Halloween Party

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Tyler has been divorced now for quite some time. One of his best friends Brad and his wife Gina has taken him in to help him deal with the divorce. They cook dinner for him and include him in activities that they do. They usually get together often and have groups of people over for games, drinking, and hanging out.

The couple had planned an all adult Halloween party and invited Tyler to join, but he had to dress up per GIna’s instructions. Gina told Tyler that since she knew he would be drinking and that he could stay the night in the guest room after the party. Tyler stayed over often and always slept in the guest room. The party went well and most everyone stayed late, but eventually it was only the three of them left. They had a large living room, big screen tv, and a large sectional couch.

Tyler was sitting on one end and Brad and Gina were sitting side by side on the other end of the sectional. Music was playing loudly and the only light in the room was coming from a muted TV. Everyone was zoned out enjoying the remaining buzz from drinking all night. Tyler could see that Gina and Brad were starting to make out, but they were not in his direct line of sight. He adjusted himself so that he could see them a little better. Tyler and Brad had already changed into shorts and t-shirts a long time before the party was over, but Gina still had on her costume. Which was more like a sexy outfit than a costume. She was dressed up as a sexy school girl, it was a red plaid miniskirt, knee socks, black high heels, and a very tight white blouse that was very low cut with only a couple buttons fastened. You could also see her white see through lace bra under it. She was for sure a sexy school girl.

As Tyler looked in their direction, he noticed that Gina had climbed on top of Brad and started kissing him. Brad was rubbing up and down her legs and grabbing her ass. Tyler was doing everything he could not to make it obvious that he was watching them. They had kissed in front of him before, but nothing like they were doing tonight. Brad was rubbing all over GIna’s ass and raising her skirt up, Tyler could easily see her red thong panties. He was thinking to himself this might be his que to head to bed. He thought to himself if they don’t come up for air shortly he would go. He kept looking in their direction as they kissed and was getting more and more turned on watching them. Gina might as well have not even been wearing the skirt, because Brad had it pushed all of the way up around GIna’s waist as he continued to kiss her. Tyler was getting a perfect view of how sexy Gina’s ass was in the thong panties, he even started noticing that his cock was growing hard.

He looked away at the TV for a moment to try to stop himself from staring at them. But when he looked back, Gina was sliding off of Brad’s lap and standing up. She adjusted her skirt and walked over towards Tyler, she leaned down to him and started softly kissing his lips. Tyler at first drew back from Gina and then looked Bodrum Escort over at Brad. When he looked at Brad, he nodded to Tyler like it was ok. Gina was saying nothing, but she was smiling at Tyler with a devilish grin. She then straddled Tyler and wrapped her arms around him and started kissing him like there was no tomorrow. Gina then starts slowly moving her hips back and forth on his lap, his cock had grown hard as soon as she straddled his lap, she was slowly dry humping his cock, he could feel the intense heat through his shorts and from her panties, she moved down from kissing his lips to kissing on his ear and she whispered to him that she has dreamed about this so many times. As she was kissing on his ear and down his neck. Tyler looked over at Brad and saw that he had his hand in his shorts and looked like he was playing with his cock as he watched them kissing. Gina grabbed Tyler’s hands and placed them on her upper thighs, he was in total shock at what was happening, he had always thought GIna was hot and jacked off more than once thinking about her. Tyler started rubbing up and down her legs as she started kissing his lips again. She was still slowly dry humping his cock, his shorts were not that thick and he thought that he was actually feeling some wetness through his shorts from her grinding against him. He did feel wetness in his boxers for sure from precum oozing from his hard cock.

Gina stopped kissing him and moved her hands to Tyler’s hips and grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and pulled it off of him. Tyler then moved his hand on Gina’s hips and started rubbing around her waist. Then started massaging her tits through her shirt and bra as Gina placed her hands on Tyler’s hands and started moaning. Her nipples were pushing their way out of her bra and shirt. Tyler then grabs the front of her shirt with both hands and rips it open, popping the buttons from the shirt and then pulling it off of her shoulders and then off her body. Tyler reaches around Gina and unclips her bra and Gina slides her bra right off into Tyler’s lap, then Tyler slides her skirt up and over her body, only leaving her thong panties on. They both look down and her panties are soaked and there is a large wet spot on Tyler’s shorts.

He looks up at her and asks,”Are you wet?” She shakes her head, “no”. And says, “I am that turned on for you.”. She starts kissing him again as she puts her hands on his chest, she then starts kissing down his neck onto his chest, massaging his chest as she kisses him. Tyler looks over at Brad and he is completely naked stroking his hard cock, not saying a word just watching. Gina gets down to Tyler’s shorts and unbuttons them and slides them off in one motion as he raises up. He still has on his boxers. She starts rubbing his hard cock through his boxers which is standing at full attention as she looks up at him. His cock is pulsing, she then starts taking just her finger tips and circling the tip of his cock. Precum has wet his Bodrum Escort Bayan boxers at the tip, she notices and just looks up and smiles. She says, “you are just as turned on as me.” Tyler just shakes his head “yes.”

She then slides just the tip of her finger tips inside the top of his boxers left to right, just barely touching the tip of his cock and feeling the precum in his boxers. Tyler’s cock pulses each time she touches it with the tip of her finger. She slides her fingers to his hips on each side and slides his boxers off in one motion exposing his cock, which is now standing at full attention. She instantly wraps her hand around it with a firm grip and starts stroking it as she looks in his eyes.

Tyler again cannot believe that this is happening and looks over again at Brad that is still watching and jerking his cock. Gina then takes the tip of Tyler’s cock in her mouth as she continues stroking it, but with each movement she takes more and more of his cock in her mouth until his cock has filled her mouth full. She is slurping and gagging as she tries to take every inch in her mouth, Tyler then puts his hands on her head to control her and force her to take more. It isn’t long and he can feel his orgasm building and Gina can feel his cock start to pulse, she immediately stops and raises up. She shakes her finger at him and says no sir, you have to wait. She then gets up from the floor and lays on the couch beside him. He reaches down to her hips and pulls her panties off with a hast. He leans down and begins licking up every drop of wetness from her pussy, her taste is even better than he could have imagined, just like fresh honey from a beehive. He licks and licks circling her clit and taking long strokes from bottom to top, just like licking an ice cream cone. He then moves his hand towards her pussy and slides two fingers inside as far as they will go making a come here motion. She is moaning like crazy and her body is pulsing, she can feel her orgasm building. He has not slowed down one movement, moving her closer and closer to cuming until she can no longer hold it in and finally lets loose and starts cuming so hard. She even starts squirting on him when she cums, her body pulsing and shaking moaning his name.

She puts her hands on his head and pulls him up to her to kiss him. She can taste her cum and wetness all over his face. They can continue to kiss, then Brad gets up from the couch and walks over to them. Tyler immediately moves over and sits up thinking that he did too much. Brad says to her, ” Suck Tyler’s cock again.”

She gets down on the floor in front of him and goes to work sucking and stroking his cock. Brad gets down on the floor behind Gina and slides his cock in her swollen pussy, and starts thrusting her hard from behind and with each thrust. Her body is lunging forward making it hard for her to keep Tyler’s cock in her mouth. She is still stroking and trying to suck his cock. Brad makes a few hard thrusts Escort Bodrum then spanks Gina’s as. She is moaning with so much pleasure, especially when Brad spanks her. Brad continues thrusting her hard and deep, it is not long and Brad’s breathing is increasing, his orgasm is building more and more. He slows his thrust down and spanks Gina’s ass a couple of times more, edging him closer to cuming. He grabs her hips even tighter and pulls her into him with each hard deep thrust. Brad can no longer hold his building orgasm and starts cuming so hard deep inside of Gina. She feels Brad’s cock pulsing as he cums inside her with long hard thrusts until he has emptied every drop from his cock. He slowly removes his cock and watches Gina’s swollen pussy ooze extra cum as it drips down to the floor. He gives her ass one last good spank on each cheek and stands up and sits down on the couch.

She continues to suck and stroke Tyler’s cock for another minute. Then she stops and starts kissing up his stomach, then chest, then neck, up to his lips as she straddles him. She reaches down and takes his cock in her hand and lines it up to her entrance and slides all of the way down on his cock, Tyler gasping from how good it feels. Gina continues to kiss him as she makes slow movements sliding up and down Tyler’s cock, she wants it to last as long as possible for both of them. She has wanted him for so long and now to be able to feel his cock inside her is more than she could have ever imagined. She has interlocked her hands behind his neck as she continues to ride his cock, she has raised up and is looking at him eye to eye.

Gina feels like Tyler is looking into her soul and they have become one. She feels her orgasm building but wants to edge herself as long as possible. Tyler has his hands on her legs rubbing up and down them, he holds her tight, having her to stop because he also is so close to cumming. He moves his hands to her tits and starts massaging them, teasing her hard nipples with his finger tips, he starts sucking on her nipples sucking so hard as if he is trying to suck milk from them. His cock is still deep inside Gina.

Tyler continues to suck on her nipples and massage her tits, she starts moving her hips back and forth on his cock, she loves the way it feels and wants to get herself so close to cumming. The angle of his cock fits perfectly inside her. Tyler’s breathing is increasing, his orgasm is building beyond control and can no longer hold it. He starts moaning more and more. Gina increases her movement, she can feel his cock pulsing inside her as he is cuming. He squeezes her body tightly against his, she feels the warmth of his cum inside her and it pushes her over the edge. She starts cumming so hard and moaning his name and starts kissing him again as they both ride out these pulses from cumming.

She stops kissing him even though she doesn’t know if it or when it may happen again. She then slowly raises up and Tyler’s cock slides out covered in their cum. She sits down beside him and catches her breath. Brad gets up and grabs their clothes and as he walks by grabs her hand and takes her to bed. Tyler is still trying to wrap his head around what happened. He grabs his clothes and goes to the guest room and passes out on the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32