Hanukkah Tradition Ch. 07

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This is not just a holiday story but rather a tale of two newlyweds, Rachel and Geoffrey, who have begun a new holiday tradition on this, their first Hanukkah together. In the spirit of the holiday they are exchanging eight sexy gifts, one on each of the eight nights. You don’t need to be Jewish to appreciate the story. Neither must you have read the other parts of the series but you might appreciate it more if you have. Enjoy!

Geoffrey snuck up behind me and cupped the cheeks of my ass, playfully giving them a squeeze as he nibbled my neck. I was already half dressed and getting ready for work, still feeling a flushed excitement from last night’s festivities. As Geoffrey’s lips kissed caresses over my neck, I closed my eyes and remembered the feeling of him inside me. Inside me there.

“You better stop,” I warned mockingly, “unless you plan to finish what you start.”

Geoffrey chuckled happily against my neck and as I looked in the mirror, our eyes locked. He playfully nibbled at my earlobe, continuing the teasing banter.

“Oh, but I do plan to finish, Rachel. Just not before tonight.” He really did enjoy teasing me. Tonight was my turn to get a present and I pressed my bottom against him, hoping to tease him a little too. I wondered what tonight would hold and what special sexy present Geoffrey had picked for the continuation of our very sexy new holiday tradition. As if answering my silent contemplation, Geoffrey answered.

“I want you to think today about all the ways you’d like me to pleasure you. I want to imagine you squirming in your seat today, imagining all the ways I can touch you and lick you and make you cum over and over.”

Geoffrey’s sensual talk never failed to make my heart beat hard in my chest and moisten my panties. I turned to kiss his lips, hoping for a hint I knew I wouldn’t get about his plans for tonight. Predictably, there were no hints and after hugging me tightly, he headed to the shower, leaving me to get ready and imagine all that could happen tonight.

Throughout the day my imagination worked overtime. I found myself day dreaming of what could he have in mind for tonight. Sitting at my desk, I propped my chin in my hand and closed my eyes. Erotic flashes of exciting, sexy images raced through my head. The door to my office was shut and I knew no one would enter without knocking. So I leaned back in the chair and continued to visualize tonight’s possibilities. My fingers slid over my blouse, feeling my nipples beginning to harden. I longed to slide my hand up under my skirt and move the crotch of my panties to the side to feel the slickness I already knew was developing.

My imagination ran wild, considering all the ways Geoffrey could touch me and tease me. His wonderful fingers sliding over my clit. His warm tongue dipping into my pussy. His throbbing cock sliding deep inside me. I was startled from my thoughts by the phone on my desk ringing loudly. It was Geoffrey, calling to check on me.

“Everything okay, Rach? You sound a little distracted.” I could almost hear the smirk on his face.

“Yeah, Geoff. You know, just working,” I fibbed as I quickly readjusted my skirt that had ridden indecently up my thighs, seemingly of its own volition.

Seeing through any possible chance of my deception, Geoffrey laughed loudly into the phone. Although I was fleetingly irritated with his unerring ability to read my mind, his laughter was infectious and caused me to giggle as well. As his mirth died down, he whispered into the phone that he was thinking about me at work today, squirming in my seat with excitement. He told me that his cock was already stirring in his pants with thoughts of tonight and that he could barely wait to see me.

As I hung up the phone, I wondered what sort of plan my husband’s deliciously devilish mind was cooking up. I made an attempt to put these distracting thoughts out of my head as I rushed through the rest of my work in an effort to leave the office early.

“Hi, baby!” Geoffrey yelled excitedly from the kitchen as I walked into the house. I looked around surprised. Apparently he’d come home early to clean up and now there were wonderful smells emanating from the kitchen.

“Be right out!” he yelled. “Just have a seat!”

Hanging up my coat and kicking off my shoes, I headed into the living room to sit and relax. I looked over into the dining room and smiled. He’d set the table with the good china and there were flowers and candles on the table. Geoffrey loved to cook but this seemed like something special. He’d clearly gone to a lot of trouble planning this.

I leaned back in the couch, closed my eyes and tried to sort the amazing aromas wafting from the kitchen. Geoffrey appeared in the kitchen doorway and I stifled a giggle. He had on no shirt and a long apron. He looked adorable standing there with a big grin holding a spatula.

“I made us dinner. All your favorites,” he said, grinning like a little kid. “Caesar salad, grilled chicken, fettuccini alfredo, and dessert.” I wondered if this was part of the present or if he had just been görükle escort in a cooking mood.

“Hold on, honey. I need to finish up in here. Give me a minute and I’ll be right out.” With that he spun around and I noted he was nearly naked under the apron, with only a pair of snug-fitting boxer briefs covering his cute bottom. I watched the outline of his ass as he walked back into the kitchen and my pulse quickened. A nearly naked, handsome man in the kitchen cooking me dinner, I thought. Does it get any better than that?

Geoffrey emerged from the kitchen and excitedly gathered me into his arms, kissing me firmly and making me forget all about the dinner he was preparing. Pressed against his chest, I breathed in his wonderful clean scent and judged him to be fresh from the shower. He asked that I go upstairs, shower and get comfortable while he finished dinner. Actually I was anxious to wash up since it seemed it had already been a long day. Reaching around, I playfully squeezed my husband’s nearly naked bottom before heading to the bedroom.

Quickly getting undressed, I headed to the bathroom and turned on a very hot shower. I stood under the jets of warm water and closed my eyes, concentrating on the way the water trickled off my body like a thousand tiny fingers washing away the day. I took the chance to quickly wash and shave all over, getting myself extra smooth for whatever Geoffrey had planned for us this evening. My soapy hands caressed over my breasts and again I closed my eyes, imagining they were his hands. I traced down lower to my squishy center, picturing in my mind my sexy husband’s naked body close to mine. I could nearly imagine the heat emanating from him as he whispers wonderful things into my ear.

My mind truly began to wander as my fingers trailed over the smoothness of my mound. Spreading my legs slightly, I imagined Geoffrey’s hand grinding over my aching center. I slipped just one finger inside me and gasped quietly, surprised at how slick my pussy had already become. Rather than continue this fantasy, I decided to rinse off and find out the reality awaiting me downstairs. I slipped on a short silky robe that barely covered anything. Though it was cold in the house, I knew it was warm near the fire and most especially near my husband.

I tiptoed quietly down the stairs toward the kitchen and watched in fascination from the doorway as Geoffrey bent over to pull items out of the refrigerator. I will truly never get tired of seeing my husband’s body. I watched in silence as he painstakingly tossed the salad and arranged the food on our plates. Geoffrey’s strong thighs peeked from around the apron and I was almost sure I could make out a bulge in front. His hands, I thought, were certainly one of his sexiest features. Strong yet tender. I imagined the way they drifted over my body, making me…

“Enjoying the show?” Geoffrey asked, his eyes never leaving the task at hand.

I giggled, only slightly embarrassed at my voyeurism.

“Very much, Geoff. In fact, how about we skip the food and you let me lick the big mixing spoon you appear to be hiding under that apron.” Geoffrey’s gaze turned toward me as his eyebrow upturned in mock astonishment.

“You’re in quite I mood this evening, Rach,” he said, grinning. “You go sit at the table and dinner will be right up.”

I headed to the table, determined to tease him as much as his half-naked body was teasing me. Carefully arranging my cleavage to spill out over the top of the loosely tied robe, I then crossed my legs in the chair. The brevity of my robe meant that the entire length of my legs would be on display.

Geoffrey brought us salads to start and smiled appreciatively at my seductive exhibition. We sat and talked about our day about our plans for New Years and about all the things couples discuss over dinner.

What we didn’t discuss was his plans for me tonight, which was at the forefront of my curiosity. It had become an unspoken rule of this new holiday tradition that no hints were given until after sundown, the actual beginning of Hanukkah. Just because I didn’t ask for clues didn’t mean I wasn’t terribly curious though.

Geoffrey went back and forth to the kitchen, bringing us wine and dinner. He’d removed the apron and now was clad only in briefs that clearly outlined his bottom and half-hard package. I watched appreciatively as he walked back and forth and found his naked skin to be very distracting. I wasn’t complaining. By the end of dinner I was already very worked up and my mind raced with sexy ideas of what the night might bring. As he sat down, I saw his muscular thighs and envisioned how they contract when he’s pushing inside me. As he reached over to fill my glass, my eyes lingered over his hands, imagining how he caresses me and pinches my nipples.

“Penny for your thoughts,” Geoffrey said, breaking me out of my meandering imagination.

“Believe me, these thoughts are worth at least a dollar,” I replied with a mischievous grin. Geoffrey stood up and gathered the dinner plates.

“I want to hear görükle escort bayan all about your expensive thoughts in the living room. You go light the candles and I’ll get dessert.” Geoffrey leaned over and kissed me before bringing his load of dishes to the kitchen. I lit the candles in the living room, watching the beautiful glow light up the otherwise darkening room. Hard to believe the holiday is nearly over, I thought. Geoffrey wrapped his arms around me from behind, holding me close as we watched the candles together.

After a few minutes I turned into his embrace and we kissed passionately. Truly, I was willing to skip dessert tonight. My husband could tell I was excited and he gently pulled away from the kiss and led me to the couch. On the coffee table was one dish of tiramisu, my favorite dessert, and one spoon. Geoffrey sat on the couch and pulled me sideways into his lap. I wrapped my arm around his neck and could feel his excitement against my bottom as I squirmed around getting comfortable. Actually, I squirmed a little more than necessary but I loved teasing his hardness and hoped it might bring about the Hanukkah surprise more quickly.

Carefully placing the dish in my lap, Geoffrey scooped the delicacy with his spoon and brought it teasingly to my lips. He fed me tiny nibbles, holding the spoon in front of my lips to lick after each bite. I seductively licked along the spoon, hoping to further entice him. By the increased lumpiness of his lap, I’d guess he was appreciating the effort.

“So, Geoffrey, when do I get my present?” I asked, barely able to contain my anticipation.

“Actually, you sort of already have it. Beside you,” he answered mysteriously. I looked around, and the only thing beside me was Geoffrey.

“I need another hint, my love,” I answered with a mock serious tone.

“Actually, the present tonight is me,” he explained, while bringing another scoop of the creamy treat to my lips. I savored the flavor melting over my tongue as I pondered this.

“But, Geoffrey,” I answered with confusion. “Don’t I already have you?”

Geoffrey’s laughter shook both of us and I couldn’t help but laugh too.

“Rach, tonight you get me. But you get all of me. Anything you want. You name it.” My mind raced with the possibilities.

“Anything?” I asked, eyebrows raised suggestively.

“After dessert, dear lady, I live but to serve.” With this he smiled, his eyes twinkling with expectation and eagerness. Geoffrey continued to feed me as we both sat in silence and his words sunk in. Anything? Could he be serious? I pictured Geoffrey wearing a toga wrap and fanning me with a palm frond while simultaneously peeling me grapes. I’d never really given serious thought to being in the dominant role but I had to admit it was exciting.

Before long the dessert was gone but I’d long since stopped paying attention to that. My mind was filled with possibilities. It was a safe enough proposition, I suppose, since I’d never ask Geoffrey to do anything I knew he’d find objectionable. Still, the premise of allowing myself to be entirely selfish for a night seemed simultaneously empowering and terribly stimulating. I wondered how far he was willing to take this. Geoffrey answered my silent question.

“Anything, Rachel. You have only but to ask and you can have anything,” he said with a serious tone. He looked directly into my eyes as though tempting me to be extravagant with my requests. He leaned over to put the dish on the table and then trailed his fingers up and down my legs as my mind whirled at an electrifying pace. I decided to begin with a minor request and test the waters.

“I’ll take a backrub, please,” I said. “In the bedroom. A nice long backrub.”

Geoffrey smiled. “Starting small. I like that,” he said. He helped me up from his lap and followed me into the bedroom. I slipped off my robe and lay naked on my front in the middle of the bed. Geoffrey went immediately to the nightstand to retrieve the massage oil, turning off a few lights on the way and lighting a couple candles on the dresser. My skin tingled with anticipation of his touch and little goose bumps covered my arms.

Geoffrey climbed onto the bed and carefully warmed the oil before rubbing it over my back, kneading the tension out of my muscles. His strong hands rubbed over my shoulders and neck and I was in heaven. He gently massaged my neck, flipping the back of my hair upwards so he could trace his fingertips along my hairline. He moved back to my shoulders and then lower, until his hands rested in the small of my back. I wriggled my bottom, seeing if he’d take the hint, but he just kept on rubbing my back. I remembered he said I could have anything but I’d have to ask.

“The back massage feels wonderful, Geoff. Can I switch my back rub to a full body rub?” I asked.

“But of course, Rach. Anything.”

His hands drifted lower, caressing quickly over my bottom and then to the backs of my thighs. He rubbed each in turn, occasionally brushing his fingertips up along the insides of my thighs. I bursa escort spread my legs a little, encouraging him, but he moved lower to my calves and then my feet. Geoffrey sensually massaged my feet without tickling, rubbing each toe and the arch in meticulous detail. The feeling of him nearly worshipping my body with careful caresses was incredible, though more than once I had to remind myself that I needed to stay focused on the task of deciding what more I’d like him to do for me.

He massaged back up my legs and to my bottom, rubbing the muscles deeply and occasionally teasing the cheeks apart slightly. When his fingertips gently brushed between my cheeks, I moaned with pleasure. How wonderful to be massaged by someone who knows better than anyone how to make you feel good. Soon his fingers were sliding up the insides of my thighs, getting closer and closer to my moist pussy. I wanted make this wonderful evening last so I rolled to my back and asked him to massage my front.

He grinned wickedly and I was sure this was a request he was happy to concede. Sitting next to my torso, he began rubbing over my arms and along my collarbone. I was painfully aware of the proximity of his hands to my breasts and my nipples puckered with the thought of him touching me lower. His oiled hands slowly slid over my nipples, cupping each breast in a hand and lightly rubbing them. He seemed to be careful to spend equal time with all my body parts and he soon enough moved his slick palms over my belly and hips. I spread my legs just a little and I saw his eyes widen just slightly. The sight of my smooth mound had always excited him and he often said I had the prettiest pussy he’d ever seen.

Finally his hands traced over my mound, very lightly grinding over the top and against my swelling clit. I’m sure he noticed that I was already quite wet. But instead of dwelling on my slit, he moved lower. His strong fingers kneaded the muscles of my thighs, making my pussy tingle with anticipation. His hands moved to my lower legs and then back upwards, gently caressing the insides of my thighs. His fingers moved closer and closer but he seemed determined not to overstep what I’d asked him to do. The feeling of his hands so close to my wet center was nearly unbearable. I propped myself up on my elbows to look at him.

“You know, Geoff. I think you should be naked too.” He smiled, getting up from the bed. Without ceremony Geoffrey quickly shoved his boxer briefs to the floor, his hardness standing at attention in front of him. He kicked off the underwear and started back toward the bed but I wanted to see how far he was willing to take this.

“I want to see you, Geoff. Turn around. Let me see your ass.” Geoffrey grinned and slowly turned. He knew I was testing him- but he seemed committed to following absolutely everything I asked of him.

“Okay, now let me see your front,” I said. He turned around, hands at his sides, and his cock hardening before my eyes. Apparently the idea of following my direction was a big turn-on for him, as well as for me.

“Now touch yourself, Geoff. I love to see your cock really hard.”

His eyes darted to the side and for a fleeting instant I think he was almost shy. We’d masturbated in front of each other before but this was different. This was more like him putting on a show for me at my request. Although I wouldn’t have predicted it, this part was hard for him. He did exactly as I asked though, reaching his right hand down and slowly stroking his cock.

“Like this, Rachel?” He asked, daring me with his eyes to raise the ante.

“Yes, exactly like that. Except rub your balls too. I like seeing you so excited,” I said. My eyes traveled from his eyes to his cock as I watched with fascination. The stroking remained slow and his left hand reached down to cup and gently tug his balls. As he did this, his eyes closed with pleasure and I could tell this could go much too far too quickly. I had much better plans for his cock and it was clear he was willing to do anything I asked.

“Good, Geoff. Now I want you to caress my body again. Only this time I want you to use only your lips and tongue.”

Geoffrey looked momentarily taken aback. It was rare that I was so straightforward with my requests and it seemed he liked it. I turned back over on the bed, lying on my front, and he straddled my back. Beginning at the top of my neck, he trailed little kisses along my hairline and lower over my neck. He kissed the side of my face and took one earlobe into his lips, nibbling lightly. The heat from his thighs and ass pressed against me was delicious and I felt his hardness resting along my ass.

He kissed and nipped and licked lightly over my shoulders and down my spine, taking his time. By this point I was much too excited to be ticklish. As he slid down to straddle my calves, I felt his warm lips kissing the top of my ass. Breathing deeply, I willed myself not to squirm under his kisses but rather to lie still and enjoy his touch. My legs were still pressed together and I could feel my middle squishy with wanting. Geoffrey cupped my cheeks in each hand and lovingly kissed over my bottom, knowing full well he was being a tease. Sliding further down, he kissed lower, where my legs and bottom met. Although my legs were tight together, it was hard not to think about his lips and tongue so near my pussy.

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