Harper Valley Pt. 09

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One might reasonably think Kylie and Jenna’s experiences in the Pleasure Dome would have slaked their thirst for all things carnal. Far from it. If anything it heightened both their awareness and need to pursue their own sexuality. Mind you, being the man on the spot as it were, did have its advantages. The antiseptic cream worked an overnight miracle and let’s face it, that particular area of a girl’s anatomy has enormous recuperative powers. Naturally I convinced them to let me re-apply some gel the next morning! Not forty-eight hours later, I had but pulled into our garage, having picked them both up at school and Jenna climbed over on to my lap straddling me, arms round my neck, with me still in the driver’s seat no less. Eyes the size of saucers, she tantalisingly mouthed the word, “Daddy…!!!!!”

Now call me perverted in the extreme, but I had long harbored a fantasy of doing it to both of them in the car – something just so erotic about the confines of your own mobile family unit, one that they had ridden in since I was strapping them into their own child-safety restraints. Its very familiarity somewhat of an aphrodisiac. Kylie was not helping either, giggling in the back seat and saying things like “I think she wants something dad!”

Looking as cute as a button and dressed as she was in her brief little school uniform, really had me at a disadvantage from the outset. I had only to slip both hands beneath her dress and her panties were right there – I was a lost cause. No sooner had I made contact with her knickers than she looked at me all innocent and pleading and I had to unzip. Feeling obviously very naughty, she drew the material to one side – all this being conducted beneath the confines of her dress and quite outside anyone’s vision – and wriggled her little bottom around until she had what she wanted inside her. Holding me round the neck with both arms then she just basically fucked me stupid while kissing with all the passion she could muster. Lucky the garage door was down!

I suppose I should have called the Rape Crisis Center…but what could they do? Only time could heal my poor abused body – made worse by the fact that the instant I shunted her full of sticky stuff, she meowed contentedly and was then replaced in less than twenty seconds by her equally kinky sister whose needs ran to more of the same. Fucking them fully dressed is as hot if not wilder than in their conventional semi-stripped condition. I led them purring upstairs after I had recovered my composure and told them to get on with their homework and leave me alone. This was to become a habit.

Taking them to school in the mornings became a risky proposition even, with inevitably one or other flashing me before we could back out of the garage. If that didn’t work I would glance up, hearing unusually loud giggles, and find Kylie with her hand up Jenna’s school-dress or Jenna making Kylie gasp by slipping a hand up beneath her breasts having a good feel. Either way, that back-seat was getting quite stained. God, all most parents have to do is make their kids a sandwich each morning…I was having to become the meat in the sandwich! One can only imagine what activities the two were getting up to in the privacy of each other’s room. As time went by I was beginning to have to imagine less and less.

It goes without saying that it took little persuasion on their part to get me to agree to take them to George’s place and the days wound down to that frighteningly quickly. I could sense their growing anticipation…if not my own.

Larissa had called – several times in fact and we even managed a couple of nights out at a nearby coffee-shop during that preceding week. Wonderful nights they were too. Hours spent just talking and holding her and strangely with no need for gratuitous sex. I did make love to her one night before taking her home, encouraged to by Kylie, who whispered to me as she went to bed “She’s so nice dad and we know how much you love her….show her!”

If an artwork is a window into the soul, then I painted a masterpiece that night. This was no fuck-session. I made love to her and she gave me what every true partnership demands – unspoken commitment. I still had no idea where all this was leading – but I so wanted to go there!

So, lets get down to it.

George’s house in a quite close neighboring suburb was not that large, and as far as the ‘party’ was concerned, less than twenty-five people had been invited. Nevertheless most of the regular faces were on-site. Jerry, Michelle, Warwick and Brianna, the three of us, Susie and Tanya. Mal and Cathy of course, Brad, Louise, another family I had never met – a pretty blonde with both parents, Wayne with his yummy daughter Caitlin and two or three unaccompanied men. Obviously their first time. By virtue of planned car-pooling, the entire contingent made it there in five vehicles, three being family people-movers.

Notable for being the first party we had attended where kartal escort bayan due to the limited space in the house, everyone kinda drifted between the lounge, kitchen, dining room and rumpus area. It worked very well with never more than eight or nine people in a room at any one time. Whenever there appeared to be a dearth of guests, you could be sure some cutie or other had been whisked upstairs for a quick exploratory.

Obviously it wasn’t just my two who were getting a taste for this, pretty much the instant the front door closed behind the last guest, everyone gravitated quickly to their chosen quarry. Kylie and Jenna (done-up to the hilt in party dresses and hot eye-shadow) were such beacons of lust, their male following was forced to form an orderly queue.

The drinks and nibblies didn’t even get an early workout as the action in that corner catalysed everyone into frenetic activity. I found myself with Brianna huddled on one knee, Larissa on the other. Michelle would have shoved them both out the way had not Wayne and another guy seized her around the waist and dragged her out of the room to God-knows what fate. I just had time to call out to her “Soon as you’re free sweetheart!”

“That could be a while,” said Larissa cheekily, kissing me and hugging Brianna to her at the same time. Things were looking really good here! With both girls nuzzling either side of my face I didn’t know who to attend to first, so much did I want the two of them. Looked like I would have to ditch my one-girl-at-a-time game plan and work on a double whammy template. Accordingly I reached up between them and began fondling both girls’ breasts. Not sure who was moaning and whimpering the loudest…I think it was me! Larissa’s eyes clouded over and I just had to kiss her deeply. My hand dropped to her leg and pushing her skirt higher, she spread her legs as much as the shared space on my lap permitted.

I was about to take Brianna’s skirt the same route when I discovered a fully unexpected obstacle – Larissa’s hand already up it! Damn me, I thought, Larissa is growing up fast! Between my hand back up under her blouse and Larissa’s in her panties, Brianna was in heaven. This you could tell by her breathing, trembling, generated heat …Oh yeah, and her pleading “don’t stop.” Larissa on the other hand had let me undo her top, exposing both breasts now, while she was fingering herself to glory. Everyone on track for the big firework show, except me! Still, being the trooper I am, I saw them both off – content with kissing one after the other, while rubbing and pulling their breasts like the inarguable molester I was.

Nothing hotter than having a girl cum while sitting on you. Well, that’s not strictly true is it? having two cum on you at once is double the pleasure. Both managed it within seconds of one another, Brianna crying out “ohhhhhhh” and Larissa whimpering softly as she shook like a labrador after its weekly bath.

Unloading both their cute little asses, I went in search of my two. Not surprisingly I found Jenna in one corner of the adjacent lounge room permitting George to do things to her that in other circumstances would land him twenty years with hard labor. With both breasts free of her dress, which George had strategically unzipped at the back and tugged down well below nipple level, she was seated in a single chair, her legs draped across either arm, wantonly holding aside her knickers for him. Presented thus with an uninterrupted wide-screen window of opportunity, he was in the process of pushing his erection as far up her totally exposed pussy as nature would allow. She let out an “Uhhhh” of total delight.

Jenna saw me and smiled coyly. She is such a hot little tease now and really gets a boost knowing I am watching her being fucked silly. If anything, she spread her legs wider and arched her back as George began licking her nipples as he upped the rate of entry.

They were shifting up a gear now and as he really began penetrating her with some force, Jenna began moaning and crying out for him to do it harder as she always does now when she gets this hot and abandoned. George was rubbing and pulling her breasts unrestrictedly and her nipples were as erect as I had ever seen them. She slid a hand down between her legs suddenly and began rubbing her pussy right above the point at which he was thrusting in to her. If I had taken out my own erection as I so wanted to, either I would have cum all over her, or wrenched George out of the way and raped her myself. Had to kneel this one out.

George was losing it. “Fuck Jenna, you are the hottest girl.” he muttered, suddenly grabbing her around the bottom and pulling her to him. She slid down the chair, almost with her back on the cushion, but so wide were her legs now she looked like a year 11 gymnast. Letting go of her panties, which made no difference to either party at this late stage, she put her arms round his neck as he pumped her to seventh heaven. Jenna began to shudder and make totally lost “little yakacık escort girl” noises as George reached his zenith and shot a truck-load of cum into her as she thrust her hips forward with pleasure. I could watch endless replays!

“You do seem to find my daughter a rare pleasure George,” I said. He turned and saw me there for the first time. Still getting his breath back, Jenna was sitting up and making herself look presentable.

“She is just so sexy and beautiful he said….”I can’t get enough of her.”

Not wanting to disclose our own incestuous pleasantries, I merely said, “Yeah, know the feeling George. Larissa is kinda occupying my thoughts these days too.

“Not just your thoughts either huh?” he added smiling. Jenna giggled. He had a point!

Turning to Jenna I asked her if she knew where Kylie was?

“No dad, sorry,” she said, “But Jerry and Brad took her somewhere a few minutes before you got here.” I had a fair idea where knowing those two. As I turned to leave, I heard George say to her, “Have you had enough Jenna? Would you like a rest?”

She pulled him to her and whispered something. Next moment he was pushing her dress up her legs again and she was wriggling her knickers in his face. They were going to busy for quite a while by my reckoning.

“Have fun both of you,” I called back to them. I doubt either heard!

Well seeing as a bedroom was the most likely destination they would have had in mind for my daughter, I headed off in that general direction, needing first to pass through the rumpus area. It was well named…there being definitely a rumpus in progress.

I may have missed pretty little Cathy’s performance a fortnight earlier, understandably – given Kylie and Jenna’s stunning debut at Warwick’s, but I sure as hell was privy to her live and on-stage here. Where to start? Well by the time I arrived on-site they had all well and truly “started.” “They” being two of the new fathers, a nice-looking girl in her late twenties maybe and Mal, her own dad! Cathy had on just her plain white knickers and what looked like the remnants of a matching bra. She was quite small up top and it looked to me that in their haste to either have a feel or suck of her hot little breasts, someone had ripped her bra. One pert nipple was half covered, the other exposed as the shoulder strap was clearly broken. That alone was highly arousing to gaze upon. What was being done to her though was enough to bring on a seizure.

They had her on a modular lounge. Sitting on the lap of one of the men whose name I never discovered, he was amusing himself finding out what makes girls different inside their panties, while with his spare hand he must have been checking her for breast cancer! The other new guest, whose name I believe was Graham, was seated alongside the girl slightly side-on to her. Now, obviously a believer in the old maxim “share and share alike,” he too had his hand down her knickers, the point of entry being somewhere around her right hip. Whose fingers were actually inside her, I couldn’t see……quite possibly both, judging by Cathy’s wriggling and pleasured hip movements.

It just gets hotter! The girl, who anyone with 20-20 vision would have to acknowledge as being just plain bodaciously sexy, was kneeling on the floor kissing the girl full on the lips, her hands caressing her intimately, notably whichever breast the other guy wasn’t fondling.

Cathy was responding with gasps, “ohhhh’s” and a heap of other hot little noises as she kissed her right back. What was just mind-numbingly arousing – she was visibly groping the older girl’s breasts inside her bra as she slid her tongue into her.

Now, something tells me that Mal shares with Cathy pretty much the same hot incestual game-plan as Kylie, Jenna and I, and most likely all the fathers and daughters at these parties. Let’s face it, what dad would stand by and watch his daughter being multiply fucked and fondled and not want to keep the dream alive at home?…..well, assuming circumstances permit of course. What daughter wouldn’t want it, come to that? Let’s get real! Anyway, to get back to the tableau. Mal was taking definite advantage of the opportunity at hand, so to speak. Not only was Cathy fondling Chantelle (as I heard her referred to once in a while) but Mal had positioned himself behind her and was probably the intitiator of her currently semi-stripped condition. Bra, panties and hot little anklet I noticed. Damn they are sexy!

Just as I got there, he began tugging down Chantelle’s panties and was presented visually with the hottest and smoothest little bum you could wish to spank…every bit as inviting as Jenna’s. Not that he made any attempt to spank it – he had other tunnelling sports in mind. Not wanting to disturb the girl’s kissing session, he simply had her kneel up a little higher and by parting her legs, he was able to extricate his erection and slip it up into her. I simply had to move around a bit to see that hotter than hot hürriyet mahallesi escort pussy from the front. God, did I want to fuck her! Yeah, I know, – take a number Noel! Needing to have some input however I did bend down, unhook her bra and get it off her….she looked so much better nude!

From Cathy’s viewpoint I probably didn’t do her any favors, as all the men were suddenly more interested in watching Chantelle get herself fucked silly in just her anklet.. Mal must have been eating a lot of spinach recently – he took her apart. Absolutely had her crying-out for it. Just got to the stage Chantelle had to stop kissing Cathy and get down on all-fours while he completed a full re-bore. Cathy’s eyes were huge watching all this. They were even larger when Mal suddenly pulled out of Chantelle mid-cum and just grabbing his daughter off the man’s knee, ripped her knickers down and pretty much raped her on the carpet in front of everyone. So hot was it, that no sooner had he pulled out of his daughter, than Graham knelt down between the girls legs and holding them wide apart fucked her himself while the other dad bent over her and sucked her little nipples for all he was worth. If I hadn’t been looking for Kylie, I’d have been next….as it was, I thought about it.

Bestriding Cathy’s naked and abused little body, I took leave of the players and headed for the stairs opposite. Definite sense of deja-vu here. Last time if you recall, it was in search of Jenna. Being a smallish three bedroom house, I didn’t have far to look. Where else but the master bedroom? Muted conversation could be heard even from the top of the stairway.

Now whether the plan had been to entice any further passers-by or they had just forgotten to close the door properly I couldn’t say, but the voyeur in me was presented with an immediate opportunity here. Ajar by almost a foot, several degrees of viewing were visible through the crack in the door. The dialog was in full surround sound too. By chance, the main bed was aligned with the viewing portal, or at least a good part of it. They had her dead center.

“Do you like that Kylie?” It was Brad talking. They had her in just her bra and knickers by the looks of it. On her knees, elbows on the bed he obviously had his cock far up inside her. Jerry was the far side of her but I couldn’t see what he was doing.

“Yesssssss” hissed Kylie quite clearly, obviously being pleasured to the edge. “Don’t stop…” she added pushing back on him.

“Don’t stop what sweetie?” Brad asked.

“What you’re doing to me,” she cried out, between gasps.

“It’s got a name Kylie,” he teased her, “Tell us what we’re doing to you.”

There was a long pause……”You know,” she replied…”Don’t make me say it”

“But we want to hear you say it.” Brad teased her…suddenly penetrating her way harder. I could see her body shaking, Also a hand appeared in view, fondling her left bra cup suddenly. Obviously Jerry moving up a cog.

“C’mon sexy face,” he said, “Don’t go shy on us…tell us what we’re doing to you.”

“Fucking me,” she barely whispered. My own erection cranked up eighteen degrees hearing that.

“That’s right sweetie,” Brad continued, “We’re fucking you….and where exactly are we doing that?…Tell us.”

“Oh ohhhhhh… in my pussy,” she wailed as Brad began the home run.

He was grabbing on to her hips now and whether she was holding her knickers aside for him or he just had his cock slipped-in, I couldn’t see.

“There’s another word for it Kylie,” Brad was gasping himself…..

“Noooooo, don’t make me say that,” she pleaded. The hand beneath her pushed the bra up, freeing her breasts and even at the distance I was, I could see how erect those hot little nipples were.

“Say it,” Brad insisted…absolutely fucking her to the hilt…..

“My cc…cunt,” I heard her say just before three things happened.

My erection reached instant and full potential. Kylie suddenly cried out “Fuck me Brad….fuck my…ohhhhh,” she didn’t get to finish the sentence…as Brad obviously let go with the full broadside.

As he pumped it into her, she was just gasping and mewling face down on the bed with her bottom as high up as she could get it.

Aside from tortured breathing, silence reigned momentarily.

“Well Kylie, that’s Brad’s second,” I heard Jerry say. “C’mon, my turn again!” I could hardly believe this. They were using her like a slut and she was enjoying it.

I saw through the crack the two men move around. They had Kylie kneeling now between them and I could see more.

“Show us your tits sweetheart,” Jerry was asking. Dammit. He didn’t have to ask twice as she pulled her straps down slowly, exposing both breasts to him. I saw him grope her and mutter “You have such hot tits Kylie…just like your little sister.” My erection was straining to break through the confines of my pants.

Then I heard Brad telling her, “Show me your bum again Kylie.” “Again???” Watching in disbelief as she knelt up a fraction and then deliberately began pulling her knickers down (no g-string today) before wiggling her bottom pretty much in his face. Jerry was still molesting her from the front with renewed vigor. I couldn’t see what, if anything Brad was doing to her.

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