Happy Birthday

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The coffee is especially good, the much needed caffeine soaking slowly into my addled brain, reviving abused and tortured brains cells, enabling them to function again, and the doom and gloom in the paper especially typical, so I’m focused more on the former than the latter as I sit at the counter at Ernie Steele’s on this fine afternoon eve of my birth anniversary. “Hey Joe” starts playing on the jukebox and I take a gander at the basketball game on TV when Susie walks by and sees me, and turns around and comes in out of the cold.

“Hey!” she says, kissing me, her lips chilly from outside.

“What’s happening?” I say, putting the coffee cup down and turning to face her.

“I was going to call and ask you about this later, but let’s go out for your birthday tonight,” she says with a big smile.

“Oh, I don’t know,” I say, looking away.

“C’mon, it’s your birthday! You’re turning 28. How often do you get a chance to do that?”

“It is a once in a lifetime event,” I concede. She laughs.

“Don’t you want to do something fun on your birthday? Have people buy you drinks all night? Meet new people?” she said. My eyebrow cocks.

“New people?” I inquire.

“A friend of mine from work is coming,” she says.

“Oh? Who?” I ask, my interest piqued.

“Someone from work,” she replies.

“What’s their name?”

“You’ll find out tonight,” she says, smiling coyly.

“Are you up to something?” I ask, looking at her above my glasses.

“You’ll find out tonight,” she repeats, and then leans in and kisses me.

“You’re up to something,” I conclude. She starts back out.

“I’ll call you later with the particulars.”

“But not their name, eh?”

“What did I just tell you?” She smiles and heads back out and continues on her way. I sigh.

She calls later that afternoon and says to be at the Comet around 10. They’ll be at a table in the front. So around 10, I walk in. The place is packed, and when Susie sees me, she makes her way through the crowd towards me and kisses me, and then we navigate our way back through the throng to the table. Susie tells me Dawn could not get her shift covered and had to work, but she sends her regards nonetheless. Ian and Jamie are there, plus a couple of their friends, and then there’s a young woman with short brown hair wearing a black sweater, grey jeans, black leather boots, and a peacoat who smiles and waves when she’s introduced to me.

“This is Shanley,” she says, “she works with me at the Bon.”

“Howdy,” I say to her as we shake hands. Her eyes twinkle and I look over at Susie who gives me an impish grin, and I think of what a pretty and unusual name Shanley has. As the evening progresses, everyone buys me rounds, toasts to my good health and fortune, and we’re there late into the night. I look over at Shanley from time to time, trying to figure out what she’s about, and when she catches my eye, she smiles and there’s a knowing gleam in her eye, and I realize that she reminds me a bit of Dawn, and I think of how Susie “suggested” we get together a couple of months earlier, and I periodically glance over at Susie to see if I can gauge just what she’s up to. But she’s holding her cards very close. At closing time, the party disperses, and Susie and I head up towards her place on 13th.

Shanley does as well. Without being asked. It’s about a 15 minute walk up 12th to Republican, where we cut to the right at 13th and back down a couple of doors to Susie’s beautiful old colonial style building there. Shanley has walked casually with us, occasionally chatting with Susie ahead of me as we stroll along, other times hanging back and keeping to herself, but with a sense of comfort and poise, as if she had done this with us several times Van Escort before. So it is at this point, a sneaking suspicion that she has something to do with my birthday, which has been nurtured all night is front and center in my mind when we reach Susie’s place on the second floor, and go inside and up a flight of stairs to the first door to the left of the stairway and go on in.

“Why don’t you two have a seat on the couch,” Susie says as she hangs up our coats, and then goes over to the stereo and puts Sonic Youth’s EVOL on the stereo. I sit down on the couch and Shanley joins me, and gives me a come-hither look as Susie joins us with a gray onyx stone bowl packed with ganja. She sparks it up and takes a hit, passes it to Shanley, and then goes to the grey mid century apartment chair across the room and sits down as Shanley blazes, and passes the bowl to me. My first drag is careful, as I don’t smoke pot very often, and I want to avoid being cruel to my relatively virgin lungs. She exhales and pats my knee and then giggles as the active chemical begins to take hold in my body, relaxing me, and heightening certain senses, as the second track on the album, the surreal “Shadow of a Doubt” begins to play, and at that moment everything crystalizes. I smile back at Shanley and get up to take the bowl back over to Susie, and return to the couch. Small talk continues and the bowl gets passed around, and when “Star Power” begins, Susie speaks up, as though that were her cue.

“So Tim,” she says, “I bet you’re wondering why Shanley came back here with us from the bar.”

“I was a bit struck by that.”

“I bet you were,” she says, finishing off the bowl, and starting to repack. “Shanley, as you know, as of midnight, today is this guy’s birthday. Why don’t you help him ring it in with that special gift we talked about?”

“Yeah?” Shanley says looking at her, and then at me.

“Yeah,” Susie replies at the very moment Kim Gordon intones “she knows how to make love to me.”

Shanley stands up and reaches for my hand, and we both stand in the living room as the song plays and we let our bodies sway in tune to the sensual beat, making brief eye contact with each other, and then I put my hands on her waste. Susie watches with spellbound attention as we both look at each other, dancing to the beat. I’m not much of a dancer. At all. But somehow I find the rhythm and we both ride this wave together for several minutes. When the song ends, Susie backs the CD up so it plays again and Shanley and I dance closer now, and then slow into senior prom style slow dance, even though it isn’t even close to the beat of the song. Any reticence for us is gone now, thanks to the ganja, and we look into each other’s eyes for a prolonged moment.

“You want to kiss her, right Tim?” Susie observes.

“Yes I do,” I reply.

“Well go ahead then?” she says.

“What do you think?” I ask Shanley, who merely smiles.

So we lean in and kiss softly a few times, and then tongues come out, and I pull her close to me, and her eyes welcome me.

“Alright then,” Susie says as the next song begins, “I think it’s time for the main event.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” says Shanley. “Right this way, Mr. Tim.” She starts towards the bedroom, and I follow her in, with Susie coming in behind us and sitting down in a black wingback chair in the corner of the room.

“Now Shanley, refresh my memory. How we say you going to help honor the occasion of Tim’s birthday?” Susie asks, kicking off her shoes.

“I believe we agreed that I was going to…perform oral sex on him while you watched.” Shanley replies. “Would you like that, Tim?” she continues, turning back to me?” Would you like me to suck your cock while Susie watches?” Van Escort Bayan

“Without objection, it is so ordered,” I reply.

“Okay then,” she says, looking around.

“Yes. Let’s light the candle,” Susie says, sitting Indian style in the wingback.

“Would you like to be standing, sitting, or lying down on the bed, Tim?” Shanley inquires

“I would like to stand, if that’s alright.”

“It is more than alright. It is outstanding,” she says as she gets a big pillow from the bed and drops it on the floor, and then begins to disrobe. “That is my favorite position to give head.” When she is down to her black panties trimmed in gold, she gets down on the pillows and begins squeezing the thickening bulge in my pants.

“He has a really nice cock, Shan,” Susie says, sitting back in her hair. “Just so you know.”

“Is that so? Do you have a nice cock, Tim?” Shanley says slightly squeezing the bell end through my pants and looking up at me.

“Um…that’s probably in the eye of the beholder,” I respond, not wanting to seem like a phallophile.

“Well, we’ll just see then, won’t we?” Shanley says with a big evil grin on her face as she continues to squeeze for a few more moments, and then, “You’re getting really hard. Let’s have a look at it.”

She undoes my belt and then my pants, and then lowers the zipper. She fishes around slowly in my boxers and finds my dick and slowly pulls it out. I see Susie’s eyes zero in on it.

“What did I tell you?” says Susie as she instinctively fondles her left breast through her shirt with her right hand.

“Look at that. It’s throbbing. Rock hard,” Shanley says as she strokes it slowly with her right hand and then both hands before she licks around the edges of the head, making it swell purple. Then she lowers my pants all the way and I step out of them, the same with my boxers. I peel off my sweater. Shanley swirls the head with her tongue and then takes it in her mouth, and then the rest of me. She goes to a bobbing motion, while stroking me in a twisted fashion with her hand. Susie is paying rapt attention as Shanley turns to my balls and licks and sucks them. Shanley move from my balls and licks up the shaft and looks me in the eye as she takes me in her mouth again, and turns her head as her mouth engulfs me.

“Susie’s right,” she says, coming up for air, “You do have a nice cock.”

“It’s not too long, and it is of the right thickness,” Susie chimes in. “It is a near perfect penis.”

“I concur,” Shanley says before taking me in her mouth one more time. Then she moves back. “Well, it looks like you’re leaking, sir.”

“Are you going to cum, Tim?” Susie asks. “Are you?” She undoes her pants and sticks her right hand in. “Is Shanley going to make you cum?”

“Keep going,” I reply.

“I’d love to make you cum,” Shanley says, her voice almost lowered to a whisper as she looks up at me, gently stroking back and forth. “Where do you want to cum?”

“Where would you like me to cum?”

“It’s your birthday, Mr. Tim. It’s entirely up to you.” she says.

“Let me ask you this, where do you like a guy to cum when you give him a blowjob?”

“In my faee,” she says without missing a beat, and smiling.

“Cum on her face, Tim. Do it,” Susies says, gasping and closing her eyes. She stands up and takes her pants off, and then sits back down. I watch her as her hand goes down her panties and into her pussy.

“Getting a man’s spooge on my face, in my hair…it’s so hot,” Shanley says.

“You like that, eh?”

“I love it,” she says.

“I love to watch it,” Susie says, moaning.

“Then I’ll cum on your face, Shanley,” I say, turning back to her. “Make me cum, Shanley.”

“I Escort Van was hoping you would choose that,” she says. “I was also hoping you would tell me to make you cum on my face.”

“You’re not a little cum slut, are you Shanley?”

“I wouldn’t say that,” she says, licking around the frenulum. “But I do love to have a man spray me with his cum.” She takes some of me in her mouth, and then moves back. “On my face. On my tits. In my hair. I love it. That suddenly hot bath. It makes me so wet,” she says, returning my cock to her mouth.

She accelerates her licking and sucking and head bobbing, stopping to lick on the frenulum, and then across the head. She takes my balls in her other hand and squeezes them slightly as she continues with her sectorial. Finally she lets me fall out of her mouth and she looks straight at me as she strokes that sweet spot just underneath the crown ever so gently, and I can feel the heat suddenly rise and my knees buckle for a moment as I take my cock and aim the first hot cumshot on Shanley’s left cheek. It’s long and thick and goes into her hair. The second one hits her nose and drips off, and the third one oozes out along her mouth. She takes me in her mouth again and catches the rest of the jism. When I’ve finished, she lets me fall out of her mouth and she looks up and me swallowing, and her cum covered face lights up with a smile. Susie moans louder and louder now and her pelvis seizes up for a moment as she cries out and then she sinks back into the chair, prostrated. I go over and lean on a nearby dresser, fearing my legs might give out.

“Happy Birthday, Tim” Shanley says, getting up and going into the bathroom to get a towel and clean her face off. My legs remain wobbly and I move over towards the bed to sit down for a moment while she cleans up.

“So. Did you like it, Tim?” Susie asks me, slouched back in the wingback.

“Did you like it, Susie?” I rejoin.

“What do you think? I think you know the answer to that question. I loved it,” she says. “I’ve always wanted to watch someone perform oral sex in real life. It’s so hot.”

“Yes it was,” I say in full agreement. “Thanks for…arranging this.”

“You’re welcome. Happy Birthday, Tim!”

Shanley comes back from the bathroom, her face cleaned up.

“And thank you, Shanley. That was amazing!”

“No problem, Tim. But don’t think we’re done yet, she says as she lowers, and then steps out of her panties. I sit up and take her by the waste and guide her down to the bed, where she lays down on her back and opens her legs, and I move in close.

“You’re right,” I say, “it is your turn. Sucking my cock made you nice and wet,” I say, dipping my bird finger in and licking it. “That’s outstanding. Have a taste of this, Sooz,” I say to Susie as she peels off the rest of her clothes and moves down between Shanley’s legs, and gives her pussy a quick lick or two, making her squirm.

“Very nice,” she says as she goes down on Shanley, whose hips rock in a beautiful rhythm to Susie’s licks. This continues for several minutes before I kneel down to tag Susie and take over. I lick Shanley’s clean clean pussy trimmed in a soft brown triangle, as she rocks her head and forth.

“Looks like you’re hitting the right places,” Susie observes as she starts rubbing her own pussy again.

I lightly bite into Shanley’s clit as she jumps and yelps and her moans become louder and louder. I focus all of my attention on her clit as she holds in a pattern and gets closer and closer and closer and then thrusts her pelvis up and tightens her legs several seconds and thrusts her pelvis up as high as it can possibly go and then lets out this “UUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!” sounds and drops flat on the bed. Meanwhile, Susie has moved over to the bed and is rubbing her way to her second orgasm, which hits about 30 seconds after Shanely, and she drops to the bed next to her. I then crawl between both enervated women, and we eventually saw logs arranged in the perfect sandwich.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32