Gumdrop Ch. 06-07

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Author’s note:

As absurd as the concept of a hucow is, I tried to take it quite seriously, to delve in the psychology of a hucow and her owner, in search of what this admittedly strange fetish means, at least to me. Therefore, beside the tropes of the genre (kinky sex, humiliation and de-humanization), you will find the musings of a young girl who chooses to become a cow in a quest for true love and a place in the world. I hope that the result is an original and refreshing take on the matter.

All kinds of feedback are appreciated, especially those about grammar, as English is not my first language.

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6. Gumdrop’s travels

I woke up in Cupcake’s arms, or rather, her forelegs. I was really tired, but I happen to have a particularly light sleep and the mooing had been enough to drag me out of my confused dreams. My mate was still asleep, with a peaceful expression on her face. I could not believe that I had eaten her pussy the night before, not because Aidan had wanted me to, just because I felt like it, but it had been a crazy day filled with a lot of crazy, strong emotions and I was pretty sure that the milk-enhancer was making me way hornier than usual. For a split-second I worried that I had cheated on Aidan with her, which would have been quite ironic, but then I remembered that I had had sex with a bunch of men per his orders just a few hours earlier, so I imagined that for a hucow fidelity could not be about exclusive sex, but rather exclusive love.

So, did I regret the previous night? No. I was happy to make Cupcake cum appropriately, since, albeit having been mounted as much as me, she had not. She needed it, as she was struggling to adapt to the life of a cow. I had had that feeling from the first time I had seen her. That is probably why I wanted her with me: I somehow knew that she needed me. However, if last night had taught me anything, it was that I needed her too. The sorrow that I felt when I looked at her and realized that we could not be friends, before Fergie’s visit, was not entirely justified by my heartbreak over Aidan. I wanted a hucow best friend, or, as Aidan had called her, a mate.

“Come on girls, wakey wakey!” Fergie was calling, hitting her sisters with her crop.

Knowing that she would come for us next and wishing for Cupcake a less traumatic awakening, I kissed her pierced mouth, wondering if those lip rings had been installed by her or during her transformation. She opened her eyes in the cutest way and mooed softly. She was about to rub her eyes with her hooves, oblivious that she had not hands anymore, when I managed to stop her with mine. We were both moo-giggling, when Fergie opened our gate:

“Seriously? You had sex?” she said sneering “You are worse than my sisters!”

We got up, spurred by her crop lashing on our calves.

“I told my dad: they can still lick their pussies through the locks, you’ve got to put a panel or something!” she was complaining, putting us in line with the others “But no, he says it cannot be done! And guess what he’s doing now? Buying tongue-proof pussy-locks and making me do all the work!”

When she started whipping us to go, I noticed amused that Spot stuck her tongue out behind her back. We headed to the fair in a wonderful sunny day. Even though it was probably still hot enough to go around naked, the transition from the warmth of the stables made me shiver and want to pee. The other cows were already doing it, yellow liquid splashing on their hind hooves and trickling along their thighs. I wanted to make a surprise for Aidan and be able to do that too. So I concentrated and tried to relax my bladder. It was not going out, it was just too weird. Then it occurred to me that, since Fergie was steering us anyway, I could close my eyes for a little while. So I did and thought about waterfalls, fountains and rain, our bells ringing in the distance at every step. Even better, I imagined my bathroom and… And then I did! Warm liquid was pouring on my thighs! Aidan would love it!

“Good girl!” praised me Fergie, fishing a lump of sugar from her pockets and feeding it to me.

I heard a quizzical moo coming from Cupcake, behind me. Feeling happy and in peace with the world, I put it between my teeth, without breaking it, licked it a little more, waited for Fergie to pass us by, and finally I turned around and put the sugar cube on her surprised mouth, aptly open. We almost stumbled on the ground, but before Fergie had turned around to resume the whipping from the tail of our little procession, we were already walking like nothing had happened, snickering naughtily.

We arrived to the Redhead Angus stall and we were all put in milking rigs by Fergie and her father. While the milk machines worked, they started cleaning us by sprinkling warm soaped water and rubbing us energetically. Well, actually them. With me they had to be more careful because of the fresh tattoos. Moreover, Eoin checked my pussy and disinfected it again. The last day was not much crowded. ankara eve gelen escort In the morning there would be a milking competition, according to what I remembered from what Aidan had said in his car, which seemed to have happened ages before. A little bored, I listened to the conversations between Fergie and her father. He was showing her the new protections for the herd’s vaginas, making her roll her eyes in a way that made me moo-laugh. Then he gave her a stick:

“I don’t know, dad, a cattle prod?”

“Yeah, you don’t like it?”

“Ah, I don’t know. Call me a romantic, but I think that a good hucow should always have a red rump.”

Tell me about it!

“Maybe for punishing?”

Fergie strolled towards the nearest cow, Bessie, and casually zapped her, making her moo in pain and anger for the unjustified attack.

“It does make a statement, I’ll give you that, ” she admitted “but wait.”

She went back to the same cow and then prodded her with a finger in the same spot where she had zapped her. Bessie just looked at her, perplexed.

“Yeah, precisely as I thought. The problem is that the pain does not last. I think that a good punishment should leave a mark for a while, to remind the cow the lesson.”

I had to admire her professionalism, considering that in a month or so she would be on the other side of the fence.

When all the cows had been successfully milked, Eoin made us eat in couples. Naturally I was with Cupcake. She seemed in a better mood than the day before and that allowed me to find a new side of her: she was a bit of a prankster. While I was docilely eating the slop in the trough, which today was more liquid and orange, but still tasteless, she had sucked a mouthful of it and playfully squirted it on my face. I made a jokingly outraged expression, moved my mouth closer to her and I blew air, sending bubbles exploding all over her face. We both cow-giggled and got a well deserved couple of hits with the crop. My ass was still aching terribly, by the way.

The next task for our host farmers was enemas. Either you managed to poo, or they would make you. When it was my turn, Fergie brought me the blinders, but I bravely refused them. Keeping my eyes open, I just imagined that I was in wonderful toilet, like I had done for the pee. The trick worked again and my shit oozed on the hay below, ready to be removed by Eoin, who then proceeded to do a couple of anal douches.

We were ready to be pimped out. Poor Cupcake was again the unwilling star, scoring three people. I scored two, without managing to cum, again, since the guys did not feel like even touching my pussy. This was starting to bother me. I really needed a release. Anyhow, I was no longer jealous of Cupcake. Rather, I was a little worried, for she seemed quite uneasy. Maybe it was the fact that Aidan had asked Eoin not to let people use her pussy and she did not like anal.

When we were allowed to graze, I tried to discover the source of her discomfort. I was not willing to get another whipping, so I tried to limit our conversation to gazes and moos. I made a worried expression with my face and mooed quizzically. She slowly turned her head from shoulder to shoulder and then emitted a shivering moo. She was shy! I walked towards the toolbox at the center of the corral and found my blinders. I knew that I would not get punished if I did only things that a cow could do. So I took them between my teeth and went back to Cupcake, who was staring at the ground. Now I knew why she was doing that. She looked at me a little puzzled, probably not recognizing the crumpled blinders in my mouth. As soon as Fergie passed nearby, I mooed and spat the blinders onto Cupcake.

“Ah, look at you, Gumdrop, you do learn your lessons, don’t you?” she approved with a shrewd smile and then she proceeded to fasten the blinders on Cupcake. The cow did not seem to like them or understanding the reason why I wanted her to have them, so I mooed and looked at her with a gaze that said “Trust me.”.

We ate again the slop in turns and where put to our rigs, where Cupcake was milked again. Every time that happened, she seemed to come very close to climax. Now I was envious again and looked at my own boobs with disappointment, thinking hard “Grow!”, as if they would listen to me.

In the afternoon, we were pimped out again. While a young guy who was not so bad looking himself was pounding on my ass, Cupcake was being rammed by a tall black man. I never had had black cock. I wondered whether it was true what they said about their size. Unfortunately the blinders were now preventing me from seeing her expression, but her moos did not seem as worrisome as in the morning. At the next grazing, my suspicion was confirmed. Cupcake met me as soon as I dismounted from my rig with a smile and a happy moo, moving her pupils from right to left all the while. That day I realized that being a hucow had taught me just how much eyes can communicate.

“Hey, any of you interested gaziantep escort in a rodeo?” asked Fergie, looking hopeful. We both mooed no. I remembered all too well the way the cow had whined in the only rodeo I had ever seen.

“Come on! Live a little!” she prodded us in vain, mumbling “You are no fun.” as she headed for her sisters, to no avail. I wondered with a shiver if Aidan wanted me to take part in a rodeo. I had to find out: as much as I feared performing in one, it could have been a fun entertainment for the guests of his farm.

Thankfully, the mounting activity that followed shortly was the last we received, so that we did not have to be pimped out to the same horrible crowd of the previous night. We grazed and ate, while Eoin and Fergie loaded the equipment in their van. After that, it was time to go. We were herded towards the parking lot and we finally arrived to the Redhead Angus cattle truck.

I had expected something more like a bus, but it was actually a truck, albeit small, the size of a food truck. The walls of the trailer were bare metal and had several small oval holes disposed in a grid, with a disturbing (for me) resemblance with a series of cages put one next to the other. We went around it and were pushed on a ramp leading to a door on the trailer. Inside we found that there was nothing except hay on the wooden floor, and a bunch of metal tubes ending in padded metal rings. The stench of piss and shit was quite strong, but none of the cows seemed to notice.

Once we were all inside, I understood what the tubes were for. Fergie put one of her sisters, Spot, in a position similar to the one we assumed in the milking rigs, only this time supported by the padded rings, that went around her forearms, arms, thighs, calves, waist and her neck. Soon I found myself suspend from the ground in what was about to be a big moving cage! Cupcake was looking at me with the same nervous expression I was probably displaying too. A few minutes later, we heard a tumbling sound and the light in the cargo faded, dripping now only from the holes in the walls; the engine started and we were moving.

The trip was terrible and impossibly long, but no more than three hours, since we did not stop for milking. We spent it in the dark, but, between the vibrations that kept shaking us and the continuous loud noise made by the rattling of the walls, the air passing through the holes, the engine and the cars on the street, I could not fall asleep. I found myself envious of Cupcake again: apparently oblivious to the racket, she had fallen asleep shortly after our departure.

When we arrived and the door on the trailer was opened, I was aching everywhere and had a powerful headache. Fergie unstrapped me, but at first it was hard to stand, so that she had to hoist me and make me lean against the wall.

“Not much fun, the cattle class, uh?” she jibed. I made a rather eloquent moo and stuck my tongue out, following her sister’s example.

When we were both up and about (mostly), we climbed down the ramp and found Aidan and, to my horror, Penelope in a country attire waiting for us.

“Oh my gosh! You look so cute!” she shrieked, running to greet me.

I smiled, realizing that Aidan had to tell her about me for obvious reasons and that she had of course wanted to see me.

“And the hooves! They look so realistic!” she was saying, taking my forelegs in her hands “Love the bell! It’s a gumdrop, right? Oh, wait, moo for me!”

I complied because, even though I was in love with Aidan and she was my competition, I had always been in a good relationship with her and her positive reactions made me glad, which was good, because she was simply thrilled by my bellow.

“Oh my gosh, it’s so realistic!” she shrilled and then calming herself down a little, she added “I am so happy that you found your path and that it is still with us!”

“Yeah, more like with your husband” I thought.

“And you must be Cupcake! Wow, Aidan, a spotted cow!” she was saying, while I looked at him and wished I could greet him properly.

After all the excitement, it was time to say goodbye. Eoin did not address me and said goodbye to Penelope and Aidan, but my friend did.

“Well, see you, I hope, at the fairs!” said Fergie, after she had given me a tight hug “And I will be finally mooing too!”

I knew I would miss her and I hoped I managed to communicate it with my eyes and my kiss. Cupcake seemed fond of her too.

As the truck roared in the distance, Aidan and Penelope led us to the stables. They both had a crop and he was teaching her how to deal with hucows. At least he was not doing that annoying thing some men do, of teaching a woman while hugging her from behind.

“So you have to keep hitting them on their hindquarters, which is how we call their ass.” he was explaining to her. He was steering Cupcake, because Penelope felt more confident whipping someone she knew rather than a stranger (her words) and to be honest she seemed all too ankara gerçek resimli escort happy to do it. Her lashes were stronger than Aidan’s. Wait, did she suspect? If she did, she had been a wonderful actress when she had come to greet me.

The stables were almost like I had left them. The only additions were a real massaging bed, with an opening for udders, and two unknown things covered with a cloth.

“When will we be able to milk Gumdrop?” asked Penelope watching as Cupcake was strapped to the milking rig, which I bet was by far more comfortable than the one we had occupied at the fair.

“Ah, maybe in a couple of weeks she will start to produce some colostrum, but for full milk we have to wait a bit more.” answered Aidan.

Just like Penelope, apparently, I was a little disappointed, but I had expected something like that. While my mate was being emptied, Aidan brought me to the massaging table and worked on me in the same way he had done when we had our romantic picnic. I mooed in pleasure: I was in a bad need of a massage after the trip and maybe of affection on his part, after Penelope’s surprise apparition. Curiously, she even helped him, correcting a little his technique, but I was determined not to feel sorry for her.

Cupcake somehow managed to climax, for the delight of a stunned Penelope, and she was unstrapped and massaged too. Then we were put in the enclosure, where a soft bed of hay was waiting for us. After we had been ushered in, Aidan closed the gate, surreptitiously winking at me and bade us goodnight:

“Sleep tight, girls, tomorrow we start working!”

Would we have clients already the day after? My pussy had not healed yet! I wanted to ask him so many questions, but I knew I had to trust him. So I watched helplessly as he closed the door, leaving us in semi-darkness.

I felt Cupcake’s foreleg on my shoulders and I turned around to face her. She looked a little worried and mooed moving her head slightly towards me. I guessed she wanted to know how I felt about Penelope’s presence. I shrugged with a resigned smile and then I spread my forelegs a little, like when one introduces themselves, to communicate that I was a hucow now and thus the fact that he was married with Penelope did not prevent us from being together anymore. Cupcake smiled at me and jabbed her head a little towards the door of the barn, making a disgusted face. After that, she pointed at me and then mimicked the act of fucking, while assuming an expression of ferocious horniness. I interpreted this as “and you are hotter anyway”. I moo-giggled and gave her a peck on her lips, making way to the bed.

We used the rungs sticking out of the poles surrounding the hay to safely get on our knees and crawl on our pallet. The hay, contrarily to the one in the stable of the previous night, was had not been pressed and so was a little softer. Cupcake seemed to proceed with caution toward the center of the sleeping area, maybe fearing the instability of its surface. I, on the other hand, was quite enjoying myself sinking in hay from time to time. So, wanting to clear my mind of the unpleasant encounter with Penelope, I grabbed a tuft of hay between my hooves and threw it mischievously on Cupcake, making strands raining all over her. She mooed in a roar and did the same. We battled like that, rolling in hay and giggle-mooing like idiots for a while, until we were side to side on our backs, panting. When she had caught her breath, Cupcake rolled on her side and I imitated her, so that we could face each other. She made a grin and kissed me. We would have fun in our stable. Speaking of fun, I moved my eyebrows up and down with a naughty snigger and Cupcake make a shy smile, bringing a hoof to her forehead, as if she could not look at me, but I was already headed to her not-so-shy hind legs, spread and waiting for me, while she moo-giggled.

She was already wet, probably because of her recent orgasm in the milking rig. This time, unlike the previous night, I decided to take my time and go slow. I was really tired, but I knew that, from now on, I would have all the time in the world to sleep. I wanted to see Cupcake’s face while I ate her, to perform experiments and see the results of my work, I wanted to know her body like I knew mine. Peeking from behind her mound, though, I could not see her head, covered by her enormous udders. Luckily, there was a pile of hay behind her, so I pushed her to make her rest her head on top of it. She clearly understood my objective, because she gathered more hay with her forelegs. We gazed at each other almost without interruption. I felt like a puppeteer: a flick with my tongue here, and she moved there, a suction, a gasp, a kiss, a moan. I kept trying my very best to slowly build up to an orgasm, without rushing to it. I even used my nose at a certain point and while I pressed it inside her, I breathed her all in, for I wanted to be filled by her as much as my tongue had filled her. When she came, she came hard with ecstatic moos.

Very proud of myself, I crawled in her arms, where she gave me a passionate kiss and licked out her juices from my face, ready to do me. I reluctantly stopped her. Even if my pussy did not ache that much, I was not sure it was a good idea to mess with it. I expressed this with a pained and apologizing face, clenching my legs and mooing.

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