She moved her hands down to her crotch and played with her stretched-out lips. She inserted one finger in between them and began to stroke her clit. She gasped and sighed as her pleasure grew and grew!

But something was missing. After a few minutes, though it felt wonderful, she didn’t seem to be making progress toward orgasm. Her nipples were begging for attention, suddenly feeling ignored. It was almost like she had been conditioned to need nipple stimulation to get past a certain point. The mirror was too far in front of her to touch her nipples to. It would have been an awkward pose. She looked around the counter and found a bottle of hair product and one of hand moisturizer. She picked them up and stuck them to her nipples.

As soon as she released them, she could feel their weight tugging nicely on her nipples. She gently swayed her chest, and felt them swing from side to side. Yes, that was what she needed! She went like that for a few minutes, until her nipples wanted more stimulation. She regrettably had to take her hands from her pussy, but when she gave the bottles a firm tug, it was all worth it! While she tugged bahis firmaları the bottles straight out, up, down, and every direction, she managed to continue stimulating her pussy hands-free by rubbing her crotch against the countertop. Every so often, she took a break from rubbing to pull away, giving her lips a good stretch. For the next few minutes, she pulled, stretched, and rubbed her pussy against the counter again. Stretch, rub, stretch, rub…

But soon, her pussy was aching for her hands again! Her poor hands were needed in multiple places at once. She brought her hands back to her pussy, while shaking her breasts around violently. The bottles clattered all around her chest, and banged into her upper arms. As her pleasure grew, she pulled back harder and harder. She could feel her lips stretching long and thin within between her fingers. She was so close now! She fiddled with her clit, until…

She tilted her head back and gasped with pleasure!

Several minutes later, Vivian was sitting at her computer, checking the status of her Instagram posts. She had thrown on a comfy pair of sweatpants and a pair of socks. The serotonin rush from her orgasm still hung over her, keeping her in a serene, blissful mood.

“You don’t seem to be getting a lot of attention for your pictures.” Abigail commented all of a sudden.

Vivian took a deep breath, not wanting to let Abigail’s constant negativity impact her wonderful mood. “You need to be patient with these things. Stars aren’t born overnight.”

“If you say so. So, what are we doing today?”

“I honestly don’t have much planned. I was just going to stay local, maybe get some shopping done, and…”

“BECAUSE I HAVE AN IDEA!” Abigail announced eagerly, cutting her off.

“Oh, God, what?” Vivian asked, hoping it wasn’t what she was afraid of.

“I think we should take a lovely stroll through Central Park, like Olivia mentioned! The weather’s looking to be nice and warm today: no need to overdress!”

It was exactly what Vivian had been afraid of.

“I think maybe she gave you the wrong idea about that. I don’t know anything about what laws she was talking about, but even if there’s no law criminalizing it, that doesn’t mean it’s a normal thing to do! It’s going to cause trouble!”

“What trouble? If there are not laws against it, what’s stopping people? A few prudes who might clutch their pearls and shake their fingers at you?”

Vivian signed, annoyed. She opened a new tab and did a search for “topless laws NYC.” She was hoping to prove Olivia’s claim wrong. But after a few minutes, she was disappointed with what she found. Olivia had been completely right. The law barring female toplessness had been stricken down back in the 90’s on the grounds of gender equality.

“Okay, but that still doesn’t mean it’s a good idea!” she protested.

“What are you talking about? It’s not like they just never bothered to make a law against it. They specifically said there can’t be any such law! You have a legal right to be topless in public! I’m starting to like this time after all!”

Hoping to find any reason at all to not go outside naked from the waist up, Vivian read on. Nothing helped her case. She found a few pictures of a small group of girls hanging out shirtless as they sunbathed and read books. She read a blog post or two of women who had dared to try it, and to her dismay, said it wasn’t much of a disaster after all. She read a few newspaper articles and some Reddit threads on the topic. It wasn’t a common thing to do, but it wasn’t unheard of, either. And the worst thing that seemed to come of it was a little more attention than usual.

“See? What’s the problem? I say we head up there today and do a little sunbathing!”

“Uh, NO! Absolutely not!”

“Vivian, Vivian…” Abigail scolded. “Maybe it was a mistake to be so generous with you. I ease up on the reigns for one night, and suddenly you think you’re the one in control of our body. Tell me: do you hope to see Olivia again?”

“Is that a threat? You leave her out of this!”

“I stuck the two of you together exactly how and when you wanted. I even let you come apart when you asked, as if I’m some otherworldly servant of yours granting wishes! I didn’t have to be so nice! I did it because you were a good girl for me. If you want to have your next night with her to go so well, you had best continue being a good girl.”

“I… That’s not…” she stammered, but couldn’t form a sentence.

“Oh, come on, Vivian! Live a little! Do this for me, and I’ll let your next meeting with her be even more magical than the last! We’ve barely scratched the surface of my magic’s potential! I’ll stick the two of you together in any way you want, for how long you want. I’ll let you feel desires and sensations the likes of which you’ve never felt before! All I ask is that you give me the same consideration in return. Let me do something I want to do. Come on, we’ve just seen pictures of other women kaçak bahis siteleri doing it, and nobody seemed to care! If I had tried anything like that in my time, they would have called me a deviant and thrown me in an insane asylum! Just this once for me?”

Vivian sighed. The pictures she saw did make it look harmless, and despite her fear, she was strangely excited by the idea. Maybe she could find some halfway-secluded spot and sunbathe for an hour or so. That didn’t seem so terrifying. Maybe it could even be a good publicity stunt for her Instagram profile.

“-IF- I decide to go through with this, I want some promises from you first.”

“I’ve already promised to give you and your dear sweet Olivia another magical night together for this, with all my powers at your beck and call. What? What else do you want?”

“No magic tricks while I’m out there! The nipple-sticking game, as much as I’m starting to enjoy it, needs to go on hiatus while I’m in public. No other supernatural weirdness, either! No spooking complete strangers by showing them things they can’t explain. I’m going to be out of my comfort zone as it is, and having to deal with questions I can’t answer is going to make it even worse!”

“Fine. I promise.”

“You promise what, Abigail? I want to hear you say it.”

“I won’t use my magic on you while you’re out in public topless today. Your nipples won’t get stuck to anything.”

“Okay. Good.”

Vivian got up, took off her sweatpants, and started to pick out her outfit for the day. But as soon as she reached for a shirt, Abigail held her hand back.

“What are you doing? Didn’t we just agree you’re going out without any of that nonsense?”

“SERIOUSLY? That is NOT what we agreed! We’re not IN New York right now! This is New Jersey, where toplessness IS illegal, like it is in most places! So, yes, I have to take a top with me.”

Abigail groaned, but said nothing more. As Vivian finished deciding on her outfit for the day, she compared herself both topless and with her shirt. Whatever bottom she picked out, she wanted to make sure it worked well on its own. Maybe, assuming all went well, she might be able to snap a few pictures while lying on her stomach. Something teasingly provocative, but not outright lewd. She finally decided on a pair of jeans shorts, some comfortable but still stylish walking shoes, and a simple, white tank top. Before putting her shirt on, she slathered a generous amount of sunscreen all over herself. But as she reached for her bra…

“Why don’t you leave that? It will be quicker and more discreet to just slip your shirt off and on without having to fiddle with that cumbersome thing, too.”

“Seriously? Uhh… thin white shirt, no bra, and the pointiest set of nipples ever? Not the best combination!”

“I think it’s a wonderful combination! You’re still covered, right? So, it’s still legal. You’ll do fine! Leave it.”

With that, Vivian’s arms dropped the bra, acting on commands that weren’t hers. She knew there was no helping it at this point.

During the train ride, Vivian stayed quiet, as she nervously tried to think of how she was going to do what she had to do in a way that would make her feel the least vulnerable. As the PATH train began to cross over the Hudson River, she gazed out the window at the glimmering water and approaching cityscape, deep in thought.

“So, when are we in New York, exactly?” Abigail asked all of a sudden, obliterating any scrap of serenity Vivian might have been enjoying.

“As far as you’re concerned,” she sighed, “it’s when we come out of the subway. That law applies in public! So, until we’re walking around on the sidewalk out in the open, we have to follow whatever rules of conduct the business sets, including their dress code. You ever hear of ‘no shoes, no shirt, no service?'”

Vivian had no idea if the rail system had a dress code at all, but it seemed to work enough to get Abigail to change the subject.

“So, what do you suppose Olivia is really up to today? She said she’s meeting up with a man, and that she could be working late tonight! Suspicious! Are you suuuure she’s really in love with you like she said?”

“Don’t be stupid! Lorenzo’s one of the fashion designers the magazine she works for likes to cover. And, I’m preeeetty sure he’s not a threat, so get over yourself. Since when does a prostitute have jealously issues, anyway?”

“Jealousy? I’m just looking out for your interests, lovebird!”

“Oh, likely chance of that!”

Just as Vivian was making her way toward the blue line that would take her uptown toward the park, she got a series of texts from Olivia.

“Hey, sweetie! You in the city today? Lorenzo’s meeting me for a late lunch at Fraunces Tavern. And… I hope you’re not mad, but I kinda let slip a thing or two about us. Sorry, couldn’t help it! (None of the weird stuff, don’t worry.) Anyway, he says you sound amazing! He’s bringing his boyfriend. Wanna make it a double date, luv? I’ll share a Smithwick’s with you! We’re meeting at 2.”

“See?” Vivian gloated to Abigail, then sent her reply.

Vivian ascended the stairs from the subway terminal, ready to make her way to Central Park.

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