Hansel , Gretel Ch. 04

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Out of the dying embers, Gretel looked out into the forest and saw the one person she thought she’d never see. “Papa!” she cried out with delight, leaving Hansel behind to run to her father. He took her in his arms and hugged the breath out of her. “Am I glad to see you!”

“Me too! Will you forgive me? I love you, my little darling.”

“I love you too, papa. There’s nothing to forgive. Let’s just forget.”

“But you’re wrong, my little love. I can’t forget.” The tension was back in him as he said those very serious words to her, and she knew that he was remembering the blowjob she’d given him. “I’ve been such a stupid fool,” he said gravely and rather mysteriously.

She had to make him feel better. “No, papa. You’re not!”

Hansel came up to them, interrupting their lovefest. “Dad, where’s mama? Won’t she be mad that you’re here?”

The woodsman looked to his son. “I’ve gotten rid of her.”

Both kids paused, their breaths catching audibly at his words and their implication. Their father heard it and rushed to reassure them. “No, I didn’t kill the cocksucking bitch.” His explosive reference to his wife startled his kids. “I just…sold her to a band of roving gypsies. She’s going to be in their circus act.”

“So what’s been going on here?” the woodsman demanded, taking his daughter’s hand and leading her into the shell of the burnt out cottage. Hansel followed closely behind.

The kids told their father about the old hag who’d duped them and then threatened them with every intention of turn them into her sex slave.

“Good riddance to her,” the woodsman said, saluting the oven in which she’d perished.

“And good riddance to the wicked stepmother,” Hansel piped in with a laugh at his joke.

The woodsman nodded, but his eyes were only for his delectable daughter. “Ohh, what a fool I’ve been,” he lamented once again.

“But papa, why?” Gretel asked, watching with surprise when he took her hand and twirled her slowly as if she were a ballerina.

“Why, my daughter? Because I never had to marry that bitch. I could have had everything I ever needed with you.”

He stopped twirling her. She couldn’t take her eyes away from his. His hands reached for her, only to tear the thin cotton shift she wore completely from her body. He tore away her underwear, too, so that she had to step out of the tattered mess that fell to her ankles.

She stood completely naked before her father and brother’s lecherous eyes, noting the bulges in both their pants. “Papa, I don’t understand,” she whimpered, feeling scared yet aroused by him and what he implied.

“I realized it when I got home yesterday, after you’d sucked my cock dry in these very woods. You’re all I need. Part your little pussy for daddy, baby. Let me see what I’ve been missing all these years.”

She did as instructed, with Hansel watching and trying to contain his hardon without success.

The woodsman knelt before her and sniffed at the hair muff that hid his daughter’s precious treasure from him. His tongue flicked out and he began licking at her already glistening pussy. She cried out, loving the feel of his Pendik Escort face between her legs. “Oh, papa…”

“Has anyone sampled your innocence?” he asked, a sudden anger coming into his voice.

“Only Hansel, papa, and only with his tongue,” she assured her father, glancing over to her brother who was now rubbing his bulge through his pants. He smiled wanly at his sister and father.

“Son, come and suck on her tits. I’m sure she’ll like that.” Hansel didn’t need a second invitation. He came over and sucked on the hard nipples on her heavy orbs. The woodsman, meanwhile, went back to eating his daughter’s scented pussy. He was an expert and knew exactly what to do to make her cum into his mouth. “You taste so sweet, my dear daughter, so sweet. But now there’s one important thing I must do for you.”

The woodsman stood up and Gretel looked at him questioningly. “You asked me what you needed to do to become a real woman. Bend over against that table.” He looked at his son who had long ago pulled out his cock and was now massaging it. “Pay attention, son. This is a lesson you’ll never forget.”

Gretel went to the table, the only thing spared by the fire, and leaned on top of it. “Like this, daddy?” she asked, only wanting to please, parting her legs.

“That’s a good girl. Now spread your ass with your hands so that your brother can get a better view.” He turned to his son. “You see how her virgin pussy glistens with her cum juice? She ready for a man. She’s ready for a cock. She’s ready for me.”

He pulled his rock hard dick out of his pants and approached Gretel with barely contained glee. Finally he was going to have his daughter!

Gretel felt her father right behind her, taking his time. She wondered what he was going to do. Despite having discovered the little pleasures with her brother, she was still very sheltered about sex.

And then she felt it, his thick cockhead at the entrance of her tight little pussy hole, the one that Hansel often stuck his tongue through. He couldn’t possibly mean to…

With one swift thrust, the woodsman shoved his stiff cock deep into his little girl’s tight pussy, breaking through her virginal wall. She gasped and cried out, but quickly accommodated his size and sspeed as he began to thrust rough and hard into her, bringing her untold pleasure that she’d never experienced before.

She cried out and moaned and even screamed a few times. Now she understood the noises that had come out of her parents room. She felt the same way.

“Do you like that, my little bitch?”

“Yes, papa. Fuck me with your cock, papa. Pound my pussy. Ohhhh, that’s sooo good, daddy. Fuck me….fuck me…fuck me…’ she chanted over and over.

The woodsman obliged his willing daughter. He tore into her, thrusting deeper and deeper each time.

“Bark for me, bitch, bark for me!”

She barked and barked as he groaned, pumping at her young tender pussy. “Ruff, ruff, daddy, I’m your bitch to do with as you like. Ruff, ruff, papa…Fuck me harder with that glorious cock… It gave me life, now it gives me pleasure…”

He loved this! Anadolu Yakası Escort And he was about to blow his rocks. “Your cunt belongs to me now, doesn’t it, bitch! Do you like it doggy-style? Bark, bitch!”

And she did, barking her pleasure for what he was doing to her. And then he lunged one final time, lodging himself deep into her pussy so that only his large sagging ball hung out. He cummed so hard and so thoroughly that this seed washed her insides like a high powered hose.

As for Gretal, her body was wracked by the largest orgasm she’d ever had. Her pussy sucked at the cock pumping its white sauce into her, and she was groaning as if in a delirium, begging her father to never stop.

He finally pulled out of her stretched pussy, gobs of seamen flowing out of her hole. He stood her up and turned her in his arms. His mouth caught her nipple, biting and sucking hard, and then moved to the other. And then his mouth took hers in the most adult kiss she’d ever shared. Hansel could definitely take some lessons from his father!

“Now, my dear child, you are a woman—my woman.”

The words thrilled her.

The woodsman looked over to his Hansel. “Son, find some whipped cream.”

While he did without question, the woodsman held out his slimy cock for his daughter to clean with her mouth. She did, gladly, bringing it back to life as she did.

“Is my little bitch ready for another round of pussy fucking?” he asked as she slid his meat into her throat and then back out again.

She shivered with anticipation. “Yes, daddy. Anything you say.”

Hansel came back with the whipped cream. His eyes were glued to his sister servicing their father with her mouth. “Here you go, dad.”

The woodsman shook his head. “That’s not for me. Cover you cock with it.”

Hansel was curious but did as he was told.

“As I turned your sister into a woman, so too will you become a man.”

The woodsman took his solid cock out of her mouth, much to her disappointment, but not for long.

Her father settled on the charred floor, on his back, his dick standing at attention ready for action. “Come on, honey, sit on your daddy’s cock.”

She was still soppy and stretched from his last fuck. Now she straddled over him and slowly, with his help, eased herself onto his solid veiny shaft. With a sigh of pleasure she felt it slide in until she was sitting on him, his beautiful flesh deep inside her.

“Watch the rhythm, son,” the woodsman instructed as he showed his daughter how to ride him. She quickly got the hang of it, which gave her a sense of greater power and pleasure.

As she continued to ride her father’s cock, he motioned to his son. “Come here and put some cream on your fingers then run it along her ass crack. Shove some into her hole. I’ve had her pussy’s virginity, you can have her ass, eliminating your virginity in the process.”

Hansel was eager to try out what his father had done with his new bride, but he’d been too shy to ask his sister to do it. Now he was glad he hadn’t. This was a much better way of doing it.

“Fuck her ass doggy-style, İstanbul Escort like I showed you earlier. Go ahead, place your cock tip at the entrance,” he instructed, having stopped Gretel’s ride so that now she stood prostate, the tip of his dick just inside of her so that his son could have better access to his sister’s smooth little ass.

As his father had done, Hansel broke through her tight sphincter with one might thrust of his lubricated cock. Gretel cried out in surprise at the pain and then the sweet feeling of fullness as her father continued thrusting, which Hansel quickly got the hang of and followed.

Father and son fucked the young girl sandwiched between them, her virginal tender pussy hole and ass hole taking them in despite their size. She only wanted to please…and get pleasured, and she was definitely getting that!

“Ohhh, Hansel, shove that cock in deeper…fuck my ass…that’s it, dear brother, fuck me with that big cock you’ve got…”

Both men fucked her hard, all three grunting and groaning as pleasure upon pleasure washed over them all. “My little honey pot,” the woodsman cooed, “your dirty cunt is still so tight and so eager for my meat.”

“Oh, daddy, my filthy little cunt craves your cock. Oh, don’t stop fucking my pussy, daddy, don’t stop! I crave your cum…cum in me!”

Hansel was too consumed with pleasure he was getting from her ass to join in the verbal exchanges, but it did contribute to push him over the edge. Before he knew it, he was crying out as his cum was shooting out of his dick and into his sister’s bowels.

The woodsman heard his son’s pleasure and it pushed him into his orgasm. For a second time he shot his manseed into his daughter sweet virgin womb.

Gretel was in heaven! Two large cocks, impaling her pussy and ass as they both washed her insides with their manly cum… She screamed out, startling some birds in the tree over head, as she vibrated on top of her father and brother, her holes sucking their peckers dry as she had her own gut-wrenching orgasm.

“You’re such a good little girl, giving your daddy so much pleasure with your body,” the woodsman cooed and brought her head down so that he could kiss her deeply.

“I’m yours, papa. My pussy’s yours. My ass is yours. My mouth is yours.”

“That’s what I want to hear, babydoll. Hansel, get your dick out of your sister. It’s getting dark and we’d better make our way back.”

Gretel felt so empty once the cocks had left her body. Oh, well, as soon as they got home…

Almost belatedly, Hansel remembered about the pot of money. “Father, this is for you. Now you don’t have to cut wood. We can hire people to do it for us.”

The woodsman took the gold with a smile. He was rich in money and love—who could ask for anything more?

“Now we can be a happy family again. We have everything we need in each other. Gretel, you’re a good obedient girl. That will not go unrewarded. And Hansel, you’re a good strong young man. That will also not go unrewarded. We will take pleasure from this money during the day, and you and I will take pleasure from Gretel’s body at night.” He turned to his daughter. “What do you say, Gretel?”

“Whatever you say, daddy,” she responded obediently, knowing full well that she’d get just as much pleasure out of fucking her papa and brother as they’d have out of fucking her. Ohhh, she couldn’t wait to get back to the cottage!

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