Harem Sisters Pt. 19

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Author’s note.

Life is busy. Shit goes down, and things are pushed back. I will never stop writing or publishing to Lit; I enjoy it too much. But I ask that if you wish to email me demanding that I finish writing and add more to my stories, then at least leave a reply email so I can tell you to fuck off myself instead of adding it in my following author’s note.

Seriously, please stop it. It does not encourage me to write faster or more often.

Thank you to my friends and readers who have supported me during the most challenging times. You know who you are. I love you all.

Peace out. Stay awesome.

Chapter 55

“Oh, fuck yes! I’m so close, Jason.”

Liz’s words and moans were like music to my ears, caressing the inner parts of my mind as expertly as her tongue had worked my shaft only minutes earlier when I dumped a thick load down her throat.

Now it was my turn to make her legs quiver.

My fingers dug in hard as I grasped Liz’s hips with a grip like an iron vice. Her skin was slick with oil and shimmered enticingly in the low light. Every touch of her flesh against mine was borderline uncomfortable with the heat. We’d spent so long wrapped up together after that I couldn’t remember a time when we weren’t covered in oil and sweat. It was almost impossible to keep our bodies still as we slipped and slid together on the cool, tiled floor.

Liz groaned in pleasure again when my hand landed across her muscular ass, creating a loud smack that paired perfectly with the following slap across her other cheek. I never grew tired of Liz’s outstanding body. Especially the way the oils had soaked into every groove and crevice, accentuating her toned, athletic body.

The towel I had laid down on the slick floor slid a little under my knees, causing me to lose my balance. The move affected Liz’s position too. Being the fantastic and energetic lover she always was, Liz met my thrusts by slamming herself back against me, driving my cock deep inside of her with each thrust, only this time, I didn’t have such a stable foundation.

The force of Liz’s firm ass slamming into my pelvis—along with the slippery floor and my unstable stance—knocked me onto my back. My reflexes were on point, and I was able to wrap an arm around Liz’s waist, pulling her off her knees and onto me as I rolled onto my back. Liz didn’t skip a beat. Her hands grasped my ankles, and she quickly fell into the rhythm of riding my cock, reverse cowgirl style.

Once again, my hands found purchase on her glorious ass, but Liz had all the leverage in this position. So, I laid back and let her ride me like a prized stallion.

I held out for as long as possible, but there was only so much any man could take—even a man accustomed to sleeping with multiple different goddesses on a daily basis. I knew Liz wasn’t too keen on having children—unlike the others—but I had also been blasting her insides almost daily for the last eight months or so, and she hadn’t gotten pregnant. I’d have to buy stocks in whatever birth control she used—because it was working overtime.

With my climax racing in, I knew it was only a matter of seconds before I was filling her to near bursting once again. I sat up, wrapped one arm around Liz’s mid-section, and gripped a fistful of her matted, slick hair. I leaned back, pulling my athletic goddess’ back against my chest, and hugged her tightly against my body. I pulled her hair hard, bringing her ear close to my lips as I sank my cock deep inside her.

“Are you ready” I whispered as my free hand slid down her stomach towards our joined sex. My fingers brushed over her engorged clit, bringing a sharp gasp to Liz’s open lips.

“I don’t think I’m ever ready for you.” Liz breathed heavily, her stomach already fluttering and her abdominals tensing hard as her legs quivered.

I ran my tongue up the side of Liz’s neck before pressing my free hand against our joined pelvis’, my thumb making quick circles over her sensitive nub. Her body began to shudder almost immediately, but only after I started pumping into her again did she begin to scream in pleasure.

I held Liz hard against me as my hips worked and worked. My cock slid effortlessly into her welcoming pussy, and the squelch of her juices only added to our slick flesh. The scent of arousal, sweat, and massage oil filled the tiny room, the unmistakable aroma that one only achieved from rigorous and primal sex.

Something that Liz and I were professionals at by now.

My climax rushed onward, and before long, I was feeling the telltale signs of no return as my balls tightened. I felt it own into my toes as my body tensed. My grip on Liz’s hair must have tightened because she let out a gasp of pain, but she didn’t ask me to let up once. She had incredible pain tolerance, and most of the time, it only turned her on more.

Liz must have known my signs as well as I knew hers because s soon as my cock began pumping cum into her, I felt her hand kaçak iddaa around my cock. The cool air—cooler than her warm and wet vagina—rushed across my wet cock, stunning me for a fraction of a second. Liz managed to get two solid strokes in before the initial spurts of cum turned into thick ropes that painted her stomach and breasts and eventually finished across her bare, slick mound as my climax subsided.

Liz and I lay there panting heavily for the next few minutes, her hand still stroking my deflating cock as I let my hands roam her naked body. It wasn’t unusual for us to lay together like this after a night together. Sexual encounters with Liz were often an exercise in cardio, weights, and endurance, leaving us both spent for the rest of the day.

At least I could keep up with her now.

“You two know how to make a spa day interesting.”

I glanced over to the lone chair placed in the room. The chair was a wide-seated, treated leather piece with high arms of a deep red. It fitted the room’s dark interior perfectly, matching the room’s lone massage lounger and general décor. I let my eyes drink in the naked flesh that seemed marked by inky waves of long, jet-black hair. Lucy smiled at me when our eyes met, and I let myself enjoy the visage of a woman that literally glowed with beauty. Lucy’s breasts had gotten bigger during her pregnancy, and her belly had swollen with a beautiful bump on her slender frame. But it was her smile that caused my heart to jump every time I looked her way.

Lucy was almost always smiling these days.

Lucy’s voice prompted Liz to move, and she slid off my body gracefully, stretching her flawless body as she rose to her feet. My eyes lingered onLucy’s for a split second longer than hers did mine and smiled as she let her gaze wash over Liz’s Greek goddess-like physique. I could only study Lucy’s face for a second or two because my gaze shifted to Liz. No one could avoid staring at her when she stretched out like a cat after a long nap in the sun.

Especially when she was so naked and shiny.

Liz smiled broadly at Lucy as she crossed the room seductively. Her strides were slow and purposeful, her long legs eating up the space between her Lucy. I imagined it was the walk she used to entice her clients to spend their hard-earned money. Liz had often spoken about how she disliked her job—at least portions of it anyway—but when a new career was mentioned, she would shrug and say that it wasn’t really that bad, and the money was too good to pass up.

It didn’t bother me that other men saw her naked; I trusted Liz as I did all my women. From my limited experience visiting gentlemen’s clubs, the girls held all the power in their encounters. I was sure Liz dealt with her fair share of dickheads on a weekly basis, but I was also sure she had a big, burly bouncer to help keep the peace.

I also knew that Liz could handle herself if she needed to.

I had wanted to visit her at work a few times, and she had even urged me to come and check it out if it would help ease my mind. But being okay with a situation I hadn’t seen with my own eyes was vastly different from seeing it.

Even if she did come home with me at the end of the night.

I rose to my feet on unsteady legs and shuffled over to the massage lounge. The floor was quite slippery from our activities, and I wasn’t as graceful on my feet as my redheaded lover. I leaned into the lounge and watched Liz approach Lucy. Lucy bit her bottom lip softly as Liz stood before her, lifting one leg and placing it on the high arm ofLucy’s chair. I could see the oil and sweat glistening on Liz’s abs from my seat. Thick ropes of my cum painted her pussy, stomach, tits, and even over her chin.

I was quite impressed with that one.

I watched intently as Lucy shuffled forward in her seat, her fingers tracing lines up Liz’s thighs and over her hips. Then—just as she’d done countless times before—Lucy ran her tongue across the smooth skin of Liz’s pelvis, cleaning up the creamy mess I had left on her body. Lucy continued leisurely, taking her time and paying extra special attention to Liz’s pussy. The lean, athletic redhead moaned and ran her hands through Lucy’s hair, rocking her hips against the other woman’s soft, full lips.

Liz and I had performed this act more times than I could remember over the last few months. Always with Lucy watching and waiting for her time to clean up whatever mess we had made. Sometimes it was all over Liz’s face, others her tits, and more than a few times straight out of her pussy.

Lucy had grown less and less interested in the physical act of sex during her pregnancy but with an ever-increasing libido. At first, she just asked to watch while I fucked one of the other girls, admitting that watching us in action was enough to get her off and, on occasion, offer a helping hand or mouth to finish someone off.

I grew worried over time as Lucy continued to show less and less interest in sharing a bed with me, but Hayley explained kaçak bahis to me that it was normal for pregnant women to have such changes and assured me that Lucy would be back to her old self once the baby was born and reminded me that I wasn’t exactly lacking for female company. Even if all of my pregnant women suddenly lost the urge to have sex.

My cock was still hard enough to drill holes in concrete—as was usual with these two beauties before me—but I was content just to watch the show. It wasn’t like I had to beg for a womanly touch these days, and a little extra juice in the tank might come in handy by the time I got home.

Lucy may have lost some of her interest in sex. But Vicky sure as hell hadn’t.

The blonde was near to the exact same term as Lucy, almost to the day, and had only become more of a deviant during her pregnancy—if that were possible. Some nights it took both Liz and me to satisfy the buxom blonde, leaving us both as exhausted and drained as if we’d just run a marathon in the middle of summer.

Thankfully, Tori and Hayley didn’t have too many changes during their pregnancy—although Tori had horrible morning sickness and self-esteem issues. That made life a little easier when all four were up late and requesting snacks, foot rubs, and massages. It was my pleasure to perform these tasks for my wonderful women, but I also had Liz and Natalie, who were more than happy to help.

Natalie visited almost daily and had spent many a night in my bed and alone with Hayley. Those two had really hit it off, and the platinum-haired beauty slipped right into the relationship I shared with Hayley. I had been in three ways with my women, but there was something special about how Hayley and Natalie looked at each other. It was akin to how Liz and Vicky looked together, but more of a ‘fresh love’ vibe since the two were still exploring each other.

“I think our times about up,” I said, glancing at the digital clock hanging over the door. The red letters stood out against the dimly lit room.

“It’s not like your mum would actually kick us out,” Lucy winked as she ran her tongue across Liz’s toned stomach.

“No, but the room will need a clean and air out after we leave,” I chuckled.

“Melissa could probably charge extra for it the way it is if the next client saw how perfect you two are together,” Lucy grinned. “It’s so fucking hot.”

My cock twitched as the raven-haired beauty lowered her head between Liz’s muscular thighs. Liz gasped and bit her bottom lip as Lucy lapped at her pussy.

That wasn’t the first time Lucy—or one of my women—had commented on Liz and myself together. I spent an increased amount of time with the athletic redhead during the girl’s pregnancies, not just fucking her brains out. Liz had become my primary gym buddy and had taken it upon herself to train me.

At first, I followed her instructions in a playful manner, not expecting a nineteen-year-old to be so knowledgeable about fitness. I learned from that mistake during my first week after Liz rode me hard at the gym, then proceeded to ride me hard in the evenings after we showered off.

The first few weeks of training with Liz were rough, but now I felt stronger and far more energetic than I had felt in my entire life. The extra muscles and definition were a bonus that my women—and ones I didn’t know—immensely enjoyed whenever I went shirtless.

And I had to admit. It made me feel pretty good about myself.

A soft knock at the door distracted me from the erotic sight before me. The door opened just enough for a woman’s head to slip through. Liz and Lucy hadn’t moved apart, and I was still laying out, my cock on display as I stroked myself slowly like this was just like every other Friday.

“You need some more time?” my mother asked with a smile. She eyed Liz and Lucy appreciatively, then let her eyes roam over my naked body before fixing on my erection.

“No, we were just finishing up,” I smiled. “Just winding down.”

“Alright,” my mother smiled. “Let me know if you need anything.”

My mother and I had become lovers some time ago, but we hadn’t spent much time together. It felt different with her than it did with my other women and not even different as it was with Tori. Even though I knew we weren’t related biologically, I saw her as my mother. We had sex on occasion, which was fantastic, but there was no illusion of a relationship, and she never joined in with me and any of the other girls. What we had was for us alone. I loved her, but it wasn’t the same potency of love I felt for Tori, Hayley, Vicky, Liz, and Lucy. I didn’t know it was possible to love someone as much as I did those women, especially as equally as I did. But here I was, in a relationship with all five of them and honestly unable to choose who I would pick over the others.

That was until she came along.

Hannah Hayley Parks; Born October 23rd, 2019, at 03:23 am.

I remembered that day so vividly. Hayley was staying at Lucy’s parent’s house with illegal bahis her friend. They often spent time with her parents as they treated Hayley like a daughter. Kim was visiting from the states with his girlfriend, which was an excellent opportunity for the family to get to know each other. I was with the other women at the house, fast asleep in bed with Tori cradled in my arms. Her belly was swollen large by this point, and she often just wanted me to cuddle her to sleep.

The call came in around midnight on the 21st. I remembered the phone call like it had just happened.

“Jason, my love. There is no need to freak out, but I think your daughter is coming,” Hayley said with every ounce of her Hayley calm.

My brain took a few moments to register what Hayley had told me, then noticed Lucy in the background, sounding like she was freaking out about as much as I wanted to. I could hear the raven-haired beauty shouting orders at her brother, mother, father, and even her brother’s girlfriend as if she were commanding a raid team.

“I’ll come pick you up right away,” I said, throwing the covers off.

“That’ll take you too long, even this late,” Hayley replied. “Just meet me at the hospital. Dad can drive me.”

“Are you sure? I can get there in no time,” I replied.

“The last thing we need right now is you wrecking your new truck or getting a speeding ticket because you wanted to get here three minutes quicker,” Hayley chuckled softly. “Just relax and meet me at the hospital.”

“Okay. I’ll leave right away,” I said. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I still got pulled over for speeding to the hospital that night, but the police officer was kind enough to let me off with a warning when I mentioned I was on my way to the hospital for the birth of my first-born child. A heavily pregnant Tori sitting in my passenger seat helped convince him that it was for real, even if it wasn’t her baby on the way.

We had decided to stop trying to explain our situation to people a long time ago and just let their imaginations work it out for them.

“You ladies ready to go?” I asked my lovers.

With the mess cleaned from her body by Lucy’s eager tongue, Liz now perched on the arm of the chair, her long, toned legs draped across Lucy’s as she ran her fingers through the other women’s perfect, inky-black hair.

“I am content. Viewing you two like this is more than enough to make my day.” Lucy smiled softly, her eyes running over my naked body. “But…are you completely satisfied?”

Lucy’s eyes rested on my erection for a second before meeting my eyes. There was unmistakable, undeniable lust in them but also concern. This wasn’t the first time she had felt bad for not feeling capable of giving me a release herself.

“I need to save something for when I get home,” I winked, shooting her a smile to ease her thoughts. It looked to have worked because she smiled widely, flashing her pearly whites to me.

I rose from the lounger and crossed the room to the two naked, gorgeous women and held my hands out for them. Liz took my hand, then took Lucy’s in her other, and together we helped the Asian goddess to her feet. Lucy let out a suppressed and cute groan as she rose to her feet, immediately placing her hands on her baby bump. Despite having such a slender build, she had grown far larger than Hayley had during her pregnancy.

“I’m still surprised you haven’t popped yet,” I said, placing my hands on her belly.

“Any day now,” Lucy smiled.

“I can’t wait,” I grinned and kissed her lips.

“I can’t wait to ride that marvelous cock of yours,” Lucy whispered into my ear when our lips parted. “I’m sorry I haven’t been a good lover for you during all this.”

“You have been great,” I assured her. “But I think we have a lot of catching up.”

“Gladly,” Lucy giggled.

“Can I watch?” Liz asked, her hands crossed under her firm breasts and a smile creeping its way along her lips.

The three of us cleaned up and dressed with only a little fooling around before meeting with my mother in the main lobby. Melissa Parks, my mother, lover, and saviour—when it came to dealing with my asshole of a father—was with another client when we emerged from the massage room. The woman she spoke to was tall and into her middle years with golden blonde hair, fair skin, and a flawless body that boasted of her hard work to maintain such a figure at her age. I stopped to admire the mature beauties side-by-side before Lucy nudged me in the ribs.

“Half a dozen different women to sleep with, and you’re still looking for more,” Lucy giggled. “I’m pretty sure you’re ruined for monogamy.”

“I blame you, girls, for that,” I chuckled. “Anyway, I’m just looking. I have more than enough on my plate these days.”

A minute later, a young man entered the shop. He was maybe nineteen, super tall, with a broad chest and handsome features. He approached the blonde woman who spoke to my mother, placing a hand on the small of her back. I noticed the subtle shift in her hips as she leaned into his touch. My mother held a finger in my direction, signalling for me to wait one moment, then vanished with the couple into one of the back rooms.

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