Handyman Enjoys a Mother , Daughter

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You may recall my matronly, MILF neighbor, Dorothy, her sister, Dani, and her 41-year old niece, Gretchen recently enticed me to participate in their wild family fuck-fest. Dorothy has since invited me to cum many times. I have since learned that my sexy senior citizen neighbor is a retired pharmacist. As such, Dorothy eventually agreed to give me the homemade, organic, male enhancement formulary that dramatically increased my sex drive, the amount of cum I produce during an orgasm, and the frequency of my ability to have orgasms.

A few weeks later, Dorothy asked if I’d keep an eye on her house and oversee the final stages of her new pool installation while she whisked my overworked wife away at an all-expense paid spa weekend with her sister, Dani. Could this finally be the ticket to enticing my bride to swing and work on increasing her sex drive? Time will tell.

Dorothy told me to let her niece, Gretchen know once her new pool was ready for use. I did as directed and was preparing to head home when Gretchen asked if I’d mind staying to show her how to properly operate and maintain her aunt’s pool. Remembering Gretchen’s part in her taboo trio, I enthusiastically agreed.

She arrived about 20-minutes later. She greeted me with her family’s trademark affection and introduced me to her equally stunning, 21-year old daughter, Zoey. They could have passed for sisters. Each stood about 5′ 3″, with hourglass figures, topped with large, firm breasts. They were clad in lightweight, loose-fitting swim wraps.

We walked to the backyard, which was completely enclosed with a large privacy fence and edged with tall, neatly trimmed shrubbery, presumably to help further enhance the privacy. They squealed with approval at the luxurious new pool. I showed them the basics of how to operate and maintain it as promised.

Obviously pleased with the craftsmanship, Gretchen and Zoey simultaneously agreed it was time to swim. Without pause, they dropped their swim wraps and raced each other to dive into the inviting water before I could say a word! When they emerged from beneath the water, they swam to the shallow end. I was instantly aroused. They were wearing very similar looking micro bikinis, that were nearly transparent when wet. They frolicked and splashed about with much glee before asking me to join them!

I told them I’d love too but didn’t have my suit. I said I’d be back in a few minutes motioning towards my house. As I turned toward the fence gate, they splashed me. Then I felt something wet smack the back of my head. It was one of their Didim Escort swimsuit tops!

I spun around and saw the beautiful mother-daughter pair proudly displaying their large, firm breasts. I never wear underwear, so I tore off my shirt and dropped my shorts, revealing my fully erect, thick cock. They cheered as I approached them before diving over their heads into the deeper waters of the pool. I swam under water towards them and emerged beside them in the shallow end. Gretchen and Zoey each stepped-in and began to alternate kissing and groping me. I eagerly matched their kisses with my own while drawing their naked bodies tight to mine. After a few minutes, I bent my head to nuzzle and suckle Zoey’s fantastic 21-year old breasts. I few moments later, I switched my attention to her mother’s tits. They appeared to have similar sized breasts but Gretchen had noticeably larger and longer nipples.

As the gregarious girls groped and grabbed me, I was eager to explore each of their pussies but knew that doing so in the pool waters can strip away their lubricant, so I urged them to join me on the large deck.

I grabbed cushions from the loungers and placed them side by side on the deck. I reclined on my back in between them so I could simultaneously finger both of them. They massaged and toyed with their nipples as my magical fingers massaged their muffs. Zoey was the first to cum. She uttered sensual, throaty gasps and moans as her orgasm intensified. Hearing this, her mother leapt up and deftly inserted her long, talented tongue into Zoey’s twitching twat.

Following her inspiration, I moved to wriggle my face underneath Gretchen. I sucked and licked her familiar pussy while snaking my arms upward to cup and fondle her breasts. i made it a deliberate point to playfully tweak and twist her large, senditive nipples. Shortly there after, she also exploded in a powerful, gushing orgasm that drenched my face.

Zoey and Gretchen soon repositioned slightly to create a triangle of our twisted flesh. I continued eating out Gretchen while she kept eating out Zoey who in turn began slurping and sucking my throbbing cock.

After several minutes, I ordered the two side-by-side onto their knees. They turned their faces towards each other to kiss as I slid-up behind Gretchen. I pressed my cock into her waiting pussy and began long, slow, thrusts while reaching over to finger Zoey’s pussy. After about 5-minutes, I pulled out of mommy Gretchen and into daughter Zoey.

I repeated alternating between their hot wet pussies Didim Escort Bayan a few more times before I felt the pressure building-up in my balls. I announced I was soon going to cum. Gretchen leaned back and told me to keep plunging as both she and Zoey were on the pill. So, I picked-up my pace and pounded Gretchen’s cunt harder before grabbing her hips to pull myself deep into her as I began exploding. I grunted as I pumped load after hot load of cum inside her and she followed suit with another gushing, powerful, orgasm.

We fell to our backs to briefly catch our breath as Zoey lowered her face to enthusiastically devour her mother’s pussy. Zoey sucked and licked my cum from Gretchen’s pussy and continued until her mother once again quivered to a small orgasm.

Zoey then bent over me and began kissing and licking my cock. Whatever she may have lacked in skill, she more than made-up for with her eager enthusiasm. She cooed and said she loved the sweet taste of her momma’s juices mingled with my cum. My semi-hard cock gradually began to respond to her oral attention.

Gretchen rejoined us and ordered my onto all fours. She directed the nimble Zoey to climb underneath me to continue sucking my cock. Gretchen then crept up behind me and began massaging my ass. To my surprise and pleasure, she then began kissing and running her tongue all around the edges of my anus. She then began to use her talented, long tongue to kiss my puckered sphincter before thrusting her tongue deep inside it. I was once again fully hard!

I pushed and pulled the girls to reposition Gretchen onto my cock facing forward towards Zoey, who was now straddling my face. I nibbled and suckled Zoey’s dripping pussy while Gretchen bounced energetically on my cock. The erotic mother-daughter team kissed each other deeply as they playfully fondled each other’s large breasts.

The erotic moans and groans of the wriggling, writhing women greatly added to my arousal. Several minutes later I encouraged them to swap places. Gretchen then erupted in another powerful orgasm, drenching my face before climbing off. Her nubile daughter indicated she would soon follow suit. I encouraged Zoey to spin around to face away from me and then lower herself back onto me, cowboy style. I ordered her to lean forward allowing me easier access to insert a saliva coated thumb into her anus. She exploded! Gush after gush, she quivered and shook in a series of orgasms.

Sensing I was soon ready to cum again, I scrambled to my feet and raced to position myself in front Escort Didim of Zoey. Pulling her wet hair back to raise her face upward, I presented my cock to her young lips as her mothered urged her to suck me off. Zoey sucked and slobbered on my cock as I rhythmically thrust my hips to face fuck her mouth. She gagged a few times until we got more in synch. While this was happening, Gretchen had crawled behind me to once again rim my ass with her long tongue. When she drove her tongue deep into my ass it pushed me over the edge. I pulled Zoey’s hair hard and rammed my cock hard, past her gag reflex and into her velvety, young throat. She groaned as I pumped rope after rope of my hot cum down her throat. Sensing her gasp and needing to breath, I pulled out spraying my last few blasts into her open mouth and across the edge of her face.

She swallowed and licked her lips as she panted to catch her breath. Gretchen kissed Zoey deeply as she expertly sucked the last of my cum from her daughter’s mouth and face. When she finished, Gretchen affectionately licked my cock and balls clean.

To my amazement, she continued for several minutes until the magical pharmaceutical concoction her sister created for me once again had me rejuvenated and fully erect. Gretchen purred that Zoey had yet to feel my hot cum flood her pussy, so I mounted Zoey doggy-style and proceeded to fuck her hard. I once again pulled her hair, arching her head back as I pounded her young pussy while her mother cheered us on.

Gretchen then leaned in and tongued Zoey’s ass and cooed for me to fuck her ass with my thick cock. Zoey whimpered as I eased my cock into her lubricated ass.

Gretchen then slithered underneath to eat out Zoey’s pussy. Zoey was moaning and uttering unintelligible sounds of pleasure as her sexy mother and I tag teamed her.

This twisted tryst continued for many minutes causing Zoey to experience a series of incrementally intensifying orgasms.

Gretchen slurped and licked her daughter with passion as Zoey coated her face with sweet pussy juices. Gretchen also began massaging my heavy balls and playing with my ass as I repeatedly plunged my cock in and out of Zoey’s tight ass.

I pulled out and offered my cock into Gretchen’s sultry mouth. She expertly licked and sucked me before encouraging me to ram my cock into Zoey’s sweet cunt. I gladly obeyed. After pumping Zoey’s pussy hard and fast, I announced I was soon going to cum. Both women urged me on and, after a few more thrusts, I pressed hard and pumped copious amounts of cum deep inside Zoey’s 21-year old pussy.

Exhausted, I fell back to catch my breath as I watched the sexy mom affectionately lick and suck my hot cum from her equally sexy daughter’s pussy. “We’d better get inside before we get sunburned, ladies”, I said with a huge smile!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32