Had a Bad Day

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He did not remember ever seeing her as visibly upset as she was this morning. He had been her boss now for only a short time, but he had worked with her before. He tried not to make a spectacle of her mood, and made small talk, joking around as normal. He finally brought it up, and asked if everything was ok. She explained how some bad situations were going on in her life, and just the stresses were all catching up with her. He knew all too well how that could be. He wanted to fix all of her problems, but knew he couldn’t. So, instinct took over, and without thinking he reached for her, and just pulled her close to offer a hug.

Apparently that was all it took. She broke down, sobbing onto his shoulder. He just held her, and stroked her hair. Oddly enough, he didn’t feel awkward or anything. He really cared for her, she was his friend. Finally, she seemed to be calming down. She pulled away, and wiping her eyes, tried to apologize.

“I am sorry sir. This was really inappropriate. I don’t need to be bringing my problems to work with me. I won’t let it happen again sir.”

“Nonsense,” he replied. “You are a friend, and a trusted employee. This is not one of those normal uptight stuffy corporate places. Here, we take care of our own.”

“Thank you sir,” she said. “And thank you for the hug. I really needed it.”

The rest of the day went without incident. Her normal duties kept her quite busy, and she was able to take her mind off the problems for a little while. He kept peering out from his office at her, just to make sure she was ok. He smiled to himself when he saw her busy at work.

The end of the day came, and they both packed up to leave. As they reached their cars, she walked over to him, and gave him a hug.

“Thank you again, sir. You have no idea what things have been like, and I really just needed someone to care. See you tomorrow!”

With that, she got in her car and drove away. He was still standing in the parking lot a minute later in shock. The first time, the hug was out of instinct. He just wanted to make her feel better. This time, she came to him. And his mind instantly raced about how good it felt to hold her.

She got to escort bostancı her house, and noticed it was empty. Her boyfriend was gone, but there was a note on the table. It said that something had come up at work, and her boyfriend had to go back, and it may be a while. She was disappointed, but tried not to let it ruin her night. She put her things away, and began to unwind. She felt the need to pamper herself.

She walked to her bathroom, and took out some small candles, setting them around the tub. She lit them, and turned the lights out. She turned on the water, and began to let it fill. She looked at herself in the mirror, as she began to undress. She was never extremely confidant in her looks, but tonight she was feeling something different. Naked, and in the dark, she stared for a long time. Her hands touched her face, and then slid down her chest. Then she remembered the tub, and stopped the water. She climbed in and laid back, just feeling the warm water on her body. Her mind and body began to feel relaxed and at peace. Then it started to feel better. It was then she looked down and noticed her hands had begun touching her body, from her stomach, down to her thighs. Just massaging and caressing. She lay back again, and this time closed her eyes, and all of a sudden saw a flash of her boss. For an instant it was his hands touching her. She gasped and sat up. “Where did that come from?” she asked herself.

She finished bathing herself, and then got out, blowing out the candles and putting on a bath robe. She climbed into bed, and turned the TV on. She woke to the sound of her alarm clock. She hadn’t slept that much in months. She felt refreshed, and relaxed, and ready to begin the day.

She pulled into work and, seeing her boss’ car, flashed back to what happened the night before. She quickly got nervous. What would happen when she saw him? Would she panic? Would he somehow know? She pulled herself together, and went inside. She put her lunch in the fridge, and smiled at him as she walked by his office.

“Good morning, boss,” she said. He smiled back, and replied with the same. She then sat down to begin her day.

Sometime mid morning ümraniye escort she got up from her desk. She was heading to the restroom, and as she turned the corner, so did he. They ran right into one another. They were both startled, but no harm done. He had dropped some files in the process, and she immediately turned around and bent down to pick them up. It was then he realized his eyes had found her ass. He wanted so bad at that moment to reach out and grab it, but he reserved himself. He thanked her for picking up the files and almost ran back to his office.

She went to the restroom, and when she came out, she felt like she needed to apologize again. She went to his office, and as she walked through the door, their eyes met. Then hers trailed down. He jumped, startled, and then she realized. He had been playing with himself when she came in. She stuttered to try and blurt out an apology. He was quickly trying to put things up, and apologize as well.

She went back to her desk, and sat there. Staring at her computer screen, she began to think a mile a minute. Was he going to fire her? What would happen if someone found out? Would he get fired?

Several minutes later, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She had been off in another world, and didn’t notice at first. Then she felt the hand, and heard her name. He was standing there, pale and nervous.

“I think we need to talk, he said. She got up from her desk, and followed him to his office. She sat down across from his desk, as he shut his office door. She was shaking at this point, unsure of what was to come. He sat in his chair, and sighed. He continued, “I don’t know how to explain myself. I will understand if you don’t want to work for me anymore. I don’t know what came over me. Well, I do, but it’s not excuse. But, when you picked up those files, I couldn’t help but get excited. I have been very attracted to you since day one, and I let my hormones get the best of me. I never should have done that, and I am sorry for disrespecting you.”

She sat there. Staring at him. Unable to move. Unable to speak. Then, it was almost as if someone else spoke for her. But she heard herself saying, “…can..I kartal escort bayan uh, see it again?” She could not believe she just said that, but she knew if she chickened out now, she may not get the chance again. Everything that had been going wrong didn’t matter. She just wanted to feel some ounce of pleasure and happiness.

He was stunned.

“You, uh, really want to? I am not sure I can. I mean… we shouldn’t. You have a boyfriend at home, and I am married.”

“Look sir,” she said demandingly. “You were touching your dick, thinking of me. I caught you. I think I have a right to see what I do to you.” She usually wasn’t so forceful, especially with him. This time was different. She felt a new confidence.

He then slowly unzipped his pants, and slid them down. She could see the obvious bulge in his briefs. He gulped hard, and then slid the briefs down, exposing his hardening cock. He touched it, and it jumped. He wrapped his hand around it, as it began to become rock hard. She felt herself getting excited. The adrenaline was kicking in now, and even though she knew this was wrong, she didn’t want to stop it.

He kept stroking slowly, and watching here. He was scared as hell, but had wanted this for a long time. He wasn’t completely confidant in his own body, and looks, but the idea of her watching him jack off was a complete fantasy he never assumed would come to reality. She slipped her hand down her pants and began to rub her begging clit. He wanted to see, but was too afraid to push the issue. She could destroy his life, and his career, so he did what she asked. He was getting close to finishing, and told her. He then got a towel from his laptop case, and laid it on the desk. He stood up, and looked at her…as he began to shoot his cum all over the towel. Six or seven thick ropes of cum shot out, almost shooting too far. He wiped the remaining cum off his dick, with the towel, and put it up. Pulling his briefs and pants back up, he asked her what was going to happen now.

She had no idea, but she had to say something.

“Look, I know this is wrong, and we both have people. I love him, and I don’t want you and I to become anything. But, it doesn’t mean that now and again, we can’t have a little fun. No one else finds out, and we never touch each other. That has to be the rules. But we can watch, and enjoy. And of course, flirt. Deal?”

“Deal,” he replied. “Oh, and by the way, about that raise…”

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