Happy Anniversary

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Don worked construction and Jo taught fifth grade. Like so many responsible young people, they found themselves caught in the rat race of making a living and building their future. Neither had a lot of time for much else. Certainly not the fun-filled single life they had enjoyed in college and before their marriage.

In college, Don played football and tried to make the ‘big time’ but was never picked by the majors. Unbroken he join the job market and help Jo with her degree. He enjoyed working in the outdoors and a job in the building trades seemed to fit. The money was good and provided for them as Jo finished her degree and started working herself.

Don came home one night and after greeting his wife with a kiss suspected she’d been with another woman. “How’s Karen?” he asked. It was a good guess. Jo and Karen had been inseparable through college. They were party girls when not studying for exams. That’s how Don met Jo and so started their relationship. The two women hadn’t seen much of each other since the couple’s marriage two years ago.

A smile broke across Jo’s face as she tried to deny seeing her friend. “What do you mean?” she said sheepishly.

“Don’t deny the obvious, I’d know that womanly scent anywhere,” Don said.

Jo was exciting in bed. She was interested in anything to do with sex. Don knew about her lesbian encounters before he married her. She had experimented with a friend several times in high school and college. She admitted that they even shared a boy in a three-way once. Don often used those visions to keep their lovemaking hot and fresh. Her school friend worked out of town now and the women hadn’t been together for a while.

Jo went on to explain how Karen had called. She was in town and they met for lunch. “It just happened. I hope you’re not angry with me,” Jo pleaded.

“I’m not angry. That taste on your lips and the thought of you with another woman takes me back to college days, he said. I’m having visions of the two of you together and it turns me on.”

“I’m glad because I worried you would be upset,” she confessed.

“Not upset, more like jealous that I wasn’t there to at least watch.”

Jo turned toward the noise she heard from the kitchen, “Uh oh! I have dinner on the stove I need to attend to.”

“OK, we’ll talk about it later. I’m going to get a shower,” Don said over his shoulder as he headed for the bath.

“I hope she doesn’t wash that fragrance from her before bed,” he thought as the hot water flushed his day away.

At the dinner table, the topic focused on the couple’s wedding anniversary that was coming up. Jo asked what they should do to celebrate. Don suggested a nice dinner out, a show or dancing, then back home to screw their brains out. When asked why she wanted to know several weeks in advance, she just smiled. Her gray eyes twinkled with an impish gleam. Don assumed that she may be planning something herself. Oddly, Jo’s encounter with her friend never came up.

As luck would have it, their anniversary fell on a Friday. With reservations made, they dressed and went out for the evening to celebrate. Dinner and dancing at a local hot-spot kept the couple laughing and in high spirits.

Driving home, Jo sat close. She caressed Don’s inner thigh with her fingernails, sending shivers through him. “You still want to fuck my brains out tonight?” She cooed.

“You remembered,” he said with a smile.

“Of course, silly!”

“I’d love to keep you wet and busy all weekend if you’d let me,” Don said.

Arm in arm, the two made their way from the garage into the house. Once inside, they stood kissing for several minutes in the utility room. Their hands, teasing erogenous zones, brought their desires to a boil. Jo was the first to break the kiss. She knelt down, unzipping her husband’s pants and pulled out his swelling cock.

“Mmm, I’ve wanted this all night,” she said hungrily, taking it into her mouth. Her tongue caressed the sensitive organ. He shuddered noticeably as her hot mouth embraced the velvety smooth shaft.

When he could stand it no longer, Don pulled Jo to her feet and kissed her long and hard. His tongue explored her mouth, coaxing her to follow his lead. He kneaded her soft breasts through the thin fabric of her blouse. Jo found the edge of the washing machine and leaned back. Her husband squat and lifted her skirt, coming face to face with a bare pussy. “Had she been naked all night? How could I have not noticed?” he thought. His eyes looked up questioning, his warm breath tickled her nearly nude bush. She smiled that special way of hers that said she did it for his pleasure.

Don kissed her thighs and trim mound. His tongue licked at the glistening wetness forming on bare lips. Parting the soft folds, he felt her heat radiate against his face. He tasted her sweet eagerness. Drawing lazy circles around her clit with his tongue, he held her from lowering herself against his busy mouth. He wanted to taunt her, hinting at things bursa escort bayan to come.

Jo finally pulled him up and kissed his full lips. Tasting herself on them, her tongue darted into his mouth, exposing how hot her passions had become. She pulled the scarf from her neck.

“Stand still.” She ordered. “I have a surprise for you.”

She used the scarf as a blindfold and tied it snugly around his head. She led the blind man into the bedroom and sat him on the bed.

“Stay here and don’t move, she commanded. Don’t make me tie your hands too!” Don imagined, in his darkness, that she’d bought some sexy clothes to model for their anniversary.

The sound of matches striking and the fragrance of scented candles impinged his senses. “Ah, setting the mood,” he thought. She sat next to him, her lips touching his cheek and a bare breast warming his arm. Another tingle shot through him. Hands began to slowly undress him. Each touch of fiber awakened his sensitive skin as it brushed against him.

“When are we going to get to the good stuff,” he asked reaching out for her. She slapped his hands away.

“Stay still and keep your hands to yourself or you may not get anything,” she barked. Jo proceeded unhurried. She unbuttoned and removed his shirt. Hands gliding over his chest, tickling hairs around his already erect nipples. She removed his belt. Pulling it through the loops with a long slow hissing sound as it slipped over the fabric. Don was beginning to like this. She knelt and started untying his shoes, helping him out of them and sliding his socks off. Practiced hands unfastened the snap at his waist, the zipper already down, she had him stand as the slacks fell about his ankles. Don’s cock was already hard, making a tent of the thin material, begging for her touch. His underwear slid quietly to the floor and he stepped out of them. He kicked away his discarded clothing. He could feel the light touch of her blonde hair against his bare thighs which made his manhood jump. Jo stood, hot breath teasing his ear, her tongue traced its shape, warm and wet. The man’s breath was faster now. Anticipation was driving him wild and he loved it.

“One second.” She whispered. Followed by the sound of turning down the bed, moving the crisp, clean sheets. Warm hands caressed his taut thighs, fingernails raking sensitive skin. At last, lips closed around the end of his shaft and a tongue circled its head.

“You’re such a tease,” he muttered almost in a whisper.

He stood naked and blind in the warm, fragrant darkness. Jo sat him on the bed and pushed him back against the pillows. He could feel the warmth of her body near and longed to reach out and stroke her. To touch the warm curves of her body.

Sensing this, Jo took another scarf from her dresser and tied the man’s wrists to the headboard. “I told you not to use your hands, didn’t I?” she scolded.

Don was insane within his blind, desires, “I can’t take much more of this, Honey. You’re killing me!”

“Shush, lie back and enjoy this.” Don relaxed in the aromatic atmosphere and gave in to the lustful experience. After all, what could he do, hands tied and blindfolded.

More movement as she positioned herself on the bed. Again the feeling of her lips encircling the head of his cock, tongue swirling, wet and warm. A sigh of pleasure sprung from his lips as he slipped into the moment. She played his cock for long minutes. Pulling and squeezing the burgeoning organ. Without warning, her mouth descended the length of him, taking it deep into her throat. Jo had never been able to ‘throat’ him before, and he gasped as she did. Rising and falling slowly, her lips tight around his girth. She flicked her tongue along its underside. Don moaned in pleasure, letting her know how much he was enjoying this. He lay back and relished every sensation of his cock being swallowed over and over. Slowly… lovingly.

The woman moved more quickly now, her lips pulling on his shaft. Their juices made wet vulgar sounds as her hand pumped his cock into her mouth. Several fast strokes followed by a plunge. She took him deep into her throat again pausing to let him feel the depth. Her lips touched his pubic hair. The smooth, slick skin at the back of her throat caressed the swollen head as she swallowed. She pulled up to repeat her fast strokes, only to slow again and plunge down his length. Lacking any other distraction, Don’s world consisted only of his imagination and the sensation of her mouth and hand moving on him. The pressure was building in his groin. His cock swelled with her movements. The blindfold caused him to envision every lustful and passionate motion.

“I’m…gonna…cum… baby, I can’t stop!” he panted, his breath coming in rapid gasps.

Her pace quickened, saliva and precum drenched his balls. With a mind of their own, his hips rose up to meet her every stroke. A primitive instinct ruled within him. He wanted to flood her with his seed. The vision of a cock bursa anal yapan escort pumping white jets of cum into her forced his orgasm to the surface. The tidal wave of pleasure raced through his crazed mind, through his genitals, forcing a long, guttural groan.

The dam broke, the floods came, Vesuvius erupted. Hot white lava gushed from his cock as she held him in her mouth. Racked by spasms, his copious orgasm surged out. Her throat contracted several times as she tried to swallow the torrent before she pulled him from her mouth coughing. The woman held his spurting member between her breasts. Don teetered on the verge of passing out. Her hand milked out the last of his white fluid.

Breathing heavily, Don fell back against the pillows. Sated, he drifted through sexual exhaustion and into the warm “afterglow” of contentment.

He felt her straddled his now deflating cock, cradling it between her wet labia, she rocked her hips. The blindfold fell away, Jo’s slim form and pale skin appeared in the flickering candlelight. Her breasts should have been dripping with his copious release. But they were dry. Don wondered to himself, “What happened to all that cum?”

“Did that feel good, honey?” Her voice low and husky.

“Mm, yes it did, he replied in a purr. That was incredible. Why have we not done this before?”

She rolled to the side and lay next to him. His eyes followed her.

“You’d better thank her.” Jo laughed.

“Her?” he asked in surprise. His head snapped around.

There was Karen, Jo’s college friend and occasional lover sprawled next to him. Naked, except for a red bow in her curly dark hair. Her breasts wet and shining in the dim light. Her tongue tracing ruby lips as she licked the last of him from them. A broad smile lit her face. The candlelight wove magic through the woman’s ruffled brown hair. The flickering light created a halo about her as she rose on one elbow.

“Happy Anniversary!” they exclaimed as one. Jo laughed, kissing her husband on the lips.

Don grabbed his wife and returned her kiss with heated passion. He sat up and kissed Karen too, tasting

himself on her crimson lips.

“Thank you for the tremendously awesome blowjob!”

She laughed, “Mmm, my pleasure, Don. I think I enjoyed our little deception as much as you did. Just look at me! What a mess you’ve made.” Karen pushed her tits together, spreading the glistening liquid over them.

“It looks like it will be a while before you’re ready again,” Jo said in her little girl voice. She indicated Don’s flaccid member.

“Sorry,” he said soulfully. “Nature of the beast, but, “I’ll be back”, he said in his best Schwarzenegger impression. First I need to replace some fluids.” Don staggered to his feet and headed for the kitchen.

“Well, all I know is that I got worked up,” Karen said.

“Lay back dear,” Jo cooed, We’ll fix that.”

Jo tenderly dried Karen’s chest with a towel, “You’re so beautiful.” The women lay together fondling and kissing one another. Giggling like they were back at school.

Don called from the kitchen, “Can I get anyone anything?”

“Some water would be nice, my throat is a little dry,” Karen said, a touch of amusement in her voice.

“I don’t know how that could be,” Don laughed.

Don returned in time to see his wife maneuvering herself between the other woman’s spread legs. Her blonde hair and fair skin in contrast with the darker tones of her friend. She slid her hands under Karen’s thighs. Lifting and spreading them to access her friend’s warm, slippery flesh.

Don felt himself expanding again as Karen moaned softly from Jo’s touch. Soft candlelight illuminated his wife’s creamy ass, her own puffy wet lips catching the light. With her face buried in the woman’s crotch, Jo squeezed her friend’s full breasts. She pinched the dark nipples and ran her fingernails across the tender undersides. Don placed his hand on the back of Jo’s thigh to let her know he was back and enjoying her show. She whimpered at his touch, wiggling her bottom in response. He wanted to mount her right then.

Don cupped one of his wife’s ass cheeks. A wet “smack” came from between her legs as her lubricious lips parted. In the candlelight, her twinkling wetness was inviting. Her labia full and pink with an opalescent wetness that ran their length. He stroked her ass and teased her swollen lips, his fingers sliding across her protruding clitoris. Jo responded by sucking Karen’s clit between her lips, her tongue dancing on the fleshy nub.

Karen gave a loud moan. Her thighs closed around Jo’s head as her hips lifted off the bed. The women stayed locked in their libidinous embrace. Karen’s legs quivered in orgasm. Her breath became a series of short pants until finally, she collapsed on the bed taking Jo with her.

Jo caressed her friend’s sable bush. Light kisses caused Karen to again ripple with shudders of pleasure. Karen sat bursa rus escort up, pulling her friend close. The women kissed as tenderly as lovers.

“I love to please you like that, like old times,” Jo whispered,

Karen replied lazily, “Mm, and I love to cum against your tongue.”

Jo slipped from the foot of the bed and inched her way to Don, like a cat. The couple embraced and kissed passionately. His kisses cleaned the other woman’s wetness from her lips and chin.

“See what a wanton slut you married!” She laughed.

Her use of the word “slut” told Don that she was incredibly turned on. In the time they had been married, she only used that word when they were having exceptional sex. She enjoyed being the bawdy strumpet but had to be highly aroused to get into character. Don encouraged her as often as he could.

“Yes, I can see what a slut you are, playing on her randy desires. I saw how wet you were, tonguing your lover.”

“Ooh, yes, I’m so wet, She touched herself and brought up fingers covered with juices, see?” You watching made me want to cum,” Jo purred as she spread the slippery nectar over her nipples.

“Hmm, suck my tits, baby.” She whispered. “Lick my wet nipples.”

His tongue played her nipple, savoring their combined wetness. Don pulled on the pink berry with his lips, squeezing hard, she flinched in pain.

He slipped two fingers into her, feeling warm fluids ooze onto his palm. Don’s awakening cock bounced against Jo’s thigh. Her diminutive hand closed around it and with a slow stroking motion urged it back to life.

“I want to see Karen go down on you now, Don said. Rub your pussy on her lips. Let her taste your sweet nectar.”

His wife straddled the woman’s head as she lay watching them. She pressed herself against the other’s mouth. Karen needed no coaxing. She went right to work. Her mouth dancing against her friend’s sex.

Jo tossed her long hair back and let her lover do her work. Jo’s husband crooned erotic talk as the women writhed against each other. Jo moaned and hissed as if entranced. “Oh yesss. Eat my pussy, I’m so fucking hot for you…make we cum, Doll.”

He watched Karen touching her own pussy as she licked at Jo. With a finger on either side of her clit, she pressed along the labial length causing her clit to stand between swollen lips.

Don whispered in Jo’s ear, “I’m watching as you rub your pussy on her face…your girlfriend wants to please you…She wants you to cum in her mouth…” He was stroking himself with renewed desire as he spoke.

Jo looked at him with hungry primal eyes. She grabbed her husband and kissed him hard, her tongue forcing its way in. Hips working her sex against an equally voracious mouth.

The sights and sounds of the two women reignited Don’s lust.

“You wanna see me cum?” Jo said, looking at her husband with glassy eyes. “You wanna see me cum on her face?”

Don could only nod. His wife commanded Karen to: “Suck me hard, eat my pussy. Make me cum. Make me cum for him.” Karen was now making vulgar sucking noises as she slurped at Jo. The women were caught up in the delirium of the moment.

Don kept up his smutty taunts hoping to send them over the edge, “You’re such a hot bitch…getting your twat sucked by another woman… you’re girlfriend’s tongue in you and you’re ready to cum…aren’t you? You like her tongue in you…don’t you? Show me what a hot slut you are.”

“Uh huh,” Jo moaned as she slipped into a 69 position between Karen’s open thighs. Her hands held her friend’s thighs apart as she lapped at Karen’s soaked pussy.

“Ooh, you’re so HOT, Don crooned. Watching you rub your face into her makes me fucking hot. I love to see you two, naked, your legs spread with your tongues in wet pussy. That’s it, spread her cum on your face.”

Jo stopped, her head arched back, mouth open, eyes closed. Short wheezing sounds escaped from her lips as she rose to climax.

“Make her face wet baby…make her wet with your cum!” he encouraged.

She burst into orgasm, thrusting her ass into Karen’s face. She collapsed against her friend, arms splayed out overcome with feeling. Pushing herself upright on wobbly arms, her hips shook and her body twitched as electric shocks continued to surged through her. Karen was still attached to her like a suckling child.

At length, Jo rolled off, still shuddering and moaning. Her lust only partly sated, her eyes fell upon her friend.

“Karen, she panted, fuck him. I want to watch you fuck Don!”

Karen came to her knees, and Don positioned himself behind her. He slid in with ease and began to thrust into her hard and fast. She ground her ass against him, trying to bury him in her smoldering cunt. Her, ass cheeks rippled with each thrust, her tits bouncing wildly until Don felt her tighten around his shaft. He plunged as deeply as he could, holding his cock head against her cervix.

Karen collapsed on the bed, her legs stiffened and locked together around his rock-hard cock. The brunette’s moans and cries announced her orgasm. Don lay still, feeling her contractions on his imprisoned cock. With slow movements, he inched his cock back and forth inside her in time with her contractions.

“You’re…still…hard?” Karen croaked, as he sank his cock into her depths.

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