Harry’s Luck 4

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Author’s Notes: Knowing that the 14 inch thing was not working, I have put in a bit of magic and explained the big cock with “Engorgio” and Voila! Also, as my chapters are short, I am having to post the whole story again.
Harry Potter was having a great day. The Yule Ball had just been announced and girls were getting excited throughout the Great Hall. He could see all the girls eager to attend the Ball and using any means necessary to do so.
Walking down the entrance hall, a 7th-year Ravenclaw came up to talk to him. She had a cute body and nice sized breasts; which were clearly on display. She said: “Hey Harry”. Harry, never having seen her before knew the only reason she was talking with him was that she wanted to attend the Ball with the Champion of Hogwarts. “How can I help you?” asked Harry. “Will you come to the Yule Ball with me?” she asked; lowering her shirt giving him a better view of that awesome cleavage. Knowing that she would do whatever he wanted to attend the Ball, he knew that the coming weeks would be very beneficial to him and he could use it to his advantage. It had always been his dream to fuck all the girls in his year and in years above him (though he wouldn’t mind fucking Ginny Weasley’s lovely ass) in Hogwarts ever since he had first masturbated to the thoughts of fucking his best friend Hermione Granger last year.
He thought quickly and replied:”I will have to test you first”. “Sure”, she replied: ”I can pass any test”. The test he had in mind was going to ensure that his dream came true. He could masturbate for a long time and had used one of his cousin’s special “dolls” to fuck/masturbate and knew that he could last a long time before cumming. He told her: ”I want to fuck you”. “That would be my pleasure” replied the girl; knowing that fucking the Boy-Who-Lived would make her famous. “If I cum before you, I will take you to the Ball; BUT if I cum after you, you have to do what I say for the rest of your time at Hogwarts.” “Of course” replied the girl falling into the myth that girls never come before teenaged boys. “By the way, my name is Natasha” informed the girl. “Natasha, thanks for doing what I say for the next 6 months” replied Harry, confidant in his abilities. Natasha, looked a bit frightened, but ignored it and asked:” So when do you want to start the test?” “Right now” replied harry and lead her towards the Room of Requirement. Walking in from of the wall 3 times, thinking of a room to have sex, the door opened. It had a big king-size bed in the middle with various closets containing different sex-toys. Throwing her onto the bed, Harry started kissing her passionately. She kissed with equal fervor and quickly started removing his pants and underwear. Finishing this, what she saw there; almost made her faint and all thoughts of passing this test were gone from her mind. What Harry had not informed her that he was extremely gifted down there. His soft dick by itself was 9 inches; which was slowly rising up as he became excited. As she kept on stroking him, he rose to a full length 14 inches. Edging his hand towards her pussy, he saw that she had become very wet on seeing his monster cock. Immediately flipping her on her back, Harry entered her moist pussy. She shrieked loudly as he was 3 inches wide and could barely enter her. Slowly, he kept pushing and when 8 inches of his dick were inside her, he started fucking her. Natasha’s eyes rolled up and she started moaning incoherently. Feeling that she was not a virgin enraged Harry a bit as he had just lost his virginity to her; and he started fucking here with deep long strokes. After 4-5 strokes, he could feel her cumming. Her pussy had a vice-like grip on his cock and she came, squirting all over his cock and almost lost consciousness. Knowing that she had not passed her test, and was going to become his slave for the next 6 months, it was a consolation for her that she was going to be fucked like no other girl in Hogwarts, She was wrong. Harry, after losing the grip from her pussy, continued fucking her. She kept moaning:”Fuck me, fuck me, I am your whore now!!” Changing positions, Harry lay down on his back and told her to ride him. This way he could play with her lovely breasts while she rode his monster. He took both breasts in his hands and squeezed them hard. Her nipples were rock-hard and he bit on them, earning another moan. Playing with her nipples, he squeezed one of them and took the other one in his mouth. Overcome with pleasure she came again and blacked out for a couple of minutes. When she came around, she saw that they had changes positions again, and Harry was behind her lubing her ass. Knowing what was coming, she screamed when Harry pushed his whole cock into her ass. She had only allowed 1 guy to enter her there as he was pretty small with 4 inches of cock and he was her 1st boyfriend. When Harry’s 14 inches entered her, she thought that she was going to be pierced gaziantep eskort bayan into two. She kept screaming as Harry fucked her like a machine for another 10 minutes. By the time harry was ready to try another way to fuck her, Natasha had already cum 4 times as was passed out. “Enervate” said Harry, pointing his wand at her. She came around immediately. Lifting her up, harry placed her as if she was hanging from her belly on the couch. Moving behind her, Harry started pounding her pussy again. “Stop please Harry, Stop please!” Natasha started screaming. Not paying any attention to her, Harry kept fucking her until he was ready to cum. Feeling his cum build up, Harry pushed his cock into her hole for 3-4 times and finally came; pouring all his cum directly into her hole. Her pussy was couldn’t take it anymore and she came again; shouting his name and fell unconscious to the ground.
Looking at her, Harry was extremely satisfied. Not only had he outlasted one of the more experienced 7th years, he had made her cum lots of times. He had no doubt that she would be in no position to walk for the next few days. Smiling, Harry left her on the floor; casting a curse on her that ensured that she would not break her promise and went to the Great Hall; waiting for the next girl to ask him out.

Harry had just fucked the hell out of Natasha, the 7th year Raven claw who had asked him to take her to the Yule Ball. He was just waiting for the next girl to come along so that he could try out new and different things.

Just after finishing his Quidditch practice, Harry was leaving his showers when he was met by his fellow teammates from the Griffindor Quidditch team, Angelina Johnson and Alicia Snippet. Angelina was well built, with a toned body and an ass made for fucking. Alicia was a bit shorter than Angelina but had a great rack.

Angelina came up to him and asked him confidently: “Harry, will you be my date to the Yule Ball?” Harry replied: “Sure, but you have to pass the test.” “What test?” inquired Angelina. “When I fuck you, you have to let me cum first. If you don’t do that, then you have to do as I say until the end of the school year.” Having wanted to fuck Harry since a long time, she readily agreed.

“Wait a minute” cried Alicia. “What about me?” “If you cum after both of us, we will do as you say for the next 2 years” she told Harry. Knowing that he was getting a great deal either way, Harry accepted their offer.

Moving towards both of them, harry started ripping Angelina’s clothes off and she did the same for him. Alicia, not to be left out discarded her Quidditch clothes quickly. Harry pulled Angelina on top of him, ready to taste her pussy, but as she straddled his head, Alicia climbed on his dick that was wet with anticipation. Angelina grabbed his monster cock and guided it into Alicia’s pussy. She switched her position so that she and Alicia could snog and press their breasts together and Harry thrusted into Alicia’s tight pussy and pleasured Angelina with his fingers and tongue. Alicia was moving on top of his dick very quickly but rather than cumming quickly and leaving his plans to tatters, harry started enjoying bringing the girl on his face to orgasm. Alicia was quickly running out of power and built up her speed as she finally cummed; and gripped his cock tightly. Simultaneously, knowing she would enjoy this, Harry sped up his administrations on Angelina and she cummed all over his face. Harry drank all of it down and kissed her, knowing that he had just added 2 more fuck buddies to his list. The two hot bodies on top of him were not ready to give up even though they had filed their test. Switching positions, Angelina took his cock into her pussy and Alicia sat on Harry’s mouth in such a way that she could kiss Angelina. Watching them kissing, Harry pushed their breasts together so that he could hold both pairs of lovely boobs in his hands. They moaned with pleasure as Harry pinched their nipples. He continued to suck off Alicia, loving the way he could feel her perfect ass and legs as he sucked on her clit. Harry slid two fingers inside of Angelina’s ass and started pushing. By the time that Angelina and Alicia had climaxed again, screamed like banshees and released their juices on Harry’s face and dick, Harry was ready to cum. Moving Alicia off his face, Harry started pumping his meat into Angelina’s beautiful ass. Being an anal virgin, Angelina could not take his monster into her tight hole and cried out loudly. Alicia helped her out by licking her anus with her superb tongue and easing the way for Harry’s cock. Loving the way that Alicia’s tongue came in contact with his cock as he fucked Angelina’s ass, harry was ready to cum. Pulling out quickly, Harry came all over Alicia’s beautiful face and Angelina’s ass and back. Knowing she had missed its lovely taste, Angelina slipped her tongue into Alicia’s mouth and tasted Harry’s cum. “Yum”, they both said. “When can we do this again?” Harry smirked and replied: “Whenever I call you out anywhere…” Leaving the statement hanging, Harry looked forward to his next victim; knowing that he had planned something special for her.

Harry was gaining some great fucking experience; all of it with willing, teenage girls who wanted to give their body to him just so that he they could go to the Yule Ball with “The Boy Who Lived”. He had decided that he was going to make the most out of this great luck that had befallen him.

Getting back to the Griffindor Common Room, he saw that it was almost empty. He saw some movement on the couch and immediately moved towards it. Lavender was lying on the couch, eyes closed; and from the looks of it, she was pleasuring herself. Her blouse was open and she had one of her hands pinching her nipples. The other hand was beneath her skirt and she had 3 fingers pumping deep inside her pussy. “Fuck me Harry, fuck me hard!” she was shouting. “So another “Boy Who Lived” fan?”; Harry thought to himself. Lavender kept fucking herself; now putting 2 fingers into her ass and was close to cumming.

Knowing this would be a great moment for her; Harry removed her finger from her ass and sucked on her clit strongly. She came with a scream; squirting all over him and looked down. She was extremely surprised the person to whose name she was cumming; licking all her sweet juices from her clit and inner thighs. She was not capable of coherent thought as Harry continued, to suck gently towards her inner lips, trying to reach her G-spot. Taking out his wand, he enlarged his tongue so that it would go all the way inside her.

He kept pushing his tongue inside her wet pussy, twirling it around. She was feeling great and in a moment of clear thought asked Harry what he was doing. “Making your desires come true”, replied Harry. Putting his tongue back into her pussy, Harry finally found her G-spot and attacked it with all his vigor. She came immediately, squirting all her sweet juices over him again. Harry thought that this was enough pleasure for her and asked her to take his cock into her mouth.

She was an expert at giving blowjobs, as Harry had heard before and she didn’t disappoint. Taking his cock into her mouth, she started sucking it gently, finding it difficult to take the whole thing into her small mouth, She cupped his balls in her petite hands, and massaged them gently. She kept sucking on his cock, but although Harry was finding it really enjoyable, he was a long ways off from cumming. Trying harder, she took more and more of his cock into her mouth; she relaxed her throat muscles so that there would be more space inside. Slowly but surely, Harry’s whole cock was inside lavender’s mouth. Harry was in heaven . Having never been deep-throated before, he was loving every second of it. Warning her that he was about to cum, Harry exploded deep inside her mouth. A lot of it dribbled out of her mouth and there was cum all over her blouse and exposed breast. She licked as much as she could and then removed her blouse and skirt.

Harry was pleased to see that she was wearing nothing underneath. This would make his job a lot easier. Harry had decided that he was going to use a bit of magic to make the sex a lot better. Pointing his wand at his cock, he muttered:”Engorgio”. Satisfied now with the length and girth of his cock, Harry also conjured a big dildo. Watching his cock grow, Lavender became really nervous. She had lots of cocks inside her; being the resident slut of Griffindor house; but nothing this big.

Harry picked her up and placed her on top of the table on her stomach. Moving behind her, Harry started pushing his engorged cock inside her. She screamed at the intrusion and bit her tongue. Harry was not even halfway through her pussy when he felt that he could not go in any more. Stopping, he started pumping his meat into her wet vagina. Faster and faster he went, wanting to show her that however many cocks she had pleasured, his would be the most brutal and oddly, most satisfying.

Using his hands, he shoved the dildo into her ass. Now that she was stuffed in both holes, she was panting hard. Pumping a few more times, Harry removed his cock from her pussy and switched it with the dildo; ramming it in turn into her cunt. Lavender was in heaven and had already cum 4 times by the time Harry was ready to blow his load. As soon as he felt himself cumming, Harry pushed his cock back into Lavender’s pussy and came inside her; loving the feeling of her pussy contracting around him as he came and filling her up with his potent seed.

Harry now had 4 sexy teenage witches he could fuck anytime and was looking for someone older; perhaps the hot french girl…Hmmmmm…

Harry’s next target was the French slut Fleur Delacour and her entourage. Passing her in the Great Hall, Harry could see that she was half vela and looked beautiful and smug; as if she could have anyone in the hall she wanted. Turning around, she saw Harry checking her out and looking her in the eye. Thinking that here was someone who could handle her and so wanting a challenge of controlling such a person, she walked towards him. Her 2 fellow sluts joined her. As they walked towards him, Harry could clearly notice their erected nipples, the round asses, and the beautiful swell of their tits.

They were wearing tight blue uniforms of Beauxbatons; with their skirts barely covering their asses in such a way that Harry could see the slight crack of their asses; and immediately wanted to fuck them there. As they reached him, Fleur asked Harry:” So where do you want to fuck?” Harry was ready for the question and replied: ”Come, I will show you.”

Taking them to the Room of Requirement, Harry envisioned what he wanted it to be and went inside. Quickly grabbing the 3 of them, Harry started removing their clothes. They did the same to him, and quickly there were 4 naked horny teenagers in the room. Fleur quickly started taking Harr’s cock into her mouth, making him really hard in the process. Her friends started groping and kissing Harry who was now in heaven.

Harry took 2 of the tis offered to him and put them in his mouth. Biting the soft flesh, Harry could hear moans coming fromt eh 3 girls. He put 2 fingers inside the 2 girls and started finger fucking them roughly. Knowing he could now control the 3 of them, Harry inserted 2 more fingers inside them and knew that they were close to cumming. Grabbing Fleur’s head, he flipped her over so that he could fuck her pussy. Fleur’s oussy was wet with anticipation and Harry again engorged his cock and rammed it inside her. By this time, one of the girls Harry was tiity and finger fucking came loudly abd slid down on the floor; tired from the orgasm. The other one Harry picked up and positioned on top of Fleur.

Using the duplication spell, Harry quickly grey another cock and rammed both of the girls pussies with his cocks. Being the regular sluts of Beauxbatons, Fluer and her friends had been fucked every which way; but being penetrated by the same person at the same time was something that they thought would never have been possible. Being fucked so hard, both came quickly; further loosening the way for Harry’s cocks.

Wanting to play with those beautiful tits, Harry removed them from his cocks and took Fleur and flipped her so that she was on her back. Quickly pushing both of his coks inside both her holes, Fluer screamed loudly. Her ass had been fucked mnay times; but never by such a huge cock; and being double penetrated regularly, she was in heaven. Harry loved fucking her in the ass and pussy together. He could feel the juices flowing out of her pussy as she came again and again; as well as feel her tight ass try to make him cum. He took the other girl and placed her on top of Fleur; who quickly started pleasing her cunt. Harry took her tits and started playing with them. He kept one in his mouth; softly biting and milking it as the girl moned; while he kneading the nipple of the other tit with his hand; pleasuring the other girl. Being titty fucked and pleased by both Harry and Fleur, she gave a final orgasm and squirted all over Fleur; passing out in the process.

BY this time the girl who had passed out on the floor earlier came around and was treated in the same manner as Harry and Fleur. She had even bigger tits; and Harry found it difficult to put the whole tit in his mouth, He sucking all around her tits; loving the feeling of the big supple breasts gave. He had not forgotten Fleur who he was fucking with all he could give; and who was really wet after cumming so many times. Giving a final hard thrush Harry came in both her holes; his seed travelling deep into her womb. The other girl orgasmed simultaneously and fell out of harry’s hands. Fleur had never passed put during fucking; it beng her who had fucked others into bliss; so she was completely amazed by Harr’s stamina and fucking prowess.

Looking around, she found both of her fellow sluts passed out; and harry staring at her tits and pussy. Knowing that she was never going to get a better fucking partner; she asked Harry if he would accompany her to the ball. Harry knew that she was the best looking girl right now at Hogwarts and his reputation would become great if everyone found out that he could fuck her silly; readily agreed.

They made plans on how they were going to fuck during the ball; and who all could join them. Harry wanted it to be a big orgy; wanted to show off all his girls and started making plans to include some of the well renowed sluts of all 3 schools. He was now really looking forward to the Yule ball…

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