Haunted by the Futa Ghost 11: Slimed by the Tentacle Monster

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Haunted by the Futa Ghost
Chapter Eleven: Slimed by the Tentacle Monster
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

I was energized as I raced down the path lit by the half-full moon. Transformed. Changed.


I did it. I made contact with the great Kami Hangetsu, a deity both male and female, changing back and forth with the cycle of the moon. But when it was half-full, the Kami was both. And now so I was I. I had a dick. My clit turned into a hard, throbbing cock.

My Ojo-sama would be so impressed. I promised her that I would find away for us to marry. Even though I was only a lowly miko, daughter of the priest of our village’s shrine. But if I had a cock, I could marry her. Then she wouldn’t have to leave me to marry another daimyo’s son in a different province.

We wouldn’t have to be parted.

I raced with joy, my new cock bouncing inside my hakama. It was so strange. It ached and throbbed. I wanted to masturbate again. Even better, I wanted to see Mitsuko-hime, but my Ojo-sama would be in her father’s castle. I couldn’t go there tonight. I would have to wait for our daily bath at the onsen.

I couldn’t wait.

The path wound out of the forest and passed our onsen. The air was chilly despite my excitement. I was shocked by how cool it was for a summer evening. I stared ahead and…

Something glowed. A great, yellow light spilled through the trees, dancing, wavering. Fire?

Was something on fire?

My stomach clenched as I raced down the path, my excitement forgotten. There was a fire. Was it the village or…? No. It couldn’t be the shrine. No, no, no. That was impossible. The shrine couldn’t burn. It had to be something in the village, an accident or…

I reached the path that branched off to the shrine. The fire burned in that direction. I could see the flames dancing over the red arch of the tori marking the entrance to the shrine’s grounds. I swallowed, freezing for a moment.

What had happened?

I raced down the path to the shrine. I passed beneath the tori and gaped as the shrine came into view. The entire structure blazed, flames dancing through holes in the roof, the walls engulfed in fire. It spilled yellow and red light across the well-manicured grounds leading to it. There was something lying on the ground, a lump that—

“Otosan!” I shouted, racing to the figure.

I fell to the ground beside the body of my father. He was dressed in his dark-gray hakama and white haori, the garb he wore when performing a ceremony. A gohei lay near his outstretched hands. He lay on his stomach, but his head…

“Otosan!” I gasped in horror.

His head had been wrenched around, staring up at the sky, eyes wide, mouth gaping. Ugly marks wrapped about his throat, puckered like suction cups. Like the tentacles from the yokai trapped in the shrine. My stomach sank. I glanced at it and felt the malevolent energy.

Yokubo-no-Tako had escaped his prison. But he couldn’t do that. Not so long as I danced the Kagura every Autumn and Spring equinox. And that wasn’t until the next half-moon…

“No, no. How much time passed? Hangetsu, what did you do?”

When I awoke, the paper shide of my gohei looked like it had soaked in water then dried, the diamonds deformed, weathered. And the air was too chilly for summer, but not for the start of autumn. Had an entire cycle of the moon passed? Had it taken me a month to transform.

The roof collapsed in a shower of sparks as I screamed out, “NO!”

My selfishness caused this. My father’s death, the escape of the yokai. Tears fell across my father’s prone form as I cried over him. I clutched him, shaking. What had I done? What had I unleashed?

“Is that the priest?” a gruff voice asked.

I looked up to see a samurai in lacquered green armor standing over me, his helmet cradled in his arm. He knelt, his lamellar mail rattling. He stared at me, orange reflecting in the dark hairs of his topknot.

“Is that the priest, miko?” the samurai asked again.

I nodded my head. “My Otosan.”

He let out a sigh. “My apologies, miko.” He glanced at the flames. “So it is true, the yokai escape the shrine.”

I nodded my head, tears falling.

“It has come to my Lord’s castle. It has possessed him.” The man reached out, seizing my arm. “Come, you are needed for an exorcism.”

“Mitsuko-hime’s father is possessed?” I asked in shock. My stomach roiled. I wanted to sick-up.

The man nodded.

I had to go. This was all my fault. I bent down, grabbed the gohei lying beside my father. The wand had two shide fluttering from the end, the diamond chains swaying in the breeze. It was an instrument to fight evil. I tightened my grip, tears falling hot down my cheeks.

I had to fix my mistake as part of my restitution. What little that could be fixed.


500 years later…

Nothing mattered more to Yoshiko than the feel of the monster’s tentacles around her body. Not her best friend Lori running down the hallway naked, nor the blonde girl beside Lori who looked a lot like Yoshiko’s friend, Chris. Nor the moans of Ms. Lindon already caught by the tentacles and fucked to orgasmic delight. And nor the little voice screaming warning in her head.

Sayuri-chan said to run. Why aren’t I running?

Yoshiko was caught up in the aphrodisiac slime coating Yokubo-no-Tako’s tentacles and smeared across her body as they writhed around her. It made her flesh burn. Her cock throbbed as the tentacle-pussy fucked up and down her shaft, sending rapture flooding to her pussy stuffed with the tentacle-dick. It reamed her cunt hard. The half-Japanese futa writhed, her huge tits bouncing as the pleasure shot through her.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned. “Oh, that’s so good.”

“We’re coming, Yoshiko,” the blonde shouted, holding a folded piece of paper in her hand, her large tits bouncing.

Lori swung a Japanese wand with a chain of paper diamonds dangling from the end. “Just hold on!”

“Fuck me, monster,” Yoshiko moaned. “Yes, yes, yes.”

…No… the groggy voice of the futa-ghost said in Yoshiko’s mind. …No, it’ll consume all your life essence. It’ll drain you until you’re a husk…

“FUTANARI!” the monster groaned. “HAMAGURI! MUSUKO!”

“No,” Kat, Yoshiko’s bully shouted. Moments ago, the pair wrestled with each other on the ground over who could fuck the other’s pussy with their girl-dicks. Kat had won. Now she seized Yoshiko from behind, pulling on her. “I get to fuck the tentacles, not you!”

“Oh, you bitch,” Yoshiko gasped. She groaned, pulled between her bully’s grip and the pleasure of the tentacles fucking her cock and pussy. “Let go. I’m having fun! Stop being such a cunt!”

“I want to be molested by those tentacles.” Kat’s hard cock brushed Yoshiko’s ass. “I want my dick sucked by the tentacles and my cunt fucked. Please!”


Lori’s bare feet slapped on the hallway floor, echoing as she raced beside her gender-swapped, futanari girlfriend, Chris. She gripped the wand in her hand, the paper chain fluttering as she sprinted as fast as she could. Her best friend writhed in the grip of the tentacle monster, her black hair dancing as she bucked and shuddered.

Then Kat Rollins seized Yoshiko wrapped up in the purple appendages. Lori almost stumbled in shock. Kat also was a futa, her huge cock prodding Yoshiko’s ass as she tried to wrench the Japanese futa free of the tentacles’ embrace.

Kat wasn’t trying to save Yoshiko, but wanted to be fucked by the monster.

“Oh, she is always such a bitch,” Lori groaned.

“And her bitchiness is helping Yoshiko out,” Chris answered as they raced closer and closer.
Lori nodded, pushing her red hair out of her face. She gripped the smooth handle of the wand. According to Chris, Miyu had driven the monster off once with this wand and the paper seal held in Chris’s hand right now.

But the monster also took Mariah with her.

Lori didn’t want to think about that. She had to focus on saving Yoshiko from the tentacle demon. She closed the distance. It bellowed obscenely, still fucking Ms. Lindon, the English teacher, above its open mouth. Foamy jizz spurred out of her pussy as the thing came in her. The spunk was so thick and foamy, like suds washed up on the beach from the sea.

Lori reached the monster, swinging the wand at the tentacles wrapped about Yoshiko’s body. The paper chain fluttered through the air as she let out a loud shout from deep in her guts, from the diaphragm. The chain arched down right at the tentacles.

Hope surged in Lori.

The paper chain hit.

Nothing happened.

“No,” she groaned.

The monster flicked a tentacle at her. It struck her in the stomach. Heat flared through her as she stumbled back, the slime smearing across her body as it tried to seize her. Chris grabbed her from behind, hauling her back to safety.

“I can feel your boobs,” Lori gasped, undulating as her girlfriend held her from behind. “Mmm, they are so big and juicy. You are so lucky. I wish I had tits as big as yours.”

“You have to fight the lusts,” Chris groaned.

“Mmm, lusts,” purred Lori. The redhead dropped her wand, turning around.

Chris pushed her back. “You’re covered in the slime. If you touch me, I’ll be as horny as you.”

“But I want you to be as horny as me.” Lori shoved her hand between her thighs, her pussy so wet. She rubbed at her clit, missing her girl-cock. But that naughty, ghost-possessed Miyu had stolen it from her not long ago. “Fuck me! Get out your cock and fuck my hot, juicy cunt. I know how much you love my pussy, Chris.”

“Fuck,” Chris groaned as Lori shuddered, two fingers from both her hands stretching out her pussy. She fucked Escort them in fast, loving the sound.

“Yes, fuck,” Lori moaned, her pussy clenching on her four digits. “Let’s fuck right now.” She fell to the floor, spreading her legs wide. “See how juicy I am, Chris? See how hot my pussy is? Don’t you just want to ram that big, thick girl-cock of yours into my cunt? I love your new dick. So much bigger than the one you had as a boy.”

“Just… Just stay there and masturbate,” Chris groaned and rushed at the monster.

“Wait,” Lori gasped. “Please, fuck me, Chris!”


Chris shivered in fear. She wanted to grab Lori and run, but Yoshiko needed help. Chris, Lori, and Yoshiko had been close friends since they were kids. When Chris was a boy, he never thought it was weird that Yoshiko was a lesbian. He never asked her to make out with Lori or demeaned her. She was just Yoshiko to him. His friend.

And now her friend needed help.

Thrusting the ofuda forward, Chris rushed the monster. She hoped the folded piece of rice paper, covered in Japanese writing, would be more effective than the wand. What if only a shrine maiden like Miyu can use these effectively?

“CHICHI!” bellowed the tentacle monster. A purple tentacle lashed out a Chris.

She flinched, moving the ofuda like it were a shield to block the incoming attack. A bright, white light flared as the tentacle surge at Chris. The rubbery appendage flinched back, the monster bellowing in pain. Hope surged through Chris.

And lust.

Droplets of slime peppered her tits, each one a small, burning point of passion. Her clit itched to sprout into a futa-dick. Chris grit her teeth, fighting the lusts. She had to advance on the monster to free Yoshiko and Ms. Lindon then drive off the creature. She couldn’t give into her lusts and—

“I need that cock!,” moaned Lori, seizing Chris from behind.

The blonde shuddered, her girlfriend’s face burying into her pussy from behind, licking, tonguing. Sensations stirred through Chris. Her body writhed, tits heaving. The lusts she fought only intensified as Lori’s tongue slid through her folds, teasing her.

Her clit sprouted an inch.

“Lori,” Chris groaned, struggling to take a step forward. But Lori had her arms locked tight about the blonde’s waist, her fingers reaching down, finding Chris’s clit. “Fuck!”

Her clit throbbed beneath Lori’s assault, swelling larger and larger. The redhead’s tongue penetrated the blonde’s pussy, swirling, stirring such lust through her. She gripped the ofuda, moaning and shivering.

“Yes,” Kat gasped, seized by the tentacles. One turned into a pussy, slamming down her cock.
Chris groaned. Her futa-dick sprouted, aching to be engulfed by the monster’s tentacle-pussy. Lori’s hand stroked her shaft, the redhead licking and tonguing her pussy so hard. Chris shuddered, losing the battle against her lusts.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Yoshiko screamed in bliss, her pussy and cock both fucked by tentacles. She thrashed, her huge tits bouncing. Her round, blue eyes shot wide open, her arms thrown wide. Slime glistened on her body, smeared by the undulating, purple tentacles.

Have to save her!

With a surge of will, Chris stepped forward, pulling away from her girlfriend’s grip. Breaking free, she lunged forward, throbbing cock and heaving tits bouncing before her. She thrust the ofuda at the monster. Tentacles flinched back, allowing Chris to press on towards Yoshiko.

“IE!” snarled the monster, sliding back.

“Yoshiko,” Chris groaned and seized the half-Japanese futa’s waist, hauling her back while shoving the ofuda towards the tentacles wrapped about her.

Lust surged through Chris. Slime coated Yoshiko and rubbed across the blonde’s body. Gritting her teeth, the gender-swapped futa threw herself backwards, pulling Yoshiko free. The pair stumbled to the floor. More of the slime smeared across Chris’s body, coating her boobs and cock. Yoshiko twisted around, her blue eyes wild with lusts.

“Chris?” she moaned, staring into her eyes. “You’re a futanari girl now?”

“Yes,” Chris moaned, their tits pressed together, smeared with slime and cum. Her nipples throbbed. Her dick ached.

The monster bellowed in the background, but Chris didn’t care as Yoshiko kissed her hard. Their lips danced, bodies heaved, undulated, the pair eager to fuck. Chris’s and Yoshiko’s girl-dicks rubbed together, their nipples kissing as hard as their mouths. Tongues danced.

I’m kissing Yoshiko. Oh, my god, I can feel those big, lush tits of hers. I always wanted to touch them. Holy shit, yes!


“Chris,” Lori groaned, seeing her girlfriend and best friend writhing in passion. Her pussy clenched. She could fuck both their huge girl-dicks.

The redhead lunged for the pair. The monster bellowed. Purple tentacles lashing through the air. Lori didn’t care. The two people she cared for most in the world were having sex without her. She wanted her pussy and asshole filled with their cocks, to be loved and fucked by the pair of them.

Her discarded wand fluttered up into the air before her. And then something pushed her back, unseen hands gave a hard shove, knocking Lori onto her ass. She blinked in shock, her lust-addled mind struggling to understand what was happening.

The tentacle seized Chris and Yoshiko, hauling them up into the air as the pair writhed together, kissing hard. Tentacles ran across their lush bodies. Lori groaned in envy as she scrambled to her feet, watching a tentacle cock squirm between the butt-cheeks of her girlfriend.

“No fair!” Lori gasped, rushing forward.

Beside her, the floating wand hissed forward. Unlike when Lori wielded it, the paper chain burst with white energy when it struck the tentacles holding aloft Yoshiko and Chris. The monster bellowed in pain, releasing the pair of futas. They fell to the floor, still kissing, their bodies smeared in cum and slime.

The chain whipped at the monster, driving it back from the fallen pair right towards Lori. She gasped in delight as the tentacles wrapped about her body. Suction cups squeezed her flesh while slime coated her skin. Pleasure flooded through her.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned, writhing with Kat and Ms. Lindon in the tentacle’s embrace.

Her eyes fluttered in delight as her feet lifted off the ground. A pair of tentacles seized her legs, hauling them apart. A thick, bulbous appendage slithered between her thighs and rubbed on her pussy, her clit aching.

She shuddered as the tentacle-cock penetrated her pussy. It slammed into her depths, stretching out her hole. The pleasure exploded through her body. Her orgasm spasmed through her, pussy clenching and relaxing on the fucking appendage.

“Oh, yes, that’s so good!”

White light flared and then the world became dark, porous. Lori moaned, shivering as the monster dragged her through an empty void. For an eternity, she came on its tentacle-cock, floating above it wrapped by up its appendages, her gasps and moans soundless.

And then they were in a grotto. It was hot, steam rising around them, a pool of water glowing with purple light beneath them. The monster settled its bulk on the rocks, mouth open, holding Lori, Ms. Lindon, and Kat above its mouth. A Black girl lay in a stupor nearby, half in the water, her hands bound by green slime, her tits rising and falling as she breathed.


“Yes!” Lori screamed, not caring what it said.

“So good,” panted Kat beside her.

“Make me cum again, monster,” Ms. Lindon howled, her brown hair tossing about her face.
The cock pumped hard and fast in and out of Lori’s pussy. Her body heaved, tentacles caressing her. Orgasm after orgasm exploded through her pussy. The pleasure shot through her, hammering into her mind, leaving her gasping, trembling.

She loved every second of it. She didn’t want this to stop. She wanted to keep cumming and cumming, to writhe in passion for the rest of her life. Her pussy spasmed about the huge tentacle-cock reaming her depths.

Another shoved into her mouth. The fishy slime made her suck hard, savoring the taste. She drank down the slime and the salty precum. It warmed her belly and shot straight to her writhing pussy. She came even harder.



She was just a thing orgasming over and over. She spasmed. She thrashed. Her juices gushed out of her pussy around the tentacle-cock, raining down on the monster’s open mouth below. She had no thoughts remaining, her eyes glossy with unending lust.

It fed on her. It fucked her. And it wouldn’t stop.

Lori didn’t care. She would spend the rest of her life experiencing this bliss.


Yoshiko let out a disappointed moan as she writhed atop the busty, changed body of her friend, Chris. The wonderful tentacle monster had gone. “No fair,” she moaned, her body shuddering, her dick throbbing against Chris’s. “Kat got to be fucked by the monster! And Lori!”

“Yes,” Chris panted, her voice higher-pitched and feminine, but also so familiar.

Yoshiko’s dick throbbed. She looked down at the blonde, gender-swapped futa, blue eyes so vibrant. “Wow, Chris, I never realized how cute you were before.”

“I wasn’t a girl before,” Chris answered, her hands sliding down to cup Yoshiko’s ass. “But I always knew how cute you were.”

“You just liked my big boobs.” She shivered, rubbing her large tits into Chris’s equally big breasts. “Mmm, now I’m not the only really busty girl in school.”

“This is temporary,” Chris groaned.

“Then I better enjoy them while I can.”

…Yes, yes, you two should fuck, get it out of your system so we can go and rescue Lori… Escort Bayan the futa-ghost whispered in Yoshiko’s mind. The busty, half-Japanese futa didn’t pay Sayuri’s words any mind. She burned from the lusts.

Yoshiko kissed her best friend. She, Lori, and Chris had been close for so many years, and now they could be even closer, intimate. Yoshiko’s tongue danced in her friend’s mouth, savoring the feel of Chris’s plump, feminine lips. Her body shivered, their two dicks rubbing on each other, sliding, throbbing, aching to cum.

They moaned, savoring their kiss. Yoshiko knew there were important things she should be doing right now, but the slime—that wonderful slime—had her skin burning. Her pussy dripped juices down to her hard cock while Chris’s body writhed beneath her.

Oh, she is so sexy.

…She is. Let’s play with her…

Those were words from the futa-ghost Yoshiko could pay attention to. She broke the kiss, moaning, “Mmm, Chris, time for you to get molested by the futa-ghost.”

“And a sexy futanari?” Chris grinned.

“Yes,” Yoshiko moaned, her blue eyes squeezing shut as her dick throbbed against Chris’s.

Then Yoshiko slid her petite body down the taller, athletic, and tan form of her friend. She seized Chris’s large breasts, squeezing them. Pink nipples thrust from the tops of the mounds. Her fingers sank into them as she licked at one, flicking it, making it wiggle back and forth.

And then an unseen tongue did the same to the other. Chris’s left nipple appeared to wiggle on its own, sliding back and forth, stretching then bending over and almost touching her boob. The ghost released it, giggling in Yoshiko’s mind while the nipple wiggled. The blonde moaned her enjoyment. Her dick throbbed against Yoshiko’s stomach.

“Oh, is that Sayuri?” Chris moaned, staring at her left nipple with glossy-eyed excitement.

“Yep,” Yoshiko purred then engulfed Chris’s right nipple.

The blonde, gender-swapped futanari let out a low moan. Her hips thrust up, humping her hard girl-dick into Yoshiko’s stomach. Was her dick this big when she was a guy? No, Lori mentioned something about my dick being far bigger than Chris’s,. But now hers is just as big as mine.

A naughty thrill shot through Yoshiko. This was so wild. She was making love to her friend who used to be a boy. Now Yoshiko wanted Chris’s cock. She sucked harder on the nipple, cheeks hollowing, making Chris moan.

Sayuri copied Yoshiko, Chris’s left nipple stretching as the invisible mouth worked on it. Chris shivered, tossing her head back and forth, savoring the pleasure unleashed in her body. Her dick humped against Yoshiko’s stomach, leaking precum from the tip.

“Oh, you two are driving me wild,” Chris moaned. “My dick’s throbbing so hard. This is so hot. Mmm, yes!”

…So hot. The gaijin has tits as big as yours…

Yoshiko popped her lips off Chris’s nipple. “Yes, she does. Mmm, I can’t believe she used to be a boy.”

“Yes,” Chris moaned.

…A boy. How?… asked the futa-ghost.

“No, idea,” Yoshiko whispered. She pushed down Chris’s body, her tits sliding, nipples dragging on silky skin sending delight through the Japanese futanari’s body. And then Chris’s dick slipped between her breasts.

“Oh, I’ve always wanted to have my cock fucked by a pair of big tits,” groaned Chris. “I love Lori, but her tits just aren’t big enough.”

Yoshiko’s eyes widened. She stared at the tip of Chris’s dick popping between her breasts as she knelt between the blonde’s thighs. She licked her lips, nipples throbbing against tanned stomach. “People do that?”

“I gave Lori one earlier,” Chris groaned. “She loved it. She came so hard. She showered me in cum.”

…That sounds so exciting… moaned Sayuri-chan. Yoshiko shuddered, she felt a touch stroked down her pussy lips to her cock, the finger’s touch light, trailing to the tip, reaching the crown and circling it. …Do it and I’ll play with your pussy and cock. I’ll make sure you cum so hard, Yoshiko-chan…

“You’re so wonderful, Sayuri-chan,” moaned Yoshiko, her hands squeezing her tits around Chris’s cock. She loved how it throbbed between them, so thick and hot and wicked. The slime coating her tits made them slide easily up and down Chris’s shaft. “Like this, Chris?”

“Just like that,” panted the blonde. She sat up on her elbows, eyes smoky with desire. She licked her lips, hips shaking, undulating. A wanton purr escaped her lips. She arched her eyebrows at Yoshiko. “And don’t be afraid to lick the tip when it emerges.”

“Yes,” shivered Yoshiko.

She worked her tits up and down Chris’s cock, her nipples rubbing on the blonde’s stomach. The dick’s tip emerged from the valley of her tits, shiny with precum. She moaned, leaning down and licking the spongy crown, swirling about it and bringing a low groan from Chris’s mouth. Her back arched, her tits heaved and bounced.

That encouraged Yoshiko. She was giving her friend pleasure. She slid her tits faster and faster, sucking, swirling her tongue, teasing the girl-dick every time it emerged from her breasts. She shuddered, pussy clenching as the ghost’s tongue nuzzled at her folds.

…Mmm, you taste so good, Yoshiko-chan…

“I know,” Yoshiko moaned.

“Know, what?” panted Chris, her big boobs shaking as she writhed, her pleasure building and building.

“That my pussy taste good.”

“I don’t know that,” Chris groaned.

“You will,” giggled Yoshiko.

“Fuck, yes.” Chris leaned back, her hands going to her own tits.

Yoshiko shivered, watching the blonde knead her breasts. The half-Japanese futanari worked her tits up and down, her hips humping back into Sayuri’s licking tongue. Yoshiko’s dick swayed, the tip throbbing every time the futa-ghost’s tongue slid through her folds, building her pleasure. A hand grasped her dick, stroking it hard and fast, sliding up and down. The tongue fluttered into her depths.

She groaned, pussy clenching while her mouth sucked on the tip of Chris’s dick. Her tits slid faster and faster, her excitement building at the naughty fun. It was so naughty. Never in her life would she think of doing this with Chris of all people.

“I love being a futanari,” burst from her lips, pressure building in the depths of her pussy.

“Yeah, it’s fun,” Chris groaned.

…So much fun, Yoshiko-chan…

Chris squirmed, her hips humping up, sliding her cock through the valley of Yoshiko’s tits. The half-Japanese futanari flicked her tongue over and over on the tip of Chris’s girl-cock, driving her wild. Yoshiko savored the salty precum, aching for the real deal.

Chris groaned, pinching her nipples hard, stretching out the fat, pink nubs. Her blonde hair tossed as she shivered. And then her hips bucked hard. Hot, white jizz erupted, splashing Yoshiko in the face. She opened her mouth, loving the cream splattering past her lips and pooling across her tongue.

She swallowed, moaning in delight as Chris’s girl-dick erupted again and again. Some of the jizz rained on Chris’s stomach, while other blasts splashed on Yoshiko’s big tits or splattered her lips and cheeks. She loved the feel of her friend’s futa-cum coating her face.

A hot surge of lust shot through Yoshiko.

“So fucking good,” Chris groaned. “I love it. Oh, I gave you a pearl necklace finally. I’ve jerked off to your boobs so many times, Yoshiko.”

“Oh, that was so naughty of you,” Yoshiko groaned, sliding up her friend’s body, leaving behind Sayuri’s licking mouth. The ghost, still gripping her cock, guided the tip to Chris’s pussy. “You need to be punished.”

Yoshiko thrust into gender-swapped pussy, her huge tits pressing on Chris’s pillowy mounds. The blonde groaned, her pussy clenching hard on Yoshiko’s dick. The friction raced through her body, her back arching as she savored being inside her friend’s cunt.

“Oh, yes,” Chris moaned. “Fuck me! Fuck my pussy, Yoshiko.”

“Never thought you would ever say that,” panted Yoshiko, pumping her hips, working her cock over and over into Chris’s pussy. “Oh, wow. Oh, you are so tight and hot. Mmm, yes. I…I… Damn.”

…My turn…

Before Yoshiko could ask what Sayuri-chan meant, she felt the ghost’s dick pressing on her asshole. She gasped, back arching as the futa-ghost’s thrust slammed Yoshiko’s dick deep into Chris’s pussy. Hot, throbbing dick filled Yoshiko’s asshole.

…Oh, that’s so tight and wonderful…

“Yes, yes, yes,” gasped Yoshiko, her dick throbbing in Chris’s pussy, Sayuri’s girl-cock buried in her asshole. “The best!”

“Yes,” Chris panted. “Fuck me, Yoshiko. Pound me. I want to cum again and again.”

“It’s the best. Serves Lori right for being taken.”

Chris just moaned, her pussy clenching down on Yoshiko’s dick. That compelled her hips to undulate, pushing back into Sayuri’s hard thrusts. The futa-ghost fucked Yoshiko hard, slamming into her bowels, her butt-cheeks rippling from the impact.

The hard thrusts drove Yoshiko to fuck her friend’s tight twat hard. Her hips bucked and moaned, nipples kissing Chris’s as the pair writhed together. The friction from her asshole and dick met in her pussy. Yoshiko savored it, eyes fluttering as the duel delights made her cunt clench. Juices dripped down her cock, merging with Chris’s as she fucked harder.

“Fuck me, Sayuri-chan,” screamed Yoshiko. “Oh, yes. Fuck me while I fuck Chris!”

Chris’s hands seized Yoshiko’s butt-cheeks. They slid across them, probing at her asshole. “You’re gaping open, Yoshiko,” Chris realized, her fingers swirling around Yoshiko’s sphincter, stretched open by Sayuri’s ghost-dick. Chris shoved her digits inside the hot bowels. “Wow. The ghost’s fucking your ass, but I can’t feel her.”

“Nope,” moaned Yoshiko, Bayan Escort shuddering as her asshole was both fucked and stroked. The fingers traced the gaping circumference of her sphincter, teasing her while the dick plunged over and over into her. “Oh, this is so wild. I’m going to cum so hard.”

…Yes, Yoshiko-chan. You have to cum to get all that lust out of your system…

Chris’s pussy clenched hard on Yoshiko’s plunging dick, increasing her pleasure while the blonde’s fingers probed deeper into her gaping asshole. She tossed her head, pleasure crashing through her body. The pressure built and built at the tip of her dick. It wouldn’t be long before she exploded into her friend.

Sayuri’s strokes grew harder, faster, slamming into the depths of Yoshiko’s asshole, occupying the same space as three of Chris’s probing fingers. The digits fucked into her asshole, too, caressing the sides of her walls, two different frictions racing out of her bowels.

It drove her wild. Her dick throbbed in Chris’s depths. Yoshiko’s back arched, her nipples rubbing hard on Chris’s. She drank in every sensation in her body, her stomach grinding on Chris’s still hard girl-cock.

“Chris!” she gasped, eyes squeezing shut. “Oh, Chris, yes!”

“Cum in me, Yoshiko.” Chris jammed her fingers deep into Yoshiko’s bowels. “Do it!”

…Yes, cum in her…

The sensations washed through Yoshiko. They exploded in her depths. Her dick throbbed and pulsed. Jizz spurted into her friend. She drove into Chris’s depths, unloading blast after blast of jizz. Her asshole convulsed about fingers and thrusting dick.

Pleasure boiled through Yoshiko’s mind. Her eyes blinked over and over as stars danced before them. She shivered and writhed. Every pulse of her girl-cock erupting sent bliss shooting to her mind. Sayuri’s thrusting cock kept her cumming, flooding Chris’s pussy.


Hot, ghostly jizz flooded Yoshiko’s asshole, splashing into her depths. She could feel it pool for a moment and then fade out of existence only to be replaced by the next blast. She trembled, her dick spurting the final time into Chris’s pussy.

And then she collapsed on her busty friend. “Oh, that was sooooo good, Chris. Oh, your pussy was wonderful.”

“Glad you liked it,” Chris moaned, pulling her fingers out of Yoshiko’s ass. The blonde hugged the half-Japanese futanari and rolled her onto her back. Sayuri’s dick slid out of her ass in the process. Yoshiko shivered, the floor cold beneath her naked back and ass. “It’s my turn.”

“Oh, yes, fuck me, Chris,” moaned Yoshiko.

“I’ve always wanted to.”


Chris groaned as she slid her pussy off of Yoshiko’s girl-dick. It was so hot to finally make it with her busty, lesbian friend. As a guy, Chris had jerked off so many times thinking about Yoshiko with Lori, the three having hot fun. First the girls made love to each other while he watched and then to him.

And now, as a girl, Chris had her chance to fuck the lesbian futanari.

Cum poured out of her pussy as she slipped her hips down, dragging her cock past Yoshiko’s. The gender-swapped futanari groaned as her huge girl-cock rubbed on Yoshiko’s hot, wet flesh. She rubbed it up and down with one hand.

“Beg, Yoshiko,” groaned Chris.

“Please, please, fuck me,” Yoshiko moaned as Chris rose, her tits heaving. “I want that big girl-dick in me.”

Chris thrust into Yoshiko’s pussy. Hot flesh engulfed her dick. Chris threw back her head, savoring the second pussy she had ever fucked. Moans escaped her lips as she bottomed out in her friend. She threw Yoshiko’s legs over her shoulders, her breasts squeezed tight together, and drew back her hips.

And slammed in again.

Yoshiko’s olive-tinged breasts jiggled. Her brown nipples waved. She gasped, pussy clenching on Chris’s thrusting cock. The blonde worked her hips, pistoning her cock in and out of Yoshiko’s pussy. With her legs spread apart, cum leaked out of Chris’s pussy, dripping to the floor with every stroke.

“Oh, you’re amazing, Yoshiko,” Chris groaned. “Just as tight and hot as I hoped.”

“Mmm, yes, enjoy my pussy,” gasped Yoshiko, her hips bucking and undulating. “Oh, wow, you are just so hung. So huge. I love it, Chris!”

“Oh, yes, I looo—” As Chris said love, her mouth opened wide for the O sound, an invisible cock rammed in. Chris gasped, feeling a dick in her mouth that tasted of sour ass.

Sayuri’s dick.

Unseen hands gripped her blonde hair as the futa-dick fucked her mouth hard. Chris moaned, tongue swirling as she plunged her girl-cock over and over into Yoshiko’s pussy. Pleasure rushed through the blonde, her pussy clenching, forcing out more and more futa-jizz from her depths to leak down her thighs and puddle on the floor.

“Oh, yes, fuck her mouth, Sayuri-chan,” gasped Yoshiko. “Mmm, good to know that Chris is a great cock-sucker.”

She’s talking to Sayuri, realized Chris as she sucked so hard on the dick in her mouth.
She hugged Yoshiko’s thighs and plowed the Japanese futanari. Yoshiko’s big boobs jiggled and her cock bounced every time Chris thrust into her pussy. The blonde savored the friction about her dick, pumping hard, sucking on Sayuri’s ghostly dick.

The faint taste of salty precum filled Chris’s mouth. And then something even stranger happened. The dick in her mouth rotate, like the ghost was spinning her body. And then Chris felt hot lips wrap about her cock buried deep into Yoshiko’s pussy.

The lips sucked.

Chris’s dick throbbed hard. Simultaneously, she fucked Yoshiko’s pussy while Sayuri sucked on her dick, the ghost’s head phasing through Yoshiko’s body. Chris moaned about Sayuri’s girl-cock, cheeks hollowing as she sucked so hard, her hips fucking, becoming almost a blur.

I’m fucking a pussy and a ghost’s mouth at the same time. Holy shit, this is the hottest thing in the world! Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Sayuri sucked so hard on Chris’s dick while Yoshiko’s pussy clenched around it. The hot, tight glove sent shivers through Chris. Her back arched, her hips thrusting even harder and harder into both cunt and mouth. A tongue danced about the crown of her dick. Silky pussy walls massaged her cock.


Chris erupted.

The duel delights on her futa-dick were too much. Her cock erupted, flooding both the ghost’s hungry mouth and Yoshiko’s hot pussy. Chris groaned about the thick girl-cock in her mouth, sucking on it as stars burst before her eyes. Pussy juices gushed out of her cunt, washing out the last remaining jizz in her depths.

“Oh, my god,” gasped Yoshiko. “You’re cumming in me, Chris! It’s so hot! I love it! Oh, yes!”

Chris felt Sayuri swallowing her jizz, sucking out the last of the cum while at the same time Yoshiko’s pussy convulsed, massaging her dick as her friend came. Cum spurted from Yoshiko’s dick, painting her heaving breasts.

And then hot, ghostly jizz pumped into Chris’s mouth. She swallowed it, gulping it down as her body shuddered. She hugged Yoshiko’s thighs so tight to her breasts, clinging to them as the pleasure boiled through her mind.

So good. I wish I could share this with…


Chris threw herself back, fear knifing through her lust. Finally, the slime had worn off enough to let her think rationally. She scrambled to her feet, ripping her dick out of both Sayuri’s mouth and Yoshiko’s pussy, and raced towards the wall where the monster had vanished.

“Oh, god, Lori,” she gasped, terror clutching her heart. She reached the wall, feeling at it, desperate for a way to push through, to save her girlfriend. “No, no. She can’t be taken. She’ll die, Yoshiko.”

“What?” Yoshiko moaned, blinking, sitting up, cum splattering her tits. “Who will die?”

“Lori!” Chris whirled around, huge tits slapping together. “The monster. The yokai took her to Yomi. It’s going to fuck them all to death. Lori, Kat, Ms. Lindon.” She shivered. “Mariah may already be dead. And we’re fucking.”

…There is still time… whispered a voice in Chris’s head, soft, sensual.

“Who was that?” Chris gasped.

…Sayuri. We shared fluids. I can communicate to you now, Chris-chan…

“Oh, god, please say you can save her,” Chris gasped, tears falling down her cheeks as she smacked her hand into the wall.


Outside the school, a new figure walked down the pathway towards the main entrance of Redwood Academy, gray skirt swirling about thighs stained with futa-cum, silky, black hair pinned up in an elaborate bun and held in place by an ornate, alabaster hair comb. She was Japanese, eyes dark and slanted, skin pale-olive. Her white blouse, disheveled, had a gray vest over it giving her clothing the effect of a school uniform.

Anger burned in the spirit possessing the schoolgirl. Malevolent thoughts focused of only one thing: revenge. Sayuri had to pay for what she did. The spirit, called an onryo, would see that Sayuri’s treachery punished.

A shiver ran through the spirit at the sight of the lightning struck Japanese Pine Tree, its once reddish bark now a sickly gray, vibrant-green pine needles desiccating into browns and littering the grass around it.

Flashes of a rope. Of a deep, burning shame. Of a desperate need to seal something hideous. They assaulted the spirit’s mind. For a moment that lasted minutes, her host shivered, groaned. She clutched her head, fighting to throw the spirit out of her.

“NO!” exploded from the ghost’s lips. “NO! NO! NO! You are mine! You are honored to host Todo Mitsuko, daughter of Todo Hidenaga. Stop FIGHTING!”

The host screamed in pain, and the spirit took control. She clenched her hosts fists, eager to feel Sayuri’s neck again. She had already killed her once today, but twice her former-lover had escaped her, refusing to stay dead. Teeth grinding, she marched into the school.

She would avenge her father.

To be continued…

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