Gym Workout Photo

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I am a fit mwm who has an image of me getting seriously nailed by another guy that made its way to the Internet. This is the story of how that picture came to be.

I was at the gym pushing myself hard. There are lots of mirrors there. I like to look buff. This guy John was also working out, but lifted considerably more than me. He was doing leg presses. My eyes bugged out.

“Fuck dude, that’s 800 pounds!” I said in shock.

John didn’t say anything, he was grunting. When the plates came down, he just smiled.

I only can do maybe half that. I blushed though because 98% of the time I am mum in the gym because, well, I do watch a lot of gay porn so it feels a little awkward to make any comments.

I wasn’t sure if he was watching me at all. What I do to really push myself is to think of fucking and getting fucked. I don’t think about women at all, just two guys fucking like animals. That really helps get me to a deep exhaustion.

I do stay very much in my own head and don’t look at anyone else. My last exercise was four sets of squats. The last set left my legs shaking. I took my shower. I love to get all soapy and touch anything. My skin feels alive and sensitive. I had a good overall muscle burn, but it was even more in my glutes. I returned to my locker naked because I love to walk naked and free.

I started dressing with my bikini briefs. If anything I own tries to advertise, “fuckable fag”, it might be my underwear. I snapped them in place.

John slapped my ass. “Good workout?”

I jumped because I didn’t even notice he was anywhere near me. I said blushing, “Yeah, pretty good. Got a bit of a burn in my glutes.”

“Excellent. I did too.”

We nodded. He leaned in to whisper, “You want to continue a workout? The last reps make all the difference.”

I nodded, “I believe you, but I need to get home to the wife in a half hour.”

He slapped my ass again, but lighter, “Understood. I live a half block away. It is a simple routine, a classic.”

I felt so clean and alive, I would like to push myself a little further, so I agreed.

There was no need to drive because his place was three doors down. The place demetevler escort had all kinds of weight equipment around. It kind of smelled like a gym too. There were pictures of very buff guys on the walls. Such a macho place. The thing though that really caught my eye was there were 3 or 4 bottles of silicon lube around. And condoms right next to each bottle.

“Come over here to this wall and put your hands above your head, wrists together.”

That struck me as an odd request, but whatever. He then pinned my wrists with one of his much larger hands. With the other arm he reached between my legs and cupped my balls. I could have collapsed but he was holding me up.

John whispered in my ear, “Safe, sane, and consensual, my tight little gym bitch. Here is the simple, classic routine I promised: I fuck you, the classic stronger man mounting the strong bottom. I like fucking firm gym ass.”

My loins felt so hot so full of blood I couldn’t think.

“Now I am going to kiss my married firm gym buddy.” He said this so slowly and deliberately, I was having trouble staying on my feet. “**If** you kiss back, I will consider that consent to rape your ass.”

He leaned in and paused just as our lips touched. Our lips touched like feathers. Why wan’t there more? I was confused. I kinda didn’t understand what he had just said. I took a deep breath, his lips were so soft and light. And then my lizard brain got it, and smashed into our kiss, mouth open, tongue everywhere. It was the clearest consent signal I could give. As we made out, I noticed his place had no AC, and out bodies were so close together already making male sex sweat.

I broke away long enough to fib to him, “I’ll do anything to avoid you violating me.”

We returned to making out like men. Even his tongue felt stronger than mine. He still had my wrists pinned against the wall.

“Then suck my cock bitch,” he ordered.

I dropped to my knees like a sack of potatoes. I hadn’t scoped out his cock. Now the bulge was the center of my world. He had a wide one. I licked him through his classic white underwear, to get dikmen escort a sense of his cock. He also felt long. I had to see his head, so peeled back his underwear…uncut. I love both uncut and cut, but for a dom top, uncut was right. I tongue the head of his cock, but he was already nearly stiff, so just took him down to the base.

“Aw fuck, you little tight fucking bitch” John said (it was a compliment). “Lying hungry hetros. Roll the cameras.” I only found out later John liked to tape his sexual conquests. Mostly for his own JO, but if something was particularly good, he would check about sharing it with others. I was too busy focusing on getting a little air and not gaging too much.

I don’t even remember how we got completely naked so fast, but there we were, me sucking on his hog, and he was now fondling my ass with his strong hands. He used the closest pump bottle of silicon-based lube. I could hear the little pump go, and then he was circling my hole with his massive middle finger. He pressed on the door and my hole gave no resistance to his well-lubed finger.

“You straight fucking bitch,” and John pressed his finger in deep. I could feel he biceps power a deep finger fuck, lifting up my ass. I almost forgot I was gagging on his cock. I picked up the speed of the head bobs. Such a wonderful feeling: mouth full of cock, cunt fingered.

“You straight fucking **bitch**” as John worked in two fingers. Christ his fingers were fat. It was on the edge of hurting. I went so deep on his cock I tried to lick his balls. I am not sure if it works, his fingers in my ass were intense.

“You straight **fucking** bitch” as John got in the third finger. That did smart, but the burn was not too bad and I was crazy horny.

“Get off my cock you cunt,” John ordered, pulling me by the hair.

Off of him I did go. I said in a soft voice, “You are not going to violate me, are you?” I gave him a coy look.

“I am going to do what I said, rape that married gym ass,” John promised. “Now get on all fours looking that way.”

I complied. I still stayed in character, so felt a little fear elvankent escort as he positioned himself behind me. I felt his hard cock rub my ass cheek, then his cock head touch my balls. He painted my crack with his cock, up and down, over and over. A strong hand gripped my shoulder as his cock head touched the target of my opened hole.

“I promised to rape your ass bitch,” and with one push, he was in. It was such a smooth entry due to his wide fingers. I was moaning, he was grunting from the fuck, it was just intense. There was the sweat of our bodies, we were both working the fuck, extending the workout. I could feel him building up to his climax. The sound of his excitement triggered me to cum. I could hear the ropes landing on the floor as John trust faster. My hole spasmed too, milking his bone. That was the picture that ended up on the Internet, John cumming in my ass, cropped so neither of our faces where visable. He not only has a big, uncut cock, but also makes a sea of semen. He had a good dozen or more spasms. What a stud. I want to stay connected, but did need to clean up and get home to the wife.

Lube, condoms, but I didn’t see any tissues for wiping up the mess. I asked him about it.

“Oh no, straight boy. You have to wear my cum home. She won’t notice, but you will. Go put on you very gay bikini briefs,” as he patted my ass. Could I get away with that? I shook my head at my situation, worn out from a good workout at the gym and a better one here at John’s. I did love the idea of his load leaking out of me. I got dressed and when to give him a peck, but we ended up with another deep French kiss that got my head spinning because he kissed me in a sensitive way, and his semen was trickling down my inner thigh.


I told the wife it was the best workout ever. I did not tell her why. She did not notice the various wet spots or all the smells of man sex I was so attuned to.

It turns out the place John and I fucked was not John’s place at all. One of the older patreons to the gym has money and is into macho gay sex. He pays for the place, the charge being the little camera show. It is that old perv that goes through the footage to try and pick out the best picture. They call it the 19th hole, a reference from golf where guys call the bar the 19th hole. Now when I go to the gym, the only thing I listen for is guys talking about visiting the 19th hole. Everyone in the know knows I am a willing slut. I still like looking at that image of John releasing into me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32