Harry, Kate , Jan Ch. 08

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Kate awoke before Harry on Monday morning. She turned carefully and gazed at her lover. Only his face and chest was visible. She watched as his skin made little twitches occasionally as he dreamed. She peeked carefully under the duvet to see his big fat, semi-erect, cock as it moved with Harry’s breathing.

Kate carefully eased out of bed and went into the spare bathroom where she shut the door and managed to quietly turn on the shower. She soaped herself luxuriously, the hot running water triggering her early morning pee. She washed herself all over, tickling her clit and pussy until she felt quite randy.

This made her think of the half promises that she had made to John, Jimmy and Tony for the coming week. She felt a little more randy and decided that she had to get going or she would start diddling herself in earnest!

She exited the shower, dried herself and got dressed. She slipped into the bedroom and planted a soft kiss on Harry’s lips. He awoke instantly and reached out for her but she eluded him, pulling off the duvet as she stepped back.

“That’s why I have to go darling,” she giggled, eyeing Harry’s big cock that was erecting before her eyes. “One touch of your penis and I will have to have it! I’ll call you late tonight after John has left. Don’t wear yourself out with Nadine!”

Harry dragged himself out of bed as he heard Kate shut his front door. He glanced at the clock. Bloody Hell, ten to eight already! He dived into the shower and accelerated his toilet. Despite his lateness he managed a slice of toast for breakfast and made it to the office by eight thirty five.

Samara had beaten him to it, of course, and she gave him a cheeky grin as they met outside the staff toilets.

“I thought that you were going to be late on your first day in your new position,” she laughed. “Did Kate completely wear you out over the weekend?”

“Yes, her and a few visitors,” grinned Harry as he followed Samara into the main office behind the counter. “How’s things with you and Sachin?”

“Pretty good actually,” replied Samara. “I think that he’s anticipating getting his money and is trying not to upset me any more!”

Harry and Samara collected the work left over from last week and took it all over to her desk. Soon the mornings post was delivered to them and they began to sort it into order of priority. Soon they were deep in concentration, explaining procedure and actioning the tasks before them. Coffee break time arrived and they went to the staff room, the first time that they had done so together.

Martin was already there, being attended by Josie with a huge smile on her face. Her blouse was open by that extra button. Harry steered Sammy over to Martin’s table and sat her down alongside him.

“There you are Martin,” Harry grinned. “Here’s your last chance to have a grope at Sammy before she leaves us for Crowton at the end of the week.”

Martin’s mouth dropped open as he looked first at Harry and then at Samara. She had recovered from her surprise at Harry’s remark and was openly smiling at his discomfiture.

“But…but, Samara’s married,” he stammered.

“Soon to be unmarried,” grinned Harry. “Her divorce is on the way! Go on Sammy, show Martin your thighs!”

Sammy was still smiling at Martin. She eased her thighs to release her skirt and pulled it up to reveal a wonderful expanse of stocking clad thighs.

“You can have a quick touch if you like Martin,” she whispered. “Harry’s been giving me some tuition on how to handle approaches by men; then I’ll be ready for when I’m a free woman!”

Martin has more confidence this week after his weekend adventures. He reached out confidently and laid a palm on Sammy’s thigh. He gasped anew as she grabbed his hand and thrust it up under her skirt.

“How does that feel Martin?” she giggled.

Martin’s confidence had evaporated. “You’re…er, you’re not wearing any panties,” he gulped. “You’re hot Samara, very hot, and damp!”

Harry was just returning with their coffees and heard Martin’s last remark. He laughed.

“I must be slow this morning. I hadn’t found that out. By the way Martin, Josie’s has just confided to me that she’s pantieless too!”

The morning break soon ended and Samara and Harry returned to their desks, leaving Martin to perhaps confirm to himself that Josie was indeed without her panties!

Lunchtime came and Samara had an appointment with her solicitor so Harry had no chance to get closer to her. Anyway, he was highly aware of his evening assignation with Nadine. His cock stirred with anticipation as he called Kate on her mobile.

“Harry darling,” she exclaimed. “I’m on the loo, getting rid of this mornings coffees. Have you anything to report?”

“No Kate my darling! I was just wondering if you had had any calls yet?”

Kate giggled. “My phone has been red hot. First of all John called and asked if I was free to see him tonight. As soon as I had agreed to meet him Jimmy Bull called and we’ve fixed up for Wednesday. Van Escort Finally Tony Morris wanted to know if I’d like a ride on his big cock in his four by four on Thursday! So my week is fully booked and bonked now, especially if you’re coming round tomorrow night darling.”

“God, that’s got me going,” laughed Harry. “My cock’s hard just thinking of you doing it with those guys. Don’t forget that my mate John just loves big tits.”

“We’re going out for a meal first,” giggled Kate. “I’m going to wear that peasant style blouse with the low top and I’ll forget about the bra! Don’t you strain a muscle or anything with Nadine now, will you?”

“I’m going to be putty in her hands,” laughed Harry. “I’ll see you tomorrow about seven, OK?”

“Yes please darling. Oh oh, here comes my pee! Byeeee!”

Late afternoon Harry and Samara said their goodbyes. They had had a good day work wise.

“That was great Harry. We’re almost up to date. You can start training your staff to take over from you until your replacement is appointed. Who do you think it will be?”

“On ability it should be Amanda but she’s a little young yet. Maybe I can persuade Jack to give her the chance but I don’t want to put anyone’s nose out of joint. She really is the best though.”

“Maybe I’ll rub myself against Jack’s pants and mention Amanda,” purred Samara as she stood very close to Harry at the doorway. “She’s got big breasts too. Is that why you are recommending her?”

Harry pressed his hand to Sammy’s bottom and squeezed it hard.

“I want to see this again. Come home with me tomorrow and show it to me. I’m seeing Kate later but it would be lovely to kiss your bum again!”

“Just kiss it?” Sammy’s eyes twinkled as she smiled up at him. “If I come with you tomorrow I want your cock in both my holes. How does that sound?”

“It’s a deal,” smiled Harry with a final squeeze of his prize.


Harry was still preparing food at seven o’clock when the doorbell rang. He had decided to entertain Nadine properly and had just finished mixing the curry ingredients together when he heard the bell. He placed the pan on to the ceramic top.

When he opened the door it was Nadine.

“Hi Harry, I’m not too early am I?” she asked as he stood back to let her in. “I just couldn’t wait any longer!”

“Well, I have just this moment put the curry on so you are a little early. How’s about I open a bottle of red wine so that we can have a drink while we watch it simmer on the stove? I’ve only got to put the rice on.”

“Ooooh, I’d love a glass of wine; it’s been a long hard day. I’ll put the rice on while you open the bottle.”

Harry opened one of his favourites, an Italian full-bodied Valpolicella. It would suit a full-bodied girl; he smiled to himself. He went into the kitchen with her glass.

“Ohhh, that’s lovely,” said Nadine as they toasted each other. She was wearing a lightweight blue coat of a gabardine type material, wide open all the way. As she smiled at Harry she shrugged it off one shoulder, transferred her wine glass to her other hand and caught it as it fell off her other shoulder. She handed it to Harry.

Harry gulped as he looked at the vision before him. Nadine was now showing him a short white skirt, very tight around her bottom and cut about five inches above her knees. Above this she wore a pale lemon woolly top, buttoned down the front. The top and bottom buttons were undone, revealing her belly button below and her deep cleavage above.

Harry took a deep breath and a deep drink of his wine.

Nadine smiled and stepped forward. She pressed her body against Harry’s and kissed him. Her tits felt burning hot.

“Come on,” she said, “let’s go put that rice on and check on that curry. It smells delightful.”

In the kitchen the tasks needed kept their hands off each other. Harry had to ‘adjust his dress’ to ease the strain on his slacks and Nadine wrapped a kitchen overall around herself to protect her from any scalding hot liquids.

Soon they were sat at the small dining table in the kitchen enjoying the fruits of their labours; Harry modestly accepted Nadine’s praise for his culinary skills. They finished eating and carried the remains of the wine back into the sitting room.

“Now Harry darling,” said Nadine as she tipped the remains of her wine down her throat. “It’s time to get down to what I came here for. Are you ready?”

She put down her empty glass and deftly began to unbutton her top. She soon discarded this and unzipped her skirt. These actions left her with a flimsy pale lemon bra through which her nipples were clearly visible and a tiny white thong between her legs.

Harry growled at her and stripped completely, his cock bouncing stiffly up and down as it escaped his pants.

They launched themselves at one another, Nadine grabbing Harry’s cock in the process and he pulling her ample chest to his. They kissed fiercely and Harry expertly unfastened the clasp to Nadine’s bra. She Van Escort Bayan in turn began to rub his hot cock tip down between her thighs, down over her soaking wet thong.

They parted again, panting hard. Nadine’s bra fell off and Harry reached for the thong to pull that off too. Now they were both naked.

“Harry darling,” gasped Nadine. “Fuck me first tonight. You can fuck my titties later if you like. Do you mind?”

Harry growled again and spun her around, pushing her to face the sofa. Nadine’s head went down on to the cushions, her thighs spread to show a beautiful vision of her deep crack with it’s twin jewels of cunt and arsehole.

Harry grunted as he lined up his hot hard cock to Nadine’s glistening wet pussy and thrust himself deep inside her. He smacked both of her bum cheeks, withdrew and rammed home again. Nadine squealed

“How’s that, Nadine. Is my cock big enough for you? Can you feel it deep inside you? Your cunt is so hot and slippery I feel as if I want to cool you down with my spunk!”

Nadine squealed again and thrust backwards up Harry’s shaft.

“Yesssss! Yesssss! Yesssss! Fucking Hell Harry, that’s fucking marvellous! Don’t stop now; don’t you dare! You can fill me with spunk as often as you can! Smack me some more. Smack me fucking hard!”

Harry pulled his cock from Nadine’s pussy. It bounced up into the air, dripping his pre cum and her juices on to her globes. Harry spread the liquid all over her generous cheeks. Then he smacked them hard, the damp making the sound loud and sharp!

“Fuckin’ Hell Harry, that hurts!” Nadine squealed. “Fuck me now. Fuck me hard and smack me some more!”

Harry took a firm hold of his rock hard cock and pressed his wet tip into the crack of Nadine’s arse. He rubbed it over the entrances to both holes, giving a little extra push at Nadine’s little rose hole to see what reaction she made. She seemed to stiffen slightly but made no comment. Harry thrust his shaft deep into her pussy and smacked her again.

Nadine mewled with intense pleasure and squirmed her cunt all around Harry’s cock, trying to get more of him inside her. There was no more; she had it all!

Harry began to really enjoy the hot passage that enclosed his cock. He pulled back and thrust again, feeling Nadine push up his shaft and squeeze his tool with her cunt muscles. She began to pant loudly and to gasp out her enjoyment.

“Harry darlin’, you are a real hot fucker! Your big cock is killin’ me and I love it! I’m gonna come all over your fuckin’ great cock in second or two.”

She did too, making a long howling noise as she reached the height of her emotions. Harry’s cock felt the heat of her cum juice and he grabbed at her hips to keep her joined firmly to him. Nadine began to recover and as she did so she sucked his cock in again. Harry then grabbed at her big breasts, pulling and squeezing on them. Nadine giggled, sending cum shooting messages up Harry’s shaft.

“I’ve not had any spunk yet, have I Harry?” she said softly. “I love your cock in there but I felt you knocking on my back door. Do you want to fuck my arse Harry? You can if you want to!”

Harry didn’t answer; Nadine was not a girl friend really. She had come to his house for one thing and one thing only, a good fucking!

Harry made saliva and dropped a big gob on to Nadine’s arsehole, right alongside his cock. This he slowly pulled out of her cunt, making sure her expelled juice also went to her hole. He pulled open her big firm brown cheeks and watched as the liquid trickled into the hole he made. Nadine mewled some more.

Harry put his hard tip to the hole, dropped some more saliva on to it and pushed as he smacked Nadine’s bum cheeks some more. Her arsehole opened in reaction and he slid home, to the hilt. He smacked her again, harder!

It felt great in there, all slippery and warm. He pushed and Nadine pushed back. There was no need to hold her hipbones; she was with him all the way. He reached around her and repossessed her big tits, mauling and pulling on them.

This was not making love; this was a good hard fuck being enjoyed by two participants who knew what they liked. Harry thrust in and out as hard as he could and Nadine took everything he gave. She even reached behind her to keep her hole as wide open for him as possible.

Harry gave up the struggle. He felt his balls gather up and dispatch the consignment as ordered. He pinched Nadine’s nipples hard, making her squeal, and shot his spunk deep into her arse channel. Nadine squealed again but there was an element of real pleasure in the sound that she made!

Harry spurted and squirted his semen until he felt empty. His cock began to soften and he easily withdrew his long fat monster. He wiped his wet cock over Nadine’s expansive globes. Suddenly she turned over and grabbed her tormentor, expelling some final drops on to her belly. She smiled up at Harry.

“That was some fuck Harry,” she said. “I really enjoyed that, didn’t you? We Escort Van really must do it again sometime. I was a bit worried about you putting this monster up my arse but it felt just right for me.”

“Doesn’t John fuck your arse then?” asked Harry.

“Oh yes, he fucks me every which way but his cock’s not as thick as yours is Harry. He just loves to cream me all over my titties and up my holes. If we can’t get the privacy we need I get his cock out and suck him off. Ohhh, I must use the toilet now Harry. It’s upstairs isn’t it?”

Harry laughed. “I only took you up there to take advantage of you. There’s a loo under the stairs over there.”

Nadine threw a mock punch at Harry and went over to the toilet. She left the door open as she wiped her body and then peed.

“Harry, get me a drink will you? I like whisky if you have it or if not I’ll try something new. God, this is a long pee!”

“If you do any more my waste disposal bill will go up!” laughed Harry. “Yes, I’ve got some nice single malt whisky here. It’s been open a while but it will be fine. I’ll just give you the bottle and the glass and you can help yourself. OK?”

“O fuckin’ K,” said Nadine as she returned and spread herself out on the sofa. She poured herself a generous measure of Cardhu, spilling a few drops on to her breasts. “Ooops, do you want to get those drops Harry? It’s a pity to waste any good whisky!”

Harry swiftly knelt beside the sofa and applied his tongue to the splashed areas. He soon finished and turned his attention to Nadine’s nipples. He loved to nip and pull on them with his teeth. Nadine loved it too. She gulped her scotch down and then began to squeeze her tits alternatively, offering the nipple on the end to Harry’s questing mouth.

Eventually Harry stood beside her, his giant tool bobbing up and down near to her mouth. Nadine didn’t touch it for a while. She just examined it closely, looking around it from every angle and then studying his ball sac. Finally she took it gently into her right hand.

“I’m going to suck you right off Harry,” she whispered. “No titty fucking this time; I get enough of that from John. I’ll suck this beauty any time you ask me and you can shoot off down my throat every time too!”

Without another word Nadine pulled Harry and his cock closer. The next time she opened her mouth she swallowed his red knob end and began to suck. Harry gasped and entwined his fingers into her thick black hair, pulling her on to his shaft.

It was a good job that Nadine was a big girl. She needed her hands to manipulate Harry’s shaft and her mouth and throat had to work hard as she began to bring him to orgasm. Harry began to moan and pump his hips at Nadine’s mouth.

“I’ll not last long at this rate Nady my darling,” he panted. Nadine looked up at him, slid one hand down to cup his balls and pushed her red nailed middle finger into his arsehole. Harry grunted and felt his seed rush up his cock at the speed of light. Nadine was ready! She swallowed and sucked until Harry was drained.

Nadine released Harry and helped him to sit in the corner of the sofa. She reached for her clothes and began to dress, looking at Harry’s naked body the whole time. Before putting on her coat she poured herself another slug of whisky and downed it in one.

She put on her coat. “That was fuckin’ stupendous Harry. Any time lover, any time! Don’t bother to see me out; I know the way!” She wiggled her fingers at Harry and disappeared through the door.

Harry felt drained and disinclined to move at all. He couldn’t even raise the energy to go and get himself a drink. He did, however, manage to reach out to the Cardhu and tip a measure into Nadine’s discarded glass. He drank deeply, picked up the TV remote and switched on. Two minutes later he was asleep.


The telephone ringing awakened him. Not the mobile, the house phone. Harry remembered thinking that was better, his mobile was in his jacket pocket and that was in the hallway.

He reached out and picked up the phone.

“Has she gone Harry darling?” asked Kate’s voice on the other end of the line.

“Er yes,” answered Harry, trying to collect his thoughts. He felt a little strange being on his own while still naked. “Yes, she went a while ago.”

“John’s been gone about half an hour,” said Kate. “I thought that I ought to go and have a shower before I called you. Sort of washing him off me before facing you. Does that sound silly?”

“Not if that’s what you wanted to do,” said Harry. “You don’t feel guilty or anything, do you? How did it go?”

“No, actually I don’t feel guilty at all and yes, it seemed to go very well indeed. John is quite sweet and he gave me a couple of lovely orgasms. I don’t think he knew that Nadine was going to be with you and of course I didn’t enlighten him. How did your evening go?”

“I’m totally shagged out,” sighed Harry and Kate laughed out loud. He told her what he and Nadine had done and said that she wanted to repeat it.

“Of course you can fuck her again but this time I’m going to be there too,” said Kate. “After this week any girl that wants to fuck you will have me there joining in and sharing or she doesn’t get to even touch your lovely cock. What do you think?”

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