Halloween Shop of Whores

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Wayne and Carol took their three year old son, Jake, out on his first ever Trick or Treating adventure. It was agreed that they would basically stay within the neighborhood of their edge of the city community.

During this adventure, the couple encountered a house that was most unusual. It was an old 19th century Victorian style mansion that had the owners really go all out in the Halloween theme. So much so that little Jake was too frightened to approach the house in his search for candy.

This suited Carol just fine as she observed that the woman at the door giving out candy to other children was wearing a French Maid’s uniform that showed quite a bit of her unnaturally large cleavage.

Wayne on the other hand, found something twitch in his pants. The tits on that buxom redhead got his mind and pulse racing. In fear of getting an earful from his wife, Wayne pretended not to notice. Thank God he was wearing a trenchcoat, so covering up the bulge wasn’t a problem.

Once they walked home, Wayne addresses his wife. “I’m going to head out for a few. I’ll be back sometime tonight.”

He may as well have addressed the wall as Carol was more interested in Jake’s treasures rather than what her husband had to say.

If truth be told, he wanted to check that funky Victorian house out and that beautiful young redhead with the awesome tits. Once he got there, he noticed that there were now two girls standing in the doorway. That busty redhead was there, but now so was this gorgeous little petite blonde that perhaps weighed 100 lbs soaking wet. They both spotted Wayne and waved him to come over.

He knew that he should have just turned around and gone home, but Wayne couldn’t resist himself. That French Maid’s uniform on that redheaded knockout caused his imagination to work overtime. The petite blonde was dressed as a ballerina, which Wayne felt suited her because she was so tiny, but oh did she ever look good.

“Want some candy?” The redhead asks.

All Wayne could do was watch the woman insert her finger in her mouth, sucking on it briefly before trailing it down that awesome body of hers.

From where he was standing, he could hear a man groaning out from some kind of sexual plesure from inside the house. Obviously somebody was getting the full meaning of trick or treat.

Both women giggle and each take Wayne by the wrist, guiding him into the house. They closed the door behind them and continued to take him through the house.

There Karabağlar Escort were fake cob webs hanging from all the door frames, giving that haunted house look.

Finally Wayne is led to the closed door of a room where he could hear the giggling of girls. Before he had the chance to decide whether or not he was man enough to protest, his hostesses open the door and Wayne’s jaw dropped.

There were six naked women frolicking in a large hot tub. They each had killer bodies and tits worth sucking the ver life out of.

That bulge in Wayne’s pants were begging to be let out. It was pressing so hard against the fabric that it felt like it was going to burst through.

Ever the attentive hostess, that sexy redhead steps before Wayne, licking her lips before speaking. “Would you like me to get that for you?”

Unable to speak, Wayne nods.

She smiles at him and next thing he knew, a pair of petite hands fold underneath the waistband of his sweat pants and lowers them down, along with the underwear. His erection sprang to attention like a proud soldier and Wayne was suddenly enthralled in the erotic experience of having that redhead lower to her knees and engulf his cock into her mouth like a seasoned pro. At the same time, that cute little blonde behind him was continuing to work his pants and underwear down to his ankles.

The women in the hot tub were watching Wayne get his cock jerked and sucked while Wayne watched them fondle their wet tits before his very eyes. This was the ultimate experience for him. He had no idea who these women were, nor did he care. All he knew was that they were young and gorgeous.

The redhead withdraws her mouth from Wayne’s cock, making a point to lick the precum off his tip with her tongue before engulfing him again. Wayne left out a soft moan, closing his eyes, but only for a second.

They snapped open again when he felt a tongue slide itself into his asshole. It was that petite blonde! Shit! Wayne cries out and blows his hot seed straight into the redhead’s mouth. As he is shooting load after load, that blonde behind him was ramming her tongue in and out of his ass hole as if it were a mini cock. He’s never been fucked like this before. Oh wow!

After the redhead sucked Wayne dry, she returns to her feet and smiles before him. His butt was still getting some heavy duty TLC from the sexy blonde from behind. Before his very eyes, the redhead strips the French Maid uniform off and Escort Karabağlar his erection returned the moment he got an eyeful of those enormous tits. He knew they were fakes. Each of them were bigger than the size of his own head. Oh, but how he’d love to ram his cock between that cleavage and cum all over her awesome body!

Finally the blonde removes her tongue from his shit hole and gets back to her feet. She and the redhead help Wayne remove his shirt before he and the redhead focused on her, removing her witchy costume. Now naked, the trio enter the hot tub with the other women.

The women were all over him. This had to be a dream. It just had to be. Oh, but what a wonderful dream!

One by one they placed themselves in front of Wayne and situated his face between their tits. All but that redhead. Fuck how he wanted to bury himself into those oversized mounds! Not that he was complaining with the others. Of the original six women in the tub, and the petite blonde, there wasn’t a nipple he refused the opportunity to lick, bite, suck, grope, or do whatever his heart desires.

To add to the experience, the women were fondling each other as well. This alone could make Wayne explode again. Watching them was far beyond any erotic dream he’s ever had.

Finally, the redhead stands before Wayne and smiles at him. “It’s nice to see someone who likes candy as much as we do.”

He felt her hands grasp around his cock and he arches his head back, closing his eyes. Oh, this was too much. His cock was throbbing and it needed to find some relief and fast.

As if his prayers were answered, he finds it gets impaled inside an extremely hot and tight velvet tunnel that was engulfing him inch by savory inch.

Wayne never opened his eyes until his rider ground herself all the way to the base. He could feel the nipples of her tits pressing against his chest.

Finally he opens his eyes when he feels the delicate hands of a woman’s touch clasp onto his head and bury his face into her huge tits. Wayne couldn’t help himself. Those jumbo jugs became the supreme goal for his hungry mouth. He did his damndest to take in as much of a full tit into his mouth as possible so that he could suck and suck and suck.

Wayne was still being ridden while the other women egged him on. This was so sinful but oh so fucking good!

When the ride became faster and more determined, Wayne placed his hands against the redhead’s hips and began Karabağlar Escort Bayan to buck himself upwards to meet with her each time she came down. Her tits bounced with the rest of her and this did it for Wayne.

Unable to hold back, he unloads deep inside the redhead’s tunnel, giving her everything he’s got.

Screaming wildly, the redhead feels her own release and lets herself go.

The other women got into the act as they each began to kiss, lick, grope and fondle Wayne and the redhead. They wanted part of the action too.

They pull the redhead off Wayne and each take turns getting him hard and riding him in the same fashion she did. He didn’t know where he was getting the energy from, but thank God for that!

Fuck! He was unloading more cum into these hot babes than he ever did into his wife! This was more than a dream come true! It was more than fantasy! This was heaven!

Or was it?

After fucking the last whore, Wayne found himself becoming extremely exausted. He never even knew he fell asleep until he woke up and found his naked body strapped to a table.

Those same women that fucked him were now standing around him, eyeing him as if he were some kind of meal.

Looking at the redhead, Wayne watched the beauty of her young face suddenly change into a horrifying display of red glowing eyes and huge vampire like fangs emerge from her mouth as she hissed at him.

Terrified, he screams and tries to struggle free from his confinement. Looking at the other women, he notices they are no longer beautiful hot vixens. They are like the redhead. Vampires! Fucking vampire bitches from hell!

How’d the fuck did he get into a situation like this? Wayne continually cries out, but it was of no use.

Crawling on top of him, the petite little blonde, now turned vampire, lowers her head down onto his cock and commands it to stand fully erect. Betraying Wayne’s body, it does so. Just like that. How’d she do that?

Then, the unthinkable. The little vamp brought her head down and bit his cock clean off! Wayne wails out.

Making eye contact with him, the petite little blond spits the cock in his face.

Wayne flinched as soon as he was hit. When he opened his eyes again, all the women are taking bites out of his flesh and he cries out in pain. This was no longer heaven. This was a fucking nightmare! Will it ever end?

“Make it stop!” Wayne cries out.


Wayne snaps his eyes open and finds Carol standing before him with a perplexed look on her face.

First thing he does is run to a mirror. He is relieved to find all is well. However, there was one more thing to check. Reaching down his pants, he is relieved that his cock is still in place.

So, it was just a nightmare after all.

Wasn’t it?

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