Handsome Ch. 07

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Chapter 7

Jenny Saunderson

To my surprise, my mother didn’t ground me, and we did go to the pharmacy. She did make me go to the counter and ask Mr. Peterson for a package of Trojans. Back then, the prophylactics were not out on the floor, but behind the druggist’s counter, and one had to request them. I had never purchased condoms before and was embarrassed inasmuch as my mother made it a point to stand a few feet behind me, ostensibly looking at various packages of aspirin.

Part of my embarrassment was due to my thinking the druggist would think I was buying them in order to have sex with my mother. That was probably a miscalculation on my part. But I’m not certain the thought didn’t occur to my mother.

In retrospect, I have to hand it to her. She was determined to make sure I handled my sex life correctly, and did not impregnate, nor contract any venereal disease.

As we walked home, she talked to me, not as mother to son, but woman to man, as it were. “I worry about you, you know.”

“I know, Mom. I’m sorry.”

“I know that you’re sorry, but that’s not what I meant.”


“You’re a young man, a growing man. I know that you’re at least as big as your father, and will more than likely grow even bigger. That will cause you more problems than you realize,” she said.

I already had a good idea where she was going with this little talk.

“You know, Aubrey, I almost burst out laughing when that silly girl, which one was it, said you were hung like a horse?”

“Um, I think it was Mora, she’s the most outspoken of the three,” I told her.

“She’s right about that, you know.”

I glanced at my mother.

“And that makes you a target for any woman during a horny moment. We women have them … believe me. I’ll be honest with you. Since your father died, I’ve craved sex almost nightly.

“Your father was a wonderful lover; considerate and passionate. God, I do miss him!” A tear trickled down her cheek and I reached up and gently wiped it away.

She stopped walking and faced me. Her eyes were glistening with the promise of more tears to come. Somehow she fought them off and said, “Aubrey, I have a lover. He’s married, and loves his wife. I … I wouldn’t destroy his marriage for the world. We … enjoy the occasional afternoon together. It satisfies me … and him too I suppose. And she isn’t being harmed, at least as far as I can tell.”

“Oh, God! Aubrey you’re the only one I’ve told. Not my sister, Nicole, who, god knows would certainly understand, but…”

“It’s okay, mom,” I said trying to comfort her.

“So you see, when I found you with … the girls … I … I knew … I had to tell you. Do you understand? Do you really understand?”

“Probably not fully, Mom, but I think I do. Is that good enough?”

She managed to laugh, and hugged me to her bosom, and then we proceeded home without another word.


It wasn’t much of a surprise, therefore when my mother set me up with an older woman living two blocks away.

Oh, she hid the obvious from me easily enough. I mean, who would suspect that their mother was fixing them up with a woman? After it happened and I had time to reflect on the matter, I realized that there wasn’t that big a difference between my mother and Aunt Nicole.

Jenny Saunderson, a neighbor who lived a couple blocks away and had a new, three month old daughter, and no apparent father, called on my mother a few days later.

I should mention what happened with Chelsea, Joy and Mora, before moving on. It wouldn’t be fair to you to leave you hanging on the subject.

So … we met in school the following day and compared notes. All of the girls had approached their mothers with requests that they be provided with birth control devices. To their surprise their mothers had been quick to agree with them and all had appointments with their respective gynecologists for the following week.

We laughed as I told them about my trip to the pharmacy and buying the Trojans.

“How many boxes did you buy?” Mora asked.

And before I could reply, Joy jumped in with: “Did you ask for the largest size they had?”

“No,” I replied sheepishly.

“You should have!” Joy chirped, right, Chelsea?”

Chelsea nodded her head vigorously. “I could hardly walk this morning,” she admitted and blushed.

“My house is available this afternoon, Aubrey,” Joy said and had the good grace to blush even deeper than Chelsea.

“I don’t know…”

“Oh, c’mon, you still have to deflower two of us,” Mora said, almost singing the words.

With my dick stiffly pointing at Joy, I had to admit it sounded like a good idea. The girls yipped with giddiness.

And so that afternoon I took Mora doggy-style — her idea. And Joy had it the missionary way.

Chelsea was much to tender to entertain any idea of sexual intercourse, but I managed to convince her that it couldn’t hurt if I went down on her.

Afterward she covered me with Sakarya Escort kisses and told me I had been “So right about that!”

Epilogue to Chelsea, Mora and Joy.

I enjoyed the girls for the rest of the semester, but that summer, Joy’s father was promoted to a job across the country and she moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Chelsea’s father and mother were divorced the following winter, and she and her mother went to live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I never saw either girl again.

Mora and I continued to see one another, but not as boy friend — girl friend. She was engaged throughout her senior year to Teddy Bronson, the football team’s quarterback. Mora and I would hookup during football season while Teddy was at practice. I met her a few times after we graduated; she and Teddy were married, and we went to a motel for old time’s sake. From her I learned that Chelsea died giving birth to her second child. Joy, on the other hand, became a nun, and apparently is now devoted to the Lord.


Now, as to Jenny Saunderson … it seems that while she didn’t need a baby sitter, per se, she did need a man, or boy as the case may be, to perform certain household duties like unclogging the toilet and mowing the lawn, and to my great pleasure, driving her to the grocery store. I had my license, but no car but I could drive at least well enough to get us to the store and back.

On my third day of helping Jenny it happened.

Her daughter, Peggy, was crying when I let myself in. Yes, Jenny had given me a key, just in case. I watched as Jenny soothed her back to sleep, and unconsciously put my arm around her waist as we both looked down at the peacefully sleeping, Peggy.

Jenny smiled at me, glanced at her daughter and placed my hand on her left breast. I hadn’t made any overtures to Jenny. In fact, I had screwed Mora’s brains out the previous afternoon and was sexually sated, or thought I was.

Jenny very capably proved me wrong on that point.

I was so surprised by her action that I couldn’t make myself remove my hand, and at the same time I observed that she wasn’t wearing a bra, which was unusual in those days. I also noted that her breast was small, very firm, and crowned by a stiff nipple which was sticking hotly into the palm of my hand.

“Don’t you know what to do with a breast, Aubrey?”

“Um, I…” I fumbled, caught off guard by her forwardness.

“C’mon, Aubrey, even little Peggy knows what to do with a nice warm tittie,” she giggled.

“Oh, I know, all right.” I answered, as my hand slowly squeezed the breast she’d offered me.

A moment later I had her moaning as I nipped at her breast with my teeth.

“You do know…” she husked, already breathing heavily.

I let my hand glide down her smooth thigh, down to the hem of her skirt. My hand slipped under it, in between her legs. Moved up along the inside of her thigh until I could feel her panties.

“Did you put my mother up to this?” I asked.

“No, but I guess she figured out what would happen by putting us together.”

“Oh, and what might that be?” I asked, as she wriggled her ass against my probing hand.

Jenny sighed contentedly. “A good fucking, I guess,” and twisted so that my fingers were up against her dampened pussy.

“C’mon, Jenny,” I pressed, “What did she tell you?”

“That you were definitely oversexed, and she did mention that you were hung like a horse.”

“My mom told you that!”

“Mmmm, and the girls won’t leave you alone. Is that really true?”

“Some,” I admitted.

“Woo Hoo! I got me a hottie!” she chortled as I took a step back, ending up behind her. I pulled her ass closer to me, and pushed my boner against it.

Sensuously, Jenny rubbed her behind against the hardness of my cock.

“Yes,” she whispered, and that was the signal I had been waiting for. With one swift movement, I drew her panties down to her knees, and from there gravity took over and they fell down to her feet. I felt how she took a little step to the side with her left leg and impatiently kicked them away.

I let go of her, leaving her leaning forward with her gorgeous ass in full view while I unbuttoned my pants and let them fall, then shed my boxers and kicked both items away.

With my cock straight up in the air, I took the little step forward that brought me close to her again and made it possible for me to aim my cock against her waiting cunt. Jen surprised me by reaching behind her to her pussy and spreading the glistening lips for me.

For the record, she had a sparse amount of light blonde pubic hair covering her nookie. I sank into her with an ease that astonished me. And well it would after having to work like the devil to get into the three tight snatches of Mora, Chelsea and Joy.

Jenny gave a little cry of pain and joy as she felt me bottom in her. “Yes!” she gasped. “I like it quick! I like it fast and hard!”

Her statement made me harder and I went all out, pumping as fast Sakarya Escort Bayan and as hard as I could. Her pussy began to contract around my dick and I knew she was close if not already coming.

“Wait! Wait!” Jenny cried out. I slowed and eventually stopped pumping into her. “You’ll think I’m crazy,” she said.

I waited. I knew that much about women. Whenever they say something like that, more is sure to follow.

“Let me get on top,” she said, “I really cum better if I’m sort of in control, Bree.”

“Fine,” I replied, ignoring the fact that she’d used a nickname only my teammates did, and rolled us over.

She straddled me, hovering just over my cock; spread her pussy lips with two fingers and steered me into her sopping wet cunt.

Jenny didn’t say anything, for that matter, I wasn’t to sure that she was even breathing. Her eyes were locked on mine and her lips parted in a kind of half smile, half grimace. Then, as she sank down impaling herself on me, I saw her eyes turn upward, showing almost only the whites while the muscles in her pussy worked along my dick as she came with a tremendous shudder and slumped down on me her body covering mine.

“Isn’t it nice?” she whispered in my ear. “Isn’t it nice to fuck?”

“Oh, yeah,” I said completely agreeing with her.

“Just lay still, my handsome prince. Feel how I squeeze your cock with my hot pussy.”

I enjoyed the feeling of her pussy’s muscles giving my cock a wonderful massage. Slowly I started to move in and out of her.

“No, don’t move!” she yelped, and I stopped.

“I want to do it. I want to make us both feel nice.”

She didn’t move her hips any longer. She just worked me with the muscles in her pussy and seemed to suck me even deeper into her slippery wetness. She was so wet I could feel her juices running down wetting my balls. Jenny’s breath felt like a summer breeze against the skin of my throat, and she started to shake all over, which I thought was due to due to the hard work her cuntal muscles were applying.

“Oh, boy!” she called out after a time.

“What’s wrong?”

“No … nothing! I’m cumming!”

She groaned and mewed, and began moaning dirty words in my ear.

I felt my own orgasm starting to build way down in my balls, and then I came, and shot line after line of pure white jizm into her.

Totally wasted for the time being, I found myself sinking deeper into the pillows and just lay there enjoying the terrific feeling coursing through me.

“Oh, how nice,” Jenny whispered, and gave me a quick kiss before she rolled down off me.

“Did you enjoy me, Aubrey?”

“Yes … very much, and please call me Bree.”

“Can we can do it again?”

“Sure, but let me look at you for a while.”

“You want to look at me?”

“Sure, you have a beautiful body. I’d like to admire it.”

“Oh, I like that,” Jenny said, her voice dripping with sensuality.

“Know what?” she said a moment later.

“What?” I asked, anxious to please her anyway I could.

“I love having my titties played with. My nipples are sooo sensitive,” she was already plucking at the left one, causing it to expand in length before my eyes, very much the way a hardon grows.

I took the right nipple into my mouth and chewed on the tip. She began to pant, and then a shudder ran through her as she mouthed a silent scream, and with a look of intense concentration seemingly willed herself not to cum … just then.

“I know … I know!” Jenny gasped. Are you getting hard yet?”

“It won’t be long,” I said.

“Oh, yes it will. I bet you’re at least eight inches.”

“That’s about right,” I admitted, with a short baking laugh.

“Did you ever see a woman squirt?”

“You mean … pee?”

“I mean squirt. It’s different than peeing.”

“No … I haven’t seen a woman squirt. How do you manage it?”

Jenny scrambled to her hands and knees and crawled to a nearby table, and pulled open the middle drawer. Reaching in, she took out what I knew to be a vibrator. The other item I knew had to be a sex toy, but what it did was a mystery to me.

Giggling more than Chelsea, Joy or Mora ever had; Jenny lay down on the floor, careful not to have any part of her making contact with the plush carpet. Still giggling, Jenny carefully turned the vibrator on and inserted it against her vaginal opening. She closed her eyes, and then opened them. They were sparkling with sexual excitement.

“This little pink one…” she said, and paused to let me see it, ” … is a clit stimulator. I’ll hold it just under my clittie for the most part. Not on it. That would be too much, but all around it, mostly under it. I don’t know exactly why … it feels better, I guess. The vibrator I use to simulate a cock. Together … well, I’ve always done this alone, you know? But I wanted you to see me squirt, and all.”

“You have my undivided attention,” I told her, and stood with my feet on either side of her face, my cock pointing straight out. She Escort Sakarya reached up and fondled my balls.

“I want to be sure and suck them later. Remind me if I forget, okay?”


“Now, watch,” she said and I did just that.

Jenny had worked the vibrator around, grinding it against her outer labia, but not actually inserting it into herself. Dropping the vibrator to the floor, she held the smaller clit stimulator against the underside of her clit.

Almost instantly, a low-keyed wail issued forth from her lungs. “Watch!” she bellowed right after the wail. My eyes were riveted to her pussy as one, two and then three squirts of fluid that I took to be urine, but later learned was definitely not urine, but a fluid ejaculated from her urethra, landed on the wooden floor of her living room.

My jaw hung open as I tried to assess what I had just witnessed. I heard her laughing. She sounded tired, but delighted with herself. Her hand was soaked with her juices and two puddles of the clear fluid now gathered on the floor around her feet.

“I can do more,” she said, still sounding tired.

“Do you want to?” I asked, “You sound kind of tired. Does it stress you out?”

“No, silly!” she chirped happily. I just came … I came big time … well, you can see for yourself.”

I nodded. “Okay, do it again.”

“Let me suck on that huge dong of yours a little first.”

I bent my knees, lowering myself to her waiting mouth, and she gobbled several inches into her mouth and sucked voraciously. After a minute of this, Jenny suddenly spat me out and told me to rub my cock against her opening. “Don’t put it into me or I won’t want to squirt,” she told me.

As gently as I could manage, I rubbed the head of my dick over her entrance. She moaned at the touch and applied the pink clittie toy to her clit. A minute passed; a minute that showed me great insights into a woman on the edge, insights that I would apply with great success later, with other women.

“So close!” Jenny groaned. I dipped a finger into her and she exploded, releasing three successive streams of clear fluid or cum, take your pick; I never have been able to distinguish between them.

Those squirts were way too much for Jenny who, with me staring open-mouthed in front of her, had an intense, soul-searing orgasm that literally took her breath away. As the shakes and tremors slowly subsided she looked into my eyes and flashed a wicked grin at me.

“I’ve never seen anything like that before,” I told her.

“Not every woman can do it. You … you don’t think I’m some sort of a slut?”

“No!” I exclaimed, surprised that she would even entertain such thoughts.

Jenny took my dick in her hand and gave it a squeeze. “Still hard, that’s good. That’s very good.”

I kissed her, and she kissed me back. We necked for a few minutes before either of us spoke another word.

“I’m a wanton bitch, Bree,” Jenny said.

I looked at her and licked my lips which were suddenly very dry.

“I think I’m somewhat over sexed, do you?”

“I know I’m over sexed, Jenny,” I replied, and we both laughed.

“Then we have something in common, isn’t that great?” she said.

“Yes, it is.” I answered with a little smirk.

Jenny giggled and slid her body down mine until she was on the floor, her head just above my engorged cock.

“Good,” she whispered, grasping the shaft in her right hand and lowered her mouth over me; her lips shaped in the familiar ‘O’.

“Would you rather I fuck you?” I asked.

She took me into her mouth, sucking it slightly.

“That feels good!” I sighed. “I’m ready for you, you know.”

Removing me from her mouth, Jenny smiled up at me and said, “I know that, and you will. You will … in a while.”

“You can cum in my mouth if you want to,” she whispered before lowering her head over me once more and enveloping me with her warmth.

It didn’t take long for her magic to work. She couldn’t have bobbed her head up and down on me for more than a deliciously sweet minute. I didn’t tell her I was coming; I just let it happen, jettisoning my sperm into throat as she struggled to swallow every drop.

We rested a while and then the baby woke up and began crying. Mouthing an apology, for having to leave me, Jenny went to the baby, changed its diaper and then brought the child to me. I held it for a few minutes awed at the small size of the child and what it would eventually grow up to be.

“I need to feed her,” Jenny said reaching for her daughter. I watched as the baby girl fastened her tiny mouth on Jenny’s nipple and gave suck. When the baby was satisfied, Jenny carried her back to the bassinet and she went right to sleep.

Jenny came back and sat next to me on the sofa. She cupped her right breast and said, “Would you be a dear and empty this for me? I’m kind of lopsided at the moment.”

Nodding my assent, I pinched the nipple, then pulled at it with my lips. Nothing happened.

“Um, do it like this,” Jenny husked, to get it started.” That said, she cupped the breast with her right hand and plucked at the nipple with the thumb and forefinger, sort of pinching down on the areola. I saw that she pulled much harder and faster than I had, and in just a moment her white milk made its appearance at the tip of her nipple.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32