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(Nearly all of my stories have pieces of truth. This one does also. There is also a tiny bit of fantasy. Which portions? You get to decide.

Today as I write is the 22nd of January, I just got back from a long trip.

What was I doing and why?

I make the trip every year and have for years now.

At the end of the story you will understand.)


Dan was not yet 30 years old the day the accident happened. It was a stupid mistake, he was showing off.

The day was hot, far hotter than normal. Dan looked up when the big flatbed truck backed up to his garage doors. He stared for a moment as the woman got out, she was absolutely beautiful.

Picking up a nearby rag, Dan wiped his hands and went out to greet the lady, doing his best to not stare at the obvious dark circles showing clearly through the simple white peasant style blouse she wore.

The shorts were cutoff blue jeans, her well tanned legs looked like they went on forever. She appeared to be a bit older than he was, one of those women that probably never left their bedroom until their makeup was on, hair perfect, everything offering a certain look.

Dan had seen a lot of beautiful women in his life, and was even lucky enough to score a few of them. That isn’t that hard to do when a man is young and strapping strong, owns his own business and home, has some money in his pocket.

Few if any affected him the way this woman did, he was glad that the work pants he wore were on the loose side. He felt his breath catch in his throat for a moment.

“Hello! I am Cindy, my husband Barry sent me down to pick up his engine. Is it ready?” She flashed a smile that added to the situation. Of course she was completely aware of the effect she was having on him.

“Yes, ma’m, it is. Come on in.” Dan turned and led her into the tiny office of the converted older gas station he had built into a machine shop.

“Please call me Cindy.” He heard her say sweetly.

She glanced at the bill, then reached into her purse and handed him cash. It was quite a bit of cash, doing the machine work on the huge 460 cubic inch Ford engine had taken him all week.

His customer obviously had money, he never flinched at all when Dan quoted him some figures. Most customers did not, his reputation was well established and if someone wanted an engine that was special, then they came to see Dan.

So for nearly a complete week he had carefully sized and fitted each piece of it, knowing it was going to be special.

“How are you going to load it?” She asked, looking at the big engine block. The crankshaft and heads lay there on the bench, the big empty engine block sat in a plastic bag on the floor.

Dan simply reached down, picked up the block and rolled it up to his chest. It was very heavy, yet Dan was young and strong. But the flatbed rear of the truck was high. Dan had to lean back slightly to make the lift,struggling at the very last but he managed. He did feel a slight tug in the small of his back, thought nothing of it. Then he went and got the two heavy heads and the rest of the parts and loaded them, strapping everything down securely.

Cindy was standing right there next to him, watching. She reached out and touched his bicep, smiling. It was like an electric shock.

“My, you certainly are a strong young man!” She told him. Dan couldn’t help himself, he puffed up his chest at that.

He watched as she got into the big machine and drove away. He never saw the woman again, but he always remembered her.

She was the key to the entire rest of his life.


Dan was resting at home that evening when he felt another tug in his lower back. He got up and ran a hot bath, soaked for nearly an hour, then went to bed. The clock read 3 AM when he woke up, feeling the shock of stabbing pain in his back and hips.

There was no more sleep that night.

That morning it was to a point that nearly cannot be described. By afternoon he could no longer stand it, he stopped at a store and purchased a back brace.

That helped, but just a little. Ordinary pain pills didn’t appear to have any effect. Dan forced himself to do his work, each motion was a struggle.

The next week he listened as the old Doctor explained what he thought was wrong. Some bones in his back were rubbing or something from having been damaged. The last very heavy load had been the final straw, over a half dozen years and many other heavy lifts things had piled up.

“I am only 29!” Dan protested.

“It happens, keep up what you are doing and you will be disabled.” The old man told him. Then he prescribed prescription pain pills, and told him to do no heavy lifting of any kind, to take it easy.

“In fact, it’s best that you don’t do any work at all.” He said.

“Great!” Dan thought. He was self employed, barely making the rent and bills and his house payment. He had to go to work or lose everything.

The next day he didn’t go in though. In minutes after taking the medicine he began to feel very woozy. So he sat in his Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort chair and stared at the walls. At one point he realized his head was hanging off to the side and drool was coming out of the corner of his mouth.

No way could he take those pills and still function. There was nothing he could do but put up with the crazy pain.

By weekend he felt this was not going to work, he went to see a Chiropractor. The man felt around, then twisted and turned his body, creating monstrous pain. Later, he handed Dan a small bottle of pills.

“Take these, they will help. Then I need you to come back tomorrow.”

“What are these?” Dan asked, now in so much pain he could barely speak.

“Vitamins, they will build up your bones.” The man said.

Dan never went back.

A month later he sat in another Doctor’s office as the man explained that they needed to go in there and take a look.

“About three to six weeks in recovery, then you should be feeling pretty good!” The Doctor told him, patting him on the shoulder. That sent a stab of pain through his back so severe he nearly passed out.

Later, in the parking lot, he thought about it. They appeared to not know what was wrong, not for sure. So their answer was to cut him open and “take a look?”

Somehow that just did not sound right to him.

He never went back to see that Doctor, either.


It was a few months later when an older man named Walter that brought in work regularly was there in his office.

Another customer had just picked up a job.

“I wouldn’t go near that crabby mother fucker if his work wasn’t so damned good!” Dan overheard the customer say to his friend as they left.

Walter looked at Dan, saw the embarrassed look on his face.

“Hurting, ain’t ya?” Walter asked.

“Yea, my damned back. It never stops, I can’t sit down, stand up, lay down, nothing. The only time I don’t hurt is when I am floating in a hot bathtub.” Dan complained.

Walter reached into his pocket and pulled out a cheap business card.

“Go see this lady.” He said.

Dan looked at the card.

“Massage therapy by Lynn.” The card read, with a phone number. Dan stuck it in his pocket and instantly forgot about it, turning his attention to the MG cylinder head Walter had brought in.

“Carlos!” He called out to the young helper he had hired. He knew he did not dare try to carry the tiny little cylinder head back into his shop by himself.


Dan was doing his laundry that weekend, the card fell out of his shirt pocket. He felt the stab of pain as he carefully squatted down to pick it up. Glancing at it, he again stuck the card into his pocket and forgot it.

Laundry took all day, he now carried a small basket and made continual trips back and forth. He was wishing he had a girl friend, or even a wife to help, but the way things were, that was out of the question.

No way in hell could he even make love, he had given up even trying. The few women he did know and had dated off and on had long since moved on to others.

His life had devolved to work, rest, and sometimes solo sexuality. He missed the times when a warm body was next to him in bed, and while he most certainly still had his virility, the final act of sex was now nearly impossible.

Most females did not understand the need for extreme caution at a time like that.

In his living room, Dan sat down in his recliner. There was one position that if he got it exactly right, he was free of the pain. It was a struggle but worth it, using his left hand to brace against the armrest, he could work the lever that tipped the chair with his right.

He now spent one hell of a lot of his free time in that chair, being careful to not move.

As he reached carefully for the TV guide, something poked him lightly, he reached up to rub his chest and felt the card.

“What the hell, why not?” He reached for the phone and dialed the number.

“Lynn’s massage.” Said a soft female voice.

“I have a bad back!” Dan blurted out, instantly feeling stupid.


He hadn’t planned at all on what to say. He knew of “massage” parlors, so he felt slightly nervous about even calling one of those places.

There had never been any real need, before being hurt Dan had a manner with women that appeared to get their attention easily. Plus he was young, in shape, and reasonably good looking. Add in owning his own home, a business, a nice set of wheels?

Female friends were not that hard to come by.

Just once when he had struck out, Dan lowered himself to that. The object of his attentions that evening had been flirting and teasing him mercilessly. He had bought drinks, they danced and she was rubbing her crotch firmly against his. Then right at the point where he was thinking it might be time to ask her to an early breakfast, then over to his house, she suddenly had an over sized male show up and they left together.

Dan figured that part out quickly, but glancing around, he saw little opportunity left, so it was going to be one of those nights that did not work out.

That night on the way home he swung into the parking lot at a massage parlor. After a quick shower a tired looking gal with way too much makeup on came in, rubbed his back and behind for a couple of minutes, then peeled off her top and grabbed his dick. Her breasts were large and sagged heavily, her belly was round and she had a few rolls of fat hanging over the belt she wore. She did manage to create a weak orgasm but barely.

“There ya go honey.” She told him and left the room. So Dan didn’t think much of massage parlors.

But he was in the mood, and now taking care of himself did not really do it for him. For a moment he came very close to hanging up, the idea of hiring a woman for sex was not something he would normally even consider doing, having also tried that just a couple of times.

Once was while in the military and he was quite drunk at the moment, the tiny Asian woman took the money and then grabbed his cock and went to work. Her mouth was so small the end of his erection barely fit but she tried very hard to please him.

That actually wasn’t so bad, except for the parts in between when they were getting shot at.

But then he noticed how many of the other soldiers were having to drop their pants to get needles stuck in them, so it was only just the one time.

The other time was in a bar, he met a pretty young woman, and was well into the process of trying to seduce her when she asked for money.

That had turned out to be not one hell of a lot different, she had a seedy nearby motel room and even though Dan was built larger than some males down there, it was like he was trying to screw air. Plus the condom she had rolled over him was even larger and he had to hang onto it to keep it in place.

He finally did manage to get off, it didn’t help at all that several times she asked him, “Haven’t you cum yet?”


“I see. Would you like an appointment?” The soft voice replied.

“Yes, I think so. What are your fees?” Dan asked.

“It’s $13.00 per hour, and I make sure you get the full hour.” Lynn replied.

Wow. That seemed low, even though Dan now had a helper he paid the $1.85 per hour minimum wage so it was quite a bit of money at the time.

He had expected that one of those “Massage” girls would be at least $30.00, even $35.00.

Possibly even more.

Maybe she was older, perhaps she wasn’t pretty?

He really did not care at the moment.

“All right.” He told her, deciding.


Dan had no idea at all of what to expect as he climbed the single flight of stairs to the upstairs office. He had not expected there to be stairs, either.

He groaned when he saw them, but managed them with a struggle.

The woman’s voice was very soft on the phone, he had a vision of someone tiny as a result. Maybe she would be cute, perhaps even…willing? It had been such a long time now since Dan had had any female companionship at all.

When the door opened, Dan stood there momentarily in surprise. The woman standing there smiling was easily in her fifties, she was about the same height as he was, and her shoulders were obviously wider. She wore slacks and a simple white tank top style T-shirt, her arms bristling with muscle.

“Dan?” She smiled. Good lord, this woman was homely! Her hair was cut straight across her forehead in bangs, and it looked the same around the sides like she simply reached up and cut it off with scissors. Her clearly bra less breasts hung low on her chest, appearing flattened out by the snug tank top. She was not fat but she certainly was big.

“Come on in.” She held the door. She had some kind of accent he couldn’t quite place. Dan walked in, not knowing what else to do.

The room felt very warm, in a few seconds he felt beads of sweat pop onto his forehead.

It popped into his head that he was probably going to die, if she started twisting and beating on his back…?

“Have you ever had a massage before?” She asked, pointing to a simple wooden chair. She watched carefully as Dan struggled into it, like she was inspecting him.

“No, not really.” He shook his head, the one time he did get one popped into his head. He could not stop the blush, this was not at all like what he had expected when he called.

Lynn’s gaze was steady, she never changed expression.

“Well. Let’s see what we can do. You say your back is sore?” She gave him a disarming smile.

“Yes, it’s terrible, it never stops.” He told her.

“Do you have any swelling anywhere?” She asked him.

“Yes, in my hip and in my….” Dan hesitated again, not really wanting to say that right out to this old woman.

Sometimes his right testicle became swollen, enough so that he had to use a large safety pin to keep his pants fastened.

“In your genitalia?” She asked bluntly.

Dan nodded, still flushing.

“OK. What I will do today is use my hands to see what is going on, and try to ease the pain for you, OK?”

“OK.” Dan nodded.

“Good, go ahead and take off all of your clothes and get on the table.” She sat down in another chair, folded her hands in her lap and looked at him.

Dan hesitated. She was right there, did she expect him to…? He felt himself blush again furiously.


“Yes, please. Don’t be bashful, I have seen many men.” Once again she gave him that same smile.

Dan sighed, unbuttoned his shirt as Lynn sat there calmly inspecting him. He glanced at the woman as he slipped first his pants, hesitated, then his briefs down.

Her gaze dropped to his loins, then back up like she was checking out every inch of him. The steady gaze caused him to swell slightly.

Now worried about what she might think if he got an erection, Dan quickly turned his back and looked at the table. It was fairly high, covered with a single white sheet. There was a small pillow at the end of it covered with a towel, he assumed she wanted him to face that way.

Glancing back again, he saw that she was still looking his body over carefully, he resisted the urge to grab the towel and cover himself.

Managing to struggle up on the table, Dan lay there face down. That was better, at least his privates were not completely exposed to her that way.

Of course Dan had been naked with females before and even briefly in front of a nurse or two. But this was completely different, this older woman was a total stranger and fully dressed.

Lynn picked up a small bottle, put some oil on her hands and rubbed them briskly together.

Then her fingers began to probe him lightly.

“Oh, my!” She said seconds later as her hands found the swelling in his right hip. He expected her to start right in once she noticed his swollen hip, instead she moved to his legs and began to work upwards.

It was only about 15 minutes into the session, by now she was working on his upper back, Dan realized he seemed to have stopped hurting so badly. The pain had softened to about what it was like when he got his easy chair just right.

He felt his mind begin to wander, almost like he was dreaming. A scent wafted over him, just a hint of it but he had a vision of being outside, the scent was of flowers. He could sense her pause periodically, one hand still touching him while the other reached for something.

He felt his eyes blur with dampness, and was grateful for the towel right there under his face as he dabbed at his eyes. That was confusing and embarrassing at the same time, he was very nearly crying?

Lynn did not appear to notice, the hands kept right on stroking him.

When she finally did get to the extremely painful area, he never felt any stab of pain at all, instead, it felt good. Wonderful, in fact. He felt himself begin to doze.

Dan woke up to her voice asking him softly to turn over. Once again he was fully aware he was completely naked, then it hit him that he also had an erection. He hesitated, what would this old woman think of him?

Lynn reached out and placed her hand in the small of his back and asked again. Dan rolled over, feeling himself again blush furiously. Glancing up at Lynn, he saw she was looking at his groin.

Her expression was one of interest.

By now Dan was completely sure that this woman was not one of “those” types. The few times in his entire life he had lowered himself to paying for favors, they had reached directly for the goal and appeared to be in a hurry.

This woman was in no hurry at all, besides, she was far older and as homely as it is possible for a female to be.

“Nice strong young man, well built!” She said, and once again she began to work on his upper body first.

When her hands began to work on the front of his legs, Dan stammered an apology. He was as hard as he could ever remember, and nothing he could think of would make that go away.

She seemed to sense his discomfort at being erect.

“It’s OK, that is perfectly normal, it just means you have good blood flow.” She reached out with the flat of her hand, placed it on his stomach, the other hand touched his forehead.

“Take a deep breath.” She said. Dan felt his erection instantly fade and go back down as he complied.

Lynn just smiled, said nothing and resumed her work.

She stepped up to the head of the table and worked out his chest and neck muscles, then his arms. Next she stepped to his side and began large clockwise circles around his stomach. Dan felt his erection begin again, as her hands swept around in circles the side of her palm bumped the end of it. She was not being cautious around his loins at all. Her fingers were moving right down alongside his testicles with each stroke, he could feel them press into his inner thigh and flow upwards. The pressure was light, almost a caress.

He was unable to keep himself from growing even harder.

She didn’t say anything at all, she just kept on. Then she stopped briefly, and moved back up to the head of the table. Leaning far over, she reached down and drew her palms up the inside of both legs at once, turning her fingers inward to gently lift his testicles.

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