Happy Ending

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I go to my local day spa for my weekly massage appointment. It has been a stressful week and I am sooo ready for some rest and relaxation. I get undressed, as usual, and lie naked on the table, face up under the sheet. Instead of my regular girl, in walks this 6’5″, short haired, sexy ass guy with a big smile. “Hi,” he says, “I’m Cody.” I smile politely and try to act like I’m used to having hunky tall guys massage me every day.

“Hi,” I say back, and I notice his big, strong hands and the way his jeans cling to his muscular legs….trying not to stare at the outline of a very impressive-looking cock visible beneath his fly. I swallow hard, trying not to let my mind wander too much into fantasy land while he massages me. Keep it together, Dana, I silently tell myself. This guy touches naked women every day, I’m sure today is like any other day for him. It is not, however, like any other day for me. It’s been ages since I’ve felt the touch of a strong, sexy man and I feel my temperature start to spike and my pulse begin to quicken. I wonder if he is aware of the effect he’s already had on me?

I close my eyes and try to relax into the feeling of his hands on my skin, gliding smoothly along my arms, aided by the vanilla scented oil. Mmmmmm, Cody’s hands are very strong…they feel so delicious on my skin, working my tired muscles. I am such a lucky girl to have this hot guy working on my body, I think to myself, and as I do, my nipples harden involuntarily. As he bends over me, I wonder if his blue eyes take in the outline of my rock hard, thimble-sized nipples as they jut through the thin cotton of the sheet? I try not to think of the possibilities, as I lie there and focus on his powerful hands and the way they stroke my skin so deeply and seductively. Fuck, this is hot – this guy is hot – I think, and I feel the first trace of wetness roll down between kartal escort my thighs. I instantly realize that the next hour is going to be very difficult and that I am going to have to fight with myself to relax and not envision those long, elegant fingers teasing my already very erect and aroused nipples.

Cody is good, very good, and very professional as he works one shoulder, then the next, bending over me to reach across when necessary. As he does, his hand accidentally grazes my breast and my eyes fly open in shock and pleasure. My brown eyes meet his steady cerulean gaze as he stares down at me and a slow smile crosses his face. “Feel good?” he asks innocently. Unable to speak, I merely nod my head as my nipples tighten even further making them impossible not to notice through the sheet. Cody looks down at them appreciatively and I see a look of lust and desire darken his eyes. After a long pause, he asks, “May I?”

“Please,” I murmur huskily, unable to breathe. He slowly pulls down the sheet, exposing my naked breasts to his gaze. The cold air hits my dark pink nipples, causing the areolae to pucker and darken and the tender tips to retract into diamond-hard points the size of small raspberries. He reaches out one hand to cup my left breast and as he does, he begins to flick his thumb over my nipple. My god, this hot guy is actually touching me in the middle of my massage and I’m letting him, I say to myself! Yessss, it feels so good, I don’t want him to stop. Ever.

Cody notices the look of ecstasy on my face and the moans that escape my parted lips, and his touch grows bolder. Now he reaches out the other hand to my other breast and begins to caress and tease that one so that both are being lavished with his attention. Ahh, this feels amazing, and my breath intakes sharply as his touch moves from slow and gentle to firmer and more insistent. cumhuriyet mahallesi escort He rolls my nipples with his thumbs and forefingers, pulling them, stretching them, and when I sigh he says, “You have such beautiful tits, baby. I can’t wait to taste them.”

My pussy pulses in response and as he lowers his sexy mouth down to first one, then the other, I feel a gush of warmth and wetness, signalling my desire. My nipples feel soooo good in his mouth as he licks and sucks first one, then the other. I can barely contain myself as the pleasure washes over my entire body. My nipples have always been the center of my sexual pleasure and this stranger seems to innately understand this as he works my rosy buds endlessly and very expertly. Cody’s teeth now start to graze and nip at my nipples, stretching them, biting them, trapping them between his perfect white teeth, sending shockwaves of sensation directly to my now throbbing clit. I am practically cumming from the sheer pleasure of it and the naughtiness of what he is doing to me in the treatment room at a reputable massage place. I am half mad with desire and pleasure.

After several minutes of blissful attention to my greedy nipples, he lifts up his head to look at me and I grab him and pull his mouth down to mine, savoring a deep kiss. Mmmm, kissing Cody is almost as delicous as feeling his warm, wet mouth on my aching breasts. Our tongues dance around each other, tasting and touching and swirling. God, I want this man! Sitting up, I push him back away from the table and motion for him to switch places with me. I slowly unbutton his shirt, exposing his muscular chest, and I push him back against the table and climb up astride him. As I bend down to kiss his lips my breasts brush against his chest. He moans against my lips. That mouth, I think…I must yunus escort feel it everywhere! I slide up his chest so that he can feel my dripping pussy as it paints his skin with my moisture.

He moans again and grabs my hips, pulling me closer so now I am straddling his hungry mouth. I lower my wanting pussy onto his face and he eagerly begins lapping at my slit, tasting my juices which are now flowing freely. I can hear his mouth as it greedily sucks at my hole, and the feeling of his lips and tongue inside me is beyond delicious. I rock my hips back and forth over his face, sealing my gushing pussy against his nose and mouth. There’s nowhere for him to go but upward and he presses his face deeply into my smooth, slick snatch, licking and lapping and sucking me into a frenzy. This is so incredible, but now I want his mouth on my clit! Carefully, without breaking the seal against his face, I slide my body higher so that his lovely long tongue can at last find my swollen clit. Heaven! as he starts licking that tight little jewel in never ending circles, swirling around it and making me quiver with pleasure. Fuck, his mouth feels so amazing!

My hips are now bucking wildly against his face but he’s not complaining. He holds me down firmly against him so his wicked tongue can wreak its delicious havoc on my engorged clit. I am close now as I rock back and forth against his lips, feeling nothing but his glorious tongue on my most sensitive spot. When he opens his mouth wider to start nibbling on my clit, I explode frantically in a wracking orgasm that tears cries from my throat and leaves his face completely drenched and glistening with my copious juices. The orgasm goes on and on and Cody hungrily laps up the proof of my passion, licking me completely clean. Once the tremors finally subside, I break the seal from his mouth and face and kiss him languidly.

Cody pulls his shirt together and stands up, looking hot and oh so very sexy. I get dressed and then reach into my purse and pull out $100. “Same time next week?” he asks and cocks one eyebrow.

“With pleasure,” I reply as I hand him the bill and pull the door shut behind me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32