Grocery Store Girl Ch. 01-A

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Author’s Note: The original version of Chapter 1 has had extremely good feedback yet I began discussing this story with an extremely talented writer and we decided that there was a better way to tell this story. This is a second version of Chapter 1 and while the beginning has been tightened up and the grammar / spelling issues fixed, the major changes come during the third part of the story once Ashleigh gets to Steve’s house.

To the talented Katie Ames: thank you for everything you have done on this story and the others we are working on. You have taken a good story and made it outstanding. It is an absolute pleasure collaborating with you and I am looking forward to everything we create together!

So, to everyone reading, we hope you enjoy this new version of Chapter 1. Stay Tuned for Chapter 2.


I can still remember the first time I saw her. It was right before the holidays last year at the grocery store closest to my house. As I wheeled my cart towards the checkout, there she was; standing at the end of the line, smiling to the customers as she bagged their groceries and laughing with the checker.

She looked to be about 5’4″, with a tiny feminine frame, and what looked like A-Cup, or possibly small B-Cup, breasts under her company-issue blue polo shirt. She had her brunette hair pulled up into a ponytail and her big, beautiful eyes sparkled as she spoke and laughed. Her mouth was stunning, with nice, full lips that helped form an infectious smile across her face. Her skin was tan, smooth and flawless. She absolutely radiated with youthful beauty. She was an absolute angel and immediately made me long for my days in high school.

The customer in front of me finished and I moved forward. As they boy was checking out my groceries, she enthusiastically said hello to me, a cheery greeting she most likely extended to everyone that came through.

I smiled back and said, “Hello, how are you?” I was just being friendly but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk to this beautiful girl, even if it was just in a casual setting.

“I’d be better if I was at home in front of a nice, big fire,” she said as she began bagging my groceries.

“That does sound like a good idea,” I replied, “I think I’ll have to head home, cook myself dinner and sit in front of a nice fire myself.”

“Cooking dinner for yourself,” she started to ask, “what’s that consist of, warming up a TV dinner?” she laughed at that last part.

“Do you see any pre-packaged foods here?” I asked pointing to the fresh food she was bagging up. “Nope, I cook everything from scratch.”

“Oooh, a cultured man,” she said and then smiled with a small laugh.

“Well, I try,” I said back with a smile.

The checkout boy told me my total and I paid and moved towards the cart with my groceries and she said, “Well, have fun with your dinner and your fire,” and then flashed me that knee-weakening smile.

“Oh, I will. Have a good day,” I said before leaving. As I passed behind her, I looked back and down and saw that she was wearing black tights and some of those Ugg boots. The tights looked practically painted on and showed off her toned legs and perfect, tiny ass. I was blown away by how stunning this girl looked.

She whipped her head around and caught me checking out her perfect ass and legs. “Busted,” I thought to myself and I caught her eyes and she just smiled again and said, “Have a nice day.”

Over the next few months, I continually ran into her at the grocery store and I always made sure to get in her line. Her name, as spelled out on her nametag, was Ashleigh. She eventually got moved to the checkout position and that’s how she learned my name. After a session of checking our groceries and paying, she looked at the receipt with my reward card information and said, “Have a good day Mr. Harris,” followed by that infectious smile again.

“Mr. Harris? Jeez, no one calls me that,” I said. “Well, I was always taught to call my elders by their proper titles,” she said back to me with a smile.

“Elders? Wow, you really are trying to make me feel old, aren’t you?” I said.

She laughed at that and said, “What are you, 30? 31?”

“I’m 36,” I said, “and please, from now on, just call me Steve.”

“You got it,” she said. “Well, have a nice day, Steve.”

I smiled and grabbed my purchases and left.


May came around and the weather was much warmer now and men everywhere were benefiting as women were dressing in skimpier clothes and showing off their bodies more. I took my weekly trip up the grocery store on a Friday evening, but when it was time to check out, I was saddened to see that my favorite grocery girl wasn’t working. I checked out and began walking to my car when I heard a sweet sound come from behind me. “Hey, hold up.”

I turned around to see Ashleigh skipping towards me.

“Oh, hey, I didn’t think you were working today,” I replied.

“Oh, so it’s not a coincidence you always end up in my line,” she teased.

“Ha-ha, you got me,” Balıklıova Escort I laughed back, “busted.”

“It’s cool, I figured as much,” she said with that beautiful smile.

“So, what’s up?” I asked.

“Oh nothing, I just finished clocking out and I saw you, so I thought I would say hi,” she said. She was such a vision. It took all my mental strength to stop myself from checking out her entire body. “What are you doing this weekend, cooking yourself dinner again?”

“As a matter of fact, yes, I ran across some new recipes, so I thought I would give them a shot,” I replied back with a smile. “What about you, any plans?”

“Well, actually today is my birthday and me and a bunch of friends are going out to celebrate the big one-eight,” she said beaming. She always seems so cheerful, it makes me wonder if she is ever in a bad mood.

“Well, happy birthday,” I said, “I bet you’ll have a blast.”

“Thank you,” she said, “I know we will. We can get crazy sometimes.”

“Ha-ha, I bet,” I replied, secretly lavishing the fact that she was now technically legal, even if I didn’t stand a chance in hell. It’s not that I’m ugly or fat, I actually think I’m rather good looking and I definitely try and stay in shape. “So, is that all you’re doing for your birthday?”

“Well, I’m actually headed home to do something with the fam before we all go out, but that’s pretty much it,” she said.

“Well, what are you hoping to get for your birthday?” I asked.

“Well, I have a good feeling I’m getting a new car from my parents and I’m so excited. I think they want to make sure I have something new and reliable for when I go off to college in the fall. I think it’s going to be a birthday slash graduation present,” she said.

“Wow, that’s awesome, what more could you want,” I replied.

“Well, actually, there was something else I wanted too,” she said, her smile turning me into putty.

“Oh yeah, what’s that,” I asked.

“A nice, home cooked meal by candlelight,” she said with a gleam in her eyes.

“You want your parents to cook you dinner and then y’all eat it by candlelight,” I said, completely clueless.

“No, silly, not from my parents,” she said as she playfully pushed me on the shoulder, “from you.”

“You want ME to cook you dinner?” I asked completely stunned.

“Yes I do, that’s my birthday wish which means you can’t say no,” she said faking a stern face, putting one hand on her hip, and shaking her finger at me with the other.

I laughed, smiled and said, “Well, if that’s what the birthday girl wants, who am I to argue?”

She jumped up and clapped a few times and squealed, “Yeah! Ok, give me your phone.”

Without hesitation, I reached in my pocket and retrieved my phone and handed it to her. She pulled out her own phone and then dialed a number with my phone. Her phone began to ring and she then disconnected both phones. “So, how about seven tomorrow night, does that work?

“Seven is fine with me, do you want me to pick you up?” I asked.

“Oh no, no, no, no, my parents would trip out if an older guy came and picked me up,” she said, “just text me your address and I’ll come to your place.”

“Ok, sounds good. So I’ll see you tomorrow at seven,” I said, trying not to sound too anxious.

“Yep, I’ll be there.” She leaned forward and gave me a hug. I inhaled her heavenly aroma as she did. Then she kissed me quickly on the cheek and turned to leave. I took the opportunity to check out her perfect ass and as I was, she whipped her head around, catching me yet again checking her out and she just smiled and said, “Have a good day, Mr. Harris,” and then bounded off to her car.

I stood there for a few moments, dumbfounded. Did that really just happen? I couldn’t believe my luck. I got in my car and drove home, still unbelieving of my luck. This gorgeous, just turned eighteen year old girl had just asked me out.

I got home and pulled out my phone and saved her phone number from my call log. I wanted to text her my address right away, but I figured it would be better to wait a while. I knew it wouldn’t look good if I came across like one of the horny, over-eager teenagers from her high school class.

Later, a buddy of mine texted me to see if I wanted to meet him up at the Fox Sports Bar to catch the baseball game, so I told him I’d meet him there at 7:30. I got ready and headed up. We were there for about an hour when I got a text from Ashleigh.

—– Ashleigh: hey u nvr txted me ur address

—– Me: Don’t worry, I will. Aren’t you supposed to be going out tonight?

—– Ashleigh: Yep, gettin myself all pretty. 🙂

—– Me: That shouldn’t take too long…

—– Ashleigh: awww, that’s so sweet ;P

—– Me: Well, I call them how I see them.

—– Ashleigh: what do u think of my outfit? Does it make me look pretty?

She sent a picture along with this text. It was of her standing in her bathroom taken in a mirror. She was wearing a very short, very tight black mini-skirt with a very nice, wavy blue Escort Balıklıova top with a plunging neckline that came down to the middle of her stomach. I could clearly see the inside curves of her braless, perky breasts. She had her hair down and it was done in some loose, bouncy curls and she had makeup on. She looked absolutely stunning. My first instinct was to compliment her and fawn all over her, but I instead took a more fun approach.

—– Me: hmmmm, I don’t’ know. Can’t really form an opinion from just one picture…

“What are you doing,” my buddy asked. I began telling him the story of Ashleigh and what had transpired over the past few months and especially today.

—– Ashleigh: ok, well what about this one? This seems to be the view u like best anyways… 😛

The next picture was of her from the side showing off her fabulous body and, of course, a great view of her ass which was perfectly wrapped in the tight, black mini-skirt. I could have fallen out of my seat.

“Is she texting you?” he asked.

“Yeah, she just texted me two pics,” I replied and then showed him the pictures.

“Damn dude, she is fuckin’ hot,” he said. I couldn’t agree with him more.

—– Me: yeah, that helps, but I have to be honest, I don’t think that outfit makes you look pretty…

“You know,” my buddy started, “there’s only two reasons a young girl like that would be talking to an older guy like you, and we can pretty much scratch one of those off based on those pics.”

—– Ashleigh: 🙁 really? that makes me sad.

“Two reasons?” I asked my buddy. “What are those?”

—– Me: No, I have to say it is YOU that make that outfit look good, not the other way around. 🙂

“Well, she is either trying to get you to buy alcohol for her and her friends, but if that were true, she would have asked you that today when she was talking to you outside of work,” he said.

“So, what’s the other reason?” I asked.

—– Ashleigh: Awww, that’s so sweet. I can’t wait for my dinner tomorrow night.

“Simple,” he began, “she wants to hook up.”

“You think?” I asked.

“Oh yeah dude, you are totally in,” he said.

—– Me: I can’t either. It should be a lot of fun.

—– Ashleigh: Oh, I’m sure it will b. Would u mind if I bring over a movie 2 watch 2?!?!

—– Me: I guess that will be ok. 🙂

—– Ashleigh: Awesome. Ok babe, gotta finish getting ready. Cya tomorrow. 🙂

—– Ashleigh: don’t forget ur address….

I showed my buddy the texts and he just jabbed at me and said, “Dude, you are so in.”

We finished watching the game and paid and left. He told me to call him on Sunday to give him the update on my date and made some crack about me being a cradle robber.

I got home and jumped in the shower, enjoying the feeling of the water running over my body. I couldn’t believe that in less than 24 hours, the beautiful grocery store girl would be at my house. . . alone. . . with me. I felt myself getting excited and contemplated jerking off in the shower, but I decided to wait and see what happened tomorrow night.

I got out, dried off and went into my bedroom. I noticed the light on my phone was blinking indicating I had some messages. It was close to 11:30 now. I picked up my phone and noticed I had three missed texts.

—– Ashleigh: Hey u, watcha doin? Thinking bout me???? 🙂

—– Ashleigh: Is that a no? 🙁

—– Ashleigh: Don’t tell me u r already asleep, I’m drunk and I wanna hear from u!!

I laughed at this. I texted her back.

—– Me: No, I’m not asleep. I was taking a shower.

—– Ashleigh: Oooh, that’s hot!

—– Me: That’s hot? I was just taking a shower…

—– Ashleigh: Yeah, but that means u were naked. ;P

—– Me: Well, yes I was.

—– Ashleigh: So that means it was hot.

—– Me: So, you think it is hot if I am naked?

—– Ashleigh: Yeah, u r sexy. Besides, don’t u think it would b sexy if I wuz takin a shower?

—– Me: I think you are trying to get me in trouble by asking such things.

—– Ashleigh: Asking what? Asking if it would b sexy if I was naked, water running down my body while my soapy hands rub and wash my skin? 😛

—– Me: Oh man, you are killing me over here.

—– Ashleigh: You’d like that wouldn’t u? U wanna watch me, don’t u???

—– Me: You have no idea…

I was so hard at this point and still naked from my shower. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to stop myself from jerking off.

—– Ashleigh: :p

—– Ashleigh: My friends can’t believe I’m having dinner with an older man tomorrow. They r soo jealous.

—– Me: well, they just aren’t as special as you then…

—– Ashleigh: You are so SWEET!!! So, did you like my outfit? I sent the second one because I’ve seen the way you stare at my butt.

—– Me: Yeah, that is an awesome outfit. You look great in it. Yeah, I must say, it is a very nice butt.

—– Ashleigh: Thx. I work out a lot to Balıklıova Escort Bayan make sure it stays nice and firm. 😛

—– Ashleigh: It even looks better without the skirt. LOL

—– Me: Oh man, you are driving me crazy over here.

—– Ashleigh: Who me?

—– Me: Yeah you!

—– Ashleigh: Little ole me is driving you crazy? Then why didn’t you ever say anything to me at the store?

—– Me: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it had something to do with you being so much younger than me, and I figured you must have guys lining up.

—– Ashleigh: Yeah, u r really old! :p

—– Ashleigh: j/k. 🙂

—– Ashleigh: Ok, we are going to party some more. SEND ME UR ADDRESS!!! And don’t think about me too much while u r there, all alone. Wouldn’t want u sinning… :p

—– Me: You are something else. I’ll try my best to make it all alone. Have fun tonight and I’ll see you tomorrow.

—– Ashleigh: Good night sweetie, naughty dreams. 🙂

—– Me: You too!

I laid my phone down and I couldn’t help but think of the image that this hot, drunk 18 year old had put into my mind. I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes, picturing her naked, in the shower, soapy and wet. The water cascaded down over her young, smooth skin and her hands roamed over her body; the very same body that I was going to be exploring tomorrow night. I grabbed a hold of my rock hard 8 inch cock and began to stroke. I was so turned on. I stroked for a little bit and then remembered the photos she sent me. I grabbed my phone and opened up the picture that showed her from the side, giving me a good view of her perfect ass. I began to stroke faster and within a few minutes, I exploded in a great orgasm, sending my cum launching all the way up to my chest.

I laid there with my cum still on me, surprised at how hard and quick I had cum. I immediately opened up my text window and texted Ashleigh my address. I got up and walked to the bathroom and wet a washcloth. I cleaned myself up, put on some boxers and went back to bed. That’s when I noticed I had a text.

—– Ashleigh: it’s about time. 🙂

—– Me: I said I would send it! 🙂

—– Ashleigh: I wish u were here. We are dancing all sexxxy and I wanna dance with u!

—– Me: that sounds nice. Too bad I’m already in bed…

—– Ashleigh: Ooooh, I changed my mind. Now I wish I was there with you. ;P

—– Me: me too! Now, you go enjoy your party and I’ll see you tomorrow night.

—– Ashleigh: ok. I can’t wait. 🙂 Good night sweetie. Naughty naughty dreams XOXO

—– Me: you too!

Yep, I think my buddy had hit the nail on the head. This young, hot girl wanted me. With that thought, I drifted off to sleep and had some extremely exciting dreams. I woke up the next morning and found I had a few missed texts.

—– Ashleigh: r u still up???

—– Ashleigh: if u wake up and talk 2 me, I’ll send u more pics. 🙂

—– Ashleigh: ok, I guess u need ur old man sleep. 🙂 Hopefully u r dreaming of me. Here’s some pics anyways. Hope u like!

There were three pics that she had texted me. The first one was of her dancing, her legs slightly bent, her head turned to the side with her eyes closed and her mouth open in excitement. The second one was of her and another beautiful girl, this one a blonde. Their cheeks were together and they both had gorgeous smiles. This one appeared to be a self pic as I could see Ashleigh’s arm extending towards the side of the picture.

The third pic was of the same girl and Ashleigh, only this time they were not cheek to cheek, but rather lips to lips. It was a super sexy pic of these two engaged in a full, open mouth kiss, their eyes closed, their lips smashed together. This one had a caption that read: I couldn’t kiss you tonight so I had to kiss Samantha. Wish you were here! ;P

Once again, I felt my cock stirring in my boxers. I vowed to myself though that I was not going to touch myself today.

I texted her back.

—– Me: Nice, I really wish I had been there last night!

It was about 8:30 when I texted her and I didn’t receive a reply until almost 11.

—– Ashleigh: oh man, I’m so embarrassed. We got so drunk last night. I hope all my texting didn’t freak you out…

—– Me: absolutely not. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 🙂

—– Ashleigh: well good. I didn’t want u to think I’m some crazy girl.

—– Me: no worries, trust me.

—– Ashleigh: U still wanna c me tonight?

—– Me: Of course!

—– Ashleigh: awesome! So I’ll c u @ 7!!!

—– Me: I can’t wait. 🙂

—– Ashleigh: me either! ;P

I got to tidying up the house and making sure it looked nice for when she came over. I couldn’t believe this was actually going to happen. I had been enthralled with this girl since I first saw her but I had always assumed that our age would have prevented us from ever getting together.

At 6:00, I jumped in the shower and got myself all clean. I threw on some jeans, a nice polo shirt and some boat shoes, sprayed a little bit of cologne (not too much, I didn’t want it to be overpowering) and headed into the kitchen. I began working on dinner, getting my ingredients and laying them out. From our conversations at the grocery store, I remembered her favorite food was tiger shrimp and I knew exactly how to cook it to perfection.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32