Handyman’s Next Call

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Shortly after recounting my exciting opportunity to offer-up some handyman skills to my nubile and nympho younger friend, “Patti”, I found myself in a unique conversation with another young but longtime friend. I’m going to refer to her as, “Trisha” to protect the innocent, as they say.

Like “Patti”, Trisha was younger than me, ‘though perhaps only by about 8-10 years. She was actually friends with one of my daughters first because of taking gymnastics together for several years.

She was as strong and athletic as she was beautiful. And wow, was she beautiful! Not just for the obvious, physical reasons, but also for many of the intrinsic and intangible qualities such as courage, creativity, compassion, and passion! To this day, she remains one of the sweetest and most kind people I know.

Okay, I know you’re waiting for it, so I will also confess that her outwardly appearance only adds to her striking beauty. She is only slightly taller than five feet, has the smoothest, and creamiest, light ebony skin, with a tremendous smile AND breasts that appear nearly as tall as she is! Seriously, she does a great deal of boudoir and lightly erotic modeling and has what must easily be a EE or greater cup size on what I’d estimate to be a 48 to 52 inch bust line.

And that basically brings me back to our “unique conversation”. Like me, Trisha is happily married, but quite unlike me, she has been and is still open to consider deliberate one-on-one extracurricular sexual activities to not only satisfy her large libido but also to occasionally “spice things up” with her hubby, as she puts it. She prefers men but also is very attracted to other large-breasted women.

Yes, you’ve got it – Trisha is yet another of my female friends who has repeatedly complimented me on how sexy my wife is and how much she would really love to have sex with her – with or without me. That said, she has also shared that, like me, she is most certain her spouse would not be open to a threesome. Trisha has been privy to and empathetic of the sexual drought my wife and have been in and has expressed that she might consider helping me out while fulfilling some of her fantasies by possibly considering having me join her with another buxom female. As has been my rule, I’ve not agreed to do so, but I confess, the mere notion of even getting a blowjob from Trisha not to mention the possibility of having my first-ever threesome with someone as sexy as her, has definitely fueled many a fabulous jerk-off sessions for me as I’ve been forced to be so “handy” in my sex life the past five to six years.

Like me, Trisha is an open book and wears her heart on her sleeve. Also like me, she has been blessed to survive and overcome much adversity, neglect, and abuse. I don’t talk with her all that often, but when I do it is always rich and deep. And talk about hugs! Whenever we see each other and in whatever setting, she always gives me the biggest and best, long, hard, tender squeezes. The fact that she is so stacked and frequently wears extremely low-cut and revealing clothes means I am guaranteed to have her amazing titties pressed hard against me. Did I forget to mention she has, and still occasionally does, moonlight as both an amateur and professional pole dancer! Wowsa!

Anyway, it is precisely because of her free-spirited, passionate, and artistic lifestyle that our most recent conversation took place. Trisha has used multiple photographers and has done numerous individual and collaborative photo shoots involving other men and women. As I mentioned, she loves women too and I have garnered a more-favorable friendship status by my willingness to not only listen to and discuss some of her preferences and fantasies but also by occasionally sharing some social media contacts of other attractive women with her as well as sometimes forwarding her explicit pictures of other sexy women. And yes, before you ask, I have indeed even snuck her some pictures of my bride’s large tits and proportionately large, hard nipples. I figured since there was little to no chance my bride would ever cave to to notion of having one-on-one sex with Trisha or to having a threesome with me and Trisha is was sort of like a heartfelt, consolation prize for Trisha (and one she has been extremely grateful for on several occasions).

Trisha has known I like to see her explicit pictures muğla escort and that I’d love to enjoy seeing her in person so, when she had a photoshoot setup for her to pose for some softcore porn with another female friend in our area, she decided to ask me if I wanted to come. She said, “come”, I heard, “cum” and enthusiastically agreed (I know, more of my “dad humor”).

For the record, ‘though, rest assured that I DID with only a few minutes of self-stroking after that dialogue.

I tweaked my schedule so that both my work and my bride would be unaware so I could attend the photo shoot at the remote and obscure but open, outdoor location. The weather was perfect. Her female friend, while nowhere near as busty as Trisha, was nonetheless still adorable, sexy, fun, and welcoming… all of which was much appreciated as I confess, I was nervous. The male photographer was nice enough but not what I’d consider friendly or overly inviting. I was given some overviews of the intended itinerary, directions for how to be out of the way and not distracting. And so it began.

Some well posed individual shots of the location and each woman in various, progressive stages of undress. Then it happened. The interruption. A loud, distracting, phone call. It was not mine, but the photographer. He apologized and briefly explained about a family emergency as he packed-up and left.

Trisha had done loads of modeling but apparently her friend had not done quite as much and, understandably felt slightly hurt and frustrated. My heart raced as I saw what I’ve long known and admired as some of Trisha’s innermost beauty come pouring out in abundance as she spoke soothingly and reassuringly to the slightly younger Asian model all the while holding and hugging her. She truly has a tremendously large and generous heart.

In only about 10-15 minutes, Trisha succeeded in calming and comforting her sexy colleague. Half joking and half serious, most likely to help the girl and me to feel better, Trisha surprised us both by suggesting that while it would not be professional grade and therefore, portfolio enhancing, they could still have fun practicing posing and taking direction by allowing me to “take over” using my iPhone.

To my continued surprise, the younger Asian model agreed to the theory but then soon found herself upset and on the verge of tears for a second time. When pressed why, she quietly confessed to her light ebony skinned, more well-endowed, mentor that it had taken her nearly two hours of “preparation” before the shoot to help her feel and act sexy enough to role play for the session. To elaborate, the script called for each woman to emulate various light autoerotic and also more graphic lesbian-type sexual scenes. She went on to further explain she was a late bloomer physically and sexually, the result of which had her incorrectly conclude she must be gay, not so because she truly felt attracted to women, but simply because it took her years longer than most of her friends to discover she was indeed, highly sexually attracted to men. She concluded by saying her tears and tension would probably ruin her ability to now successfully fake actually engaging in lesbian type activities, especially after, “that” she said while pointing towards the obvious outline of the full erection I had been sporting but thought I’d successfully be able to hide beneath my loose-fitting jeans.

Trisha, who was already seated on a large blanket, motioned for the girl to sit down beside her before motioning for me to step in closer to them. I mistakenly presumed that was so Trisha could speak to the both of us in a quieter voice. As I approached, Trisha grabbed the young girl and lovingly pulled her face in for a sweet kiss before breaking it off and guiding her to rest her head on Trisha’s lovely motioned me to step closer, presumably so she could speak more softly, or so I thought. She then gently pulled the younger girl in for a brief but tender kiss before using her hands to guide the girls head onto her massive, pillowy, naked breasts. Trisha lovingly stroked the girl’s jet-black hair with one hand while softly repositioning her towards me. Trisha then reached out and firmly squeezed the outline of my hard-on through my jeans as she told us both, I was proof positive that the girl had absolutely NOT ordu escort nothing ruined the scene or the mood. I found myself speechless throughout Trisha’s prolonged grope of my cock, up-to and slightly after she gave me a long, slow motion wink before finally releasing me from her grasp. I can only imagine I looked like a huge dork as I simply shook my head and grinned, still unable to formulate a coherent sentence.

Continuing on in her matronly manner, Trisha directed the girl stretch-out face-down on the blanket while the two of us give her a nice, long, full-body massage and continue removing the last few remnants of her remaining clothes to help her more fully relax. Trisha then playfully raised one of the girl’s outstretched arms, forcing her hand to press firmly against the front of my pants as she playfully cooed, some sort of affirmation that it would clearly not take long to help restore the girl’s motivation and believability as evidenced by, “the raging woody the, distinguished, older gentleman is abundantly displaying for his naughty little girl’s”.

Removing the young hand from my rigid cock, Trisha in turn grabbed both of my hands, placed them onto her large beautiful breasts, flexing them in several squeezing motions before leaning to kiss me hard and saying, “let’s make ourselves handy and help this darling, sexy girl feel more relaxed and motivated”.

Breaking the moment with another playful wink, she nodded her head for me to follow suit as she reached out to begin caressing and massaging the delicious young Asian model. I’ve long fantasized about having one or more women work with me to help please another woman and today that dream became reality. Still fully clothed, I immediately jumped-in along side my chocolate-complexioned companion to knead, stroke, and passionately press every inch of our younger friend. Platonically at first, but increasingly more sexually as we progressed.

Predictably, her breathing and moaning became more pronounced as our four hands, and occasionally both our tongues explored her. She tried repeatedly to begin reciprocating by touching and fondling whatever parts of Trisha and I she could reach, but without saying a word, our eyes locked and our smiles grew as we pushed her hands off of us and directed her to receive us instead.

As her passion rises, she began to writhe and wriggle more, as her once light whimpers gave way to more full fledged moans. As if on cue, we rolled her over and continued our assault of affection on her. On every beautiful, now stark-naked, inch of her. Her eraser sized nipples, protruded proudly skyward as we alternated nibbling, licking, touching, and sucking on them. And the effects were obviously contagious as Trisha’s nearly silver dollar sized areolas comprising the base of her very swollen breast buds, and half inch wide, inch plus long rock-hard nipples indicated.

Clearly on the verge of an impending, major orgasm, Trisha jumped up above the sexy Asian girl’s head to pin her arms down as she bewitchingly bellowed in a husky, sultry voice, for me to finger and lick her, “over the top to her much-needed orgasm”! I of course, enthusiastically immediately dove between her taut young legs and into her quivering, juicy, neatly-trimmed, black patch with my forefinger, followed closely by my tongue! Alternating by technique, I assure you she was eventually throughly explored by my lips, tongue, teeth, and all ten digits. Looking up, I saw Trisha was now kneeling on the girl’s arms so she could use her own hands to hold herself up while leaning forward to squeeze together and simultaneously assertively suckle both the Asian’s pert nipples at once.

Bam! Spasm after spasm, she exploded in the blissful pleasure of multiple earth shattering orgasms. I was delighted beyond words!

Unbeknownst to me, Trisha has moved to reach my iPhone and smiled delightfully as she handed it to me and announced, we were now adequately prepared to continue on with our scheduled photoshoot. She retrieved a small set of shiny nipple clamps and a medium sized vibrator from a nearby bag, handed them to the girl and instructed her to, “put them to good use” while next turning to me and telling me to, “start getting handy photographing an innocent girl discovering the joys of self-pleasure”. She didn’t have osmaniye escort to tell me twice!

I moved, stretched, and bent into various angles as we watched our young friend successfully pleasure herself to at least three more powerful orgasms. After a brief break to rest and rehydrate, Trisha announced to the beautiful younger girl, “now that you know how good it felt to cum multiple times and in multiple ways, what say you give our lusty, distinguished older gentleman some whole new material as you share what you learned…”, pausing to dramatically and emphatically point to her own beautiful breasts and clean-shaved pussy, “… on me”!

And so, the process continued as before with the singular exception that I was now only allowed to “help” by taking pictures and giving directions to the younger nymph on how to best please the slightly older nymph. Trisha smiled, squirmed, and moaned as if enjoying several of her own orgasms. I could not say for sure if there were real, but she definitely got very wet and seemed to be authentically enjoying the attention from both of us.

Then I heard it. I thought perhaps I had before but I was not sure and too busy/happy to shift my focus to investigate. But now… now I knew, I did indeed hear the sound of an actual camera. It was our original photographer and another man. It was Trisha’s husband. BOTH were taking pictures!

Trisha then smiled directly at me as she told the younger girl to step back and for me to switch my iPhone over to video as she said, “you’re definitely going to want to film this”! Next, as if on some predetermined cue, Trisha made a motion that prompted both men to drop their cameras and pants as they kneeled in on either side of her head while she took turns stroking, licking, sucking, and deep throating each man until they explosively pumped massive amounts of cum into her eager throat. She continued slurping, kissing, and licking each until they were not only completely drained but until they each begged her to stop!

As with my “Patti” adventure, I found myself incredibly surprised that I became SO enthralled for the pleasure of both buxom beauties I seemed to become oblivious to my own mounting, sexual urges.

As both men retreated to get redressed, Trisha sauntered up to me, deliberately brushing her stiff nipples against my chest while erotically tonguing my ear before playfully whispering, “surprised?”

I stammered something quite unintelligible along the lines of, “What? Wow! Really? And Yes”! She giggled, gave me another of her trademark, sexy winks, and silently mouthed the word, “Good”! Pulling me once again closer, she whispered in my ear that she knew and often saw first-hand how consistently and selflessly I strive to serve everyone around me. She also whispered that although for different reasons, she too had gone many years without meaningful intimacy or sexual satisfaction, and for all those reasons, and the fact she just plain thought I was, “cute and sexy like my daughter” (who took gymnastics with her), she would permit me to keep ALL the pictures and video I took today on three conditions:

1. That I promise to send her a video of me masturbating myself to a magnificent orgasm when I get home;

2. That I promise to continue subtly but persistently working to persuade my, “beautiful, big tittied wife” to one day allow her, and/or her and me, to “fuck her beautiful brains out”;

3. And that until my sex life, “returns to normal”, I promise to use all my pictures and video from today to, “keep on being handy enough to cum hard and cum often so…”, (I), “never get too discouraged to keep on being SO beautifully loving to the world around me”.

She leaned in again to make her talented tongue dance across my ear and then grabbed both sides of my head to pull me in to give me a slow, long, deep, wet, and incredibly passionate kiss. To say the least, I was once again speechless reeling in a beautiful but crazy mixture of shock and ecstasy. Not to fear, my non-verbal response was apparently adequate enough for her because she flashed a brilliant smile while playfully patting the bulge in my jeans before slowly stepping backwards as she quietly but most enthusiastically said, “wise choice… Daddy”!

I stood silently and motionlessly for what seemed like an eternity after everyone packed-up and left. Breathing in and exhaling deeply, I thrust my hand into my pocket to fetch my car keys as I pivoted to begin my trek to the distant parking lot, smiling, no doubt, as bright as the sun until it suddenly hit me… did she really say, “cute and sexy as my daughter” and then moments later call me, “Daddy”!?!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32