Grocery Shopping

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Big Ass

It’s a game we play you and I. Two people, so comfortable in each other’s arms and, with each other’s thoughts, pretending to be complete strangers. What is to come, a complete mystery. The only thing predetermined is the location and approximate time. Today, as always, we arrive separately. This time, it’s the grocery store.

Our eyes first meet in of all sections, produce. I nonchalantly raise an cantaloupe to my nose, testing its ripeness, its readiness. You flash a mischievous half grin and run your fingers up and down one of the cucumbers in front of you. I die laughing, but keep it on the inside. I suppose I deserved that for picking such an obvious innuendo. No, our encounter will not begin that easily. I regain my composure, turn my back, and walk away.

Soon, the mundane nature of grocery shopping takes over and I find myself absent-mindedly browsing the aisles. Ramen noodles give me flash backs of college as I recall steak being a total luxury. In fact, the noodles back then were even generic. Makes me laugh to think about it now. We meet again, finding ourselves walking in the opposite direction down the same aisle. Glances and nods are exchanged but nothing more.

I find my shopping being placed on the back burner. I walk up and down the edge of the store looking down each aisle. If I happen to catch sight of you, there is always an excuse to join you. Something on each shelf is completely necessary. It’s not you I’m after. Our looks begin to linger a little longer with each encounter.

I have already surveyed your left hand. The absence of a ring lets me know you’re available. The charade has completely taken over by now. I find myself trying to build up the courage to ask for your number. I never do. Only glance, smile, and continue my shopping.

Then, bilecik escort the totally unplanned happens. I’m kneeling at the end of an aisle looking at spaghetti ingredients when you round the corner and I find myself eye level and mere inches from your waist. I inhale deeply hoping to steal a sample of your perfume, and perhaps your arousal. Perfume is all that is detected, but a 6th sense allows me to know the other is present as well. I stand, our eyes lock, and I stumble over my words. “Excuse me.”, is all I can mutter and once again walk away.

I finally find myself in the checkout line. I look over to find you have decided to check out as well. I quickly inventory your basket and it seems as if we’ve shared a shopping list. “Great minds.”, pops into my head and begin to stack my items on the conveyor belt behind the divider placed by the gentleman in front of me. Soon, the last beep is heard, my items are bagged, and I pay and head out to my car.

I watch you as you wheel your basket across the parking lot and catch you looking back at me. I have given up any hopes of getting to know you better. Perhaps we’ll meet here again one day. Then, just as I’m fumbling for my keys, I feel a pair of hands bracket my waist. I twist as your arms come together around my back and pull me in until our lips crush one another with urgency. My unguided shopping cart wobbles aimlessly until it comes to rest against a parking curb. There is something about a woman being sexually aggressive that makes me instantly hard. I savor the moment only briefly. I pull back and fumble once again in my pocket for my keys. Once my door is unlocked, I reach behind me and open the door.

A controlled fall finds us in the front seat of my car. I scoot the seat manisa escort back as far as possible and lower the back while twisting around until I am on top of you. Though I’m in a position of power, you’re the one who’s totally in control. Our lips meet again, this time gently, teasingly. I kiss the lower corner of your bottom lip and place gentle kisses until I’ve made the entire circumference of your full lips. Gentle teasing with my tongue coaxes yours out. Soon, our kisses are as urgent as the first.

I kiss my way down to your neck and nibble up and down your neck taking time to suckle on your ear lobes. I feel your breathing become more labored as I kiss further down into your cleavage and unbutton your shirt kissing lower as each bit of flesh is exposed. You’ve worn a front clasp bra. I too have prepared for this encounter. Earlier in the day a well placed shot from a bb gun as darkened this portion of the parking lot. Enough dim light trickles through the windows to illuminate your perfect breasts as my mouth lowers taking each nipple between my lips and teasing with the tip of my tongue. Knowing we’re not in total privacy, my journey hastens down across your stomach until I have reached my goal.

A few more buttons undone reveals your panty covered mound. I dive in and kiss and lick through the cotton coaxing whimpers and moans which seem to come from deep within your throat. As I look up, you see my mouth totally covering you. My eyes request permission and you nod letting me know it’s okay to go further. You raise your butt off my car seat as I pull your skirt along with your panties up and over your knees but not completely off. A quick re-robe may be in order.

I feel your knees draw up; Your skirt and panties, now mersin escort behind my head, pull me toward you once again. My tongue extends to meet your glistening petals. It delves inside and back up finding your clitoris. I can feel the little nub stiffen as the tip of my tongue glides across it. It seems to come out further, reaching for me as I reach for it. I run my hands up and down your thighs as I probe. Finally, I bring my hands up and hold you open so my lips and tongue have full access to your now dripping sex.

I feel your entire body tense and shudder as I hit the right spots, moving off of them briefly to allow the anticipation build within you. Soon however, my lips purse your clit and do not let go. My tongue flicks across and back and forth until your moans become muffled screams. I can faintly hear you begging me to stop but I do not listen. I am trapped in my own little world which is inhabited only by my mouth and your beautiful pussy. Without warning, your thighs clamp around my head as your body tenses and raises off the seat. I know my tongue has delivered intense pleasure throughout your entire body simply by flicking one tiny portion of your anatomy. The control seems to have returned to my court. There is nothing better than bringing a woman to such an intense climax.

I open my door and step out allowing you some privacy while you re-dress. An unnecessary gesture perhaps having just been so intimate. You step out of the car, thank me with a quick peck on the lips and disappear into the darkness.

On my way home, I catch sight of you in my rear view mirror. I do believe you’re following me. I begin thinking to myself that this evening just keeps getting better and better. Then, without warning, you turn. I feel the slight pains of disappointment but soon find myself back at home putting up my groceries. I can’t help but grin ear to ear as I pull one of the cantaloupes out of my bag remembering our minutes old tryst.

I resign myself to watch some television before bed and begin mindlessly changing channels. Soon, a knock at the door.

I smile…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32