Happy Anniversary

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Happy Anniversary
You just finished a two-hour swim session at the gym pool and all the while you kept seeing this big guy swimming laps. It was easy to tell he was absolutely ripped; built like a linebacker.

Now, back in the locker room you head for the showers. After the shower, as usual, you make your way into the steam room, wearing only a small towel wrapped around your waist.

Your mind drifts to thoughts of that big, muscle bound guy you saw in the pool; your imagination conjures images of his superhero build and the tiny speedo that clung to his hips like a second skin, barely containing what was clearly a very big cock.

And as if by magic, he walks right in to the steam room with you, startling you out of your daydream.

He has no towel and your u*********s glance up and down his body confirms that he indeed has a cock that is every bit as big and impressive as the rest of his body. You don’t even realize you are staring until he busts you in the act. Your stomach begins doing flips as he walks straight to where you are sitting and settles on the bench next to you.

He tells you that he saw you in the pool and asks if you are training for something.

“Nah,” you reply, not the least bit aware that he has sized you up and has decided you will be his next victim.

“Well, you look like you could compete in the swimming leg of any Iron Man competition,” he continues; his flattery make you relax. It feels good to have this muscular athlete complimenting you on your body and conditioning.

You make small talk for a few minutes and you cannot seem to keep your eyes from lingering enviously on his chiseled body and his magnetic good looks. This guy is a regular ADONIS.

Finally, you tell him that you have to go, “My wife is waiting at home for me. We’re going out tonight to celebrate our wedding anniversary.”

He smiles and offers congratulations as you stand up to leave. He stands up too and you think he is going to bahis şirketleri shake your hand and wish you well.

But instead he knocks you back down to where you were sitting on the bench. He looks down at you as his cock dangles long and thick between his thighs, just inches from your face.

You look up at him and he looks back at you with a confident smirk. You are suddenly aware that something is wrong. Your mind grapples with confusion and you hear him ask if you’ve ever been with a guy.

“What? No! Never!” you answer. “I just told you I’m married.”

His smirk stretches into a smile and he says, “Good, then this will be your first time.” He grips his big cock in hand and waves it in your face.

Fear suddenly radiates through your body as you try to remain cool and ask if this is some kind of a joke.

“No joke,” he says as he strokes his cock.

Your fear level goes through the roof as he reaches out with his free hand, takes a fistful of your hair and pulls you toward his cock.

You resist at first, trying to break his hold on you. But he is so much stronger than you, your resistance is barely an inconvenience to him.

“But… I’m NOT gay,” you blurt out as he draws your face to within an inch of his pendulous, semi-hard cock. “I’m not gay!” you repeat, thinking he didn’t hear you the first time.

But your heart sinks as he looks you directly in the eye and says, “I don’t care,” as he pulls right up so that his cock is pressed right against your face. His big cock burns hot against your skin as he uses your face to like a towel to wipe his cock.

You plant your hands on his powerful thighs and try to push yourself away from him, but his iron grip holds you fast. And again, you repeat your protests, “I told you, I’m not like this. I’m not into guys! I don’t do these kinds of things!”

He just laughs and tells you that I WILL today.

“Open your mouth,” he commands. You can tell by the tone of his voice, he tipobet güvenilir mi means business. “Open your mouth or I’m going to send you to the emergency room.”

As you open your mouth to repeat your protests, this big bully stuffs your open mouth with his porn star sized cock.

Your eyes fly wide open, round as sauces as he holds you there. “You better suck it good, bitch. You better suck it right, or else I’m going to beat you to a bloody pulp.” And as he speaks, he starts to fuck your mouth with his hardening cock.

You briefly consider biting him hard but his cock is so big and your jaw is pried so wide open it is impossible for you to generate any kind of a bite. There is no way you can fight him off. He is so much stronger than you and you realize you can only hope this ends quickly before someone walks in and sees you there with a mouthful of this stud’s big cock.

And as the thought of being busted with this guy’s cock stuffed into your mouth lingers in your mind, you are suddenly aware that your own cock is growing hard and the notion of someone catching him doing this to you somehow turns you on.

He laughs as he sees your hardon poking a tent up in your towel and remarks at how easily you have taken to sucking cock, “I knew it from the first I caught you staring at me in the pool. I knew that one taste of my big cock would turn you into an eager, cum hungry faggot cocksucker.

You finally decide the best way to end this humiliation is to finish him off fast, so you get busy sucking on him. Even though you’ve never done this before, you have seen plenty of porn flicks and so you simply try to emulate the things you’ve watch so many porn chicks do when they are sucking on a dick.

You are apparently a quick study, because soon he is issuing low growling groans. He commends your work and issues instructions, “That’s a good boy, now keep that up and you will do fine.” He tells you to, perabet “swirl your tongue around the head. Take it deeper. Don’t go too fast,” as he slow fucks your mouth.

Slowly and steadily, he feeds more and more of his big cock into your mouth until you feel the fat knob pressing at the back of your throat. You are terrified to see that, although his cock fills your mouth to the throat over half of his full length remains exposed, spanning the distance between your lips and his body.

But that situation doesn’t remain so for very long as he locks his hands behind your head and violently pulls you forward as he thrusts his hips and drives the full measure of his foot-long cock right down your throat. This sudden invasion takes you by complete surprise and you begin to heave and convulse with your nose mashed up tight to his lower abdomen.

You feel his cock throbbing deep down in your throat and all you can do is surrender to him. His thrusts gain speed and become more forceful. The realization that he is about to cum solicits muffled squealing protests from your stuffed throat as you try to clear him from your mouth. But he holds your head securely and announces, “Here comes your reward, cocksucker. I’m going to cum and I’m going to make you swallow my entire load. And once you have my cum inside of you, you will belong to me forever.”

His words echo in your head as he cuts loose like a firehose, blasting rope after rope of hot boycum right down your throat and into your stomach. You have no choice in the matter as his juice flows like a raging river right down your throat. With his cock buried deep in your throat and blowing cum like a volcano, your belly begins to swell out like a balloon that is being filled from a faucet.

You have no idea how long this will go on because he seems to have an unending supply of cum stored up in his big balls. But eventually his orgasm passes and he draws his spent, semi-hard cock from your lips with a loud, wet SSSCHHHLLLLLUPPP.

He releases your head from his grip and you collapse onto the steam room floor, positively drunk on his cum.

“See you around, cocksucker,” he says as he casually turns and walks out of the steam room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32