Grumpy Mandy

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Mandy didn’t like being told what to do. Mandy didn’t like sex in public. Even more than those two put together, she sure as hell didn’t like waiting weeks for sex. And she didn’t like how pushy Joseph was getting. There was a lot that she didn’t like about today and she was going to have to adjust Joseph’s attitude. But first, she needed to get him home, strip him naked, and fuck him until she fell off the bed.

They had just one errand to run today: a trip to the hardware store for a toilet valve. Joseph had returned from the bedroom with his shoes and socks and her remote control toy. She had been kind of annoyed. Like seriously, does it have to come out every time? It’s a lot of fun but, for once, couldn’t they just screw?

Always sensitive to her needs (not!), he offered her a choice: a) wear the vibe and come along for the ride (and he promised to make sure that she didn’t embarrass herself in public), or b) skip the vibe and the ride (and he would not have any hurt feelings or anything but the only sex she would have for the next month would be do-it-yourself). Mandy picked the toy and the car. Doh!

Other than a quick BZZZT full-power test of the vibrator, which made Mandy jump, Joseph didn’t touch it or mention it for a full 30 minutes while he meandered through a couple of unplanned delaying-tactic stops on the way to the hardware store. Wearing Başakşehir escort bayan her vibrator in public had started out as equal measures of annoying and tantalizing and devolved to equal measures of annoying and boring.

Joseph parked and got ready to finally collect the toilet part. Mandy started to unbuckle and get out when he stopped her, “Why don’t you wait here? Just relax and bask in the sun.” He then quite-tightly grabbed her wrist and pushed her hand into her lap, which gave him the “excuse” to push her vibrator into her mound and linger for several seconds.

Annoying and boring flew out the window.

He got out his phone, fired up the remote control app, and set up a slow luxurious loop of nice, warm, cycling vibes. Nothing too extreme. She barely felt them come on and they gradually built up to where she let her eyes droop and she inhaled deeply… when the pleasure stopped and the loop started all over again. Joseph spent the second loop worth of time running his fingers through her hair. As the third cycle started, he kissed her lightly and stepped out of the car with a cheery, “Text me if it gets too intense. I wouldn’t want any of these people walking by to notice anything untoward, you know.” And he was gone.

Joseph had been all too good to his word; she was not embarrassed. Between Escort Bayrampaşa the sunshine and the vibe, she closed her eyes and floated. The toy was never surprising her so it never making her gasp. There were lots of people walking past the car but all they saw was a woman dozing in the sun. Of course, had they stopped to watch, they would have noticed that she was pretty restless and kept squeezing her knees together and shifting in her seat and did not seem at all relaxed, not even a tiny bit. But they didn’t stop and neither did the toy and Mandy stopped worrying about anything other than how long Joseph was taking inside the store.

Every time the toy cycled around to the beginning of the loop, and stopped vibrating, Mandy started to text Joseph to get is ass back to the car right now or turn off the thing entirely. But then the vibrations would start to build and she would squeeze her knees together a bit to intensify the feelings and the sun would start to feel hotter and life was good again.

The car door opening made Mandy jump. Joseph dropped into the driver’s seat, kissed her (roughly this time) and leered, “Oh I do love that fuck-me-now look on your face!” She had just stared at him. Without realizing it, she had slowly drifted way beyond the point where she could form words. He laughed and put the car in gear Beşiktaş escort with a “Don’t even try to talk. I’ll take you home now.” Without stopping the vibrator.

At the parking lot exit, Joseph had finally pulled out his phone and stopped the tease… for about three seconds… and then turned the toy on full power. Mandy had jumped and gasped and before she could utter a coherent word, Joseph had made the right turn onto the road home. “Don’t worry; no one can see you cuz no one can drive next to us on this road,” he blithely informed her, as he reached into her lap and pressed the vibe firmly against her clit. Whether she had wanted to stop him or not, she was way too hot and too uncoordinated to move his hand and she sure as hell didn’t want to. Against her better judgment, Mandy arched her back, clamped her hand over her mouth, and succumbed to an orgasm that she fervently hoped would not be seen by anybody but Joseph.

When Mandy’s eyes finally fluttered open, she had been surprised to find the car stopped in an empty parking lot. Joseph had his phone in his hand and had shut off her vibrator. “Nice!” was all he had had to say. He then lovingly, gently, and oh so slowly, nibbled each fingertip of her left hand; and then dropped his hand into her lap, with his little finger wiggling against her crotch. She had tried (feebly) to move it away but Joseph wouldn’t budge. He headed the car home.

Joseph’s hand was still between her legs, motivating her to haul his ass inside, fuck him ’til she fell off, and then begin thoroughly adjusting his uppity attitude. But Mandy didn’t know what he had schemed… what would happen as soon as she stepped through the front door.

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