Hair(y) Dresser Again Ch 2

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I waited for Denise to be back. I had known her for more than two years and she seemed the unlikeliest woman to have bushy underarms. She worked at the hairdressers and must have done so many bikini shaves and waxed hundreds of underarms but she herself remained hairy.

John and she came in hand in hand. John was her husband and I had met him a couple of times. He was tall and broad while she was a petite brunette. Her head hair was lustrous but quite short and it seemed even more unlikely that her armpits would be as bushy as described by Shawn. She said “Hi” to me and asked me to wait. Shawn reappeared and told her “Denise did you know that she has bushy underarms and she wants to shave it. “No” said Denise “why does she want to shave it” She called out to John “Remember I told you that I was sure that one of my customers had bushy armpits it is her. I knew it from her bushy eyebrows and because she never asked me to shape her eyebrows”. John looked at me with lust filled eyes and said, “show me your bushy armpits please”.

I was embarrassed and though this huge hulk was appetizing it felt strange to lift my arms and show my untrimmed armpit hair. “C’mon please show me your hairy armpits – Denise why don’t you show yours first,” John added.

Denise immediately removed her tank top and revealed the hairiest underarms I have seen it was long and thick and looked very even and maybe trimmed too though it was so bushy that it needed more than trimming to shorten the hair in her underarms “ She said “do you like my bushy armpits” I nodded taken completely aback by the enormous quantity of hair in her unshaven pits. She said “John has a fetish for my armpit forest that he tends to it by oiling my armpits balçova escort and combing the long hair in my unshaven pits and darling I guarantee you if you show him your armpits he will reveal his massive dong”

I managed to nod a yes and he wrapped his arm around my waist and tried to put his hands inside my blouse and into my hairy armpits. I stopped him. He smiled and watched as I unbuttoned my blouse. I let it hang open and pushed my bra down. Crawling on his lap, I pushed my nipple in his face and said, “Suck it first before I show you my armpits.”

I watched as his lips surrounded my pale nipple. A shot of electricity spilled through me. I leaned over and undid his jeans. I pulled them down around his ankles, taking his boxers with them. When I looked up again, I was staring at the biggest dick I’d ever seen. He removed my blouse and stared at the long coarse and uneven tufts of hair in my bushy armpits. “Wow what a luxuriant carpet. I want to kiss the tufty hair in your bushy pits”

I smiled, “Yes you can do that but before that you’re going to get the best damn blow job you’ve ever had.” I leaned over, taking his hard cock in my hand and lowered my mouth onto it. I sucked and rolled my tongue around him. I couldn’t get all of him in my mouth but I sure as hell tried. Getting his member moist, I then slipped him out of my mouth. I leaned over him and wrapped his dick between my breasts and squeezed them together and then pushed it into my armpit garden. His white cock wrapped into my jet-black bushy armpits was such a turn on.

“Oh yea baby! Oh that’s fuckin good!” He was moaning and thrusting his cock up further, fucking my breasts. I had to have bayındır escort him! I had to ride him.

I stood up and slowly pulled my white cotton panties down and stepped out of them. I pulled my skirt up in front and showed him my unshaved pussy. He moaned, “Come here baby and I’ll show you what I can do.” I grabbed my purse and pulled out the box of condoms. Tearing the packet open, I was glad that I had bought the big ones, anticipating is always good.

I straddled his legs, my skirt riding up to give him a good view of my bushy pussy. As I rolled the condom slowly down over his cock, his fingers played with me. I moaned as his finger slid inside me and wiggled around. He withdrew his finger and sucked it clean. “Mmm, I’ll have to taste some of that later.” His hands grabbed my hips and he lifted me up and onto his cock.

He was so big, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to take him. I felt my pussy being torn apart and then I felt a shiver of pleasure as I settled slowly over him. Leaning forward, I braced myself against his chest. The thrust of his cock inside me pushed me forward even more. My breasts bounced back and forth as we rocked back and forth. Deeper and deeper he went.

I sat straight up and bounced up and down gently. Riding his cock, I looked down and watched his hands play with my underarm hair. “Aahhhhhh I love your underarm hair its just like Denise except it is much more coarse. Moaning, I yelled, “Harder! Fuck me harder!” He rammed his cock up deeper inside me. I felt my orgasm rip through me and I yelled out again. Lifting me up, he pulled his cock briefly out of me. Laying me back on the bed, he opened my legs and buried his face in bayraklı escort my wet hairy mound. His tongue filled me where his cock had just been. My body shook as another orgasm ripped through me.

Beside us Denise had started sucking the 12 incher of Shawn. His hands were furiously pulling the soft bushy hair in her unshaven pits. It looked longer than mine but who was comparing. My armpit hair would soon be snipped off. He pushed his cock hard inside her hairy pussy. She moaned and lifted her legs up over his shoulders. Faster and harder he pushed, fucking her with a great deal of vengeance.

I moaned as I felt my own orgasm again watching these two fuck like rabbits as John started pumping his cock in my unshaven underarms just like Rob my ex-husband used to love doing. “AAAhhhhhhhh I want to cum in your hairy armpits you slut I want to wet your armpit hair with my cum” he screamed as his monster dick ravaged my armpit forest. His cock moved in and out of the sweaty matted hair in my untrimmed armpits.

I watched as Shawn stepped back, pulling himself out of Denise. He took out his massive prick from her pussy forest and his cum shot out like a fucking rocket. I watched as he pumped the last of his cum onto the floor.

John in the meanwhile was keeping up his attack on my bushy armpits. Like a maniac he fucked my armpits and suddenly he shot a wad of his cum into my bushy armpits. He streaked my jet-black bushy armpits with his white cum as the fluid mixed with the sweat dripping from the heavy pelt of hair in my furry armpits.

Both Shawn and John looked exhausted. My armpits were matted with cum and sweat and I asked Denise that the time had now come for her to remove my underarm hair. Denise looked unhappy, as did the two men. Why today talk to your boyfriend tonight. Denise put her hands into my untrimmed pits. “Darling” she said “I will have to first shampoo your glistening armpits to remove all the cum and sweat from your bushy armpits.

Should I shave my armpits Help me please!

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