Hard Habit to Break

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The room was humming with anticipation. She lay, reclining seductively on the chaise longue in the corner, hand cupping her chin, leaning lazily on her elbow. She feigned an air of nonchalant indifference, as though this turn of events happened every day. In reality her heart raced like a freight train, beating its own frantic symphony inside her chest. She was fired up and wished the moment would hurry, she ached for it and needed the time to pass quickly.

The softness of the silk robe on her breasts added a delightful sensation to her already hardening nipples as she breathed in and out. She tried to regulate her quickening breaths, but it was hard. Her mouth was dry, and her thoughts a maelstrom of excitement. The assembled men looked her way occasionally, eagerness apparent on their faces, and, she noted with a tingle in between her legs, further southwards.

Then the host clapped his hands, sounding for all the world like a school teacher, and bade everyone to gather round. He announced that they were to begin shortly, and from that she took her cue, and rose from the chaise undoing the belt of her robe as she did so. As she stood up, her robe slithered from her body, landing almost liquidly at her feet. There were murmurs of approval from everyone, as they caught sight of her firm breasts, her pert bum and her slim waist.

She lay down on the soft throw that had been placed for her comfort on the floor, and looked around her. This was it, her favourite indulgence, and a time when izmir escort she knew she would lose herself in the situation entirely. The guys gathered round, looking appreciatively at her lithe body spread out before them. Over to the side a porn film started up on the tv, and the first guy took a hold of his short but thick cock in his hand and began to wank himself up and down slowly.

The others took their lead and also began to play with themselves, without any self consciousness at all. Someone knelt at her side and she took his stiffening cock in her hand and, gripping firmly, she began to work it up and down, revelling in the power that she felt as it grew within her grasp. One by one they moved closer, eager to make sure they had a space they were happy with, and eager to make sure that their offerings wouldn’t fall short. She heard their breaths quickening, saw beads of sweat appearing on their brows, upper lips and torsos and numerous looks of concentration on some of their faces.

She revelled in the smell in the room, a heady mix of cologne and fresh clean sweat……of testosterone….of pure man, and it made her clit start to tingle again and she felt herself start to get wet. She slid her hand down between her legs and slipped her finger between her pussy lips. The sensation only served to make her nipples even harder, so that they ached so much. She rubbed her swelling clit slowly, feeling it grow under her fingers. A low moan escaped alsancak escort from her lips, which served to tip the kneeling man over the edge into a hot and gushing climax.

She jumped a little as his hot, thick cum hit her breasts and began to slide down her tits, and as if it had been a catalyst for others to need to release themselves, more and more men jerked and grunted as they came. Their hot, sticky wads of spunk came thick and fast. A never ending salvo across her belly, her thighs and her pussy, over her face and hair, filling her every sense with desire. Her hand kept on rubbing her clit, and she used some of the many splashes of cum as extra lube, which only served to heighten the pleasure she felt building in her cunt. Her pubic hair was thick with wads of semen, and she felt it slip and slide down her body to the floor. Hands reached out and massaged the cum into her body. Fingers spooning it in to her greedily waiting mouth. The taste of red hot seed heightened her pleasure and she knew she was close to climax herself.

By now some of the men had gotten their second wind, and those who could cum again, were shooting load after load of cum over her body again. The smell of salty semen filled her nostrils and turned her on even more than she ever felt possible. Her whole body slipped and slithered with the cum of many, and she was in heaven. She licked her lips as more cum spattered across them, hungrily cathing as much as buca escort she could on her tongue.

Another load of hot cum shot across her clit and that was all she needed to set her off into the most teeth clenching, toe curling orgasm she had had in a long time…..she lived for these moments and lost herself in it fully and wholly. Her back arched and her limbs trembled, but still she rubbed at her rock hard button, coaxing it into orgasm time and time again. She was aware she was biting her lip in ecstasy, tasting spunk, which started her off on another shuddering climax. The men looked on in awe, watching this show with a mixture of wonder and sheer lust.

She finished coming and slowly descended back to reality with a huge smile on her face, she gazed around her to see similar grins on the faces of her audience. Someone helped her rise from her position on the floor, and then someone else handed her a towelling robe to replace the silk one she had discarded earlier, and a damp cloth to wipe off her face. She tied the big fluffy robe around herself, and wiped her face. The guys dressed and each came to thank her for her company and her show that night. Some kissed her lightly on the cheek, or gave her a hug, but all promised they had had the most perfect time, and that should she need them, they would only be too happy to ‘visit’ again.

When she was alone, she went and turned on the shower and got in and luxuriated in the hot water. She soaped and shampooed herself squeaky clean again, all traces of her evening of hedonism running down the drain, leaving her with only memories. She towelled herself off briskly, and dressed. With one last look in the mirror, she adjusted her wimple, smoothed down her habit and then quietly let herself out of the hotel room, eager to return to the convent before curfew.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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